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Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 12:33

Hi Franny. Think I will be traveling up on the day. I would be happy to run with you- need to work out how to find you & hopefully be in the same starting pen. RE speed at the moment I am really slow and think I will struggle to go sub 4 hours! However, I would like to run with someone as only one other person from the club is running. 

I hate running in the afternoon!! Not sure what to do with my long runs now as everyone I have been training with is doing Brighton 2 weeks before and therefore no one to do long runs with.

How many more long runs are you planning?

DId 10 yesterday and may just do a couple of 15 miles in the next couple of weeks.

MC-How are things?



Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 17/03/2015 at 12:55

Hello All,

Managed 20 miles yesterday in 3.07 so similar pace to Franny. Somewhat hilly, but had the company of 4 ladies from my club!! Not sure when my next long run is all of the people I am training with our doing Brighton Marathon on 13/4 so they have done their long runs. May have to man up and do a long one myself.

Franny-Well done for all of your training you will be flying in London!

MC- RE Manchester- I guess it is whether you are wanting a time or not? Still have a little time left for a long run.Not sure where you have got upto.

At least I am more positive with my running now.

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 16/02/2015 at 11:47


Jude-Hope you get some time to do some running again.

MC-Well done for your half I hope you had a great time in Barcelona.

Ecky- Did you do a Park Run at the weekend.

Well I decided to do a long run on Sunday with 4 of my ladies. 16.3 miles achieved and finding it easier- although we seem to be very slow!!

So will ease back this week and my long run will be the Brighton 1/2 on Sunday.

Bye for now.

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 12/02/2015 at 16:42


Seem to be forgetting about this thread at the moment.

MC-Have a great time in Barcelona- look forward to the race report.

Ecky- well done on your park run.

Franny- 7 miles in just over an hour. Impressive speed!!

Well I managed to do 42 miles last week including 15 on Sunday. Have done three runs this week and will run with the ladies tomorrow. Not sure how far I will run on Sunday as have the Brighton 1/2 marathon on the 22/2. So need to decide when I will do my next long run.

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 02/02/2015 at 12:51


Sorry for my absence.. 

Managed 8.7 Friday, 4 yesterday and 14.1 this morning with some of my ladies from my club. Longest I have run since that damn ultra of mine!! Really useful being self-employed.Still seems a long way 26.2!!

I have also entered another marathon - Beachy Head marathon in October.

111 miles for me in January which is more than I ran in November and December combined.

Franny-Well done on your icy 14 miler.

MC-Yes treadmill's are full...but at least you did it!!

Hi everyone...bye for now.   

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 27/01/2015 at 15:33

Franny-Well done on your 11 miler.

Ecky-You deserve an odd treat after all of your hard work in January.

MC-You put me to shame with all of the different types of exercise that you do.

Jude-Hope the bum ache has gone!! Have a great break.

4.00 miles and then bootcamp this morning. A bit quicker this morning just over 9 minute miles. 

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 18:03


Sorry quick visit...

Ecky-Good to here from you here. Really impressed with your achievements in 2015. Keep going!!

Jude-Have a great break.

Franny-It has been cold down south as well.

MC-Hope youa re ok?

This week did a 4 miler on Tuesday and managed to get my wallet stolen where I parked- £30 ish fault as stupid old man forgot to look his car!! 3 miles Thursday,7 Friday and 12.7 today. But....I am still so slow..9.10 minute miles today and it was hard work!! Telling myself I will get quikcer and that will get used to long distances again!!

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 18/01/2015 at 14:20

Afternoon all,

Jude-My daughters seem to get a lot of homework, but, my youngest step son deosn't seem to get much. Eldest is 16 so she is doing her exams in the summer, youngest daughter is 13. They are both good at getting on with it! 15 year old step son less so. He is doing my head in at the moment by his total obsession with the xbox!! Thankfully he is at his dad's this weekend! Hope you had  agood run with your eldest.

MC-Sounds like you have a similat time tabel as me. I have the Brighton 1/2 22/2 and then the London Martahon. Would like to be able to do a 15+ before Brighton.

Franny-Hi 98 days to go!!!!!  

Well did the Park Run yesterday 25.52 so a bit slow- didn't hope that a child pushed past me and took my time!!!! 12 miles this morning- found it hard,but, did it so pleased with that. Leg seems ok!!  

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 16/01/2015 at 14:45


Oops sorry for not reporting in!!

Jude-Good to here from you. Hope your daughter does well in her exam.

MC-Well done on your run.

Franny-All of this speed work!! You are going to be a speedy lady at London

Well did 4 miles on Tuesday with bootcamp after, 3.2 yesterday and a further 6 miles with the ladies this morning. Then hoping to return to the Park Run tomorrow! Sounds like it is going to be chilly tomorrow morning! 

On Sunday I am thinking about doing a 11 miler or so- need to get into marathon mode!!


Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 12/01/2015 at 13:51


Well done on your 12 miler Franny and MC on your 4 miler.

Resting today after 10.1 miles yesterday - 1st double figure run since beginning of November.

Miserable day down here.

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