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P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 16:44

I got about 3.25 in first marathon in liverpool 2011. 

6 mths later 3.13 in manchester.

6 mths later 2.58 in chester.

6 mths later 2.50 in london.

6 mths later 2.49 in chester.

6 mths later 2.44 in london.

Aiming for sub 2.30 in york in the autumn, and then grab myself a TeamGB place with a sub 2.15 next spring in paris followed by a new GB record in london 2 weeks later. You heard it here first.


P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 11:02

Paris marathon on April 12th, London on April 26th. Easter April 5th. School holiday April 3rd to April 19th. Hmmm. Decisions decisions.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 09:27

Definitely running all year round to keep the aerobic base helps. Soonish I am going to start running to/from work, will just keep it all easy and shortish (max 6mi) first of all so body gets used to it, then eventually I will start adding longer and speedier stuff. Not sure how rigidly I'll be following P&D for York in October, may just make up my own loosely based on it around commuting.

At this moment in time though I seriously can not be arsed with any running. 

Shazmo/Chick - how's the weather looking for Boston? Can vary a lot in that part of the world this time of the year. 

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 09:00

6 April: Brighton
icklemichael - sub 3:00 - 18/70 - result 2:59
mace - 3:05 18/70 with some fiddling about - result 3:03
Nose Nowt - 3:40 - 12/55 - result 3:46 (pb)
andrew heley - 3:45 - 18/55 - ?
Lisa 123 - sub 4 - 18/55 - result 3:59:21
Super Moo - sub 4 - 18/55 - result 3:57:10

6 April: Lochaber
StewartC - sub 4 - 18/70 - 3:51:06

6 April: Manchester
Kease7 2:59 18/70 - 2:56:38
Debutant 3:05 18/70 - ?
NSGNR - sub 3:45 - mix of 18/55 and 18/70 - result 3:27:52
ladyfunrun - 3:45 18/55 - result 3:42:02
AgentGinger - sub 4 18/55 - result 3:53:12

6 April: Paris
Mennania - sub 3 - result 2:54:44
yer_maj - sub 3:55 or die - 18/55 - ?

6 April: Zurich
cleanshoes - sub 4 - adapted Higdon novice 2 for now, then 12/55 - ?

13 April: VMLM
Ryan Snell - sub 2:45 - adapted 12/85
15West- sub 2:48 - 18/70/85 (mix of both) 31478  - result 2:44:55
Andrews148 - sub 2:50 - 18/70  - result 2:49:43
Wenty - 2:59:59 - 18/55 31063
Freddy 1 - Sub 3:00 - 18/85
Ainsy - Sub 3:05 - 12/70
DT19- Sub 3:05 - 18/55 49693
Literatin - sub 3:05 - 18/70 - #258, nasty white club vest with KATIE on the front.
Genghis Khan - sub 3:10 - 18/55 - #29076, white vest, probably white cap.  Tall, dark and grumpy-looking (though I have a heart of gold.) 
marrows - sub 3:15 18/70 28779
Ramjet - sub 3:15 - 18/70 - 23821, green vest (Phil)
SGB1953 - sub 3:20 - 28396, wearing a Tunbridge Wells Harriers blue and yellow striped singlet (Steve)
Dr.Dan - 3:25 - 18/55 - #12596, red & white Hyde Park Harriers vest (Dan)
Macca - 3:25 18/55
running220 - sub 3:30 - 18/70 
PJH92 - sub 3:45 – 18/55
Shazmo – sub 3:50 – 18/55 29874
Tenjiso - sub 4:00 - 18/55 19625
Rachelcgen - sub 4:30 - 18/55 - 7617

21 April: Boston
Chick - sub 3:20 - 12/70 - 13636
Shazmo – sub 4 – 1 week recovery after VMLM

5 May: Belfast
Fergster - sub 3:10 - 18/70

5 May: Milton Keynes 
Jamie Farmer - sub-2:50 18/55
Xyloid - sub 4:00 - 18/55
booktrunk - sub 4:30 18/55

26 May: Edinburgh
icklemichael - 3:05 - 18/70
ladyfunrun - 3:45 - 18/55
Madbee - sub 3:50 - 18/55 

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 21:53

I can still hardly walk. No running from me until at least next week sometime.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 17:40

Wow Dr Dan...that's some report..need to find some time to get stuck into that.

Spent the afternoon scrambling round rocky cliffs and beaches looking for fossils with daughter. Great fun, but hard work with marathon legs.

They not traced that athlete yet? How bizarre. 

Where's the list? Who's marathon is up next?

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 10:02

Wenty - the boosts definitely helped me run faster...but I think a trainer with more support would have made the experience a bit less painful. re. future plans, I have york marathon in autumn, may just enjoy that one instead of a PB hunting sufferfest, and next spring currently thinking Paris. There is the champs start at VLM, but times last for two years right? Also, I'd need to join a running club if wanted to do that.

I took on lucozade sport every time was provided at marathon, and water at nearly every water stop. There really is no excuse for being dehydrated at London, so many drink stops. I took on 4 gels too, and was well carbed up...and this definitely all helped me in those last miles. Didn't feel a lack of energy, just legs were hurting so much.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 08:04
Rachelcgen wrote (see)

Shazmo, You've come back from injury and although you may not have hit time, sounds like other things went well?  And now you're going to do it all again!!  That's brilliant

I've decided I 'liked' Sunday enough to want to do it again. Liked not quite being the right word, but it didn't put me off running that distance. The question is, which one?  I'm not assuming I'll get in to London on ballot again, so want to have another plan. And I think it needs to be next spring rather than autumn this year. So looking at options now


I'm thinking Paris Rachel. I reckon Barcelona would be pretty good too...although I'd like to make more of a holiday out of it and Paris I think would be during Easter hols.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 08:02

After race made my way through all the nice volunteers, photographers etc,  got my bag, found my family, went to a pub.  My legs were shattered though, especially my left calf. In the future I might stick with a more supportive trainer for a marathon, might get me a slower time, but I think my legs will thank me for it. I have some nasty doms going on also.

Overall very pleased. All the training has paid off, and I really concentrated on my pacing more than I have for any other race, and thankfully I just about managed it. I probably would have been gutted to be slightly over 2.45, which is ridiculous I know, but that’s marathons for you.  London really is an amazing marathon, the support is fantastic. Makes for a very special day. Lastly thanks to all on here for all the chat and advice over the last few months. You’re a real good bunch.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 08:02

Ok, my report.

Sub 2.45 was always my secret top A goal, as it was for Chester last autumn, but as GK mentioned there was a bit of sandbagging going on as all my training and racing pointed to this being a very tough target for me, and I would have to have a really good race to hit it…so I put a more realistic goal up on here for err….sandbagging purposes.

Leading up to the race I was niggle free and felt pretty good and I think I did a pretty good job of carb loading..although I was feeling a bit lousy from all the carbs on the final few days. I decided I would risk the lighter adios boost trainers, this was a bit of a gamble as I hadn’t practised and long runs in them and only raced in them once over 10k. I also decided to use Menmania’s suggested method of using my garmin, where I hit the lap button every mile. I made myself a 2.45 pace band, and decided I would really concentrate from the start on even splits…or maybe a slight positive split.

Race day got to the FGFA with 30mins to spare. Loaded my bag on the truck, went for wee, did a short warm up, and then time to queue up at the start. Attempted another wee at side of start area as everyone else seemed to be, and I really wanted to drain any liquid out of me as didn’t want to stop during the race, but couldn’t go. Bit embarrassing.

We’re off. First ½ mile was all dodging people and trying to get into an even pace, 2nd ½ mile I was hitting roughly my target pace of 6.17 or a bit faster..and for the first 3 or 4 miles I was running a bit faster than goal pace due to hills/excitement etc. 1st 5k in 19.18 (haven’t got mile splits from watch, using VLM results page). Running through Greenwich still felt good and coming out of Greenwich saw my family which was nice. That was the last time I saw them during the race though as they had a few logistic problems! 2nd 5k 19.25, 3rd 5k 19.41, 4th 5k 19.32. On towards tower bridge and halfway I was about a 30secs ahead of my goal time, and was still feeling good at this point, taking on drinks when I could. Half way 1.22.11.

The 2nd half of the race the soles of my feet started hurting and knew I would have a few blisters from my adios’. I told myself that it was only going to get worse, and I would ignore it! I was still very focused on my pace, hitting the lap button on my watch…although forgot a few times. I would say that this watch lap strategy really helped me stay focused and concentrate on my time and pace, so thanks for the tip Menmania. 5th 5k 19.26, 6th 5k 19.32, 7th 5k 19.38. I was definitely slowing down.

About mile 18 my legs were hurting everywhere, especially my left calf, and I could feel some nie blisters forming on my feet.  At mile 20 I was having the devil/angel on shoulder analogy going on as Shazmo/GK described. Sometimes I was telling myself it is ok to slow down or stop even, no disgrace at all, leave 2.45 goal for another day etc etc. Then I would pull myself together, telling myself not too far to go now, counting down the miles etc. One thing that helped here was counting. I took Paula Radcliffe’s advice I read somewhere on counting to 100 over and over. This helped keep it together in those final miles.

Onto the embankment my pace was a bit all over the shop, trying to hold roughly a 6.17 pace…I would slow, look at my watch, speed up! 8th 5k 19.51.  When got to mile 25 I saw that it was going to be tight to meet 2.45 so really tried to pick up the pace, but then onto birdcage walk started slowing again. As turned into the mall and approached the end I suddenly realised I might actually just miss it and there was no way I was letting that happen so managed a little sprint to come in at 2.44.55. Yay!

After race made my way through all the nice v

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