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Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 20/10/2003 at 20:57
hi benz -

just wanted to say well done on an incredibly courageous effort yesterday. I was going to say "what amazing guts", but it's probably not appropriate under the circumstances. still you know what I mean ;-)

and there's always a next time ...

Monday 20th October

Posted: 20/10/2003 at 18:27
Stickless - truly inspiring stuff. there are no limits ... (I often think of you for inspiration when the going gets tough!)

well done to everyone else racing at Abingdon and elsewhere yesterday. some great results.

just got back from wonderful Amsterdam and a brilliant marathon along the canals and the beautiful Amstel river sparkling in the sunshine and over the cobbles and the tramlines (and through the red light district, or it seemed or maybe it was just the glycogen depletion talking so near the end).

finished in 2:52:07 (13th in my age group)which was more than pleasing, especially after a disastrous training build-up. easily the most enjoyable marathon I've ever run, which is the main thing.

saw this blur moving very fast in the opposite direction at one point which must have been SiT - what an amazing performance!

Sunday 8th June

Posted: 08/06/2003 at 21:58
hilly - well done on another sterling result and a really gutsy performance - I felt queasy just reading your report.

be proud of those trophies, even if you have to move to a bigger house to fit them all in!!!!

Sunday 8th June

Posted: 08/06/2003 at 14:49
afternoon all -

well done, Happyrunning Jr.!!!! nice one.

Speedie - sounds like a great result to me on a tough course, congrats!

hope all you other racers had good outings.

what - 18M with some hills, bringing weekly total to just 65 miles. managed 82 miles last week, but a rest day this week played havoc with the mileage. is it possible to do high mileage weeks and rest as well? doesn't look like it to me. :-(

Saturday 7th June 2003

Posted: 07/06/2003 at 21:13
hi benz - missed you too. how's the speedwork been going? sorry to hear the work's still getting on top of you.

hi Stickless - somehow I missed the part about you being a sailor along with your many other talents.

hi hilly - sadly not a holiday, just a crazy bout of work (which isn't finished yet, though the end is in sight). enjoy your hills tomorrow - I'm sure you'll be great, as usual.

SiT - stunning PB, well done.

Saturday 7th June 2003

Posted: 07/06/2003 at 14:45
afternoon all -

I thought I'd try and sneak back in here without anyone noticing I've been gone. don't anyone tell Monique otherwise I'm in for a serious roasting, like last time I went AWOL ;-)

hilly - best of luck for tomorrow (and to anyone else who's racing)
hi laura - intervals on grass sounds like hard work - good luck with them!
BR - good to see some thing don't change - do you never rest/give yourself an easy run!!!!!???
hippo - please direct me to the plodders' thread where I will feel more at home.

what: 11M at lacklustre pace (that's a technical term for "cr@p"), trying to build up a solid "base" ... no, scrap that, trying to get back to a position where I can call myself a runner again without undue embarrassment.

have a great w/e everybody.

Tuesday 29th April

Posted: 29/04/2003 at 17:12
hi everyone - and happy b/day, Drew (new age band, by any chance?).

good luck for tomorrow, Laura - hope the FLM aches/blues have subsided.

Mike - hope the recovery is coming along.

what: first running in nearly a week, due to that old thing called work, grrr.

5M steady followed by 10 x 200m strides @ 1M pace.

knee injury still very much in evidence despite the lay off - not a good sign.

plan for the summer - work on my top speed, before it vanishes forever.

enjoy the great weather, folks.

Easter Monday

Posted: 21/04/2003 at 15:59
well done, hilly - sounds plenty fast enough to me for just a week after FLM!

I can't imagine even thinking about a 10K just yet - most of us are struggling just to jog (horrible word)!

hope you've got a bit of rest scheduled now?!

Easter Monday

Posted: 21/04/2003 at 12:04
morning all -

against all expectation, it's been bright and beautiful down here in "the smoke" this morning. great running weather.

well done, PB - serious dedication.

did a leisurely but painful 8M, still trying to recover from FLM - are marathons really worth it??!!!

enjoy the rest of the holiday, folks.

Sunday 20th April

Posted: 20/04/2003 at 14:32
benz - you're a hero, both in running shoes and out of them. enjoy your bevvies tomorrow.

hi MM - hope the recovery's going well, despite the inadvertent 13M today. great news that you're thinking of doing Amsterdam.
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