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P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 23:08
Did you head out at 7.45's? How did 13. @ 8mm feel? As well as hitting the paces it also depends on how hard they feel.
In my MP runs I have felt 6.35s were slightly too hard and 6.45 felt a bit too easy so hopefully 6.40 will be the aim on race day.

Jimmy Saville

Posted: Yesterday at 17:37
I've been invited to a wedding in Lowestoft in the summer. I'll get prepared for some face to face verbal abuse.

Running a half before London marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 16:56
Sounds like a good plan for the 2 long runs. Just don't rush straight back into heavy training after the half. Have a days rest and a couple of easier days.

P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 16:53
Nice MP session ramjet. Impressive weekly mileage as well.

I got up to 65 for the week. Finishing off with 22 off road, muddy miles. Didn't really worry about pace as was carrying my hydration pack containing a couple of extra layers and a litre of water. Heavy rain was forecasted but I got home just before the heavens opened.

An easier 6 days coming up with a 10 mile race on Sunday.

Jimmy Saville

Posted: Yesterday at 15:40
Brilliant, I was wondering how long it would be before mr Brown resorted to foul and abusive language again. As Cougie said, very professional.

Running a half before London marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 15:36
Agree with Cougie on this one. 4 weeks out is plenty of time to recover from racing it flat out. As it will be so close to the end of your training it will be ideal to use the time for the half to work out what to go for in London.

Long Run pacing....

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 20:54
I'd suggest doing some research into running the long run slowly ASAP!

natterjack liverpool

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 19:28
8 weeks could be quite a long time for some runners to have the same shoes.
If you are doing 50 miles a week then that's 400 miles and some shoes will naturally be at the end of their days.

Fuelling while running - advice please!

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 19:01
Apologies tricialitt. My mistake. The half and half sounds like a good idea.

Fuelling while running - advice please!

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 18:26
Have you tried the Lucozade sport drinks?
They will be available on the course at London so could save you carrying any extra stuff with you.
As it's all pre mixed your stomach is getting everything at the correct ratios.
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