Your Guide to the Olympics

Take a look at our one-stop guide to getting the most from the London 2012 Olympics this summer

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Watching it

Whether you’re planning to head out and make a day of it or you just want to catch the action (or the highlights) from the comfort of your sofa, we’ve picked the best spots to watch the Games as they unfold.

If you missed out on Olympic tickets (and let’s assume you did) but are still keen soak up the excitement, have no fear because you may be able to watch from the middle of the Olympic Park. A double-sided screen the height of three double-decker buses will be positioned in the River Lea, in the centre of the wetlands area of the park. Anyone with a ticket for that day’s events will have access to the park but Rover tickets will also allow access to the park, where you can take a seat and keep an eye on the screens. Up to 10,000 people will be able to make use of this spectator area.

For more big-screen action in London, head to Hyde Park, Victoria Park or Trafalgar Square to watch the events in concert quality for free. Or, if the summer continues to be a grotesque travesty, stay dry in one of these bars dedicated to providing the best of the Olympics on slightly smaller screens.

For viewing in the rest of the UK, journey to one of the other ‘live sites’ where you can watch the main events at these public gatherings.

If you’ve decided to stay at home to watch the Olympics, tune in to the BBC for the main coverage or watch online here.

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Your Guide to the Olympics
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