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The Middle Ground

Posted: Today at 16:26

Good session Dan! I would expect sub 20 off that, as long as the recoveries weren't too long! For four minutes running I always take 90 to 2 minutes slow jog recovery.

Just 20 mins, off road, wet, slippy today. May parkrun with one of my runners tomorrow. Or I may have a lie in!

Friday 29th July 2016

Posted: Today at 16:18


Good luck on Sunday, Wabo!

What: 20 mins slipping and sliding off road

Why: it was wet, and only wanted a gentle run

Good to see you Emz!


The Middle Ground

Posted: Today at 11:36

Looks like a good block of training, Dan! Hope you can keep it going next week!

Consistency is the key AD! If you can keep getting 20 miles a week in you will see improvement down the line.

Sale Sizzler last night, but didn't do the planned pacing job as the athlete wasn't available, and wasn't feeling great (antibiotics for an ear infection which has affected my balance) so ran progressively for a fun workout with no-one passing me after the first 500: 4:52/4:45/4:40/4:30/4:20 for 23:07. Enjoyable! 

Day 727 of the current streak!

PRF: have sent you a message via RW!

Friday 29th July 2016

Posted: Today at 08:55

I wasn't injured! How I, and anybody else wasn't is a different matter!

Hope your leg is ok this morning OL! That was a long way to get back pushing a bike! Catch the 370 with me next time!

Drizzling here doubt the sun will be cracking the pavements when I go to cricket this evening! Well, I can always hope!

Friday 29th July 2016

Posted: Today at 08:16


Exactly, LMH! Not sure that bikes and dogs should ever be linked, and certainly not in a race!

Enjoy Fort Billy, OH! I imagine it will be a tough course!

What: something, to be decided!

Why: the legs will make the decision once I set off! Very wet here, again. Another decision will be where to run.

Lyrics: pretty sure I do! 

Thursday 28th July 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 21:46


Good to bump into OL before the Sizzler! He will have his own story to tell! Sorry I didn't see you post-race.

What: very much a change of plan but ran 5k with a number on.

Why: was planning to pace L65 but her son-in-law was rushed to hospital so she had the grandchildren and didn't run. So I set off steadily and ran each kilometre more quickly than the previous one, with no-one passing me. Given how I have been feeling I felt ok after a tentative start and was rather surprised to see a very comfortably run 23:07.

The rain stopped for the race but it was damp before...and damper afterwards.

OL note that I had a bike incident! The lead bike came by, including dog tied to the handle suddenly came to an abrupt didn't, and bike, rider and dog slid into we runners. Not sure how I managed to stand upright! The guy who was on the lead bike tonight is quite a character. I'll be having words!

Thursday 28th July 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 13:48

Surely it is 24 miles more, LMH?! Thought 100k was 62 miles! At least 38 miles is more than the 50k option!

Am taking it very easy! By and large I only seem to be ill in the school holidays! Even though I only work part-time one seems to hold things together in term time. 

Thursday 28th July 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 13:30

Well done on two out of the three challenges, Wabo! Hope your legs are coping! Sounds a good idea to get a few bike miles in the bank, also.

And good idea to cut things short, WP.


Thursday 28th July 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 09:57

Better than yesterday, LMH...but...!!

Yes, didn't see how they could get 36 miles given the size of the lap!

Thursday 28th July 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 08:57


Lyrics; no

What: Sizzling tonight...although it is more likely to be gently simmering

Why: under the weather. Supposed to be pacing at around 24:30 but we will have to see how I feel warming up.

Thought you were going to take it easy before this one, OL!

Doing well, Wabo!!

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