Interview: Barefoot Ted

by Annie Rice

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The Luna Sandal. 

Find out more more about Barefoot Ted and the Luna Sandal here. 

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Interview: Barefoot Ted
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"It really comes down to – from my point of view – I’m not an expert coach, I am only an expert on my own experience"

"it’s certainly not some kind of scientific process if you don’t do this you’re doomed"

"if it "ain't broken don’t fix it". Maybe it’s not the need of some runners."

"people have had the idea that it’s a cure all which is as absurd"

It's actually interesting to read this, as it is not the message that many 'disciples' are preaching.  Even on these forums, there are those who answer every question with "you need to try barefoot and it will cure your..."

Whilst I think that barefoot is an interesting 'sub-culture' of running and I am not a fan, BF Ted seems like a nice guy who has put a lot of thought into what he does.

Hats off.  Or should that be shoes?

Posted: 24/06/2013 at 23:19

One of my favorite personal quotes is: "The only thing I am dogmatic about is being dogmatically against being dogmatic."

I truly believe that self-experimentation is key. My own research has made it abundantly clear that for many of us, learning to run barefoot (or minimally clad) is the key to finding efficient running form.  After all, human beings as a species rise to the top of other long-distance running animals...and this evolution came long before the modern shoe.  

I truly do think it would benefit most runners to reconnect with their own default hardware.  The foot after all is the foundation of all athletics in human beings.  Regaining functional use is a logical first step if seeking top performance and injury prevention. 

I just finished up with the Barefoot Connections Conference. I was amazed to see the growing body of research on barefoot running.  Several Phd students with fresh data were presenting.  All very interesting stuff.

In the end, I suggest people stay open minded about what it means to run and what it means to be a "human being".  They may be surprised with what is possible using the "original equipment"

Best Regards, BFT

Posted: 25/06/2013 at 11:51

Well I really do want to "reconnect with my own default hardware". My experience with running in Vibram FiveFingers may not lead me to becoming a better runner than everyone else but it will and has made me much stronger within my own physical limitations.

I'd love to try out completely barefoot training on road and wherever I possibly can but that may not be as easy here in Northern Ireland as it is in California. We're not known for a "barefoot surf and skateboard culture" :P

Posted: 06/07/2013 at 21:10

I was always encouraged to study the historical footwear of any region to get clues as to what has worked the longest.

I founded the LUNA Sandal Company with the goal of bringing back one of the oldest continuously used pieces of running gear on the planet...e.g., the simple sandal.  True, not ideal in freezing weather, but worry not.  LUNA is learning from the Samurai of Japan.  They wore sandals during mountain warfare even in snow.  How?  They wore special coverings to keep foot warm and dry.  We are tesing those now for colder weather folk like yourself.

How's that sound?


Posted: 09/07/2013 at 15:37

Well done Ted for trying new things and challenging the way we think.

This is a good follow up read :

I might give your sandals a try in the future





Posted: 21/07/2013 at 13:57

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