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working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 09:24


Pippi - great video - proof if ever there was needed that there is a difference between obedience and intelligence and why I enjoy working in the world of alternative education!

Spence - perhaps your son goes to a very progressive school where they are encouraging him to embrace his inner girl?

I would like to welcome you to our new world - of social service engagement. Yesterday morning we would definitely be having 4 boys, with planned support etc etc etc. By 11 am this was no more. We were referred 1 girl, this was retracted within the hour, we were then out in the evening when we had a call asking if we could take 3 in within the hour - we had to say no. Who knows what today will bring!?

I believe it's nearly the end of the working week - hoorah and falderee.  This week seems to have been going on far too long! Roll on a naive new weekend ready for leading astray. Happy Friday one and all



working at it slowly

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 10:32


(((((poorly, hurty, stressed and weary WAISTers)))))

(((Mr FF))) hope his chum comes to his senses soon - life's too short

So Yummy is to be an expert in sprouts? How long should I boil my Brussels for this Christmas? 

(((Podds))) Do you want me to send some attack cats to teach your line manager a lesson?

Daffers - I had a lie in today as no trains for me. Hope your day isn't too long.

We are being considered for FC5-8 at the moment. 4 boys. If it happens it will be 'planned' rather than last minute - yeah right. We are investigating the purchase of bunk beds and contemplating how much food we will have to stockpile.

Have also been involved in interviews for my replacement at work. It appears I am irreplaceable. Having given 3 months notice over 2months ago I think they are beginning to panic!

Happy cold and bright Thursday - hope it brings you something exciting


working at it slowly

Posted: 18/11/2014 at 09:28


All the round up and comment stuff that Chuggy said - well, ditto.

Happy anniversary Daffers

Wooohoooo proud Chuggers

(((((Coco, Larry, Sluggie, Tubbs))))

Hope the haunting is over Podds

I am used to finding dead bits of mice, whole mice, birds and other critters laid on the rug as sacrificial offerings of a morning. This morning we woke up to find half a plastic egg laid outside our bedroom door. Never a dull moment.

Mr Ofsted was a Mrs and it was really about the school who refers to us rather than about us so all is calm once again. So today I get to work from home - hoorah and falderee.

Happy Tuesday one and all

working at it slowly

Posted: 17/11/2014 at 11:34
I'm here. I was in Bracknell. I will be in Hackney. I hope to go home tonight. Just a little matter of Mr Ofsted first.

I'm up for secret satan again.

Hope the Stratty stragglers did OK

Happy new week. Hope it lives up to it's sparkly potential

working at it slowly

Posted: 14/11/2014 at 11:50

I too was due to be in London today Daffers. After a cancelled train and a severely delayed one I abandoned all hope and made my excuses. 

Got home to discover a puddle at our front door - inside, and no - it wasn't me! Front door has more gaps round it than Watford.

I need coffee and a jammy dodger - sadly only have the coffee in

working at it slowly

Posted: 14/11/2014 at 07:38


(((((Pippi))))) When you say you're looking rather drawn - do you mean sketchy? It's when you start looking like a Picasso that you really need to worry

((((Spence)))) hope you're feeling cheerier

Think it's going round. Got home last night, said about three sentences to OH and she was in tears. It usually takes longer  

(((Amandax and Mum)))

(((((Chuggy's foot))))) 

Bit of a panic going on at work. One of our places will be inspected as part of a school inspection. I'm trying to take less of a part and let others lead as I'll be gone next month. It's quite fun watching headless chickens!

I believe it is nearly the weekend - roll on the end bit. Happy Friday - the fair's in town - anyone fancy the waltzers?


working at it slowly

Posted: 12/11/2014 at 09:38


Oooh a Whovian - what did you reckon to Peter Capaldi New Runner?

((((Daffy's nephew))))

I watched the clip of Mr Daffers - how very dapper - he has a good head of hair on him! How did he get to do it? 

((((Podds))) Hope the day goes quickly

Chuggy - it appears you are entering the diplomatic corps with sweeteners for Dutch ministers!

Yesterday I was overlooking the harbour in Oulton Broad near Lowestoft. Today I am looking at the rain in the midlands. I expect to see a boat sail by shortly at the rate it's going.

Happy Wednesday one and all

working at it slowly

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 08:37


Oooh I wish I'd known about Mr Daffs before I went to see the film. I shall look at video when I get home. How exciting.

Hello again Newrunner - sure there are many interesting aspects to your character other than the cancer. Sounds like you are making progress - but also sounds like you're pushing yourself quite hard. I'm a great believer in taking things easy and going with the flow. Sadly at the moment I have no flow!

I am looking at boats in a harbour - how very picturesque.

Happy Tuesday

working at it slowly

Posted: 10/11/2014 at 18:26

Morning all (?!)

(((((Mr Pippi)))) hand on heart - hope he's OK!

(((((Chuggy's foot)))))

(((((Sluggie's back)))))) - that's not a comment that she's been away

(((((Daffy's hip))))) - that's not a comment on how trendy she is

((((((Coco's general health)))))


((((Far Far's far too much work))))))

((((((Podd's cold coffee))))

(((the forgotten and overlooked)))))

We had a lovely unplanned and unexpected weekend - caught up with friends, went to see fireworks, had a walk round a reservoir, Sunday lunch at a pub and saw the film 'Mr Turner' which was fab. I'm now away for the night for work.

I don't do facebook - though I do peek every so often. It causes too many issues with too many of our children and come to think of it, staff. Its security settings are too scary to contemplate!

Happy sparkly new week - hope it's a happy one

working at it slowly

Posted: 07/11/2014 at 16:00

S'quiet in here today

I've had a bit of a dodgy stomach, so not been the Mae West today. With that in mind, it's perhaps a no to the maths and english offer - but thanks.

Chucking it down here too - happy Friday!?


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