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Posted: Yesterday at 22:35

Seeing as tomorrow will be a rest day, have are the scores on the door for January;

Miles - 419 (my 2nd highest month ever)

Average Pace - 7:09/M

Rest Days - 4

A good week in general so far with 7x4mins  (av 5:27/M) on Tuesday and a 5.22M (21 lap) track tempo (av. lap 1:26 5:46/M) on Thursday. Noticeable improvements from previous weeks similar sessions, so things are going in the right direction. This weekend's long run involves the Ryde 10M race on the Isle of Wight (Hampshire Road League fixture, only race I know which can involve a hovercraft to get to!) with 5M easy either side, should bring up 105 or so for the week. I've got a cut-back on the cards for next week to ease back on the mileage after a couple of big weeks.

On the niggle-front, I've been suffering from what I can only describe as a strange 'popping' feeling in the back of my right ankle while doing single leg squats for a while now (but no issues when running). Over Christmas this stared twinging on runs and my achilles started to become a bit sore. Some roller time and calf stretching eased it, but didn't solve the problem completely. So i saw a physio about it in the new year, he confirmed my self-diagnosis of a tight post. tib muscle and gave me some more targeted stretches (for the calf and further up in the glutes & lower back). In the last couple of weeks it's been very manageable and had no impact on my running, but it's definitely still there. Oddly the only time I feel it when running is occasionally when my R foot lands on a sudden up slope (like the drop for a driveway on the pavement), flat surfaces don't bother it (not a hint of discomfort in this weeks track tempo). All said it's a bit worrying at this stage in marathon training so I'm determined to get to the bottom of the problem, so back to the physio me thinks...


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Posted: Yesterday at 21:34

SL - Will look out for you at Bramley (likewise TT)

PP - Those were some tasty k reps earlier this week, think you will give me more than a good run for the money at Bath  Great to see culinary posting back on here recently

Padams - Good work getting off the sofa and up the hills. Agree that runs in fresh snow are a lot of fun, as long as you can stay out of the slushy wet stuff.

RS - Good pace on your 4x1miles, I've started to get the same feeling that fast is getting easier (but not necessarily much faster!) recently....good sign.

Dr D - Speedy little 10k sneaked into your 'tempo' run the other day, like Dachs & PP said get into a HM/10M race soon... My mind boggles slightly when I think what you could turn that fitness into with a good marathon specific training phase...Hope all has gone well with the new delivery.

TT - That B'day present is awesome, you looked like the cat that got the cream on FB!

Good MLRing from ON7 & ES

SB - Impressive doing 10M with 5@LT in those conditions!

Lev - Shame that you've picked up a running surface related injury, over time you would probably benefit (from ankle stengthening etc..) from running on that sort of ground, but in the short term it's a bit more risky. Possibly a higher risk as most of your running at home is on flat city-based tarmac?

Bains - Achilles issues quite often stem from calf (or even higher, hammies/glutes) tightness. Good to hear you don't have any tendon damage, get on the roller and get to the root of the problem (I'm in the middle of a bit of a niggle root-cause analysis myself, more on that later....)

Tmoth - some good runs lately in nasty sounding conditions

CC82 - Great training week

TR - a solid sounding January, hope you continue in the same vein.

My two cents on long runs... I've found the value from the full-distance runs comes from getting the pace/effort just right to get a quality endurance stimulus but without fatiguing so much that the following week(s) training is compromised. As examples I did the New Forest marathon in 2013 as a steady 2:41 (aiming for around 2:34-2:32 at Frankfurt), which was too quick as I couldn't return to proper quality session for 1 1/2 wks. In 2014 I ran a more controlled 2:47 (half way in 1:30, progressive to sub-6 pace in the 2nd half) at the Bournemouth marathon and went on to run 2:33 at Abingdon, difference was that I back into the marathon training sessions a few days after B'mouth...

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Posted: 27/01/2015 at 12:07

SL - Tasty pace for a long run... Any races on the near horizon? 

TT - Nice line up of long runs there. Not really settled on what I'm going to do long run wise yet, but there's a couple of 10M races with miles before/after, at Ryde and Salisbury, and the Bramley 20 (plan is to base it around 4x3M "MP" or similar)

Tmoth - I think it's good karma, ie you got a lot of reaction against last week's plan and then the weekend got curtailed... something trying to try you not to over do it maybe ? I agree with TT put it behind you and stick to the original plan this week.

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Posted: 27/01/2015 at 09:31

TT - Excellent progressive LR yesterday, be interesting to see where the pace goes on those as your fitness improves...

SL - Like-wise on the weekly mileage, was that 23miles a) hilly, b) fast or c) a mix of both? (or neither is an option too!). Sorry about the numerical screen dump, I was a bit lazy and copy-pasted straight out of my training diary 

ThR - London is the main target, with Bath Half on 1st March as an intermediate PB attempt. So aerobic base, top-end speed & speed endurance work for Jan-Feb followed by one (big) marathon specific session and a weekend long run (up to or even a bit over full-distance, I'm with CW on that one) per week for 7 weeks up to the end of April finished off with a 1 week taper to race-day. Large parts of that plan are shamelessly nicked from Marigold's approach, but it fits well for me as I generally train once a week with his club in Bournemouth and I'm sure I've got a strong physiological endurance bias 

CC82 - Good luck with the training for Edinburgh then!

Tmoth - Do I detect a dash of karma acting on the end of your planned big week?72M is still great volume, don't over do it trying to catch up and end up logging disappointing runs as a result!

Jimbob - Sounds like a great spot for variable length runs. Just looked it up and it's not far from my in-law old place in S Devon, in fact I think we did go for a walk up there once, but my running in the area stuck to the SW Coast footpath and lanes east of Plymouth.

17M easy miles for me yesterday with a 4.5M double either side of a 1.4k swim first thing and then another 8M at lunch. 5M easy on the treadmill this morning followed by 30mins of stretching and glute strength exercises in the gym. Speed session is 7x4mins (off 2mins) tonight.

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Posted: 26/01/2015 at 14:45

Afternoon all,

Some excellent XC action going on over the weekend, particularly Jools and PP's efforts, solid efforts from CW and RS too!

If you weren't XCing then you you were probably long running (or a bit of both in a Joolska/CW-stylee), good work from CC2, Ticktock, Wardi, Padams, CL, Selbs and TR.

Great MP efforts from CC2, ON7 and ES (don't fret about the pace, getting the effort in is the most important thing!)

Jimbob - Your 20 across Dartmoor looks solid HR & pace wise, I'm assuming it had a fair amount of up n' down?

TT - Nice motor! Sounds like a good plan for the year btw.

Bains - Sorry to hear you're contiuing to have achilles issues, hope it clears up soon, like Padams said, you have a sensible sounding plan.

CC82 - Probably already been said on here, but which marathon and what plan or schedule length are you going for? Build up seems solid.

ThR - Your moors run must be worth another 5M on the flat. easy! Great effort

Dan A - Happy birthday, nicely celebrated with a 20/20 double  (happy birthday's to CC2 and TT too!)

Had a decent week just gone, key sessions looked like this;

Tues -  13.4M (av 6:33/M) including 4x4'(2') av.5:39/M and 5x2'(1') av. 5:35/M 

Thurs - 14.5M (av 6:39/M) including "HM Efforts" 1M(5:39/M) / 2M(5:47/M) / 2M(5:46/M) / 1M(5:46/M) all off 5-6' recovery

Sunday - 1hr Easy then 10x0.5M MP off 3' easy/1' steady (av 5:47/M/161bpm for 0.5Ms) Total 22.4M @ 6:54/M

With a good amount of (properly) easy running, that made 108M for the week, which felt fairly comfortable. The effort levels are still higher than HMP/MP for the interval paces I'm running, but there are signs of week on week improvement, so hopefully that will continue in the right direction.

This week revolves around a 7x4' club session on B'mouth prom on Tuesday, a 5M track tempo on Thursday and then a long run/race combo at the, distinctly not flat, Island of Wight Ryde 10 mile on Sunday (aiming for 20-22 in total)

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Posted: 20/01/2015 at 09:40

DrD - I missed the Broadstone 1/4 results back at the start of the month, good work piping JS to the post  Congrats on the county call-up, if you can fit it with home life then I would say do it.

TT - Nice easy to steady progressive LR, funny the physiology of "even though I don't feel like it, now I've said I'm going to do it, I better do it!" That photo has burnt my eyes twice now, on FB and here....please no more 

DanA - Top race report, I tend to think that ultras make for more interesting racing, guess it's the combination of distance, varying fatigue, nutritional issues and navigation errors which mix it up compared to shorter/faster races.

SJ - Solid week, good time to invest in the turbo weather-wise.

Aiming for my first 100M total this week, so yesterday consisted of 3.7+4.5M to/from the pool (but sadly with no swimming in between due to a bust pool) and then 12M easy/comfy (7:20/M) in the evening. 4.6M easy treadmill followed by 30mins of stretching & glute exercises this am.

The basic structure I'm following up to Bath is;

Monday - AM 3M easy/30mins swim/3M easy PM 8-10M easy

Tuesday - AM 30-40mins easy (treadmill) + stretching/core PM BAC fast speed session

Weds - AM 13-15M easy around the Forest (ideally if time allows, or split double as back up)

Thursday - AM 30-40mins very easy (treadmill) PM Alternating weeks - HM effort intervals (eg 1M/2M/2M/1M)/track tempo (starting from 4M up to 6M)

Friday - AM 8-10 Easy PM 6-8 Easy

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Structured long run or long run with race effort (10-13M)

I'm back using a HRM again to make sure I keep the easy stuff below 140bpm, working nicely so far and should help cope with the increased mileage.

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Posted: 19/01/2015 at 10:39

CC2 - Great bit of finish straight battling by the sounds of it!

TT - Good mileage for the week, what are you aiming to hit per week in general during this campaign? Good blog btw...

SB - Bummer to have to can the planned MP run, but good effort getting out there and getting the miles done in dicey conditions.

Dan A - Hotpoint, white. On our second in about 15 years currently...

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Posted: 18/01/2015 at 21:31

Very satisfactory day out to Stubbington today, it was great to catch up with TR a bit pre-start as well as Toro and DrDave. 

DrD - That was a mighty impressive run from the gun, I thought I might have a chance of keeping up with you for the first mile at least, how wrong was I! Keep it up and you'll smoke Eastleigh.... great to share a few cool down miles to the beach and back after too.

Toro - I'd hoping to be able to hang with you for the distance, but given your strength in the recent XC, I lost contact at the first sign of any +ve gradient.... that said you were a decent distance up on me around 4miles but the finish time difference was only 15secs, so I think I was gaining in the end 

TR - I could tell from your reaction when we had fleeting words post race that it possibly hadn't worked out as you might have hoped...all things in context though, it would have been good hard training miles bagged

Thriskrunner - good work in tricky conditions, it was like that at today's race a couple of years ago, there was definitely a 'racing line' to take!

Wardi - You know when it's on, no point smashing yourself if the body's not 100%, well run non the less 

A bevvy of great quality long runs from CW, CL, Jools, Jimbob, Ticktock, Selbs (extra points for hills and mud!) ES, and CC82

Stubbington is always a slightly odd race for me, as it's usually the first 5k race outing of the year and (as DrD mentioned) it's not the flattest or most weather reliable course, so it's a hard call on what to expect... I ran 6.5M easy from my folks as a warm up and in the race I was pretty happy with 34:52 and 26th place (strangely also my race number!), looking back that's actually a marginal course PB (been 35:0x for the last 2 years). Generally found the flat bits quick, but struggled to keep up on the ups.

I thought it would be a solo run after the first 2 miles but then found two things to focus on, the only clubmate in front of me and not being chicked by the leading lady, both of which nipped passed in the opening miles... I succeeded on both counts

9.2M easy/steady home (inc 2.5 with DrD) for a total of 22M@6:55ish pace. The mileage is building up nicely with 80/86/93 in the past couple of weeks.

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Posted: 17/01/2015 at 21:00

Back after a long absence on here, so Happy Christmas, NY etc etc.. to all!

Best part of two months reading back takes a while... But impressed with the range of performances being churned out, particularly from Dachs, DrDave, Toro, Thrisk Runner and Dan A's C2C run. After a hectic period in the personal/family life (actually still on going), I'm planning to get back on here more regularly from now on 

I'm hopefully getting back into reasonable fitness, there were a few R Achilles/ankle gremlins over the hols which took a bit of working out, but hopefully it's all good now. I'm on my third 80+ mile week in a row, mileage is building nicely with some speed/threshold stuff twice a week. First target is Bath HM and then VLM, would love to be aiming for the sub 2:30 in April, but we shall see, seems a heck of a long way off at the moment....

As Toro mentioned I'll be at Stubbington tomorrow, so will say hI, TR, DrD, Toro if I see you. Plan is 6M easy, 10k flat out fitness test (sub 35 will be nice) and 6-8M easy back home


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Posted: 05/11/2014 at 08:48


TR/Ticktock - Sorry to disappoint, but due to work travel commitments I won't be running Gosport this year. But also I've promised myself (and Mrs Al P!) than I wouldn't race between Abingdon and Christmas. Things have gone a little mental work-wise, with back to back trips to Abu Dhabi and then Houston in the next two weeks, so I've had naff all time to do anyone more than skim through posts and try to stay up to date, let alone write up anything about Abingdon  Should have some time next week to catch up properly I hope... 


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