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Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 22/10/2012 at 13:53

Some great stories, I have spent the last 15mins reading them. Special mention to Barry to have turned it around in just 2 months, from HM pw to a marathon PB!

Spent the whole of my race running with a club mate, who was running a similar pace to mine and was going for pb (around 3.25). Unfortunately, was not able to help him along to his pb, as we both finished in just over 3.34, well outside our targets, Despite the time, really enjoyed the race, and cannot wait until next year.

Well organised race as usual and my thanks to the fantastic marshals as usual. Only downside was running through the muddy/flooded field in last mile. I thought I was going to get away with dry feet!

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 20/10/2012 at 11:37

Done my 2 mile jog this morning, felt very sluggish... hope I feel better tomorrow.

Just off very soon too. Staying at Premier Inn at Didcot

Best of luck everyone, and remember try and enjoy the race as much you are able.

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 17/10/2012 at 16:45

Shadwell - welcome back, hope the race goes better for you this year. With the race signs going up, we must be getting close to race day now

Micknphil - the best summary of how to approach a marathon I have ever heard. Wish I heard this when I ran my first marathon.

seesteverun - hope everything clears for you. Its all our worse nightmares coming down with something just before race day.

Was raining here this morning, so an easy 45 mins on the treadmill. Fingers crossed, the blocked up nose I had on Sunday has not developed into anything further. Club night tomorrow, which will be an easy 5 with 5 x 50m strides, then just a very slow 2 on Saturday and I am done.

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 15/10/2012 at 13:55

Martin - fantastic 10K, all you need to do now is to take it easy before Abo.

6 miles easy for me Tues, then 4 miles easy Weds, and 5 miles Thurs (with 50m strides). May knock out a couple of easy miles on Saturday, just to keep myself loose. 

 Number   Name                  Wearing                                 Target
187           MG15                  Black vest,shorts and socks        2:50
844          TickTock              Orange vest/grey shorts               2:57
???          Postie                 Navy vest, blue/grey shorts           3:00
141          Chillies FB           Red/Black vest                           3:30
810          Joe Peacook        white & blue caerleon vest            3:58
107          SR3                     yellow stragglers vest                  3:58
389         EckyThump           CRAC vest                                 ??
294         WarrenK78           Black vest yellow/red hoops       2:59                            359       Aching Calves   Red Braintree AC vest,Black shorts  3.20

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 14/10/2012 at 16:07

SR3  - re carbo loading I agree I would really only worry about this Frid/Sat and Sunday. I personally do not eat that much more that I would normally do, with only perhaps a bit of grazing between meals and additional fuild intake. I certainly would not try any foods you have not eaten before. I find if I eat too much I feel sluggish for the race. However only once you have tried it, will you know what works best for you.

CFB - well done on the course pb.

Ecky - good call on taking it easy.

Barry  - good speedy run. Glad the head felt better after. I also woke up this morning with a blocked up nose, fortunately nothing else, and it cleared during my run, and are OK now.

9 1/2 miles slow this morning (av8.49). I enjoyed the run and was comfortable, but did not think I would have still been comfortable going any faster, which is worrying.

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 12/10/2012 at 16:46

Martin - best of luck with 10K on Sunday. I am sure now you are more rested you will blitz it.

Chillies - best of luck with Henley, don't go too hard.

Raining here this morning so did not want to risk a cold, so on the treadmill for 5 miles, including 6 x 2min MP efforts. Shame to stop really but work was calling. Rest day tomorrow and 10 miles slow Sunday.

For everyone else not racing, just take it easy out there.

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 11/10/2012 at 14:12

loulabell - hope the cold clears. When I have been training hard a cold seems to last for weeks, if I back off, it seems to disappear in a few days, so hopefully the taper next week should sort it.

Shadwell  - what sort of time are you aiming for this year?

Warren  - 10 miles at av6.28 sounds pretty good, you cannot be in bad shape.

Martin - still churning out good runs there.

6 miles this morning, including 3 at my pedestrian MP of around av7.40. May be another 6 miles tomorrow, and then 10 slow on Sunday. Cannot wait for race day now. Following Chillies lead, my Gold, Silver and Bronze targets this year are 3:20, 3:25 & 3:30.

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 10/10/2012 at 16:59

Sounds like the nerves are now starting to kick in. This is my 5th Abo, and 11th Marathon in total, and Chillies certainly has the best and simplest advice, don't knacker yourself too much. You cannot now increase your fitness, you just need to ensure you recover sufficiently from all the hard training.

Hi Micknphil - will look out for

Warren – hope the MP tester went well

TT – very fast mile reps!

6 miles Fartlek yesterday, and 7 miles steady this morning. Going to do 3 MP miles tomorrow, and then it will only be easy/slow runs thereafter, although may add in some 50m strides next week. 

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 08/10/2012 at 13:43

Shadowed – Sorry to hear the bad news. I am sure you have made the right decision, and you will come back fitter.

DartMore – good 18 miles at this stage.

Echytump – I am sure come race day, you will have no problems.

Loulabell – well done on your the hilly 26 miler. Sounds like you had the most enjoyable run of all of us over the weekend

Barry – great HM result. You have produced what you have shown in training lately. You certainly are in great form. I am certainly going to be well behind you at Abo. If I had ran the time you had just done, I would certainly be going for sub 3.15 at Abo.

CFB – well done in digging in. Don’t worry about the time, we have all been there, you are only 22secs slower than my HM last month, and I had not been unwell.

SR3 – sorry to hear about the tumble. Make sure you rest up, and only go very easy next week. 

15 miles slow for me on Sunday (av8.31). Some short speed stuff in the week, and 10 miles slow next weekend, and we will nearly be there.

Abingdon Marathon

Posted: 05/10/2012 at 17:12

CFB - interesting question. Personally I try to keep to an equal effort when tackling hills in races, i.e. slow down on climbs and then speed up on descends. It means you sometimes get overtaken going uphill, but retake them when you go down. I have been told that by keeping to an equal effort during a race, this optimises your race time. However I live in Essex where hills are small and rare, so I am no expert on this matter.

Martin - quick 17 there. Sounds like things are coming together. Agree with you on a rest day. Took one on Monday, and legs have felt better all week.

Club track session last night, 5x1mile reps (3min recovery). Mile reps time varied between 6.22 and 6.32. Did most of session on my own as I was the faster one (very rare indeed!) down there last night. An easy 4/5 planned for Saturday and then 15 miles Sunday.

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