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Posted: 26/04/2015 at 20:01

Great runs reported so far, an awesome collection of times from Jools (a storming run  you were one place behind my sister-in-law who also had a great day), PadamsLukeSSLKeithDCDES (welcome to the club!), Andy DTicktock and Steve6.

Unfortunately my race didn't live up to expectations (which were ultimately over-optimistic). 02:33:15 in a small +ve split of 76:31/76:44. Went out at 2:30 pace, but it turned out to be too hot, heart rate was over marathon average (165bpm) for the first 5 miles, ran around Cutty Sark with Dr Dave, but had to rein it in from 10k or so. Saw Paula dive off the road for a pitstop around mile 9, she had been just ahead with a championships guard of honour escorting her!

My HR gradually dropped and the pace actually improved in the second half, but didn't feel like I could up the pace until I reached 19-22M where a bit of a second wind kicked in, resulting in a 5:4x miles at 19 & 22, but I couldn't sustain it (HR was off marathon rate, 157-160 or so)...coming into the last 1.2 miles I realised I was damn close to a marginal PB so gave it as much as I could for a 5:34/M average, nipping past DrD on the turn into the Mall. 

So 96th overall equals my best position and it was a course PB (plus I made my 'D' target). It's a interesting result in the context of my training plan/volume of the last 3months (high milage, on'off race/session quality), got a bit of thinking to do before the next crack at the 2:30 barrier...

In other news, I had the most disappointing Greggs steak slice at the M4 Heston services, distinctly lacking in the headline ingredient . But made up for it with a double helping of mother-in-law's homemade custard trifle now 

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Posted: 25/04/2015 at 20:32

Evening all, just a quick drop in to say good luck and don't be shit to all running around the capital tomorrow, weather looks cool and damp with a light N wind, PB-tastic 

LS - Seen your crash woes on FB, has to be the worst circumstances to get a marathon screwed up, by some-other kn*b who can't drive. Hope you can run ok tomorrow.

Looking forward to possibly seeing Spiderman cruise up alongside in the first few miles....

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Posted: 22/04/2015 at 09:46

Now that's a proper London list 

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Posted: 21/04/2015 at 14:50

Great result and write up Jimbob, I was watching it on the live stream yesterday, the commentators seem to switch between the "conditions look great" to "they're running into a strong wind" very regularly! You make it sound like it was pretty hard...

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Posted: 21/04/2015 at 14:08

If anyone else is keen, I'll start a tergat list....

Al_P #756 - (A) 02:29:xx (B) 02:31:00 (C) 02:32:4x (D) beat Paula

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Posted: 21/04/2015 at 14:03

It took a bit of reading but I think I'm back up to date with Spring marathon news....

Congratulations to SJ (great report), MardersAlan BNjord and Running Eye for nailing it at Manchester

Rae - A great effort off low miles, sub-3 will come!

DrDave - That was some top running at the Bournemouth Half and then Poole Parkrun, the HM was definitely tough! Give yourself some lee-way in the first 13 on Sunday and then see what you can do in the back half....

PP - Shaping up very nicely for your HM in 10 days time, a little shake out jog around London town will do you good 

LukeS - Very impressive 5k PB and win

Padams - Your recent 10M race experience sounds very much like my run at the Bournemouth Half, inexplicable lack of ability to run at the desired pace!

SL - Hope the virus fully clears in time for the weekend and the mojo returns, that was a very tasty 5k inserted into your 10M run. 

Selbs - You've put in a lot of hard work and got over a fair amount of troubles in this campaign, I think you can expect a good return on the investment...

CW - Similarly, solid training since January will pay off, regardless of the wind direction (gales excepted!)

Jools & TR - Got a good feeling that you both with have great races on the 26th.

Great to see RyanSTT and (I think?) Speedy, back running. Muss, hope you heal up rapidly!

Welcome back to Ode and CRaB too 

On my front things have been a bit up and down. After the last (great) BAC session I topped off a 120M week with a very lacklustre half in Bournemouth. I could make excuses about more hills, wind, dodgy marshalling blah blah blah, but in the end I was just a bit sh*T really.... probably as a result of the high miles I suspect , the first couple of miles were ok with the leaders, but then got dropped at mile 3 and just seemed to go backwards from there. Ironically managed a bit of a rally for the final 4 into the wind around the prom, but in reality that just meant hovering around 9mm pace and not slowing down... effort was far too high for pace/HR being produced!

Last Weds was the last (mini) BAC session of 10mins/8x2mins, which was reasonable at 5:37/5:18 av paces. The weekend involved a windy parkrun watching DrDave & marigold disappear into the distance (9th place in 17:18) followed by a (sorta) progressive 15M on Sunday, splits ranging from 6:5x to 5:50, in a slightly haphazard progressive way... 

So got fingers very crossed that the taper week can work it's magic;

Monday - rest day with 45min of core in gym

Tues - AM 5M "Upper end of steady"(6:13/M)

Weds - Day off work PM 4.5M Progressive to MP around first round of summer XC club race

Thurs - AM Physio loosening session PM 5M same as Tuesday

Friday - AM 4M Quick PM Expo

Saturday AM 1M Easy/1M MP/0.5M home to carb-up

On the full blown no-carb regime till Friday evening, so not expecting the runs to be easy....

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Posted: 20/04/2015 at 14:58

Been rather busy of late, so little time to get on here and catch up... but a quick glance reveals some great marafun times being posted from the weekend, awesome running  I'll catch up properly soon!

Quick question, I had a quick skim back but haven't found a tergats list for spring 2015, has one been started that's escaped my notice?

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Posted: 08/04/2015 at 21:52

Jools & PP - great interval sessions there

lev - If you think I'm on for a sub230 then you must be a shoe-in with BAC session paces like that!!!

On the subject of monster South coast based marathon session, I'm pleased to report that this evening's went rather well  Only me and one other BACer up the front tonight but that probably made it easier to dodgy the beer swilling, BBQing, pot smoking beach goers (lovely aromas as you run along the prom!). We only nearly collided with two children and a couple of dogs.... Scores on the door were 30mins@5:42/M then 4x5mins (5:23/5:30/5:21/5:28) finishing up with 30mins@5:45/M. So very happy to average MP across the two 30mins, despite a noticeable headwind on the return 15mins of each long interval and 5mins no.s 2 & 4. The second 30 should have been faster than the first, but we probably burnt ourselves a little too much on the short fast ones 

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Posted: 07/04/2015 at 21:43

Just time for a quick check in (between dinner with colleagues and packing my bag...currently in Cambridge for work, home tomorrow). Need to have a big catch up with goings on on here, hopefully will do later in the week!

Things going pretty well training wise, a great BAC session last week with some decent pacey stints has boosted the confidence after a rocky week previous with knee issues (thankfully solved rapidly) and a nice 23miler@6:44/M on Saturday (10 Easy/13 Steady). Big miles week too at 114.

Just big one week with two sessions left, the BAC 30mins/4x5mins/30mins tomorrow night and the Bournemouth Bay Half on Sunday @ target MP.

Bit late but... March stats were;

Miles - 411 @ av.6:58/M

PBs - 2 (HM and 10M - official, went faster in the HM!)

Rest Days - 2

As he's already alluded to, I had a very pleasant easy run dodging tourists around the sights of Cambridge with CW earlier. We did try to get into Trinity College for a go at re-acting the famous Chariots of Fire lap race of the Great Court and managed to get past the first porter un-challenged but got stopped by a second just inside entrance and got turned back 

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Posted: 29/03/2015 at 14:23

Hi All, it's been a busy weekend so far for bagging miles 

Selbs - Cracking LR nailed early doors today off reduced sleep and a cricket defeat...

Muss & ES - great work from Muss & ES for the HM/10k double-header victories!

Padams - Hope the lurgy shifts sharpish and you can ice off the VLM prep

CC - Gutted that you're still trying to find a way off the bench

SJ & CW - Good work on the long run's, not long now 

Jools - Nice mile repping in a MLR, how was the long run today?

Dan/CD/JAP - Well parkrun (with additional free facial mudpack for JAP!)

Ryan - Gutted to hear you're out of London this year, good to be pragmatic about though...

The trip to the physio on Friday was a good move, turns out the knee was nothing to do with my quad/hammy muscles and actually down to knots in my medial gastroc head of the calf instead... a few well positioned needles in the relevant trigger points (a very weird sensation) freed it up. My calf was left pretty sore but not in a way that prevented me running on it (ie sore after being at rest, but frees up with movement). I decided to stick to the treadmill this weekend, not a bad thing given the weather, and did 3M bike/4M Easy treadmill w.4x30' strides/6M bike on Saturday with no issues. 

Today's plan originally had been to run a training marathon with a local 5M race at the end, as a bit of extra encouragement, but there was no way I was doing that in case the knee did decide to throw another hissy fit on me. So into the gym it was....

I started with the intention of doing the aborted Weds 4x16min session in the long run, but it got quite uncomfortably warm doing the first one @ c.5:45/M (and my HR was too high, judged pace/effort is hard on a treadmill!), so I decided that it was either the intervals or the full-distance run and opted for the latter. So I throttled back the pace and settled for a steady effort, helped along by the Malaysian GP on the telly and some thumping dance tunes in my ears. Finished 26.2M in 2secs under 2:50 (if you trust my watch/footpod combo, but it tends to be pretty accurate, better than the treadmill in any case). Don't want to go any where near a treadmill for a good while now....

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