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New York 2007

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 14:57
Oh! I forgot to tell you lot that on our arrival at the airport in Manchester, Delta kindly upgraded us to Business Elite so it was lie down seats, 4 course meal and booze all the way. Bang went my no alcohol prep for the big day but it was worth falling off the wagon and a really nice start to the holiday!

new york better than london ?

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 14:55

I've done two London's and I also ran New York on Sunday.  I think that London is much better organised and as a runner much less tiring/stressful to take part in as the start and finish arrangements at London are much better.

I was very impressed with the free bagels, coffee and tea at NY, I have never seen this at London but could simply not have seen them available.  I loved the route, the crowds and the support along the way in NY and the supporters/bands were as good as London although I think the London supporters win the competition for encouragement!

I'd be happy to run both again but really didn't like the baggage handling and finish arrangements in NY and cannot believe that they have got these two important things so wrong considering the size of the race.

Luton Marathon

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 14:10
Thanks Chris.  I was soooo disappointed as had trained for a 3.15 but have had hamstring problems so thought that 3.30 would be acheivable then the flipping stomach muscle let me down!  Really fancy giving Luton a shot as it seems a shame to waste the heavy training that I've done.  I notice it is 3 laps which puts me off a bit.

Luton Marathon

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 12:48
Just done New York and due to a stomach muscle tear I had to slow at 17 miles so didn't get my 3.30 target (did crappy 3.59).  Therefore thinking of doing this and will see how the stomach recovers this week. Does anybody know how late entries are open for? Cheers

New York 2007

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 11:26
BTW smeagol I wouldn't drink your bottle of gatorade if you paid me £100!

New York 2007

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 11:26

Morning all.  I managed to keep awake for 40 hours before falling into bed last night. Feel great tonight after a good nights sleep and off for a 4 mile recovery run tonight.  Legs feel great today.

Tortie I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience.  You bloody deserve that medal and you will love London so keep smiling!

Hope everyone is feeling good today. I'm reflecting on the whole NY experience today, not just the run, and I can tell you that I'd move there tomorrow. Second trip there and I love it more each time!

New York 2007

Posted: 06/11/2007 at 12:57

Hi all.  Just home from an amazing 5 days in NY and loved every minute of it!  I was ahead of the 3.30 pacer, as planned, until mile 17 when I tore a stomach muscle and pretty much ran the last 9 miles bent over.  I must have looked very funny to the spectators!!!  Good news is that my legs, hamstring especially, felt strong from the training and if it hadn't have been for the stomach muscle I reckon I'd have done my 3.30 as slowed almost to a trot and was made to lie down in the medical tent for 10 mins as they thought I had stomach cramps and they gave me some pill to eat.

So did 3.59 which is totally rubbish for me but has given me the confidence to maybe go for Luton in 4 weeks to do the job as injury free as possible.

I have a few gripes about the organisation at the start and end, not as good as London, but I'll share that with you when we all come back down to earth!!  Well done everyone.

Ban mp3's/ ipods at mass events

Posted: 31/10/2007 at 15:23
Will I KNOW you could talk a glass eye to sleep LOL!

Ban mp3's/ ipods at mass events

Posted: 31/10/2007 at 15:05
Well said Laurie. BTW love your pic!

Ban mp3's/ ipods at mass events

Posted: 31/10/2007 at 14:01

Rosa well done on overcoming so much you are inspiring!  My mum has suffered as you have for many years and barely makes out of the front door never mind a running race!

RunningC I don't accept any of your arguments. Mass event or not freedom of choice is what is important here.  I raised an eyebrow when I read that you'd worn an mp3 at the Bramley 20 but don't think that others should at mass events.  What gives you the right to be able to pick and choose what races you want to use one because you knew that you'd be doing long stretches without company and not others?  Rosa has made a very good point here, it isn't just about being anti social and incosiderate, running with a mp3 can be soothing for some.

Anybody in a mass event knows that unless they are Elite they are going to have people all around them so people running across your path isn't necessarily due to not being able to hear you it is because they are either rude or unaware of what is going on around them because they are running/tired etc.  I've ran out in front of a car early in the morning at a T junction during a very long tiring run because I was knackered not because I was wearing an iPod.  I heard the car but I just didn't react quickly enough.

I'm off to NY now to proudly wear my iPod on Sunday and I certainly won't be in the minority.

91 to 100 of 10,087

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