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Sudden intense knee pain when kneeling

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 13:16

Heidi - I first experienced this about 2 years ago wen kneeling on the floor grappling with my then 3 year old (also called Heidi!) in Ikea! Now I get it every time I kneel on the floor. It's never turned into anything serious but it is a very sharp pain when it happens. I have trained for marathons since and it has never given me cause for concern when running or indeed doing anything that isn't actaully kneeling on a hard floor!

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 20/06/2015 at 20:34

Ferg - Andrews and Wenty !!

Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

Posted: 19/06/2015 at 11:48

Well done Andrew and Tim.

Racing..?! What's that?!

Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 13:48

Rich - my pace fluctuates a bit too but I put that down to the routes I train on rather than heat/humidity as I do all my running at the same time of day - very early! I ran 40 miles last week, will be doing the same this week and then it should steadily increase to the high 40's over the next 12 weeks.

HADD Training Method

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 13:34

Thanks VDOT50. I would love to have a pace of 8:15 at 75%! I'm enjoying the easy running and it helps when I can see some improvement albeit a small one.

Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 13:26

Rich - I have now done 8 weeks of HADD and have just started to add one sub LT run a week. This should be at around 80% max HR. For me this came out at 9.15m/m pace which felt pretty speedy compared to all the easy running!

Good luck tonight AndrewD - I hate racing in the evening. Or training!

HADD Training Method

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 12:54

Sorry to hear you are benched too Spen.

Finished the first 8 weeks of HADD training with the last few runs coming out at 10:15m/m pace for around 72% max HR. So some improvement made! Did my first sub LT run this morning - 8 miles in total including 2 miles at 80% max HR. Pace for the faster bit came out at 9:15m/m. I have no idea whether that compares favourably to my easy pace or not. I did notice that I found it very hard to keep to easy pace after the faster bit as it just seemed even slower than usual!

Chicksta - hope you will soon be back out running. You deserve a break from the bench! 


Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 13:49

My max is very close to yours Rich. I have been using 192 which was from a proper test but I actually recorded 194 on Saturday while chasing my son around the parkrun! Maybe I should do another test.....! My resting HR is 46 - again not far off yours.

Stephen -  I plan on running a marathon at the start of September at a very conservative pace. I'm happy to 'HADD' my way through training as I want this to be a very low key attempt which doesn't completely wipe me out like training for the Paris marathon did, although obviously I will be putting in the necessary miles. Just at a very easy pace!

Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 12:40

Rich - yes, it is quite nice to be able to run easy! You've at least started off at a faster pace than me - my easy pace was coming out at around 10:30m/m at 75% max although the last couple of runs I've done my pace has dropped to 10:15m/m at 72% max so it seems to be working! I've been doing it for 8 weeks now so after another 8 weeks I'm hoping to see it get nearer to 10:00m/m. Should hit 40 miles this week.

Another thing I've noticed is that my HR doesn't jump up so much going uphill as it did to start and I've got much better at judging effort.

You've probably already said but are you training for anything in particular?

Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 20:41

Hey, I'm not quite ready to be kicked off the tables just yet!  Been concentrating on recovering from the marathon and then HADD training to try and improve my aerobic base - seems I have the opposite problem to you Nicole! My best WAVA as far as I know is 68.55% from parkrun and I'm 43.

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