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Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 09:37

Swim, Run and Bike done since yesterday morning, but cold is now trying to make a come back. Fun times and all were below par. Ah well keep on keeping on. At least the weather is nice.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 14:05

Yay well done MC  Well done on the race and the race report.

My weekend was not a good one, Lousy Cold = No Training, bad me. But my very lovely hubby did all the house work for me whilst I sat and watched London marathon and Paris Roubaix so not a bad weekend to be ill telly wise

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 11:16

Urghh I think the cough that I put down the chlorine swimming is in fact the beginning of a cold as now I have a sore throat and a the very beginnings of a blocked up nose. This is not fair it's April!

ITB is ticking along nicely, Physio said resting won't heal it and no you can't stretch it etc but what you can do it gently stress it so you try and remove the knots and get the  muscle fibres to line up as they should. So up to 3 mins running at a time and on last set I can feel it but under 5/10 for pain so all good. I can feel it when I first stand up as well but that is also normal for this stage apparently. So more foam roller on the knots and more walk/runs for me. First brick session of the year planned for tomorrow.

I lost 3lb this week  Makes up for putting on half a pound the previous week. Works party tonight so next week might not be so good.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 11:10

Look - it - Pirate shoes

Shame I'm skint.

20 miles biked before work today in the sunshine, cracking way to start the day, well it was once I'd finally dragged my sorry self out of bed.


Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 16:01

Hope you can still hear us Pixie

Mikasa, you could do breaststroke arms and crawl legs? That works better in a wetsuit than full breast stroke apparently and might be easier on the hip?

Steady I had to restart my run from scratch for the third time since outlaw last year just 4 weeks ago and I'm already back up to 30 mins of run/walk so plenty of time yet and the run cut off is generous and there were lots of walkers last year.

I had a good run on Monday, I can feel my hip but it doesn't hurt so fingers firmly crossed. A new technique seems to finally be forming, I just don't know if its a good one or not! Had a fun swim this morning, fewer than usual lanes so a bit busy but actually starting to feel I might be getting a tad quicker, although Garmin denies all knowledge of this so it could well be all in my head as usual!

I am starting to suffer from being knackered though, had a good lie in Saturday but feel like that was weeks ago already! Also chlorine headaches and coughs are starting to get really bad so in an odd way I'm looking forwards to the lakes opening, but I still remember how flippin cold it is! 

Good luck everyone and keep on keeping on we WILL all get there.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 03/04/2014 at 17:04

It should be a bingo today for me today I have swum and run but still need to bike, I feel it might have to be a turbo session later this evening.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 02/04/2014 at 13:39

Hello all, it's sounding good on here again, everyone out an about competing and the aches and pains starting to mend.

Did my first ever hill repeats session on the bike this morning and oddly enjoyed it, although I think that may due to the shortness of the hill and only having to repeat it 4 times. Somehow I doubt I'll be so enamoured with it in a few weeks time

ITB has survived up to 20 x 1 min run/walk session so now to introduce 2 mins run times, this could be interesting.

I'm also now entered into the mojito tri up at Peterborough on May 11th, I feel the swim is going to be a tad refreshing! T1 could be a new record for me as I layer up to try and thaw out.

Pirate DIY Half IM 2014 - A hat tirck production

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 16:19

I really very sorry but between injury and family things I can't make this now. I really hope you all have a blast. If owe pennies for anything just let me know. Things just aren't quite working out so far this year!

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 27/03/2014 at 13:20

Cake I think that is a genius idea!

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 27/03/2014 at 13:03

Ticking along here , physio soon so will find out how the ITB is doing and if I can run some more yet. Strange times at the moment, somehow it has transpired that I am currently best as swimming. Ok I'm crap at all 3 phases but some how having been a non swimmer in 2012 my swim is now the phase I'm least crap at. Odd times indeed.

I'm sure once I have to venture open water again this will all be sorted out.

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