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P&D Autumn Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 06/05/2013 at 08:49

Oh hey it's you guys. Any takers for Leicester marathon in October?

P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 12:14

Barcelona was excellent last year. I'd definitely recommend it. Only downside was it got quite hot for the second half. Think it was around 21 degrees on the day. Great city though and really good course. To me it felt slightly flatter than London.

I'm thinking of signing up for Amsterdam. Any one on here done that one?

P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 10:42

Thanks for signing guys. I agree I don't think it will make a difference but might as well try.

And yes, it is a terribly worded petition... ("We are partitioning Virgin that...")

Mark - the people who are most annoyed are those that purposely paced themselves for a 'safe' 3.09, having been assured by VLM HQ that the times woudn't change. I actually think 3.05 is a better benchmark for 18-39 but really feel sorry for those who had a master plan to sneak under GFA this time to go for a faster time in 2014.


P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 09:15

There's a petition against the VLM GFA changes here:

Even if you don't feel that strongly about it, consider signing it for me - the creator of the greatest marathon training thread in history!


London Marathon 2014 GFA

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 08:42

Me too! Phoned them one week ago and they practically promised me GFA times wouldn't change. So much for my 3.09...

P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 08:31

Dammit GFA goalposts have been moved after I was assured by the marathon office last week it would stay the same. My 3.09 is now no good, male 18 - 40 now sub 3.05

P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 24/04/2013 at 19:43

Great report Men. Sounds like you showed true grit to hold on in those last few miles. Congratulations on a well-earned sub 3.

P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 23/04/2013 at 19:43

Been loving reading all these reports. Sounds like everyone ran their hearts out. Almost literally in some cases. And a world record holder in our midst!

Ten - thanks for your comment about my run. Really made my day.

I called the VLM office today and confirmed that my Barcelona March 2012 sub 3:10 still counts for 2014 GFA. Amazing! Totally didn't realise that until today. May well do London again next year. Looking into Chester too. And Amsterdam...

I've said no running for 2 weeks. Legs feel awful today. Particularly hilarious when I got to Highbury tube station only to discover the down escalator was out of action...

P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 23/04/2013 at 08:48

Just a random thought...will my sub 3:10 from Barcelona (March 2012) qualify me for a GFA at VLM 2014. Anyone know? The wording on the old VLM 2013 website seems to imply it would - "The results will need to be from a marathon completed in 2011 or 2012". It would be over 2 years old by race day. And does it matter that I've already 'used' it for this year's GFA entry?

P + D training for VLM 2013

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 18:15

I'll be sticking around too, keen to see how the Manchester crowd fare.

OK, my race report for those who'd like to read it...

FGFA start experience was extremely pleasant. Arrived in good time and laid on the grass. Plenty of toilets and free lucozade, water, tea and coffee.

My plan before the race was to go out at 2.59 pace and see if I could hold on. This being a bold and possibly foolish plan, I'd already made peace with the fact that a likely outcome would be that I'd blow up at some point. But I wanted to make this my first sub 3 attempt, and sacrifice a 3.0x PB.

Miles 1 to 6 were ticked off fairly comfortably except my heart rate was reading 5% higher than I'd managed in training MP runs. I'd seen this all week after getting a fever last Sunday but hoped it would calm down by race day. Wasn't to be.

Anyway, continued on, getting tougher around the half marathon point until eventually heart rate was 95% at mile 19 and I just couldn't keep up the 6.48 pace. A wave of exhaustion came over me and I just had to stop. I tried the next mile at 8.30 hoping I'd feel better after that but it only got worse. By the end the best I could manage was 9.30 with heart rate way up in the 80s, and random cramping appearing in different places.

The crowd support was phenomenal in the last few miles and any disappointment I could have felt from blowing up was quickly replaced with excitement, pride and gratitude. Came home in 3.15. 6 mins slower than my PB but felt proud of myself for pushing it as far as I could.

Overall I've learnt a good deal about my body and the marathon. All the maxims held true: 'the marathon will find you out', 'you can't cheat the marathon', 'there are no shortcuts in the marathon'. 

Had a great day and enjoyed it all (except for minor heartbreak when I saw a official clock tick past 3 hours). No disappointment whatsoever, it just wasn't the day for my sub3 marathon.

This was my third marathon and the course actually felt like the toughest of the lot. I started with super-flat Berlin and Barcelona was had some undulations but felt London was a bit more challenging. Massive respect for all of you achieving your PBs out there.

Rough plan for the future will be to bag another GFA at an overseas marathon (sticking to a PB race plan) then settle the score in London.

Anyway, I got myself a shiny new 30k PB...and some intense DOMS!

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