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Changes to VLM Ballot 2016

Posted: Today at 19:04
Great point Lit.
The difference between me being a mere mortal and a GFAer wasn't magic. Just doubled my milage over a couple of years and gave it a real focus.

Manchester marathon 2015 - short distance?

Posted: Today at 18:35
LFR, I'll have a listen back to that one. I'll need all the info I can get hold of as I'm sure people will query things on the week it's my turn to be RD.

Changes to VLM Ballot 2016

Posted: Today at 18:30
Without the charity element it wouldn't have the atmosphere and big race feel that people want to experience. It would be the same as all the other less charity focused marathons that are about.

P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Today at 18:25
Rach, I've never been but have some friends that rave about the Hawksmoor.
I think it will be TGI's for me. After quite a few beers though.
7 miles for me tonight with 3@MP felt a lot easier than in previous campaigns.
Only 2 short runs left to do now. Started to get excited about Sunday now!

In Different start Zones To Mother For London Marathon, Options, Same Train?

Posted: Today at 16:44
They do check numbers before letting you into each start and then they check them again to get into the correct starting pens.
You never know, you might get very lucky.

Manchester marathon 2015 - short distance?

Posted: Today at 16:34
Cheers for the link Cougie. I'll save that one for when we start to get queries.
The guy who measured it for us (2.30 marathoner) did explain that due to some of the number of sharp turns a GPS may "cut" the corner on its calculations.

Manchester marathon 2015 - short distance?

Posted: Today at 15:54

Are there many out and backs or sharp corners? GPS may cut these corners as will only be getting a signal every few seconds.

I am part of a team trying to start up a new parkrun and have had queries regarding it being short on GPS even though we have measured it properly with a surveyors wheel.

Finding Clothes to Fit

Posted: Today at 15:14

I have a similar issue with jeans. after years of trying I find that GAP do ones that fit me so I always go there now.

I always buy my own stuff due to me being a bit of an odd shape so have to try everything on and never risk an online purchase

P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Today at 13:46
Thanks for the link. I can add the wind to my list of things to stress about.
Just looked at my training plan an there's only 3 runs to go (for me)

P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Today at 08:35
NE, nice race report and a PB on the day so all the struggles were worth it.
I especially liked the bit about focusing on not letting the mile splits drop too much, even when you are struggling.

RE- another marathon in 3 weeks? You are packing them in. I think that if you were to really focus on one race in the autumn or next spring you would be capable of an awesome time.
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