Runner's World Promotion: Merrell Sole-Powered

Run stronger, run faster, run naturally. Merrell Barefoot holds the key to the next phase of your running evolution.

Unless you’ve been doing your running on the more remote trails of Mars recently, chances are you’ve heard something of the barefoot buzz. What you need to know is that Merrell’s footwear pedigree now means you can experience everything running naturally has to offer in every situation. Whether you’re going trail, road or multisport, the Merrell Barefoot range is a second skin for your feet, protecting you from the elements and hazards underfoot, while allowing you to better connect with the ground and the whole outdoor experience — and perform to your full potential.

Why bare your sole?

Thousands of years of running evolution are harnessed by Merrell’s cutting-edge barefoot shoe-tech. A thin, responsive, flexible outsole lets you feel the terrain, so your feet flex and react, increasing your sensory perception and enjoyment. The zero heel-to-toe differential ensures your core is naturally engaged and strengthened, your hips and feet align and your posture improves, giving you the foundations for better balance, agility and control. Meanwhile, back at the business end, your leg muscles and arches absorb shock and propel you forward — just as nature intended. It won’t all happen immediately, but with the Merrell Barefoot range and sound advice on making the transition (see next month’s Runner’s World), your evolution to stronger, natural running is only a few simple steps away.

Pace Glove RRP £85
Sonic Glove RRP £95
Trail Glove RRP £85

The Merrell Range

Turn up your stride. Turn on your adventure. Discover a whole new way to run, hike and play. Go Barefoot. (See right for the full range)

For more information and advice on making the transition to running barefoot, visit And don’t miss the complete barefoot-training pull-out guide in next month’s issue of Runner’s World. There’s also your chance to take a giant stride towards barefoot by winning a pair of Merrell Barefoot running ‘gloves’.

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There's the Tough Glove too (which I wear most days as casual shoes - their styling means they are acceptable for work in a smart casual environment). I love them, always wear without socks, they are so comfortable.

Posted: 15/01/2012 at 14:18

Good quality and good price.The main wear very convenient.

Posted: 14/06/2012 at 08:39

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