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Running club accused of number swapping at London

Posted: Today at 20:21
I've heard them called " bandits" as they will help themselves to drinks on the way round, take a medal and then proudly pose for photos with it.

In the book about John Tarrant, the original ghost runner, I don't recall him taking drinks or parading around at the finish.

What ever they are. They are definitely dishonest.


Posted: Today at 16:52
parkrun sounds ideal for you. Get yourself down to your local one and there should be place try of people of all abilities that can advise of clubs / running groups in your area.

P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Today at 16:47
Get that foam roller out RE. Hope it clears up before race day.

I woke up feeling really good today and mandged to do 21 with 14@MP (after dropping that session last week). It was pouring with rain and blowing a gale here today so the splits were all over the place depending on the wind.
Didn't quite hit the overall pace as I think I pushed too hard going into the wind as started to feel very fatigued when going back into the wind for the second time.
Hit 13.1 miles in exactly 90 mins but the last mile I was going flat out to dip under 7.30 going into the wind with my jacket acting as a parachute.
Only 1 more week to go before the taper now.

If it's this windy in London I will have to find someone tall to draft behind.

Tweaked calf - 3 weeks pre marathon

Posted: Today at 16:41
I did similar a couple of weeks ago. I have learnt, through making many mistakes, not to try it out for a few days.
I rested it for 5 days and have slowly got back into the plan. I have missed 1 long run but won't try to fit it back in. Depending on how badly you pulled it you may need to rest it for a week or 2. I wouldn't take any risks at this stage and your training is in the bank. Better to get to the start line slightly under trained rather than a DNS due to rushing back.

New bike for Iornman. Ribble, Planet X etc?

Posted: Today at 16:35
Didn't forget to get out today. Ran 21 miles with 14@MP.

I've given up on my Ironman dreams as didn't really have the time to do it justice.
Still keep one eye on what's happening in the triathlon world as may go back to it one day.

New bike for Iornman. Ribble, Planet X etc?

Posted: Today at 10:38
Would be interesting to know how the training is going.

P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 22:25
Westy, are you on the Paris Marathon thread? There may be some experts on there that can advise.

Only 4 miles for me this morning but have walked about 6 more with the dog.
Going to test out race day kit and nutrition on tomorrow's 20 miler.

New bike for Iornman. Ribble, Planet X etc?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:31
Bloody hell! This triathlon lark sounds complicated.

What makes you think that your current bike is not up to the job of "just getting you round"?

How's the rest of the training going?

Running club accused of number swapping at London

Posted: Yesterday at 18:38
They probably just lie and say it fell off.
I don't think that honesty is high up on their list.

They can do what they like though as it's all for charity, so usual rules don't apply to them.

London marathon - blue and red starts- how strict?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:22
MGTH - blue is Elite, Championship, club and ballot places
Green is Good for age and celebrity
Red is charity places with the front 3 pens for Fast Good For Age.

That's how it's been in previous years anyway.

RE the dizzy spells, they might advise him that running 26 miles is not the best thing.
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