Garmin Forerunner Winners Announced!

Thanks for an overwhelming number of new reviews. Congratulations to...

Posted: 14 March 2006

We're delighted to announce the winners of our Garmin Forerunner competition!

We offered three all-new Garmin Forerunner 205s and 305s to the RW members who posted the most helpful reviews of their existing heart rate monitor or speed & distance monitor onto the new Electronics section of our Product Review area.

Many thanks to everyone who posted a review: we've had over 950 new ones since then, covering more than 50 different products – a fantastic resource for anyone making a buying decision.

We could easily have chosen 30 winners, and some of the final six come randomly from a wider shortlist because of the impossible choice. Congratulations to:

We'll let you know their initial verdicts towards the end of the month...

Thank you again to everyone who added a review. You can always add more – and see all the RW and reader reviews – under our Gear tab.

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Am I bovered?
Posted: 14/03/2006 at 21:28

I am - I spent the past few days dream of winning one of those Garmin thingys and now those dreams are shattered :-((((
Posted: 14/03/2006 at 21:47

Ironic that none of the winners reviewed the Timex Bodylink system. Maybe the winners panel already knew it was rubbish!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 08:05

Bothered Yep, I too had already convinced myself I'd won :-(
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 09:34

Hmmm, and only one female winner....and not for a review of a technical product.....

Posted: 15/03/2006 at 09:50

Posted: 15/03/2006 at 09:56

Although I suppose a sports bra could be described as a technical product.

I'm just jealous that I didn't win!!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 10:01

Your making me feel guilty for winning now!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 10:04


No, seriously, well done, you must be chuffed.
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 10:08

Yeah pretty pleased. Dunno which one I'm getting... but I guess beggers cant be choosers!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 10:12

Hope you enjoy using it, whichever one it is! I like the new shape, that's the only reason I wanted to win one, I've got a 201, so I shouldn't really mind!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 10:17

I am still open to offers for my Timex Bodylink system, complete with Timex data recorder and software download disc. All the instruction books too!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 10:46

My review was so good that I don't think they've even published it yet! Serves me right foe having a dodgy old Timex SDM... but it looks like I'm stuck with it for a while now!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 11:18

Reviews usually go up automatically as soon as you have completed them. You sure yours isnt there?
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 11:38

I wonder whether non-subscribers were ever going to win...
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 12:46

I'm not a subscriber
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 12:51

That's buggered that theory then. CMR are you related to anyone on Runners World or are you in posession of any dodgy photo's of Mr Fishpool and that herd of goats?
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 13:13

Haha.... no relations and no bribary... just got lucky I guess!
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 13:22

Wow, i have read the spec on the new forerunners and i would feel a little silly running with all that technology on my wrist.

I would feel less silly with a motorbike pacer riding next to me... lol

I usually know where i am going to run before i go, so i don't think i really need my watch to be telling me where i am.
As for virtual partner I have actually GOT a partner who can talk and everything..... And as for 1000 laps, wow, wish i needed that many.

S'Pose its like buying a 7.6 litre mustang for popping down the shops.

If i had won one i would have shortly visisted e-bay.....
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 14:31

Gutted I didn't win one - got a S625x and it's sadly lacking in the mileage accuracy dept....
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 20:50

What really gets me is that the judges didn't recognise the soaring prose of my review for what it was. Shakespeare would have been proud. Dan Brown might even have used it in his next book if he'd seen it.
Posted: 15/03/2006 at 21:07

So gutted I have now had to order the 305 so if anyone wants to buy a second hand 301 going cheap let me know
Posted: 23/03/2006 at 09:12

A 301 that does bird!

Posted: 23/03/2006 at 10:58

I assume that the winners will be selling their old SDM! Need a new thread "RW members selling old junk". I'll bid for one that got a good review.

Robin, a colleague of mine reqularly travels between the US and UK. The 305 sells their for about £250, the 205 ~ £170, the 301 ~ £140 and the 201 ~ £100 (including 6% tax). If you don't mind one from the US then I would be interested in buying yours, and I could get you one from the US at much cheaper price. Interested?
Posted: 24/03/2006 at 13:43

Got my prices wrong, they are 201 ~ £86; 301 ~ £121; 205 ~ £160; 305 ~ £224.
Posted: 24/03/2006 at 14:01

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