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Abingdon Marathon 2014 - Number Swap

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 15:37

Yes please PipG.

Abingdon Marathon 2014 - Number Swap

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 16:41

I'd like to run at Abingdon as well.   If anyone has a place, I'd like to purchase it. 

Karen, I hope you've managed to get your entry. If not, I'd like to join the queue behind you. 

Thanks everyone.



Comrades 2014

Posted: 22/05/2014 at 17:51

Emily - good idea to meet in the hotel before strolling to the bus.  I appreciated the early morning Hilton meetup last year.  As I understand it, there are buses somewhere between Belaire and Blue Waters in addition to those by the Hilton.  More precise details will be available at the expo, I'm sure.

I think this'll be my last post from the UK so I hope that everyone has an injury free last weekend and I'll see you all in sunny Durban.

I'm redoing the list because I dropped off a couple of things:



Saturday  0900 Peter R

Tues 1720 Douglas

Thurs 1240 AONEH

Thurs 1330 Peter Bowles, Viggy, PiersW

Thurs 1320 SD, Dannirr, Emily

Thurs 1645 RR, Becca7, Jacquie, Cam

Friday 1005 Possum

Friday 1125 justanothrrnr

Friday 1330 Gary Dixon




2:30pm Ambassador's run -

5:30pm Ambassador's drinks - SD, Dannir, PiersW, Emily, RR, AONEH, Peter B, Becca7 (hopefully), Viggy


Comrades bus tour - SD (bus 4), Muzza, RR, Dannirr (bus 3), AONEH (4?), Becca7 (bus 6), PiersW (4 or 6)

Expo 2pm gathering - Douglas, Possom (hopefully), SD, AONEH 

Bruce Fordyce bus tour (PM) - Emily

Runner's World pasta party - Muzza, Stephen Weston, PiersW, AlanP

Modern Athlete pasta party – jar (doh!)


8am North Beach parkrun - SD, Becca7, Muzza, Dannirr, Emily, Possom, Peter B, PiersW, jar Gary Dixon, AONEH

Post-parkrun breakfast at Mugg & Bean - SD, Possom,Peter B, Becca, Emily, AONEH

Sharks v Stomers - AONEH, Peter B, jar (must not drink beer); Gary Dixon


Evening drinks at the Hilton – SD (if capable...), Emily (ditto), Viggy, RunningRodent, PiersW, Gary Dixon, AONEH


Breakfast at Mugg & Bean at the Suncoast Casino - Peter B, Douglas, Possom, SD, Emily (maybe as my hotel does include breakfast), RunningRodent, jar, AONEH 

Joe Kool's - Possom, Peter R, SD, Emily, PiersW, AONEH 

Bruce's party –

Dave Ross’ party - Douglas, AONEH



Hilton - Dannirr, Jacquie, CamillaScarlett, Matthew Hearne, jwheezy (James), PiersW; Gary Dixon

Belaire Suites - Stephen Weston 3, Emily, Muzza, AONEH

City Lodge - becca7, Running Rodent, Possom BlueWaters - SD, Peter B

Hillcrest - Douglas

Umhlanga - Peter R, Viggy

Morningside - jar

Comrades 2014

Posted: 20/05/2014 at 22:20

Oooh, lists.





Thurs 1240 AONEH

Thurs 1320 SD, Dannirr, Emily

Thurs 1645 RR, Becca7, Jacquie, Cam






2:30pm Ambassador's run - 

5:30pm Ambassador's drinks - SD, Dannir, PiersW, Emily, RR, AONEH


Comrades bus tour - SD, Muzza, RR, Dannirr, AONEH

Bruce Fordyce bus tour (PM) - Emily

Runner's World pasta party - Muzza, Stephen Weston 

Modern Athlete pasta party - 


8am North Beach parkrun - SD, Becca7, Muzza, Dannir(?), Emily 

Sharks v Stomers - AONEH




Hilton - Dannirr, Jacquie, CamillaScarlett, Matthew Hearne , jwheezy (James)

Belaire Suites - Stephen Weston 3, Emily, Muzza, AONEH

City Lodge - becca7, Running Rodent, Possom

BlueWaters - SD



Do we need a list for post-run events too or do we just go with 'all'?

Comrades 2014

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 11:24

Good to catch up on Wednesday and meet a few new people.  Thanks for organising that WA.

I've just revisited the Garmin splits to remind myself of the profile.  My one from last year:

To save me trying to reverse the chart, I found a second one from 2010's down (from a chap with a great name...):;jsessionid=CA826CC701A33F0998F77A410AB91412?activityId=36719737&actionMethod=page%2Factivity%2Factivity.xhtml%3AuserSwitcher.switchSystem&cid=1470504

Those last 30km are going to be interesting to say the least.  I'm not quite sure how he managed to hit a speed of over 60 mph (53s/m pace) - he seems to have found Warren's mineshaft on the 20th km...

It looks like Sunday'll be a beautiful day for the Richmond marathoners.  Unfortunately I failed to get a late entry and they aren't any entries on the day as I had read.  I will have to have a shallower taper but might need to find some (easy) routes on the cape...

I'll probably next see some of you at the ambassadors event on the Thursday - does anyone have any more details on this that isn't on Facebook?  Does it start at 7?

Comrades 2014

Posted: 13/05/2014 at 10:16

Hilton - Dannirr, Jacquie, CamillaScarlett, Matthew Hearne
Belaire Suites - Stephen Weston 3, Emily, AONEH
City Lodge - becca7, Running Rodent

Comrades 2014

Posted: 13/05/2014 at 10:16

I too can finally be added to the 'last long run done' list after doing my only run of 30 miles in just under a year.  54km at an average of 4.56m/km either side of parkrun (at 3.54m/km) which I'm reasonably happy with as I think I could've gone a bit further like that.  Very similar to my splits from the same run last year, although I remember that feeling tougher.  I still don't feel that I've covered enough hills, though.

Warren - Thanks for your garmin link a while ago.  Very interesting and humbling stuff.  Wow, we lose 4,000ft over the last 30km.  I've been told about tollgate feeling like a mountain by that point...  I like the new Vertical Oscillation and Ground Contact Time stats on your 620.  Aim to limit ground contact and torso movement?  I think mine would be all over the place!  I, too, could do with some Bikram Yoga, although the one time I tried it I ended up a soggy mess on the mat and couldn't hold the downward-facing dog position while everyone else remained bone dry...  Great half pb too - do you have a particular target time in mind or a placing?  

This week I will be doing a standard 6m a day with perhaps 20m on Saturday.  I'd like to gatecrash Sunday's Richmond marathon as I think they are taking entries on the day.  Next week should be similar with the Bupa 10km rather than a marathon at the end.  I'll be resting up in Cape Town for a week so think I can afford a steep taper.

That email from the organisers informed me I was in Seeding Batch H so I have sent them a panicky email back with my VLM time.  I also couldn't log in to the championchip website as it seems I have the wrong code.  I think I should be able to set this up at the Expo.

What are people's plans for Saturday evening?  I'm tempted by the Super Rugby game at the Kings Park stadium on the Saturday evening.  It starts at 7.10pm and is only a fiver so could just see the first half if I feel like I'd be able to get some sleep.  Stadium is a 1.5m walk from Belaire. 

I hope to see many of you tomorrow.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 29/04/2014 at 15:33

After all that moaning about being rubbish on Sunday, I'm now thankful to be able to avoid the tube strike by running to work.  Every cloud and all that.  I'm still coughing, though, which isn't ideal.  Glad you're now on the mend, Douglas.

Matt - I'll also reply to your email to the club separately but the people on here are great.  If you're able to get out to Richmond for 7pm on Wednesday 14th, WindsorAndy has booked a table (or will?) at the Duke for about ten of us to compare notes and pick up some last minute tips.  It was very useful last year.

I forgot previously to congratulate those who went out to Boston so soon after London and Manchester. Well done.  Muzza - Very consistent sub3 times this year.  Are you aiming for a safer silver or tempted to push for sub7?

Good luck Hans with the impending fatherhood!

STFC - Thanks for the information last week.

I also have a question on web coverage, similar to PurplePig's.  I think last year was live on YouTube and/or the Comrades website.  Does anyone know if there is the full coverage available to stream/download from anywhere?  I don't remember much of the third quarter last year and would like a refresher about this area but all I can find is the start and final countdown - things that I can still recall clearly...

Comrades 2014

Posted: 27/04/2014 at 15:07
Sat in a pub in Stratford. Made a bit of a mess of today as was 18 min slower than in London a fortnight ago. I've also got a chest infection, Douglas, so can say from current first hand experience that the recommendations to rest are wise. I did not really enjoy any of today with tired legs and below-capacity use of my lungs. Only positive spin is that I can keep going for 26m feeling rotten - useful for five weeks time. Shame to have my last pre-comrades race like this, but I will dwell on London more.

Dannirr - I have not run over 30m since last year's race and plan to do 38m or so on the 11th may. You should be ok if you are working to a similar schedule.

Marty - that is a great report, thanks for sharing. I've promised the girlfriend a trip to cape town and will aim for 2016 I think. I'll drive some of the route this year. You make it sound stunning.

SD - that picture is hilarious. It really looks like DR is about to swing for me! I think he was in a rhythm and I disturbed him a bit. I think my mum has already printed it.

Also got my shirt recently. I'll be thinking of those going for their green number when I wear.

I hope everyone is staying fit and strong.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 21:30

Things picked up on here over the last week or so.  Good to see all the new pbs as the training peaks.  I also pb'ed in the capital last week with a 2.48.  London was a great event and even busier this year, with almost perfect weather.  Just Shakespeare left for me next week and then probably one 30m+ run.  I might try and sign up for Richmond on the day if the weather is good and I'm not too tired.

I watched the Boston coverage earlier today and it was brilliant.  I don't watch many races but both the mens and womens races where exciting.  Great for the event to have Meb K win - first home winner in 31 years.  I already think I'll try and go over there next year.  I also spotted a certain Mrs Millett on this afternoon's BBC news coverage chatting to Sophie Raworth!  I'm looking forward to reading more stories from there and Compton.  

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