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Saturday 13th February 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 19:36
Good to see you Joe! How many marathons are you up to now? Any races on the horizon?

Saturday 13th February 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 18:44

And where's Tom to tell us about his parkrun improvement? I'm sure he will know the lyrics, also!

LMH: I would say exactly what you said I'd say! Plus it is important to remind oneself of the race situation!

Enjoy the training run with a number on tomorrow, Brilly!

Chick: good miles!

OL well done, not least on running solo. And thanks for reminding me to phone Ron: he obviously still isn't anywhere near right!


Saturday 13th February 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 17:01


Meant to say I know the lyrics!

What: another muddy 4k or so at xc league.

Why: supporting in the end, rather than helping. The Alehouse girls were brilliant: 1st three home, then 4 others in the top twenty. And the best girl, (Carmen from RFJ's club) is injured! Won the league, of course, plus individual honours. Consistent consistency and commitment. Guys weren't as good but did get one in the top ten although the top four didn't run as they are racing a 5k in Antrim on Thursday. The best girls are going, also, but they only get 3k.

Training well, OH. Won't comment on the swimming.

The Middle Ground

Posted: Yesterday at 12:13

Today was not a PB day, AD! Rarely in winter! I am just running around parkruns at present: see no point in pushing too hard when it is cold, or windy, or wet, or muddy etc. Gentle 23:45 for me today, which I am entirely happy with given that it was part of an hour's run, was cold, I'd just got out of bed. Progressive run, with no-one passing me and passing plenty. Enough for first in my age group and 26th overall in a reduced field: area cross country this afternoon had an impact. 

So, head up, AD: you are ahead of where you were last year and am sure you will be running much quicker on that nice warm, windless, dry day in June.

Saturday 13th February 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 11:27


Emz: I would agree with the decision to ditch the session. Nothing to be gained by flogging yourself when not feeling great.

Don: not on Facebook, but your blog sounds a good idea.

What: last minute decision to run around Wilmslow parkrun. Very last minute and in the one k warm up it felt like I had just got out of bed, which I had! Set off gently and gradually worked my way through the field without ever pushing it. 23:45 for first in age group. Remarkably dry underfoot: last time I ran here I paddled. Chilly with a chilly wind. A further one k warm down afterwards before jumping in the car to run a further half an hour with one of my runners. 11.55k for the morning. More later...

Why: helping at cross country

A reasonable run today,OL?

Friday 12th Feb 2016

Posted: 12/02/2016 at 18:35

WP: can you add Blisters...and then there are others such as Pammie, Gobi, Stickless, AF, others you mentioned recently like Kentish.

Good target, Don! Although I think it should read "under 38 for most of the Polaroid series...and sub 37:30 at least once!!" 

Friday 12th Feb 2016

Posted: 12/02/2016 at 18:12


What: 8k off road,44 minuts

Why: slightly faster than intended at 5:30 per k. Don't tell Dibs! In my defence I intended to run 5:45ks, and did for the first half and into the sleet. The second half was easier with the wind behind. Got back to the car and the sun came out. 

Dentist was a bit of a pain: a hit to the pocket and a bit of a struggle with breathing.Temporary crown fitted and the new crown should be fitted on March 1st.
Unfortunately x-rays revealed a few other problems which need investigating.

Alehouse: "beat as many people as I can in anything I take part in". Rarely do I let people pass me! Probably because I set off nice and steady and run fairly even paced races. Thanks for the line, BR! Aiming for 80% WAVA over 5 or 10k. And if I don't get it I won't shed too many tears: just glad to be running. Would like to run 366 days this year (although nose op may force a re-think!) and at least 2016k,and preferably rather more. Top 100 in my age group rankings would be nice, and i hope to make a difference to the athletes that I advise. And to celebrate the successes on here, of course. Would love to join Hilly in the sub 20 club! Sale Sizzlers anyone? Should be on your list, OL!

AOH D33, Cape Wrath Challenge week, Dirty 30, Dales Trail 30, Snowdonia Mara and a few halves and parkruns. Would be nice to better my half PB (1:55:19 )
1000 miles in 2016
2016 k in 2016
100 miles/month

BR - "beat as many people as I can in anything I take part in" (BR told me to put that)  He likes to be competitive. 

Chicksta: Hamburg (17 April) and Prague (8 May) marathons - as close to 3:30 as possible and hopefully a consistent performance in both races




Emzap get back to a sub 25 min 5 km.  Run 1678 km (I think that was Pammie's 20.16 miles a week)

Hilly - get back into marathon shape for April 3rd and do the best I can.  Get back under 20 mins for 5k, back under 70 mins for 10 miles and enjoy new races.






Welsh Poppy

Friday 12th Feb 2016

Posted: 12/02/2016 at 08:54

I like it, OL! Clarification of the rules! If one runs a new route, with a new partner, breaking 25 minutes for 5k as part of a longer 10 mile run does that count as four squares ticked off?

Dibs:  and don't build up too many ks too soon! 90 mins and 15k would be my max: we'll see what others think!

Better do some work!

Friday 12th Feb 2016

Posted: 12/02/2016 at 08:16


Yesterday's lyrics were Bob Dylan with "Make You Feel My Love".

Lyrics: no

What: a gentle run

Why:whatever I can fit in between a morning's work and the dentist.

Dibs: I think that if you run longer you need to run slower still! That is still faster than 5:30 pace per kilometre. 

Enjoy the south, Brilly!

Thursday 11th February 2016

Posted: 11/02/2016 at 21:33


What: two runs, 20 mins and then 40, total of 10.33k. Nice and easy, contributing to the base. 

Why: the 20 mins was muddy off road...and decided it was too muddy so went home and ran for a second time an hour later, this time on the roads.

LMH: still slightly under the weather. Ranges from constant catarrh to sore throat to sniffly nose! I think steady running is the way to go whilst I feel like this, which is rather frustrating as would like to run more quickly at least once a week. But as you say, one can run fast off easy running, and I did, relatively, last year summer. Will throw a few 90% sections into the easy runs where appropriate!

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