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Posted: 29/07/2014 at 10:49

Slightly delayed congratulations to Marigold (due to returning from a wedding in Italy yesterday) awesome performance and great to see you getting some well deserved TV time . Tried to watch the race via a VPN connection and the BBC iplayer, but the hotel wifi wasn't really up to the job...Just about managed 2mins of stable video to watch Shelley cross the line looking, quite rightly so, chuffed to bits!

No running whilst I was away, but wish I had now, my legs were very un-cooperative this morning! Planned 15 with a coro 10 went out the window and I toiled around 12.8M until my right ankle/calf had a hissy-fit about 1/2M from home. Now pretty sore just to the outside of the Achilles, so might be base of Soleus muscle and/or tendon, arse

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Posted: 23/07/2014 at 13:36

CW - Excellent vertical training, 1750m of up on stairs must be horrendous mentally? Yup, I'm entered for a 50k trail race in Salisbury on 10th August (part of the 5-4-3-2-1 event, 10k up to 50k distance, 4 is a marathon, 3 is 30k and the 2 is a HM). Been wanting to see how I go in longer distances for a while as I think I'll have a bit of a predisposition to it based on my marathon times.... Should be a good run, the last two years were won in around 3:50, compared to my 3:39 this morning, although the race route has about double the vertical gain of my commute (2000ft vs 1000ft). Planning another long commute next Friday (probably more like 25M) followed with 20M on Saturday. Then a easy/taper week before the race.

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Posted: 23/07/2014 at 11:46

PP - Top quality solid training going on recently, I'm impressed with the level of training going on given the hot weather. :Last year I really struggled to train consistently through July/August for Frankfurt (resulting in a below par Maidenhead half in early Sept).

JH1 - Good work nabbing the podium spot despite your off-offroad excursion!

Bagged a good long run this morning with 31M @ 7:05/M, it was going to be a minimum of 25 (shortest runnable distance between home and work), but was feeling good and so threw it a few route extensions to bring it up to approx 50k race distance. It was a bit slow to start but by about 10M I was starting to motor along nicely, it was a stunning run across the New Forest (Sway-Brockenhurst-Lyndhurst-Ashurst, for those who know the area). Had gels at 15,20 & 24M, as I had started to feel a bit weak by 20M on the previous (and first) attempt at the route.

Mile splits were: 7:39/7:13/7:07/7:09/7:31/7:02/6:53/7:41/7:32/6:53/6:49/7:07/7:12/7:09/6:53/6:49/6:49/6:50/6:51/7:06/6:55/7:08/7:11/7:13/7:32(last hill!)/7:03/6:51/6:43/6:52/6:51/6:41

My legs are surprising ok a few hours later, so hopefully getting some good endurance adaptations going on . That makes 70M in the last 4 days (inc 2 long runs), which ain't bad... Now for 4 days of wine-assisted run recovery in Tuscany

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Posted: 22/07/2014 at 15:44

Tmoth - Wow , first reaction is surprise at how much you took on, but then 24hours of running is a lot of burnt calories... I guess they had a fair spread to choose from!

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Posted: 22/07/2014 at 09:48

Dachs - Top 5k bombing, sub-16 with change great stuff!

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Posted: 22/07/2014 at 09:27

DrDave - Busy weekend with the Parkrun/curry/beer/long run combo, nicely done

CW - I hate kerbstone in races, gives me a morbid fear of measuring my length on the tarmac at full clip, will be extra carefully now! A decent result non the less.

Dan - a nice spot of last minute trail ultra racing, good sounding prize too.

Postie - Your weekend long run was a bit like mine then!

Tmoth - That's a long time running, impressed with your distance. Btw what did you eat during the race and di you stop to do so or carry on running at the same time?

Bufo - Speedy 5k, like the others my first though was, 'so when's the sub-15 going to happen?!' Good result in the hill race too.

Lev - Some fine training being strung together for you. Keep chipping away and keep it under control (as you mention) and you'll be in a great position for the autumn. I got the MP pickups style of long run from a set of Renato Canova workouts that TT sent me a while ago.

TT - Some cracking paces in your long run there (and fast overall)

Just easy runs for me so far this week, 9M yesterday AM was a bit of a slog after Sunday's long run, but 8 this morning felt considerably better and was followed up by a good stretch/roller session in the gym (got a bit of tightness in my R calf)

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Posted: 20/07/2014 at 13:36

Well run Jools, nice to surprise yourself with a decent PB like that!

Long run this morning didn't quite go to plan... I'd intended to do the 1hr easy then 10x800m@MP effort I mentioned to PP earlier in the week, but from the off my legs refused to cooperate, the effort levels were high, but my legs were feeling heavy and lacking in zip. So binned the structured run and opted for a straight long easy one instead. Ended up with 22M averaging 7:17's , quite enjoyed it at times when I managed to block out the wingeing coming from my legs! Things started to feel better towards the end and even managed a couple of sub-7min miles in the last few.

Happy with solid 70 odd mile week without any adverse niggle reactions, determined to keep a lid on things now and stop repeating the frustrating injured/not injured/injured again cycle I've been getting stuck in recently...

Short week this week due to a wedding in Italy Thursday-Monday  so plan is to get in another decent long run (Wednesday morning full-distance commute across the Forest I hope) to carry out building my endurance up for the Salisbury 50k in August.... then 4 days of wine, pizza and ice-cream

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Posted: 18/07/2014 at 09:44

Great IM race report from CRAB, congrats on Kona qualification!

Padams - That's rubbish luck, hope nothing's seriously amiss and you're back in action rapidly. Thank goodness for helmets...

DrDave  - A "coro10" is based on a style of training run partaken by a certain long-time thread member, in it's basic form it involves running 10M harder than a steady run but less effort than threshold. If you want to be a puritan then ideally the run should be done off the back of very low weekly mileage and under 6m/M pace For the rest of us, it's a useful bench marking workout that, done several times over the course of a training period, helps increase MP fitness

TR - Unfortunately, the print run for the SW tees has ended, I was going to get one and checked the Facebook page a couple of days ago. Might be worth keeping an eye on it in case they decide to do some more...

Selbs - Crap news about your knee, hope it recovers swiftly... sounds like it's better off working rhythmically in one plane of movement instead of randomly in many!

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Posted: 17/07/2014 at 16:09

DrDave - Very nice HM length training run, lost a bit of weight after that episode I assume

PP - Good effort on the treadie! I find I need a super-cool gym for long sustained efforts, the lack of the c.17kph self-generated breeze really hits your ability to shed heat fast enough.... I've tried similar and it's not generally pretty Some sort of motivation sound track is essential too, my favorite is "Cream Trace Anthems Ibiza 2009"...

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Posted: 17/07/2014 at 09:53

Nice run commute Jools, good DIY 'fell' training CW and good to hear that Padam's legs are starting to feel a bit more human again!

15.5M (av. 6:41/M) first thing this morning, made up of 1.8M warm up followed by a comfortably hard Coro 10, averaging 6:21/M (range 6:05 to 6:35) and the rest easy run home. The tempo section was tough in places (mixture of gravel and tarmac), at 5M in I thought I might need to bin it at 6-7M, but hung on and actually started to feel better in the last few (last mile was the fastest).

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