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Help me understand my lame DNF yesterday!

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 12:52

Controversial perhaps, but maybe you ran the marathon too slowly. I have found a long run at someone else's slower pace has made my legs ache worse than if I had been going at my own easy pace.

How do you choose your next race?

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 12:39

I had a look at the survey but it really doesn't apply, I never think that much about it in the terms provided, if I'm after a PB I'll hunt out a flat route but other than that it's on a whim really. Entered one last year because there was a beer and a burger afterwards.

Karrimor Running Shoes

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 14:01
Stilts or flippers might have been better

Karrimor Running Shoes

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 13:36
Now why do you think I didn't take part in that race?
2 of my friends have karrimor trainers and think they are fine, I won't buy them as my recent Karrimor purchases have fallen apart with little use.
I didn't see any Karrimor shod feet on the day.

Karrimor Running Shoes

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 12:36

this is a tough cross country


didn't see any Karrimor


Sub 35 min 10K

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 13:04

You're going faster than me already so doubtful if I can help, maybe mix up the speedwork with some shorter faster intervals and remember to have a rest week every so often.

Dropping gel wrappers in races - specifically Hull 20

Posted: 23/03/2015 at 12:17

Nothing to add to the obvious above. It's not something I have seen much of in the races here in Scotland.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 23/03/2015 at 12:08

great race at Loch Katrine, hope to be back with a better performance.

Running Shoes Nightmare - Desperately Need Advise on Insoles or solutions

Posted: 19/03/2015 at 12:59

are you carrying a water bottle?

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