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Posted: 15 August 2003

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Welcome to Best Of Gear! Alongside over 120 highlights and frequently asked questions from our gear forums, you can now find essential archived RW test reports.

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Heart Rate Monitors
RW TEST REPORT - Finger On The Pulse (12 HRM's) - May 03
HRMs - Nike vs others
HRM - Polar A3 - automatic training zones
HRM - Polar M52 vs M51
HRM - which to choose?
HRM - Polar S-Series - which to choose?
HRM - which to choose?
HRM use - transmitter positioning for women
Distance measuring
Distances - how to measure - string, simple software, and pedometers
Mapping websites - map24
Nike Speed and Distance Monitor (SDM) - idiots guide
Nike vs Timex SDM - the mother of all threads
Pedometers - are they worth it?
Timex SDM - problem with the pace zone alarm
Timex SDM - how do you use yours?
Timex SDM - accuracy
Timex SDM - accuracy
Other electronics/software
Audio - which secure earphones?
Audio - Minidisc and MP3 players
Audio - MP3 player recommendations - big thread
Head torches - any ideas?
Running log software - any tips?
Training logs - PC and paper

RW TEST REPORT - Behind The Bars (17 Energy Bars) - Apr 03

Nose strips - do they work?
Powerbreathe - anyone tried one?
The Stick (massage) - is it any good?
Wobble boards
RW TEST REPORT - Weird And Wonderful (Useful Additions) - Mar 03
Baby Strollers
RW TEST REPORT - Baby Strollers - Jul 00
Backpacks for running - pt1
Backpacks for running - pt2
Backpacks for running - pt3
Cram tags (safety ID for runners)
Cycling - tri-bars
Drinking - Bottle carriers - pt1
Drinking - bottle carriers - pt2
Drinking - Camelbak Flashflo - lots of experiences
Drinking - I need a Camelbak with storage space
Insoles - cushioned
Insoles - Sorbothane - double- or single-strike?
Lights / reflective gear
RW TEST REPORT - Products Of The Year - Feb 04
Sunglasses for running - pt1
Sunglasses for running - pt2
RW TEST REPORT - Treadmills - Mar 01
Treadmills - manual options

RW TEST REPORT - Thermal Sparring (12 Thermals) - Nov 03
Overheating in winter - what's best?
General - what is wicking clothing?
Gilets - recommendations please
Jackets - waterproof - light, breathable and cheap
Jackets - pt 2
Legwear - cold knees solutions
Legwear - leggings
Legwear - men: what do you wear under running tights?
Legwear - can you run in waterproof trousers?
Legwear - best winter running tights
Nike technical gear - rave report
Pertex vs Goretex / Paclite
Racing - what to wear for my first race?
RonHill DBX - any good?
Shorts - converting to Lycra (male) - any ideas?
Socks - which are best? - pt1
Socks - which are best? - pt2
Sports bra - need a good one (larger)
Sports bras - need a good one (smaller)
Underwear - men's - what to wear?
View From at M&S - pt1
View From at M&S - pt2

Shoe categories, and how to choose
Big-guy shoes
Trail shoes - vs fell shoes
Fell shoes - which, where, how durable?
Foot shape - shoes for high arch
General - have I bought the wrong shoes? - blisters and shin splints
General - second pair of shoes
Motion control shoes - for heavyweight runners
Orthotics - best shoes for? - pt1
Orthotics - best shoes for? - pt2
Orthotics - motion control v neutral shoes
Performance trainers - which are best?
Stability - vs motion control (definition)
Stability - vs motion control
Trail shoes - vs road shoes - pt1
Trail shoes - vs road shoes - pt2
Trail shoes - with stability
Shoe brands and specific models
It's easy to chat about specific shoe brands and models. Just join a thread at the bottom of our brand index pages (Adidas, Asics, Avia, Brooks, Felldancer, Fila, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Salomon, Saucony, Walsh), or the individual reviews.

Buying Gear in New York
General - Debenhams running gear
General - first trip to specialist shop - all tips appreciated!
Local shops - Bolton/North-West
Local shops - Central London
Local shops - Coventry area
Local shops - Edinburgh
Local shops - Hendon, Wood Green, Brent Cross area
Local shops - Hertfordshire
Local shops - London
Local shops - London
Local shops - London
Local shops - Manchester
Local shops - Northamptonshire
Local shops - Swanley, Kent
Local shops - Wales
Local shops - York - Up + Running
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Discuss this article

I am looking to buying a SDM system and have scanned the internet. One article notes that the Reebock is identical to the Timex T59561, only in the Reebock livery - is this so - as the price of the Reeboxk is vasly lower than that of the Timex?
Posted: 28/06/2004 at 08:05

didn't know reebok did one....
Posted: 28/06/2004 at 09:10

check the Wiggle site - they have them as do Bourne sports,
Posted: 28/06/2004 at 12:39

hmmmm yes...

well the gps receiver would look similar anyway as garmin provide these. the equivalent oregon scientific system has the same arm mounted receiver (mind you i had only assumed that the internals of the watch were different, maybe they're not!)

the watch on the reebok looks similar to timex in terms of display & button position, but restyled packaging.
and the fact the wiggle description includes 'INDIGLO' backlight suggests it is indeed timex based (since indigo is a timex thing i think).

it is possible though that timex are keeping their latest technology for themselves and may only be licensing older systems to be rebranded? which could explain the cost difference.
but then i think that about garmin anyway since they ultimately hold the gps technology for these gizmos.

sorry got carried away there.. thanks for the tip off.
Posted: 28/06/2004 at 13:03

sorry i should have said:
"the watch on the reebok looks similar to THE OLD timex"
Posted: 28/06/2004 at 13:15

Thanks for all of that - so do I go for R or T?!Also,I am intending to run the Comrades marathon in SA next year - I lived there for many years and ran 9 so feel I must go back to do my tenth!I do most of my training on my own and do run distance so thought the GPS would be usesful.I first saw them when I ran some paced runs with Runner's World in the build up for the London Marathon.I also love gadgets!Do you think a GPS is a bit of an overkill for a modest runner like me?
Posted: 28/06/2004 at 13:47

hey ... we all need gadgets.

reebok may not be latest technology (as timex now have the gps + hrm system).

have you looked at the garmin forerunner? would be my choice of gps at the moment fi you dont want HR.
or the new polar footpod based system?

too much choice.
Posted: 28/06/2004 at 14:58

Thanks Ed.Have spent alot of time "researching" - spoken to a couple of dealers. Then saw an old e mail on forum suggesting ebay!Well, I have gone the whole hog and for £153 including shipping and postage have a Timex bodylink GPS + HRM on the way ( up to £279 in UK)!! The ensuing correspondence was all in German which threw me a bit as for one heart stopping moment I thought I had paid for 2! An e asking for English brought an immediate,friendly and reassuring English.Will let you know more when I receive my ne kit!!Cheers, Sue
Posted: 30/06/2004 at 12:35

Sue L,

what site did you find the timex so cheaply? i am looking to buy the same product?

Posted: 01/07/2004 at 14:08

Hi NG,
I actually got the tip from an old e mail in the forum. Go onto ,hilight "items in the UK", then type in "Timex speed" in search.I think you can bid for it but at £145 for a brand new Bodylink "full house" I just hit the "buy now" button.£8 for p&p so £153 - not bad eh?!
I have not got mine yet but know it was dispatched today.Will give feedback when i get it.
Good luck,

Posted: 01/07/2004 at 19:29

I need to customise my running vest with name, etc. for Paris Marathon in 3wks time -where can I get this done please?
Posted: 21/03/2005 at 14:29

Go martini, not sure this is the best forum for this question. i just went to Forums\Events and typed "vests" in search. there are several threads that discuss personalised tshirts
Posted: 21/03/2005 at 14:43

Cool - thx Anto
Posted: 21/03/2005 at 15:43

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