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The Transcontinental no3.

Posted: Yesterday at 11:46

Loving the updates and having followed your facebook feed I suspect you won;t be getting a pet dog in the near future 

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 11:53

Ohh Maths I have the mio two, works with my garmin 910xt so I can still track my heart rate.

The only problem is I have a very stripey arm this year with 2 strap marks! 

I'm a rather tired bear, two 4.30am starts in a row and I feel like hibernating  Can't because I'm at work, popping out to pick up my Run Norwich pack at lunch time. Should be a fun 10K on Sunday, but have a big training day booked On Saturday so it could turn out to be a little harder than planned. 

Outlaw 2016

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 13:24

Pi team 3.141 ?

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 12:27

HI Rocco, bike speed is coming on I think.

I avereaged 16.3 mph for the 51 mile monster middle bike which was flat but with some really poor road surfaces and headwind.  All my rides now come in with an average of over 14mph and I'm holding my speed well in the latter parts of long rides which are now up to 5 hours 70 ish miles with an avereage of 14.6 mph.

Hopefully that sounds like I have a hope?


Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 11:45

Wow MrsD you just smashed my half Pb and did it with minimal training. Hmm perhaps I should send you to Barcelona in my place Well done.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 10:45

Hello ST long time, no type.  Perhaps look for an end of year sprint to aim for? Or an early one next year?

I'm off to have a 2nd attempt at the long distance at Ironman Barcelona on October 4th. I'm hoping for 2nd time lucky.

Nottingham was great fun, we qualified for the afternoon team time trial triathlon where the whole team started together, you can draft off your team mates on the bike and the time is taken from the last finisher. Since that would blatently be me, the other lovely ladies pretty much walked the run and we were last finishers over all, ran over the line with our club flag to lots of applause. In our defence our average age was well over 40 and I think for tall the other teams it was about 20!

Results day, eldest has done absolutley 100% as well as he could so year 2 for him. Youngest got something of a big shock, he's still on his course but the 3year option, it did hit him hard but I think he's OK about it now. I think the school is in for a shock in the league tables this year though as none of his mates did as well as predicted either.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 10:42

Oh wow I'm am wiped out, I'm taking it as a sign that i really gave my all on Sunday but ophewI am cream crackered with no sign of energy returning yet! I did manage a 1 1.15 turbo last night but well below the power it wanted and then a 30 miles ride this mornig that should have been 40. Off for a swim in the sea this evening so hoping for milpond conditions with a kind tide, neither of which are likely but a girl can dream.

I'm also not eating all the things like I usually do post race, I think my poor stomach is still on strike. However with Barcelona on Oct 4th I need to get on with my training so can't slack off.

Results day tomorrow so two very nervous teenagers in my house this week, I really hope they get the grades they want and get onto the courses they've chosen for next year.

It's the National relays at Nottingham this weekend, is anyone going? I'll be there.

Half Iron Man

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 10:16

This is a good site for showing whats on  there's tabs for 113 and 70.3 races which are basically the same thing, just 70.3 is IM brand.

Pirate spotting

Posted: 17/08/2015 at 10:18

I'm guessing red stripe was racing incogonito but not dressed as a chap.

If anyone saw a smiley Tri-anglian lady grinning like a loon , yep that was me

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 16/08/2015 at 18:32
I think I got a new Pb at monster middle today It was a great fun race in near perfect conditions although there were a few bumpy fenland roads.
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