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Bad performance

Posted: Today at 17:13
Philomena Cunk wrote (see)

Sometimes it goes well but sometimes you just crash and Byrne




Bad performance

Posted: Today at 09:43
The pace will come back. Just give it time and don't dive straight back into any intense sessions for a couple of weeks. Even though you didn't run the race as fast as you wanted, you still have 26 hilly miles in your legs that need to recover.
In between specific training plans I like to get down to my local parkrun just to mix things up a bit. Helps with the speed work and you can go for a PB on a regular basis.

Journey to a sub 17 minute 5k

Posted: Today at 08:32
Glad I've just found this post. Teds advice seems ideal.
I was thinking of 18 weeks of P&D 55-70 and a couple of build up races to get 3 mins off my marathon time in April. All I have to do is try to get somewhere near 80 mins for a half. I don't think I'm good enough for 2.45.

Increasing pace

Posted: Today at 08:26
What was your training like for this one, days / miles per week.
There is another thread where people have seen big improvements just by adding 1 more run a week.

Bad performance

Posted: Today at 08:24
At least you know what went wrong. Let that sink in and remember to run your own race next time.
How are your legs feeling? Have you got any other races coming up that you can focus on?

FREE Massage Centres in LONDON & PRESTON

Posted: Yesterday at 20:17
Bloody hell, this thread is still going.

I'm not a member of a running club either. I did bump into Philpub outside the Red Lion after this years VLM though.

Runners World Pace Groups

Posted: Yesterday at 20:15
Maybe catch the eye of the organisers by sprinting off at the front with the elite runners. I noticed that the guy who did that in 2013 was a pacer this year.

£8 for a Spring Half Marathon?

Posted: Yesterday at 07:49
Sounds good.
Are you one of the organisers? If so is it on/ off road? Flat / hilly?

FREE Massage Centres in LONDON & PRESTON

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 22:45
A lot to say on the matter for a "customer"

Earphones in races

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 21:35
Good point about organisers not allowing a "grey" area. It just causes more issues for the runners.
In camp A you get the runners who wear them because the are not specifically banned.
On camp B you get other runners who get upset because they think that those in camp A are going against the advice of the Race Director. Although not actually breaking any rule.
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