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working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 16:23
Great photo Podds!

Oh dear poor HWMBT !!!

I'm back, father made just the one reference to our sex life, I don't think anyone else in the crowded waiting room heard it!!!! *rolls eyes*. Saw very nice consultant, camera up the nose, I didn't faint!! (I'd gone in with dad as he's having trouble speaking) thinks it could be an ulcer having to go back for a biopsy. Thankfully they did all the pre-op assessment there & then so just waiting on the appointment. Went back to dads, I'd taken soup, cake & casserole for their tea, did some cleaning & came home! See my halo shine!

Dad suddenly seems an old man I mean I know he is at 84 but you know suddenly he seems to have aged...

Hope Mr Daffs got on ok.

working at it slowly

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 20:54
~~~~~~~~Mr Daffs~~~~~~~~~

Pippette did good

working at it slowly

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 17:53
Ooh I forgot ~~~~~~~~~~Pippette~~~~~~~~~~ sorry! hope it goes well!

Strange old day, snow turned to sunshine!!

Dotty Dog & I ran up & down a small hill 15 times this afternoon!

I'm also going for daughter of the year award have made carrot soup, lemon cake & beef in beer ready to take over to emergency ward 10 tomorrow!! Got the day off to take father for his appointment I have to speak for him as he can't and step mother can't walk!! What a pair!!

working at it slowly

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 07:16

It's snowing here! Grrrrr

working at it slowly

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 22:07

~~~~~~~~~~Sluggie's friend~~~~~~~

Crikey Daffs !

8miles for me at just under 10mm followed by a cup of tea & a slice of Victoria sponge

working at it slowly

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 08:09

Yes Daffs I'm afraid you've probably knackered your vac !!
Am I right in presuming that Mr Daffs has no interest in these home improvements!!!? I guess I'm very lucky here in that Mr Spence can & has turned his hand to anything. Now we have this house sorted I'd quite like another project....he isn't so keen

8 miles with club pals this morning with the promise of tea & cake after
Am thinking it's going to be Capri & single layer long sleeves hurrah for spring

working at it slowly

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 14:10

Get more than one valuation Daffs, we got 3 when we moved and there was a 10k difference between the top & bottom and we sold above the top. Check the prices of other houses on your street.

I have parkrunned, a slow one as I was getting my injured mate round she was hoping for 35 we came in at 33

working at it slowly

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 19:39
((((((Mr Far Far))))


Anyone else needs some!?

I have the least stress full job of anyone I know but I was reduced today to having a "moment" in the loo at lunch time....tension between the two teachers I work with. One laid back & chilled one manic...

I was out last night in Brum!! *shocked face* on a school night. Group from club eatng at a restaurant owed by one of them!!!!! Another club mate has offered to drive daught & her two besties to the prom in her Aston Martin db9...... To say I'm the poor relation is rather an understatement!!
Still they are lovely, lovely people who are becoming really good friends.

working at it slowly

Posted: 25/02/2015 at 23:07
Hi Di Hi !

I ran with the next group up at club!! The 9-9.30 gang. And I kept up

My baby turned 15 today, can't quite believe it!

working at it slowly

Posted: 24/02/2015 at 17:55
Hurrah for Mini Tubbs
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