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Posted: 08/12/2016 at 17:29
AA- I'm just about avoiding injury but really enjoying my running at the moment -just hoping to go into January with a good base to start marathon training properly .Your going really well now - some fast long swims already and great cycling in horrible conditions . Build up your run miles and that GFA will be in the bag ...Nell and I need you at the start in London with us
A couple of swims this week and 15 k last night

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 06/12/2016 at 11:21

Back from my holiday in St Lucia and its very quiet here

AA-when is your marathon and where?Ready for it?Great tri stuff going on-you'll be ready for that IM by Xmas -then maybe you can focus on London-or is that your plan anyway?

Chick-I bet you will run 20 miles next year-the miles are in your legs which just need a gentle reminder.Odd getting blisters so easy any idea why??Any more snow your way-the pistes need some?

Barry-yes that  pic/banner was everywhere-what's it like to be a star?Looks like your tri training is moving along nicely

Nell-those paces look gut busting -I wimp out when I feel my heart pumping hard but maybe I need to do some.I fancy some X country but I'm not in a running club and feel I've left it a bit late. Hope the back is ok now.

Pretty active holiday managing on average 1.5 to2.5 hours of swimming/runs/fitness classes a day.Still managed to put on weight-all muscle I hope.The ex hurdler Colin Jackson took a few classes which made me realise what a different league he's in-even now- and how I need to do more strength and flexibility work.

Home on Friday,10.5k run Saturday and another Lancaster HM on Sunday.Nice and cold ,just as I like it and even after the holiday still managed to scrape under 1.30 with 89.58 including a last k in 4.08m. 34th overall and 1st V55 but I left before prize giving so no idea if there was anything for that ....probably not.That's my 3rd HM this year 87m,88m and 89m .Need to reverse that trend.

10k last night. 


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Posted: 22/11/2016 at 10:36

AA-another one in 4 weeks ?Which one?You could do what I tend to do in the last 4 weeks- wk4-20m LR, 12m MLR, 10m tempo/mp , wk3 18m LR, 11m MLR, 8m tempo/mp, wk2-13mLR , 8m MLR, 8m tempo/mp, wk 1 7m with 3mp rest.If I cant get the 20 in week 4 I change the 18 to 20 in week 3. But then again Nell's plan is more sensible  Wonder how the cross training translates into marathon conditioning?Good luck.

Nell- I did 20 because I got carried away on my 16 mile plan.It was a bit tough as it was my first long run since Leicester.Anyway it proved I still had the distance in my legs.I read your varied training with the eyes of a green eyed monster-I am struggling to run consistently at the moment.I know what you mean about the cold-I couldn't undo my laces after my run on Friday.What will be your next race?And yes...give Strava a look.

Barry- any nerves an starting the schedule or just the thought its a long time ahead of you? Looks like your running is continuing to go well. I saw the photo -its everywhere in the city-pity I didn't realise it was you.I was in a photo advertising the Southport sprint tri in a group waiting to start the swim-I'm the only one looking the wrong way.

17 mile LR on Friday in horrible weather-my face was stinging in the hale showers.37 for the week.Nothing this weekend and a 2k slow swim and 7.5m on the TM yesterday.I might run 100 miles this month if I'm lucky.

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Posted: 17/11/2016 at 13:24

Barry-very pleased to see your return to the road is going well .Keep it going. It was a bit warm when I was in Valencia too.I prefer running in the cold

Nell-Looks like you're doing a mixture of  quality runs every week ...I'm suffering a bit from cnba'd especially as its always dark and now wet and windy.That short session looks tough.

Did 20 miles on Tuesday but nothing yesterday .Need to raise my game . 

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Posted: 15/11/2016 at 11:14

Nell-good to see your runs getting faster. It seems to have warmed up here again so I will continue in shorts for the time being too. Your MP runs are faster than mine.I tended to be around 7.15mm for 8-10 miles both for the recent marathon and London so I'm not sure where the 7.06 and 7.01 mm averages came from .I guess its the cumulative effect LRs ,MLRs and park runs? What's your London target?

Chick-nice mix of training and very lucky having that 50m pool -even I would swim more with that near and for free.Good to hear that snow has arrived...should have a nice base for my skiing in the Alps.

Nothing since my last TM run. Had a long weekend in Valencia watching the MotoGP motorcycle racing. Couldn't help wishing I could run around the track and frustrated to see the marathon is in the city next week. Barry didn't you do that one?Looks like a fast flat course.Put on nearly 3 kilos so better get back to it.


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Posted: 09/11/2016 at 12:27

Barry-great time for you  to venture out on the road-wind ice rain mud dark-enjoy.I think I'm not fast enough for sub 3-I need more of your and Nell's natural speed. Do you think my tri training method would work for a half IM?

Didn't fancy it outside last night so spent 1.45 mins watching tv on the treadmill for an easy 20k . My body is telling me to have a break which makes sense as base training for London starts next month.

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Posted: 07/11/2016 at 13:56
Nell- I know what you mean about targets. I often decide to go with the flow then a red mist comes down on me and I feel I have to go for it. Not sure it's the best way to learn about myself and what I can do . Sounds a good value race . As for London -I'm getting near 60 and sub3 is getting tantalisingly near I would love to give it a go before it's too late if it's not already too late. I probably lack the basic speed really but isn't it just a case of me running my HM time twice ..lol What about you?My Olly training this year was to swim 3times a week , run 5/6, times and spin once and get on the bike a week before the race . Not the best plan really . Thinking of giving it a go?
A slow swim of about a mile just completed

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 07/11/2016 at 11:36

I did the JWK Lancaster Half Marathon on Sunday,maybe a bit soon after Leicester two weeks ago but it was the only free weekend to fit in a race this month. Can't say I rested for it either as it brought up a 45mile week and I had  late nights Friday (pub crawl) and Saturday.I arrived at Lancaster castle to a freezing wind so I took a lot of self persuading to run in a vest which turned out to be ok with the race routed along the relatively sheltered paths by the Lune River north and then back. The start was fast and I held back as much as I could.Mile 2 caused a bit of a scare when my heart rate went sky high as I ran down and up an underpass but that settled and from then on I tried to keep my mile pace around 6.40 something. I ran with 2 others for 8 miles , then left them behind but then I was on my own and it felt tougher until I picked a couple of others off around 9/10 miles.From then on I followed a female runner just too far to catch.All good until the 13th mile which was a very steep short climb back up from river level to the castle and through its gates to finish.One guy passed me going up the hill but I caught him and passed him at the top.

Finished in 88.43mins . Average 6.45mm. Not my fastest but quite happy with it in the circumstances. 33rd overall, 3rd V55 and 5th V50.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 07/11/2016 at 11:17

AA-hope that bike fall wont cause any lasting damage.That's why Mrs 2O is not keen to see me on 2 wheels.You're notching up some big mileage but don't neglect your runsGreat swimming too-as always

Nell-excellent 10k and finished with a bit to spare I think.Concentrating on the pace is what I'm trying to do too ....did you have a target or was it to keep between two eg 6.10 and 6.29? Would you recommend that race-guess it was well attended.


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Posted: 02/11/2016 at 10:20

Chick-do you have access to a 50m pool? Lucky you.Like your training/exercise mix-I should do some of that too but limited time is my excuse

Nell-'just stick to 6.30'...I wish. I once did 17.5 miles on a TM but I was watching a football match that went into extra time.I find them useful in training myself to get used to running at  a steady pace, particularly a new target pace. Ah 'hills'..they are on my to do list as well .Don't worry my priod of rest will come over the next few weeks

7miles steady at 7.29 mm av yesterday. Might run at lunchtime or swim tonight

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