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The Wanna Blista Social Club.

Posted: 24/02/2015 at 13:02

Thought I'd pop in here, not posted anything for ages.

Good to see there is still some racing going on, and the same excuses resurfacing. 

My miles per week are less than most your long runs, and have been for 12 months.  I am enjoying being a fitness runner and not feeling pressured to do a run because my schedule says I need to, or I feel guilty if I don't.  I guess I could get close to sub 18 at 5k at a push, but distances above that I would have no chance - although I am giving Trafford 10k a go.

My long run is now on Saturday, involving a jog to a Parkrun, Parkrun and jog home . 

NI, if you want to join me for that you are welcome.  Probably South Manchester because I pace someone from work, then run home on the path towards Debdale Park and then to Heaton Moor. 

The Wanna Blista Social Club.

Posted: 07/09/2014 at 22:30

Awesome results from the Bullock Smithy, and great teamwork.  You should all be proud of your achievements. 

That leader board and course record list is looking mighty fine!

The Wanna Blista Social Club.

Posted: 18/07/2014 at 09:03

Well done to OMOC for claiming first V45 honours in last nights glorified Parkrun. 

I know it didn't require scaling the peaks, but take pride in the fact you were the fastest V45 in one of the fastest 5k races in the area, attracting the fastest road runners!

HADD Training Method

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 18:05

Don't want to be the grim reaper, but "thicker" blood can lead to blood clots that can end up on your lungs, which is what I had last year! 

As a 35 minute 10ker and running 60 miles a week it is the last thing I expected, so make sure you don't get too dehydrated and then put your feet up after a hard training effort. 

HADD Training Method

Posted: 09/07/2014 at 20:12

Table didn't work at all, but self explanatory nonetheless.


HADD Training Method

Posted: 09/07/2014 at 20:10

Spreadsheet consulted again.  I actually used my working heart rate as a reference point. 

But as a %age of HRmax that would be about 80 - 85% which was close to marathon pace.  I built up to this over a period of time, in increments of 5bpm.  I got to the point that I didn't really need to look at my HRM.

It looked something like this...(hope this table works OK)

Mon 9 miles easy LA 130 Tue 9 miles LT 155 Wed 9 miles easy LA 130 Thu 9 miles LT 155 Fri 6 mile easy LA 130 Sat     Sun 14 mile easy LA 130

HADD Training Method

Posted: 09/07/2014 at 18:45

Sorry for butting in unannounced, but spotted this thread by accident and wanted to comment.  I haven't read all the comments or the previous thread, so perhaps this has all been said before but...

There were a group of us all running close to, but just over 36 mins for 10k.  Then one of our group started HADD and he progressed over time to 33 mins 10k, sub 70 min for a half and sub 2:30 for a marathon.

Armed with that info we all started it and with great results.  My improvements weren't as dramatic probably because I was a little low on miles, but managed to knock 1 min off my 10k PB and run a sub 17 5k and 6 minute mile a half.  I was well pleased with that.

I found the most effective runs were long efforts at around 150/155 bpm, for 10 miles or so.  Couple of these a week and rest low HR stuff were all that was needed.  I used to plan it all out on spreadsheet, work out HRs and schedule races with tapering.  Just looked back at all my training spreadsheets and can't help but think what a geek I was!

I started to mess around with it and used it as the base aerobic training of a Lydiard programme.  Didn't really work any better, but the variation was welcome. 

Illness last year, increasing age and lack of motivation means I am now a Has Been as one of my running colleagues christened me, when he started to beat me.  But I can still run 17:40 as a v50 probably due to the aerobic base via HADD.

Thanks for listening!

The Wanna Blista Social Club.

Posted: 04/07/2014 at 21:13

SARQ, that was indeed the perma-tanned Right Said Fred lookalikey, Graham Green.  And PPP is correct that he is the younger brother of the even faster Andrew.  They would make half of a pretty impressive 4 man vets relay team.


The Wanna Blista Social Club.

Posted: 18/06/2014 at 13:33

Anyone at track tomorrow?  What about a 6:30 start to get back for England match? 

The Wanna Blista Social Club.

Posted: 06/06/2014 at 21:15

PPP, I am sure SARQ will have some ironing to do so that is unlikely.

As for me I am not feeling too well at the moment - I will get up with my usual Saturday morning plan in mind of Burnage parkrun followed by 5 or 6 slow miles.  But if I don't feel well then I will scrap it.

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