Your Guide to the Olympics

Take a look at our one-stop guide to getting the most from the London 2012 Olympics this summer

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Useful Apps

Don’t despair if you’re going to be out and about when your favourite event is taking place. You can stay up to date with your smartphone. This clever App, Medals 2012, has been designed to keep you in the loop with medal tables, event news and placings.

Or, if all of the Olympic talk has been going over your head, brief yourself (and wow your friends) with this simple App. In Curly's pocket guide You’ll find the rules and regulations of each event explained in bite-sized chunks: perfect for pub conversations.

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Posted: 16/02/2013 at 16:13

Olympics is always a highly anticipated event by many people. There's always a lot of people who will sit where the confusion when the event is taking place.
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