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Posted: Yesterday at 19:20
Nell -enjoyed your report. Not the ideal prep for it and the chaotic Green start won't have helped. Well done holding on until the end for that pb. Back next year? Bet you will be and you'll smash that time. Funny some thought it cold .,, it was perfect for me. I chucked my gloves by the second mile and enjoyed the cooling effect of the wind whenever it blew through the buildings.
Pink-nice to hear from you. Just enjoy the exercise. Who needs the stress of times etc
Thanks for the good wishes. Great for my ego.
Done nothing since Sunday apart from enjoy some wine beer Gand T etc and sun.Likely to continue like this for a bit longer.Legs feeling better though . Now to find a bar to watch Liverpool

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 18:15

Bro- thanks but I reckon age is against me. Didn't see you at Green start-very disappointed  What's next for you?

Barry- if anyone has sub 3.15 in them it's you. You bang out 19m 5ks and sub 40 10ks  in training.Your HMs are awesome. Some how you need to be able to get more run miles done without injuring yourself .More LRs and more MLRs.AsChick says slower and gradual build up then , in my view add a sustained period of volume easy running. Forget speed it's there for you anyway. I don't do intervals , my training was generally all at 50-60 seconds under my actual MP until the last 5 weeks when I did a lot around 7-15 to 7.30pace .My only speed work was park runs and a HM race apart from one track session where I felt I was close to injury again. Vary the runs too. Knock out 10ks in 45mins so you can do 4 at that pace in a race. Do 13ks in an hour so you can knock out 3 at that pace in a race.  Add extra stuff swimming. I averaged 2 miles per  week until the taper. Careful with cycling ...I wonder if it shortens hamstrings etc and contributes to injury.  I did almost no spinning this time round and no calf cramps unlike Boston and Lisbon. I will shut up now , just do us a favour be positive ,you will do it. Sorry probably the last thing you want at the moment .  Thanks for your kind comments too 


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 16:34

London 2016-part3


A quick mental calc told me I would get a pb if I averaged 7.20 mm from then on. It seemed a long way and the Embankment didn't want to come to me. I dug deep. It was hurting now....a lot!The tunnel to the Embankment seemed to go on and on. I saw Colin Jackson the other end and waved to him. At this Tate I became aware of runners limping ,vomiting and lying down.Next up was the 40k sign...only 2k to go but my legs were shot at. I pushed them but not too hard ,my calves were tightening frighteningly. Past Parliament ...keep going...800m...keep steady...600m...steady ...400m....ok push it. I saw the official finish time and realised sub 3.04 was possible. Dug deep and crossed the line 3.03.59 on the clock,3.03.54 chip time. I was elated. A pb by 4mins . I never dreamt I had that time in me.  By coincidence after crossing the line I bumped into a Liverpool runner Vickie who I ran with for a while in The Liverpool Marathon 2012 and at VMLM finish last year...3.00.30 for her and she did Manchester a few weeks ago and has Comrades to do in another few weeks. Incredible.   Loved every minute of the day ,the pleasure of which was more than enhanced by son G finishing his marathon experience in 5.50 and raising a shed load of charity money.  I always wondered how close to 3 hours could get ....now I wonder if I can go under it. No pressure .Looking at my splits keep asking where that came from.Im just pleased I decided to take the risk. Here the splits- 7.00,6.52,6.42,6.42,6.51,6.53,6.50,6.49,6.49,6.48,6.45,6.48,6.46,6.43,6.48,6.53,6.48,6.54,6.52,7.53,7.08,7.15,7.13,7.26,7.21,7.13,6.38. 6.58mm average,2343overall,31st for age.  Now I can hardly walk let alone run. 

Marathon no13? Glad I'm not superstitious .

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Posted: 26/04/2016 at 16:32

London 2016-part2


  Then we were off. The plan was to aim for a pace of 7.10 -7.15 and see what I had left in the last 5-6 miles. It was a slow start until the celebs were passed and the first mile was  soon done 7mm. It felt very easy and comfortable. The pace picked up from then on ,I was obviously being pulled along by the faster runners around me but after a while I had settled into a 6.40-6.50 pace.This frightened me -first 5k in 21.40-I thought it would all end in tears but the devil in my head said 'wtf stick with it and see where it gets you.,.I looked for Barry after the starts joined up but it was too congested .The blue start sub3mm pacer appeared so I followed him with the crowd behind him. We passed Cutty Sark and then Shoreditch soon arrived. The crowds were huge noisy and very supportive.  The first 10k over in 42-43 mins.  This was my HM pace. I lost the blue pacer but soon picked up the red start sub 3 pacer and kept him in view to about HM stage. Loved crossing Tower Bridge...amazing crowds .Looked for my family but no sign of them.Reached HM stage and gobsmacked to see 1.30xx on my watch. Thought that was the end of my run as I always struggle in the 13-20 mile section but this went well at first  The crowds spurred me on and the odd hilly bit helped relieve the ache developing in my hip. I saw the green start pacer next and followed him around Canary Wharf until about mile 19 when my stomach started to complain. I made a strategic decision to execute a toilet stop .Mile 20 was my slowest -7.53. A minute lost! Still it had to be done.

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Posted: 26/04/2016 at 16:29

London Marathon 2016. Part 1

Ten years ago I ran my first London Marathon . My training had gone pretty well for this one having averaged 60 miles a week since early February ,run 11 long runs between 18and 22 miles ,done one HM in a pleasing 87 mins and run 5 park runs all around 20 mins 35secs. I had a few niggles: a nagging hip problem,tender Achilles in growing toenails and a sore back but I seemed to keep going through these. However this was to be my 13th marathon so if anything was going to go wrong this would be the one.

I did all the expo stuff with my son G on the Friday so I could rest all day Saturday. Pity I was to be dragged around Harrods by my OH. Despite the noise of drunks fighting and vomiting outside the flat overnight I had a pretty good sleep. One of the best for days in fact...must have been all the carbs. Beetroot shot ,porridge,bagel and energy drink for breakfast then off to Cannon Street with G to get the train to the start area. G got off at Greenwich for Red Start and I got off with the few remaining on the train at Maiz Hill ? for the Green Start. Chatted to a guy from Newport on the way. Felt pretty relaxed and upbeat.  Reached Green Start did the usual toilet stop and then went to watch the celebs. Saw Chris Evans , the guy from EggHeads and some others including a Welsh rugby hero Shane Williams .I saw AA dash to the fancy dress group called out her name but she was preoccupied and disappeared.   The announcer advised that the baggage trucks was leaving in 5 mins and I hadn't changed. I managed to find a small space in the tent and got ready making the fatal mistake of putting deep heat gel where I should have put Vaseline. Ouch,that woke me up.  Bag loaded I saw the huge toilet queues and made do with the urinal...big mistake I was to discover later . The 1st and 2nd pens were combined at Green start so I stood about twenty feet from the start line. It was pretty congested unlike last year...some runners had been transferred from fgfa there.The celebs were in front of us. No sign of Nell ...pity as I knew he'd disappear into the distance ahead of me. Still felt relaxed but also excited. Temperature was perfect though I worried the sun was getting warm and the wind was picking up.Looked for AA but no sign of her.


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Posted: 26/04/2016 at 12:57
Chick-that's not good..any idea when it went? Amazing you did what you did in that state. You are one tough guy. Swimming isn't so bad either
Enjoyed a beer by the beach and now chilling.

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 20:56

Travelled home today. Suffering mega DOMS in my legs but don't really care. It's miserable and cold here but again I don't care as I don't intend to train for a while. .

Free- it was always going to be tough for you with that injury so don't feel too  bad about it.  It's another medal and marathon experience and you know you have a fast one in you.  You've done it and will do it again.  

AA- I did see you rushing about and called to you in the Green start area but as you say you were distracted.  Don't worry about the outcome ...you dressed up ,met celebs,got on tv and raised money for charity.  That's what it's all about. You did the running thing last year x2. 

Barry- what happened? I know you will pick yourself up and move on.

Bro- sorry I missed you but I was digging very deep at that stage and only wanted to think about reaching Parliament and turning right 

Nell- hope you got home safely .Great pb btw.  Were you a bit disappointend with it? No reason to as far as I can see. Pity I missed you in the start area but it was chaotic this year unlike last year.  I think they got an overload of gfa-ers and some were transferred from fgfa to Green start . There is a rumour the gfa standards are going to be toughened up. 

Chick-thanks  - I've put the suffering of the Boston run well behind me now  

Enjoyed watching my lad run along the embankment to the finish and watching the fancy dressers pass including a bare footed Jesus carrying a cross!

Not gathered my thoughts for my report yet so it will have to wait if you don't mind. Going to get some sun for a few days.  

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Posted: 24/04/2016 at 22:08
Barry- Cheers . I'm not so sober to be honest.
Geoff- I was thinking 3.10 ish was about right so I'm very happy thanks
Basically I set off too fast thought wtf and let's see where I get. Struggled in the last 6 miles but by then I had to just ???hang on and rely on the reserve established previously. Very pleased with my 1.30 first half too.

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Posted: 24/04/2016 at 17:21
Great day 3.03.54. A massive (3min)Pb. Well done team. Back to celebrating .

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 24/04/2016 at 07:03
Ok let's do it. Good luck all London Marathoners

AA-enjoy your E list celeb moment. Am I jealous?
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