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New York 2007

Posted: 10/11/2007 at 18:17
Just sat at home watching Paula running in the NY marathon (sky+ it) and it's all coming back to me now.....gosh how quickly a week passes!

NYC Marathon 2007 photographs

Posted: 09/11/2007 at 17:25

Well done Jung!  SW that is a lovely idea and I'm sure something your children will really appreciate for a long time.

New York 2007

Posted: 09/11/2007 at 17:21
I'm still peed off about my performance and injury from Sunday but I have to say I feel sad that I'm not in NY today getting all excited, as I was one week ago, about completing the NY marathon.  WE DID IT and for that we should all feel really chuffed.  I was also chuffed to see that my medal is every so slightly bigger than Mr Wolfy's of two years ago so feeling chuffed about that too.  My hubby and I are very, very competitive so this may seem silly but is another victory for me that and the fact that I beat his time by over an hour

Luton Marathon

Posted: 08/11/2007 at 18:41
Race is full???  Plummmmmmmmmmy ;-(

NYC Marathon 2007 photographs

Posted: 08/11/2007 at 18:26


I did NY too but as I travelled on my own to the start, minus a camera unfortunately I did not get any pics pre race and I was too annoyed with the baggage arrangements at the end to pose for a pic for my husband LOL!  Well done on the time and I hope others have some pics for you. You might want to go onto the Events area and look for New York 2007 and post this there as I'm sure some of the other runners will have some that you could use.

Good luck and well done on a great time in your first marathon!

New York 2007

Posted: 08/11/2007 at 18:23

Happy burpday to all those celebrating today and this week!!!

Don't like my photo's so have decided to erase my race number from my memory

New York 2007

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 21:58
Tortie some friends of mine were on that flight

Ban mp3's/ ipods at mass events

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 21:58

Rarebit Man....I might just do that!  Mind you I could do with a massage now after NY how are you fixed

Yawn.....Muttley I totally respect the opinion of others but this thread just goes on and on and yes we know how you feel about mp3's so why do you need to keep going on about it?  I've been coming on this forum for 5 years and it used to be a place where people asked for and received excellent advice, people could discuss topics and yes at times these discussions were heated but now it feels like a place people come to left off a bit of steam if they are stressed at work or home.  Muttley just accept that some of us like to listen to music and whatever you say isn't going to change that i'm afraid.

Night all

Ban mp3's/ ipods at mass events

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 21:25

Muttley you either need to get a life and stop worrying about sad and silly little things like the wearing of mp3 players at races or you have a wonderful life with no stress and worries and you are looking for something to moan about.  Hopefully it's the latter but sadly I suspect it's the former. 

Anyway that's that then and I'll finish with I'll wear my iPod if I flipping well want to

Ban mp3's/ ipods at mass events

Posted: 07/11/2007 at 17:41
Imski where is the fun in that eh?
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