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Q&A: Sir Ranulph Fiennes
The explorer on being the oldest Brit to finish the Marathon des Sables and never giving up.

The BIG interview: 'Marathon Man' Rob Young
RW’s Sam Murphy meets Rob Young, a man who has rewritten the rulebook on how long the human body can keep running.

Q&A: Tim Noakes
The sports scientist on how the brain governs our running and why he’s still courting controversy

From bulimia to Berlin: How one runner beat his eating disorder
Tom Fairbrother's quest to be a better runner saw him spiral into bulimia nervosa. Here's how he fought through recovery and became stronger than ever.

From ACL tear to Robo Lola
When Lola Oyelayo tore her anterior cruciate ligament, her tech expert colleagues created a data-collecting knee brace to boost her recovery.

Human Race: ‘I think it’s best to be open’
On the long journey to becoming a transgender woman, running did far more for Megan Key than just keep her fit.

Human Race: 'Running is like therapy'
When runner Ben Lindon was diagnosed with a brain tumour, he changed his life: he now has a new family, a new career and a new way of looking at the world. And he’s still running.

Human Race: 'I resolved that I would prove the doctors wrong'
After breaking his back in a paragliding accident Ben Abdelnoor was told he'd never run again. He disagreed.

Human Race: 'Running has changed all of our lives'
At a low point, Sandra Kerr took up running. Now, with her husband, David, and in a specially designed chair, their son, Aaron, joining in, it’s become a family affair.

Running after birth: 'It's me, my music and the road'
Michelle Edwards, 33, from Datchet, Berkshire is mum to Arabella, four, and Roddy, two. She loves running more than she ever did.

Human Race: ‘Marathon training helped me grieve’
Kim Frost was badly injured in the car accident that killed her mother. Eighteen months later, her father died. Running has given her solace at a terrible time.

Human Race: 'I'm stronger than I knew'
Viviane Joynes ran over 2,000 miles across Europe to honour her grandmother, a Second World War refugee.

Running after birth: 'Running became 'me' time'
Maria O’Donoghue, 40, from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, is mum to Cian, seven, and Aoife, three. She feels running has made her a better mum.

Human Race: 'I ran across Africa'
For Emma Timmis, an epic trek brought joy, terror and one day of great indignity.

Running after birth: 'I had to make every session count'
Kerry Queenan, 36, from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, is mother to Amy, six, and Grace, three. Time constraints have brought focus to her training.

Human Race: 'My fitness got me through brain haemorrhage recovery'
Grant MacDonald suffered a brain haemorrhage in the middle of a training session, but says if he had not been a runner he’d never have recovered.

1500m runner Andy Baddeley: ‘I felt like a fraud calling myself a runner’
After experiencing the highs of the London Olympics, 1500m runner Andy Baddeley became injured, which led to depression. He tells us about his long journey back to good health.

Human Race: 'I need to live for Lee'
Aimee West was engaged to Fusilier Lee Rigby when he was murdered in 2013. These days she runs a lot, for solace, for charity and as a way of remembering the man she loved.

Human Race: 'I've got a prosthetic leg, but there's nothing I can't do'
A prosthetic leg helped Helen Chapman to walk again after her foot was amputated, but a blade made her a runner.

Human Race: From a lung transplant to Brighton Marathon
Cystic fibrosis finally stopped Amanda Chalmers from leading an active life, but a double lung transplant allowed her to tackle unfinished business – a marathon.

41 to 60 of 142 articles

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