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RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Yesterday at 19:55

Free- excellent report and well done pushing through that tough period and comfortably beating 3.15. 

KFC- nearly there. Great run. 3.15 next time .

Nell - you make sub 3 look pretty comfortable. I wonder what target is lurking in the back if your mind for Edinburgh. 

O4S-that was an amazing result. You knock marathons out so easily ...did it feel easy? So pleased to meet you too...you've been a big inspiration (despite your stature)

AA-still amazed how anyone could knock out 2 sub3.30 marathons in less than a week Respect !


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Yesterday at 18:55

Part 2.
The race started and I was soon over the line and just as quickly lost sight of the gang. I had to hold back but found myself comfortable running around 7mm pace though I did think I'd pay for it later. Found the many speed bumps in that area a bit annoying but I think it was just me looking for something to complain about .
We joined up with the blue then the red starters so it became more congested but there wasn't any significant obstruction so I slightly over cooked miles 3 and 4 a bit -6.49,6.53.The butt niggle remained just that which was positive. 10k in 44 mins approx- better than planned and I felt comfortable. I thought I'd see if I could repeat this upto 20k and take stock.
The atmosphere at Cutty Sark was amazing and that and my first gel spurred me on.
At the 7th mile I worried my calf would seize up like in Boston but it did not ..all good. Then I decided I needed a loo stop...Ibuprofen is unforgiving! Managed to hold on until the 11th mile but knew it was time to go and so that was my slowest split 7.40. My overall average split was still about 7.05 so no harm done by the stop .
It was time to look forward to crossing Tower Bridge. Another gel so that and the crowds spurred me on. I looked for family who were around there but no sign of them ...never mind. 20k done in 1.28xx...on target. See how I'm getting on at 30k
I normally struggle from 14-20 but was comfortable until18 when I seemed to be flagging a bit-7.12-so I took another another gel as planned and found an extra gear- miles 19-6.48, 20-6.48. Up until this stage my Garmin indicated a mile had passed about a quarter of mile before the official marker but now it had corrected itself - the tunnel probably did this. As I neared Tower Bridge for the second time it was time to look for my support team again but still no sign of them- they were there ! 30k done and still on target with 44mins per 10k-2.12. I wondered what 40k would look like .
I tend to struggle with 5k to go so prepared to take my last gel for that boost to get me along to the end but I dropped it and picking it up as not an option.Thought that would be a bit of a psychological knock back but I dug in.
By now I knew if I held on a pb was on the cards. I've run along the embankment many times but this time didn't have to avoid tourists. I missed the 40k timer so couldn't use it to confirm my progress though afterwards I saw I went through in 2.57-I had slowed down a bit -pity I missed it as I could have pushed on a bit harder.Mile 26 was my slowest -apart from mile 11- 7.16.The end seemed to come quickly unlike previous marathons and I now prepared for the final sprint to the finish which I decided wasn't going to happen until I had turned the corner. I saw the presentation to the winner on the big screen and then I saw the finish line. I knew 3.07 was on the cards .I opened myself up to hear the screaming crowds and went for it. I crossed the line at 3.07.34 -stunned ,a pb by over 2mins.
I collected my medal and goody bag and met a girl called Vicky from Liverpool who I chatted to when I last pb'd running the Liverpool marathon ,clearly an omen .
Pretty even halfs- 1.33.40 first half 1.33.54 second half . Overall 2648th and 43rd for my age.
Splits --7.04,7.02,6.49,6.53,7.05,7.07,7.06,7.02,7.02,7.40,7.04,7.01,7.01,6.56,7.05,7.03,7.12,6.48,6.59,7.08,7.08,7.05,7.10,7.09,7.16,3.25. My garmin said I ran 42.61 k.
A great day made better by my daughter finishing in 4.19 with a pb of over 30 mins and two of my other children committing to next years ballot .37 mins faster than Boston ...just shows the benefits of staying out of the medical tent.
I followed the RW 3.15 plan but replaced the intervals with park runs ,more tempo runs and a few longer runs so that I ran about 80 miles more. It seemed to do the trick unlike previous years when I followed P&D.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Yesterday at 18:54

Part 1.

This was my to be my tenth marathon - were it not for injury it should have been my 13th so maybe it was a good thing it wasn't my 13th. As seems to be typical for me taper started with injury worries .This time a pain in the butt- a constant tooth ache type niggle. 750 miles ,11 long runs and lots of swims and regular massages and a 88 min HM meant I should have been in the best shape. This one mattered as my GFA for London needed renewing too but doubts had set in.
I had a pretty good night sleep and set off from Charring Cross with my daughter to drop her off at the blue start ...she was very nervous. I was excited but pretty relaxed.Daughter deposited so off to Green start. Met up with the gang from the thread ,got settled in chatting about missing Barry , how fit everyone looked and ended up in danger of running out time to get to the end of the very long toilet queue ,getting changed and handing in my bag. Fortunately got all this done and noticed the T. Rex costume in the tent which made me smile. Respect to the idiot who was running carrying that.
Returned to the gang and got ribbed about my split wristband I'd made myself. Met Nell for the first time at which point the girls rushed off to get the best spot on the starting line and we eventually joined them. They then proceeded to take about ten layers of clothes off instantly restocking Oxfam and there was a bit of chat about the D list celebs in front and how we may have to elbow them out of the way.
I hadn't decided what pace to go for. All I knew was that AA's excellent Boston run had reminded me how important even pacing was. My aim was to keep around or under 7.20mm or do every 6 miles in about 44mins. Discussed the effect of the tunnels on my garmin and realised I had to be careful over relying on it. As we were virtually on the start line I decided to rely on the official timer on the mile marker bridges .
Weather was perfect a little drizzle and cool. Vest and gloves to start .

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 26/04/2015 at 19:26

Nell- brilliant result ,cant say I'm surprised following your progress .Hope you are still celebrating,you deserve to . It was a pleasure meeting you 

CD- many thanks

Chick-thanks...never had demons just a pain in the leg...I love that race whatever -almost as much as london

Free- spot on ...so good. Delighted for you and well deserved. Sorry I didn't use you to pace me ..I lost you passing the celebs. 

Off out again 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 26/04/2015 at 17:05
Just popping in from the pub. Amazing day. Best bit meeting the guys here. Pleased with my PB if 3.07.34 too! Beer hitting the spot . Congrats to the team and amazing results. Big hangover awaits. 25 min PB for Miss2O so she's on the way to a similar hangover. Don't want the feeling /day to end.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 20:46

Minnie-sorry to miss you at Chandos. 

AA-have a good journey...later set off time for me . You won't be able to resist pacing us 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 19:35

Barry- gutted for you....what can I say! Injury got me a week before the 2013 VLM so I can empathise fwiw. Edinburgh? Liverpool 14thJune? Both sub3.15 courses. Sorry you won't be with us. 

Nell- see you in pen2 . 

pasta eaten and feeling full

see you all tomorrow greensters. 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 15:15

Free- oh good I think you can be my pacer  I'm going from Charring Cross to keep Miss2O company .Enjoying sharing the experience with her 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 14:15

Pink- that doesn't sound good. Thanks for the good wishes 


RFJ-good luck -see you at the start 

AA-only 10 times plus that run tomorrow. Easy...for you 

Expo done now to rest. Still have the literal pain in the butt with tingling down the leg ..just hoping that's all it will be tomorrow. Not risking a run today. 

Oh I'm in pen2 ...anyone else? How long to cross the line from there? Think I will go from Charring Cross as it's close. Is the walk to Green Start long doing it this way? How long will I need to allow? 


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 24/04/2015 at 18:03

Carrot-enjoy mixing with the elite 

Bro-wonder if you'll be able to hold back....you would breeze sub 3.30. The Green Start is going to be crowded with team Minni. 

Minni- you will be with us at the start ...our inspiration ! Not sure if I'll get to Chandos as I want to be around for Miss 2O's finish. Wonder if I might have time to get there and back ...hmmm. Look out for me in pain wearing a welsh dragon vest with 'Dan'on. I will listen out for your screams. 

Nell- I didn't get to use the tennis ball on the train.,..but had a long chat with a running mad couple from Liverpool visiting their daughter. Not sure about a cold bath without having done a run ...very tough 

now settled in London. Provisions bought and carbo loading underway with a tasty pizza( is that allowed?) off to the theatre soon which could be painful the way my glute feels. 

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