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lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 13:05
Melsie, hopefully this thread has given you food for thought...


lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 13:04
maddog 20/20 or thunderbirds was the drink of choice for us - the thought makes my stomach churn!!!!!!

Right, gotta go work....

Have fun peeps.

lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 12:49
pleeeeeeeeeease can i have pina coladas, the're my fave!

lager and black? i've had guiness and black, are you sure lager also goes with it?

lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 12:47
1. Strippers
2. Curry
3. Yeo & Bison in frocks with lipstick
4. Dancing
5. Champagne
6. Dodgy cocktails
7. sparkly tiara (made of the finest glitter/glue and plastic) for the bride

lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 12:43

or should it have read:

The ideal hen party consists of:
A stripper - well maybe more than one ;o)
Fishnet stockings

lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 12:40
flr - you have to admit, he has a point on a one or two of the lines - but only one or two.

So whatya gonna have at this hen party:
Can we have a stripper please? I never got one and wish i had :o)
fishnet stockings

Add ons please...

lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 11:32
Sounds like a hoot Aiki, did you all get very drunk?

flr, never to late for a hen night. I think i had a better time on my hen night than at my wedding!!!!

lets plod again

Posted: 20/07/2004 at 11:27
Hello there peeps

Just popping my head in, to see how fellow runners are doing.

'llo aiki, glad things are going well with Lj.

I've entered Brighton 10K for novemeber for some inspiration and fingers crossed i can start running again int he next fortnight.

Works busy - delivered a very large baby on sunday. 10lb 13oz, nuff said. And can someone remind me not to move again in the near future. Its driving me bonkers.

Brighton Reebok 10K

Posted: 12/07/2004 at 21:57
Yippee, have just entered online!

Old Road Runner - i know the feeling. I'm also injured but hopeing that by novemeber i'll be able to *run* this. fingers crossed eh.

ceal 48.30
Coxy Apple 48.00 (how about that)?
Dips 55.00 (sub 50 ...ambitious target)
Johnny J 45:summat.
Longlegs 38.59
Lightfoot 65.00 (heck, i'll be happy to complete it the way i'm going!)
meerkat 60.00 if I'm lucky and can slipstream Tired Legs and Rodge
Misty2k 58.00 (I can do 5k in 24:30, so that times 2 plus a random extra time gives me 58...)
Multi (objective: completion!)
Old Road Runner: To be able to run!!!!
Redhead (dreams of going sub 55)
RogerDodge 58.01 (slip-streaming Tired Legs)
Spans 30.23 (seeing as ambitious times are called for)
Suffolk Punch sub-45.00 (= Zilla has no chance!)
Sue H
SusieBee sub 43.00
Tired Legs 58.00 (in her dreams)
venom 36:59 (it's traditional to set ambitious targets at Brighton)

M (pom-pom waving cheerleader style stuff going on here)

voules vouz ploddez avec moi??

Posted: 12/07/2004 at 21:36
Evening all

The trouble when you don't post for a while is that when you do you feel a bit of a wally (well i do) and think that peeps'll think you don't care because you don't post as much :o( Which isn't true, but life sometimes just gets in the way...

How is everyone?
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