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Saturday 29th October 2016

Posted: Today at 00:13

Morning OL!

Was going to start the thread with something Welsh for OH to sing in the valleys and mountains tomorrow! Pace it sensibly OH! And enjoy the day!

Yesterday's lyrics were "Daytripper" by four guys from Liverpool that some may have heard of: The Beatles, I think they were called.

Had a good day in London, and certainly a better one than the person who caused the train delay I imagine! The run was a little frustrating but 21:12 and 76.6% WAVA . 102nd out of 244. 

What: something easy, and it probably won't be a parkrun

Why: LFoM was pretty hard!

Lyrics: no, although I walked through Soho post race testing various London alehouses. All rather busy and rather expensive! It wasn't raining though, unlike Stockport when I got off the train.

Friday 28th October 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 19:45

Hope your journey went to plan, OH.

What: 5k in Hyde Park. Planned the day trip carefully so that I got the first of the off peak tickets, due to arrive at 11, with a stroll to the park before collecting numbers, meeting friends and warming up. Got soaked getting to Stockport, then unfortunately someone had decided to lie down on the line and the train was delayed by an hour. The warm up therefore consisted of rush to the tube followed by a slow jog to the start. Not keen on running with a backpack through crowds.
Arrived 12:20.
May post a longer report but in short between 21:10 and 21:15. Disappointed in one sense as my A target was sub 21, and a decent warm up may have helped. However I was pleased to achieve the B target: sub 21:3x for my fastest of the year.
Race followed by alehouse /food/alehouse. Now waiting for the 20:40 back to Stockport.

Friday 28th October 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 05:16


Lyrics: Got a good reason
For taking the easy way out

Yesterday's lyrics were "You ain't seen nothing yet", Bachman-Turner Overdrive

What: a day trip to London which will include 5k race at lunchtime

Why: LFoM in Hyde Park. Seemed a good idea in August when I booked the train tickets!

Thursday 27th October 2016

Posted: 27/10/2016 at 20:25
Will be in HM around 8pm on Sunday, funnily enough, OH. Hope you will be able to walk as far as the Griffin! Could be the Crown if you prefer! Trust you travel well tomorrow!

Don't get me started on books...

Thursday 27th October 2016

Posted: 27/10/2016 at 18:45


Stamps...and trains, RFJ: was brought up with both! Dad worked for the post office, as did his dad, as did his dad...going back to near the end of the 19th century. I always like to think I have my great grandfather's genes: his rural Warwickshire round totalled 25 miles a day given that there were four deliveries and collections a day. All walked. He never worked Sundays as he was a lay preacher, even though there were collections and deliveries on a Sunday.

Dad's main interest in his later life was the TPO: the travelling post office...favourite poem being The Night Mail, of course! This combined his hobbies of steam trains and stamps. The Great Central Railway has a museum in railway coaches in his name! Somewhere I have my 1960s Ian Allan trainspotting books!

OH: are you going straight to the Snowdonia area when you get off the plane? HM at any stage? 

LMH/OH: compeed is a saviour! I have always burst blisters, but compeed has made a massive difference in recent years. 

And where is Blisters, by the way? And Pammie, amongst others. The race I'm going to used to be one of her favourites.

Thursday 27th October 2016

Posted: 27/10/2016 at 15:37


I don't even pretend to understand my body! First thing this morning peak flow was 390. After my run it was up to 480, so can't be too much wrong with me! It is rarely that high! I have a couple of targets in mind for tomorrow's 5k, but if not hitting the right pace I will be sensible and back off. 

What: a very gentle 20 mins. Exactly 3k.

Why: taper?

Dustin: you do realise that 63 is the new 36, or will be when I get there at the turn of next year. 

Talking of stamps, I have spent most of the day sifting through both my father and my own stamp collections. Going to be a long job! 

Thursday 27th October 2016

Posted: 27/10/2016 at 10:57

Hope it goes well with Cleo, Wabo! Is she training for Channel Four's Bake Off?

Debating when to run today. Just back from the chemist armed with throat spray and lozenges! Extremely grey and not particularly warm out there. The run can wait.


Thursday 27th October 2016

Posted: 27/10/2016 at 08:48

Morning again!

Tomorrow lunchtime, LMH. No longer looking forward to it! Peak flow down and sore throat. 

I have the stamps and first day cover, OH. I am definitely resemble Mr. Grumpy this morning.

Thursday 27th October 2016

Posted: 27/10/2016 at 00:07

Morning! Just!

Lyrics: I met a devil woman
She took my heart away

What: 20 mins easy, max

Why: a very easy day

Talking to OL I can see a determination to succeed in dropping that marathon time. Hence the lyrics. 

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Posted: 26/10/2016 at 19:57


Good to meet up with OL after my short run this morning. 

Splodge:  be careful! Not too much too soon! 

Sounds a tough training session, Chick.

Have felt fairly under the weather since last Friday...when I had my flu jab. Probably a coincidence, or I must have a race coming up.

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