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Sub 3 hour on marathon debut?

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 13:18
Oops. My arithmetic was way out. Almost certainly doable, sorry.

Sub 3 hour on marathon debut?

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 12:47

I'd say probably not but you have 7 months of training to prove me wrong.

Doable certainly but not off those half times just yet.

Biggest Triathlon Revelation?

Posted: 21/09/2015 at 12:58

there's no substitute for bike miles

Do you include treadmill use on your shoe mileage?

Posted: 31/08/2015 at 13:00

I've logged the mileage on some of mine and 400miles coincided with half way through an 8 mile race, of which the last 2 miles I felt like I had no cushioning in the forefoot of the shoe at all.

forced to retire

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 14:19
Should be easily doable for you Turkeyneck a sub 40min 10k

and to repeat the above, what's the race?

forced to retire

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 12:45

sounds good, what race is it?

Grrr - running clubs

Posted: 11/06/2015 at 12:59
literatin wrote (see)

Where I live it is the opposite: the pavements are generally wide enough for two (reasonably slim) people to pass each other without touching, but when I am running people mostly step off the pavement for me even if they don't need to and I feel slightly guilty. In fact, it's almost like a competition to see who can spot the other person from further away and get out of their way first.

yep, we're a polite bunch up here, even the groups of yooves say hello and move over

It's Baltic

Posted: 01/06/2015 at 17:28

Anyone in Scotland been open water swimming this year yet?

The best recovery protein?

Posted: 01/06/2015 at 12:54


too short?

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 12:23

200m is nearer 50s to over a minute for most folk in a 10k

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