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London Marathon Doctored Numbers

Posted: Yesterday at 16:23

Flat Footed wrote (see)

Think people have been watching Four Lions too much.

Bugger that's the film I meant?

London Marathon Doctored Numbers

Posted: Yesterday at 15:45
Dennis Cartwright wrote (see)
I wasn't making a comparison with Boston, I said London doesn't want something happening similar to Boston. Berlin didn't either and came up with a wrist band idea.

When you go to your start area at London, you only need to show your number. If a fake one will let you in, the security measure isn't so great.

Also at Berlin, only official bags were allowed in and to go to the baggage drop.


I hate to be coming across flippant when we are talking about people losing their lives but surely to prevent something similar to Boston happening banning spectators would be a much better plan rather than clamping down on fake numbers. Or did you watch 3 Lions and think it was a documentary?

Maybe we should also ban spectators with rucksacks on the tube?

I know my post may read somewhat crass and inappropriate, but how on earth this equates to a terrorist risk is beyond me. London is one of the most paranoid city's on earth, if the police felt that there was a real risk MUCH tougher procedures would be in place at the start. Of course a nutter could run amok with a gun or a knife but they probably won't. And if they did it would be fuck all to do with Boston and a sad refelection of the times we live in where that risk (however small) is ever present

London Marathon Doctored Numbers

Posted: Yesterday at 13:55
Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
Fiona Turton wrote (see)

` age surely the Organisers could find a foolproof way round these cheats ..

Who are they cheating ?  They don't get a time as they haven't got a chip ? They don't affect the placings in the race as they haven't got a chip. They didn't stop you enjoying yourself or prevent you getting your medal and T shirt...

So who did they cheat ?

Totally agree. And also how on earth do they "spoil" it for other runners.

As for comparing it to Boston, I find that massively disrepectful to the victims of that day. I really can't see why it's a point of comparison. The Boston bombers were in the crowd...

London Marathon Doctored Numbers

Posted: Yesterday at 13:48

Surely it is pretty obvious who the culprit is, just ban (or threaten to ban) anyone doing this for life like they supposedly do for anyone passing their place on to another runner.


Stevenage Marathon 2014

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 18:22
Paul Eastabrook wrote (see)

Well spotted 2W. I just hope they don't re-schedule it now as I've just booked my overnight accommodation.


Think you should be fine, the half is well established. Where you staying? A saturday night in St Evenage is not the most enticing thought!

I am waiting till I see the route but am quite keen on doing this. Not sure I can face 26 miles and presumably muliple laps of Stevenge's cyclepaths and subways. That's not meant to sound critical of a course I've not even seen but it's where I run all winter and if I grovel round I fear that I'll find it even harder to motivate myself to run after work!

Stevenage Marathon 2014

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 19:54

It says on the FV Spartans site "entry details to follow". I'm pretty sure (though I've never done it despite living here) that the half doesn't normally open entries till later in the year

Birmingham and Black Country Half-Marathon

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 16:11

Bev I thought it was only long last year because of the diversion after the tunnel (and those f***ing steps) as they didn't move from the normal start and finish. Could be wrong though!

I had decided that I wasn't going to do this this year. It clashes with the tour de france starting in Yorkshire and also Sonisphere festival which is pretty much within walking distance from my home and I was already torn between those 2. But just posting a few times on here has reminded me just how much I enjoyed it...

Birmingham and Black Country Half-Marathon

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 14:00

There are some locks, but not too many. The worst bit is actually the few bridges towards the end which do take a toll on tired legs. I used to live in Oldbury so was effectively in the middle of the course and knew the towpaths well which is why I came back up. It's primarily flat and well surfaced, a lot of it is gravel or paved.

SIG Insulation Sheffield Half Marathon

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 13:44
S3200H wrote (see)

so Water direct had supplied the water for the last 2 years, so you could say that Sheffield Half Marathon are good customers   if it does turn out that for what ever reason the bill was unpaid, then they should have still delivered the water.

The MD of that company is at fault here, knowing the job he undertook and knowing that his decision not to deliver would mean that 5000 runners would be affected, is IMO disgraceful he then tries to hide behind "payment triggers delivery" as though it is the computers fault  

the offer of free water next year, not only do I find strange, but also to be an admission go guilt 


And what if they had delivered the water only t be told on the morning that an alternative source was found and that is why patment wasn't made...

The supplier sets the terms and conditions, I fail to see how the supplier can be at fault if the custome doesn't meet them.

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