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Posted: 19/01/2017 at 14:17

AA-you're nicely on track for London-its still early days so relax .The cycling will soon come back to you with all  the miles you put in recently .How about more double days-if you have time. I'm not sure if its the ITB though that area of my knee is my main concern. I will see how it goes.

Barry-the hours are accumulating nicely and a lot more than I'm doing-or feel able to do at the mo.Any training races planned?

Minni-VLM is my main target then Copenhagen .How are you getting on and what are you planning?More mountain marathons/ultras?

Chick-enjoy Florida. You can never have too much sun.Very pleased to see you making progress and 10k of a marathon is probably the way to go anyway.

51 miles last week-including 18 on the TM- with a weekend off...really needed the rest tbh. 12m on Monday, 9m on Tuesday another cnba/rest day yesterday so that means I will have to get my act together from now on especially as I need to get another LR done. I'm struggling to motivate myself at the moment -this time last year I was doing more swimming with the mileage.Still plenty of time to go and I am having to cope with a number of nagging niggles..



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Posted: 12/01/2017 at 12:51

Barry-looks like the rest did you a power of good. I'm very impressed by the consistent building you are doing. I've found that its the secret to getting the best performance for a target race.Most noticeable is the easy pace of your running-in the past I rarely saw slower than 7.30mm. Where do the zones go up to?6-8? Bet you're keen to see what those deliver. Most of my runs for Jan will be slowish apart from YKWs in Feb I will introduce more speed endurance all being well.

A 12m on the TM Monday, a 2k swim and 10m on Tuesday (to welcome another year  towards an even older age group) and a spin and 5k TM session yesterday. Bit worried when I'll get my LR in this week with the snow and nasty weather and a trip to London on their way.

AA-I see your solution to getting the LR done-nice one.

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Posted: 09/01/2017 at 15:06

AA- nice LR there-I'm behind with mine..you know I like to accumulate LRs . Respect to all you hard core bikers getting out in that cold-running is fine but cycling?-No way. Did you say you are keeping your options open about London? Looking good for it so far for you .

Barry-a few months of 10-12 hours of week and you'll be in great form.You might even be drafting behind AA in the water . Do you think your period of absence helped with your injury recovery? It doesn't look as though its harmed your endurance much. I'm only asking because I know this person whose getting on a bit who keeps training through his injuries 

My left leg/knee continues to trouble me so that I have to rest it a lot and refrain from doing the LR I planned. The pain is down the outside of the left knee at the joint and into the fleshy part of the left shin.Trying stretches and massage but if it continues I will visit the physio.

Only managed 30miles last week -longest 10 plus a swim and ski and some walks and a YKW-20.51, 11th overall, 3rd in age group so still have a bit of speed. 20k on the TM today.


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Posted: 05/01/2017 at 15:07

Hope everyone's NY celebrations went well. 

Chick-7.29 pace ! Brilliant the recovery moves up another level

Minni- Welcome home -are you staying running in the mountains or running the low roads like us sometime?

Barry-all going well I see especially the swimming.The running return wont be a problem for you. 

AA- you'd love skiing and its never too late to try it. 43x100---thats some going ...and at a fast pace. Get on the turbo and stay warm. Runs going great too I see.

So I had a tumble off piste when I lost on edge on ice. A bit steep to say the least and I slid and tumbled about 25m at some speed twisting my left knee. It swelled up like a balloon and I worried my VLM campaign was over before it had started. Anyway its still a bit sore but improving so I have managed a few runs a swim and a ski since.Lesson learnt-don't let daughter lead me onto a closed run!

I have a few plans-London Marathon April, Copenhagen Marathon July, maybe Liverpool Marathon July too. A HM (maybe 2)somewhere in there too plus some YKWs. Might try a HIM later in the season but only for fun and completely unprepared. I managed a record 2020 miles run last year including my 2 fastest ever marathons and a 5k pb , did my first Olli tri and a 20m pb but don't expect to match much of that this year

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Posted: 31/12/2016 at 18:41
Popping in to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I'm a bit injured after a ski fall so am enforced rest for me.

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Posted: 25/12/2016 at 22:33
Merry Xmas all

Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon

Posted: 22/12/2016 at 10:46

I've done it the last two years after London.Its not a pb course and is hilly compared with the others I've done.There are a couple of cheeky hills in Sefton Park too. Last year wasn't helped by the heat either .Despite all that its a great marathon ,good atmosphere ,interesting course and a fun festival feel finish with beer and music.Think I might do it again next year too if I've recovered from Copenhagen I'm planning to do the week before.

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Posted: 16/12/2016 at 00:03
Chick- oops a senior moment for me there. Don't worry about the gear - I did my first aquathlon by putting a running top on with my swim shorts and used a mountain bike for my first two TRI's. Sometimes 'it's all the gear , no idea'
Not run since Sunday , won't hurt to have a few days off .... pity about the pounds I'm piling on with all these Xmas dinners

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Posted: 12/12/2016 at 19:23
Chick - pray for some snow in the Aarlburg soon for me. Think Barry is right ...a tri next year?
Barry- you must have left London as I arrived ...nightmare drive . The 10k was an after thought . Needed you there to push me along instead of wimping out when it hurt . I'm not organised enough to arrange going to a concert and doing a race . Sounds like a good band. Glad to see all us back on track for you and great going with your swimming-your patience is paying off - I go backwards if I stop for any time . Looking positive for the New Year for you .
Chick- probably wise to give the marathon a miss. Your swims are so fast ...sorry for repeating myself
Completed a 50m week with the Regents Park 10k. Didn't know what to expect as I've done no speed work for a long while. Still had my eye on sub 40min but soon realised it wasn't to be. 3 laps of the park resulted in 42.09, 48th male and 1st in the V50-59 age group so not so bad really -no I was sh!t . That's all my races for the year done and an essy end to the year to come .Nice 9 m run along the Thames today.

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Posted: 08/12/2016 at 17:29
AA- I'm just about avoiding injury but really enjoying my running at the moment -just hoping to go into January with a good base to start marathon training properly .Your going really well now - some fast long swims already and great cycling in horrible conditions . Build up your run miles and that GFA will be in the bag ...Nell and I need you at the start in London with us
A couple of swims this week and 15 k last night
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