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Posted: 05/11/2014 at 08:48


TR/Ticktock - Sorry to disappoint, but due to work travel commitments I won't be running Gosport this year. But also I've promised myself (and Mrs Al P!) than I wouldn't race between Abingdon and Christmas. Things have gone a little mental work-wise, with back to back trips to Abu Dhabi and then Houston in the next two weeks, so I've had naff all time to do anyone more than skim through posts and try to stay up to date, let alone write up anything about Abingdon  Should have some time next week to catch up properly I hope... 


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Posted: 24/10/2014 at 21:57

Another passing hello from me, been meaning to write an Abo race report all week but work keeps getting in the way, grrrr! Hoping to find some time to get it done this weekend.

I have managed to read LS's excellent race write up, really great to hear how good a race you had 

Lev, go easy on the foot, when I had my SF scare last year I was advised to be careful as the bone bruising can easily develop into a fracture and then the healing time can double... Pool running in lieu of easy running is definitely a good option for keeping the CV system ticking over wit hour stressing your foot.

Best of luck and good running to TT, Jools and Selbs in Frankfurt this weekend!

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Posted: 19/10/2014 at 14:14
Quick check in post Abo, full race report to follow in due course, but really happy with a (slim) 6sec PB in 2:32:51 for 2nd overall. Windy, but got a good group of 5 working together up to 16 miles taking turns to go on the front. Legs felt generally good throughout, but CV fitness and pace were slightly lacking in the final 10k I think...

Great to meet up with DrD, Jimbob, LS21, Tick tock and Dan at various stages before and after the race

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Posted: 18/10/2014 at 07:05
I'll be sporting 786 on my vest come Sunday morning. FWIW depletion got my weigh down from 146 to 140lb from Sunday night to Thursday morning, back to a shade under 142 now, be a lb or two more by race morning

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 20:37

Marigold - Noted, going by the effort required for this morning's 6miler I'm pretty much there depletion wise... big bowl of porridge for brekkie tomorrow should make the 5 miles at lunchtime a little more zippy I hope 

TickTock - Sorry to miss you off the Abo good luck list, have a good one if I don't bump into you at some point in proceedings

TR - Forgotten you had ankle woes too, they're like buses round here a the moment.... Hope you can still make Gosport.

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 13:32

Hi All, Just a quick check in due to high workload and a busy home life (thank goodness for the taper!). Last weekend had some awesome performances from the likes of RJ and Marders in Yorkshire, Marigold at the GER and Mrs PP's brilliant HM time! CW, your GER time is really decent considering the slightly choppy build up you had IMO. Great fell racing from RS, hope the shoulder recovers quickly and similar healing vibes to Dan & TT's ankles. SL, really pleased to hear your tickers recieved the all-clear. Jools, Selbs (and TT), looking great for Frankfurt, will be tracking you on the day (and reliving the race from last year...)

DanA, Dr DaveRyan, TJB, I'll be running Abo in a White/Green New Forest vest and orange/black Adidas Boosts. I'll keep an eye out for you, but if I don't see you good luck and DBS.

Taper gone well here, sorting of looking to help verify the current n=1 study by Marigold on the "short n fast 1 week" approach! Last longish run was 14M progressive from 7:27 down to 5:53 on Sunday. I'm now doing a copy of the CWG taper week which so far has gone thus;

Monday - 3M @6:02/M (could have rested but wanted a leg shake-out after 3.5hr drive to Lincolnshire)

Tuesday - 6M @6:06/M

Wednesday - 8M @6:22/M (inc 2x1M tempo, which turned out to not be very 'tempo' at 5:57 & 5:59!)

Thursday -  6M @ 6:02/M

I've been carb depleting since Sunday or so (more tricky due to visiting family plus working away for home). It's made some of the taper runs a bit tough (especially on Weds). My weigh is down to a smidge over 10st, probably going to stick at it until tomorrow morning, check my weight, then decide whether to have modest carbs on Friday or go for my usual one day load on Saturday.

Only two runs left, 5M Friday and 3M Saturday AM, plus a sports massage Friday evening. Feeling very up for a good run on Sunday now 

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Posted: 07/10/2014 at 12:19

DrD - Maybe you need a CW style couple of rest days to refresh your legs, this week would be a good time to do it, then hopefully get some life back in them for a final taper week of short runs with a bit of sharper stuff in there? Not too fussed about the whole B'mouth prize thing, it was how circumstances transpired on the day, there were several potentially very quick people on the start list who DNS'd which opened the possibility up. It was a bit strange stood on the start line with a half dozen international elites (low tier Kenyans/Ethiopians only though) and just me and Ant! Did mean i got to use the private 'elite' start line portaloo though...

Dan - Looking at the Abo start list I don't think there's that much depth at the front end this year, so I think it's primarily going to be a race, but will have to see how it pans out in the first few miles. Running it with a training partner, we were having a chat about possible tactics last night as it happens . If the race doesn't transpire then I'll be shooting for close to or maybe a bit quicker than my PB. Ultimately going to give it full beans and see what happens. I wasn't really intending to do a fast autumn race this year, but it's come together by coincidence and then I'll be having a proper rest before VLM training starts, so might as well go for it 

PP - I don't really know where I am fitness wise either! but the decent run at Bristol HM and the double 6+6MP(@5:45) from a couple of weeks back gives me confidence that I'm possibly near to PB shape.

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Posted: 07/10/2014 at 11:38

Tmoth - 2-6mg/kg body weight (taken from Matt Fitzgerald's "new rules of marathon & half marathon nutrition") above 6mg/kg has been shown to have not extra benefit, below 2mg and it doesn't seem to kick in enough to improve performance. It includes the sum total of both pre-race (gels, pills, drinks) caffeine and that taken in the race. I've gone up to 6mg and a bit more in total previously and not had any problems.

Below is a copy of my gel plan from London this year (note gel type isn't specific, depends what I last bought on offer/was in the shop!). The double expresso for breakfast does distort the plan a bit and pushes the caffeine total up higher, so I could probably switch a caff gel or two later in the race for a standard gel I think.

Caffeine does have a hugely variable effect on different people, so it will take some experimentation to find what works best, I went through several marathons slowly upping the number of caffeine gels (and the mg content of them).

I also think it's less important to take caffeine towards the end of a race, as it takes an hour after ingestion for the full effect to act, whereas gels can still give you an instant boost due to the sensory pathways between your mouth and brain. 

GEL PLAN (based on VLM water stations) - 

GELS 21/24g of carb per Roctane/Clif gel - approx 75g/hour

Caffeine 4.2mg/kg = 275mg (with coffee = 475mg - 7.2mg/kg) recommended max 390mg  

On tube - Double Expresso Americano 200mg  

One hour pre start - GEL Clif Double Expresso (24g/100mg)  

Hour 1

10mins pre Start - GEL Clif Razz (24g/0mg)  

10k (6.2M) Greenwich (pre-CuttyS) - GEL GU Roctane (21g/35mg)  

15k (9Mish) Canada Water  - GEL GU Roctane (21g/35mg)  

Hour 2  

20k (12Mish) Jamaica Rd Bermondsey - GEL Clif Razz (24g/0mg)  

25k (14.5M) Narrow St Limehouse - GEL GU Roctane (21g/35mg)  

30k (17.5M) IofDogs Crossharbour - GEL GU Roctane (21g/35mg)  

Hour 3

35k (21M) Butcher Row - GEL GU Roctane (21g/35mg)  

37.5k (23M) Lower Thames St - GEL Clif Razz (24g/0mg)


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Posted: 06/10/2014 at 22:28

Finally had a chance to catch up.... 

PP - Berlin sounded like a good proper marathon effort, awesome running and inspirational!

Wardi - Belated happy birthday! Good work stringing the birthday treats out...

Lev - Your race report was a great read, there's still plenty in reserve for you to tap into for sure. I agree with some of the other comments on here (and your own) that there is a huge mental aspect to marathons, but when you crack it then you can really find out what you are capable of!

Toro - That's some improvement from VLM 2013 (I assume you meant 13 not 14?). Glad you're really happy with it, next stop sub 2:45 in the spring....

TR  - Yeah I go for a gel every c.5k after 10k in, but only because my stomach can handle it. Most training runs are done with no gels, although I broke that rule at the Bournemouth Marathon the weekend gone for specific reasons...

Thirsk Runner - Welcome back, only 35secs to find  FWIW (and following my previous comment), I don't get any stomach differential reactions between caff & non-caff gels. I've taken fair amount of caff gels in a marathon, but only up to the optimal mg amount suggested by research.

MS - Welcome too, a fantastic time at Berlin. Impressed with the pace pick up in the second half to nail the sub-3 for the first time!

TT - Great result at Basingstoke, I didn't realise it was that bumpy! Top training week too

DrD - Let the taper freshen your legs up and you'll have a flyer at Abingdon, no fear. Thanks for the support at the weekend!

CW - Nice 10k result, with some extra mileage. With a decent recovery and mini taper you should be on for a good time next weekend

Gobi - Great to surprise yourself like that on a hilly course!

Dachs - Fantastic performance at Cardiff, you're in great shape. Not sure how many marathon distance runs I've done in training this time, will look it up....

Bournemouth Marathon went well yesterday, bit quick through halfway (1:27 vs planned 1:30), then ramped it up to 6:10-6:20 until 20M. A nifty downhill section back to the beach set me off nicely for the last fast stretch, but 5:45/M turned out to be a bit optimistic for the end of a 26.2M training run, but I was still happy to be in the region of 5:45-5:55 fairly comfortably up to the finish. So 2:47:44 for 10th overall (8th male). Had a few worrying moments with my right quad, but it never came to much. Very usefully got a decent massage at a charity tent staffed by the Bournemouth AFC physio team, which has helped ease a few tight spots well. I also did a full pre/post race eating plan and 6/7 gels during the race. As a result I'm pretty much DOMS free today , so I think I got the balance of pace/effort just about right.

The mileage will be coming down this week, but with one last MP session on Wednesday, and then taper...

Ps probably missed out very decent winnings on Sunday, there was only one other 'UK top club' runner on the start, who came 3rd in 2:40 (a solo run) and is £750 better off as a result! Glad I didn't realise that on the start line, it might have proven very hard to resist the temptation to go for the prize (but likely blow my chances of a good run at Abo).

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Posted: 04/10/2014 at 21:23

Evening all, Work and running still getting the way of getting a chance to read up and comment on here so I'll keep it brief until I get a proper chance on Monday evening (also need to go to bed now!). 

Mega impressed with the Berlin exploits last weekend, a great crop of PBs!

Last week was interesting, a nice consistent pace (5:31) parkrun followed by 27M steady in 2:58 up and down the Bow river in Calgary on Sunday. A midweek 6M Easy + 6M MP double session didn't work out too well, probably due to a combination too many miles since the Sunday long run and windy conditions, but still managed sub6 pace for the MP stretches. 

Sept Stats

Miles : 433 (record)

Pace : 6:50/M

Rest Days : 2

Races : None of note (ie not just for training)

Last long training run before Abingdon tomorrow at the Bournemouth marathon (free place), plan is halfway in 1:30ish then 7M around 6:10/6:20 and the rest at 5:45-5:50ish. hoping the jetleg from flying back from Canada on Thursday night is mostly gone...

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