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A year to become a true runner...

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 16:11

Most runners find that whatever level of ability they start with can be improved over time by patient and persistent training.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 14:19

Ten, Andrews, Rachel, great race reports.

To everyone else, I'm really pleased for you all. Even if you had a bad day at the office, it's great that you pushed through and didn't give up.

Reading your race reports and comments makes me remember how I felt last week after my race. Just utterly jubilant. Well done everyone on completing a tough training programme and running a good race.

I hope to see you all back on here either in the autumn or next spring.

Looking forward to seeing how our remaining runners do in the coming weeks

Is the bib number design for London the same as last years?

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 13:29

if the bib designs were the same each year, then some unscrupulous people might just turn up wearing last years bib and run the race, less likely to be dragged off the course by marshalls.

Is the bib number design for London the same as last years?

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 13:28

why does it matter whether the bib number design is the same? It's the sentiment that he'll appreciate.

2014 Running Goals

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 16:46

thanks guys, me too. went for my first run at lunchtime since Sunday. gentle 4mile jog, legs felt a little tight but fine. eager to start building up mileage again, then do some speedwork, but will need to be patient.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 11:09
Tenjiso wrote (see)

AG - your strategy is uncanny and helps me to believe I'm on the right path. For starters, I am planning to start at close to 9:00 pace and see how things transpire at halfway and 20m. If I can speed up - it will be a marathon first! I was also planning on taking a gel every thirty minutes. Last year, though, I didn't take any after about 16m because my next one made me feel like chucking up. So, I'm going to follow what you did (roughly the same as I did in training) and start later with the gels. 6m sounds about right for the first one, then every three miles. Even more spooky - I have also promised my wife that I'll hit the weights after the marathon to beef up after losing just over a stone since December! I guess that makes you my official role model. 


YES! I'll try to live up to the tag, Ten

You all sound like I felt last Thursday. Ticking clocks, tapping feet, everyone just waiting for Sunday to arrive, and trying not to get hit by a bus or sneezed on before then.

No water, so race Cancelled but no refund?

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 10:54

Virgin Money should try that stunt this weekend.

"Sorry folks, race is off. Oh, the money? No, we'll keep that. Ta.

Don't forget, ballot opens next week"

2014 Running Goals

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 10:46

First goal of the year completed. 3:53 Marathon (previous PB 4:19)

I'm delighted, as anyone who read the P&D spring marathon thread may have gathered.

It's been 3 days now and yet to run again. Planning a gentle jog tomorrow. Once i'm recovered from the marathon I plan to gradually increase the mileage back to about 40 per week, and switch into some quicker stuff to move onto the 5k and 10k races.

5k PB 22:55

10k PB 46:25.

Hopefully with some specific speed work, and the fitness I hope I've built through the winter marathon training I can get a couple of cheap PBs pretty soon, then work on shaving more time off through the summer.

Keep at it folks

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 10:40
Tenjiso wrote (see)

Pace bands sound like a great idea - if I wouldn't have to stop running to read them  Having the lap counter and average lap setup on my garmin is far better. I turn off autolap, because the garmin invariably registers "short" miles. The lap counter ensures I can correct if I forget to press the lap button (or miss a mile marker). 

Question for the people who finshed their marathons last weekend - did you carbo load and did you stick to a gel strategy during the race?

Off topic - I was listening to "running with the kenyans" this morning. The author recounted how he was given a wrong phone number to interview Wilson Kipsang and got through to a guy called "William Kipsang" by mistake. After a confusing conversation, he asked "is that Wilson Kipsang - the 2:03 marathon runner?". the response was "No, it's William... 2:05". Only in Kenya could you dial any wrong number and still be speaking to an elite marathon runner  

6m recovery this morning. Almost there now and starting to make final preparations for the weekend. I'm staying in Greenwich on Saturday night (Travelodge) - just over a mile from the start. I'll be looking for an Italian Restaurant in the early evening 


Tenjiso wrote (see)

Question for the people who finshed their marathons last weekend - did you carbo load and did you stick to a gel strategy during the race?



I did a bit of both, Ten. I ate more carbs from about Thurs lunchtime til about Saturday teatime. I took SIS gels on the race with me, and took one at 60mins, then another every 30 mins until 3:30. I know there are all sorts of views on the best way to use gels, but that's what I'd practised on a couple of 20milers, so that's what I stuck to on race day.

I've not quite started the mythical "Mesocycle 5" yet. Today was supposed to be my first 4mi recovery jog, but my legs still feel a bit f***ed, so I'll do it tomorrow. Instead I did some weights first thing, before getting ready for work. This is part of a promise I made to Mrs AG to bulk up again slightly after the race, since I lost almost a stone since xmas, and look a bit skinny up top.

I'll be doing shorter races (5k and 10k) throughout the summer, and some speedier training runs. Thinking of joining the local running club, who train on a track about 400m from my home, so I have no excuse not to.


P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 07/04/2014 at 17:34

well done Stewart and NoseNowt, great reports. I particularly like Nosey's digging in when the going gets tough. Reminds me of watching the snow boardercross at the winter Olympics this January. It's such a crazy event, with six snowboarders hooning down a course, and it's not uncommon for 2 or more of the riders to crash out, and someone who was in last place at one stage to win it.

As a sport there aren't many comparisons that can be made with running, btu the idea that when it gets tough, when it looks like the race is lost, just to hang in there, to keep yourself in the race, is a lesson worth remembering.

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