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Posted: Yesterday at 09:10

PP - Big pockets you have! Good to hear the taper is progressing well, it's a great feeling when you're nicely locked into the glide-path to race 

CW - Saw your weekend prize pot on Facebook, that was a amazing haul! A great HM time as well.

JB - Nice consistant long run, hope the half goes well

Wardi -  The VoY HM sounds good, nice to have a race that's actually a pleasant experience once in a while!

Bains - That's some decent mile repping off a short recovery, good choice of bag btw 

Last week's mileage was a bit much and I could have done with long running on Sunday instead of Saturday following the big double day on Wednesday. The week started well with a clippy 11M @6:36/M (after a couple of days rest including the 10k prize spa session I won), Weds sessions was pretty good, but it took some effort to keep the pace down near 6mm. I had planned to do the long run inc parkrun and another MP tempo section, but post parkrun my legs really didn't feel like more speed, so instead of disappointing myself by trying and canning it early, I opted for steady effort for 14M. It was still a good run, by the end my legs felt similar to how they use to feel after some of my very first 20M marathon training runs!

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Posted: 15/09/2014 at 22:07

Evening all, slightly prolonged absence from these parts due to a mixture of work (boo) and lots of running (yey!) the last week or so. Will have a read back and post again tomorrow, but top stuff from PP at Maidenhead, KD in Kent and Tmoth's epic race report  Nice to see Marders pop in and put us all in our place training pace wise! 

107M for me last week, biggest ever weekly mileage (mostly due to working away from home, so lots of flexibility for running opportunities), including a 6M easy+6M MP effort double (av6:02/M for MP) and a decent 26.2M long run Saturday in 2:52, with an 18min Parkrun. Also noticed a definite up-tick in general run pace so fitness seems to coming along.

Planning a 25min/4x5min/25min session on Weds and then will be Bristolling this weekend, will look out for other forumites. 

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Posted: 05/09/2014 at 16:48

KD - Definitely no commute home, got a lift with Mrs Al_P 

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Posted: 05/09/2014 at 15:39

Tmoth - Tricky call, never raced that sort of distance, so not very sure myself...Given you were within 8 sec of each other over 52M. I'd be tempted to pace it and see how it pans out, if the other guy turns out to be quicker to start with, so be it, it's not worth the risk of a 'burn-up' at the start of the race and knackering yourself for the later stages. I suspect that you will both pace it and end up running close for a good while initially, you can then decide whether to up the ante further in depending on your relative positions (assuming you can get time gap info, a benefit of not being the leader btw)...and don't hang around at checkpoints, 3rd place did that at the Salisbury 50k, letting me bag 2nd...

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Posted: 05/09/2014 at 15:00

Lev - That's some decent MP pace in your long run, heading towards 2:30 territory maybe.... 

CW - Ouch blister sounds nasty, I wonder if some 'conditioning' running in your lightweight shoes would help maybe? i.e just put in some general mileage in so that your feet are more hardened to those particular shoes. Nippy 5k last night, by way of consolation, I'm quite a way off a sub-17 clocking at the moment!

PP - Top podiuming from you and mrs PP! Concur with Bainspj on the Boosts, I find them a good mix of cushioning and racing stiffness. in fact just taken delivery of a natty orange tiger-striped pair for the autumn. They're the previous version, but 30 quid cheaper than the very similar current 'Boost 2'

Keith D and London Runner - Sorry had forgotten to say hi - welcome to the fun and games .

Keith D - My typical gel plan is one approx every 5k or so after 10k, which works out at 7ish (usually have one in reserve for the last couple of miles, largely for psychological effect rather than getting much useful energy from it). I tend to mix caffeinated/non-caff and alternate through the race, I work out the max effective total caffeine dosage and then figure it out from there. This works for me because I have a high tolerance to gels and caffeine. I also generally train low and race high so to speak, with little to no gels/caffeine in training and then maximum effective quantity when racing, theory is that this trains your body to burn fat during training, which makes you more economically with your glycogen usage, then when you race you supplement stored glycogen/fat with pretty of direct sugar in the blood to give you a longer duration at race pace without experiencing a 'bonk'. I also carb load before a race and key training runs (like Lev mentions), as I've tried a low-carb/high fat diet in training and fairly sure it doesn't work very well for marathons at a relatively hard pace (you can't burn fat fast enough at that speed! FWIW to date I've (touch wood) never bonked in a marathon.

Padams - Nice mixed pace 10miler

Wardi - That's a good looking HM up York way, pity I wasn't up there a few weeks later.

Bainspj - Qulaity 300s there. The first time I did the long run commute I was a bit of a mess at work, but now I'm better coniditoned to it. the debut run needed gels and water to get me through it, today's was done on nadder but a swig of water before leaving the house. Not sure how many more I'll do this year, it was quite dark when I left the house and the Forest is thankfully nice and dry right now. After a bit of rain some of the route sections get fairly boggy.

Run commute was an easy affair this morning (TR's wise words ringing in my ears), it's a hilly route in places which tends to keep the lid on the pace overall, but stretched my legs a bit on the flat sections. Deer count was high, with at least 20 seen along the way, including a very impressive Fallow Deer stag at close quarters! Cracked through an entire episode of Marathon Talk, the remains of the previous Talk Ultra (including the William Sichel interview about running 3100 miles around a 0.5M loop in New York!) and a good chunk of the latest one. 26.5M in 3:08ish (7:06/M) overall. 

Planning to Parkrun in the morning and then round the corner in Brockenhurst for a spa day with mrs Al_P (prize for winning the local 10k back in May!) to relax the muscles.

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Posted: 04/09/2014 at 18:53

SL - Frankly I haven't got a clue about Bristol, the sensible approach would be to do a MP effort run to give a benchmark for Abingdon, but I'm more tempted to just lash it @HMP (which will likely get progressively slower!) and probably end up suffering in the last few miles.... Safe to say I'm unlikely to be remotely close to 72min pace given I've done little HM work and my PB is 74:13, but I may surprise myself!

DrDave - Glad you self-diagnosed and treated the shin niggle, just a glitch and no real training lost, phew! Good speed work and MP session, those 4x15/18min runs are nasty on your own. I'm trying out a training schedule with a bit more of an endurance bias in the run up to Abingdon. I did a steady 2:41 at the New Forest Marathon last autumn, in the run-up to Frankfurt, which took about 2.5-3 weeks to fully recover from, so I'm aiming to scale the effort back enough at Bournemouth to keep the recovery at 1.5 weeks max (ideally 1 week). To aid that I'll be going for carb loading, usual race gel plan and proper nutritional recovery afterwards. I'm be running B'mouth with a guy from Stubbington Green Runners, who's also doing Abingdon.

No running today, but had a very relaxed 23M out and back family bike ride down B'mouth/Poole prom, across the sandbanks ferry and to Studland beach, lovely weather  awesome burger for lunch at Boscombe pier on the way back too 

Only day in the office this week tomorrow, so I'm long run commuting. Likely to be in and around marathon distance (shortest route is 24.5M so rude not to...)

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Posted: 03/09/2014 at 22:02

Grrr just lost a long post due to incompetent typing  anyway concise version

Full distance Parkrun+Tempo run on Saturday, 26.2M in 2:53ish, reasonable Parkrun in 17:35 or so. This week a bit manic with family related stuff, so just 17M Easy on Monday (6:56/M) and a BAC 24/18/12/6/3min MP session today (20M@6:45/M overall, intervals okish - c. 6m/M).

I seem to have now managed to string a month of consistent training together, so hopefully if I can bag another between now and October I'll be in half decent shape for a punt at a marathon. After some discussion with my current training partner in crime, we've decently to treat the Bournemouth marathon as a final long training session (probably the sort of 8/8/8M progessive that PP has been doing recently)  and then have a bit of a smash at Abingdon two weeks later. I'm waiting until the Bristol Half in a few weeks before I figure out what sort of pace might be on the cards at Abo, but it could be a nice little race if DrDave is up for it as well 

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Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:49

Belated August Stats

Mileage : 311M

Rest Days : 6

Av Pace : 6:54/M

No PBs/Races of note (apart from the arbitary debut 50k trail PB)


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Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:28

Evening all,

Dachs - Tempted to have a punt at an autumn marathon? 4-6 wks of MP specific work and you could be in a great position... Great training/racing recently

PP - Tasty MP tempo on the track last week, with a good brevvie of miles either side to boot!

Dan - Sorry to hear about your woes in the Alps, was it a lot hot than expected?

CW - Nice long run with hard/steady efforts, I'm often the opposite with intervals like that and find I end up doing the steady 'recoveries' faster than planned, which probably doesn't do the hard reps any favours...

Dr D - Top notch BAC MP sesh, a very decent Parkrun and then followed up with a great long run. Abingdon could be a bit spicy (see below....)

TT - hope you find some HM mojo this weekend 

Lev - Awesome MP training sessions last week, your volume of fast race pace running it making my eyes water!

SL - Finger's crossed the doc is being over-cautious, ECG's are notoriously hard to interpret (says my wife, a practice nurse). Very impressive pace as usual in your runs!

Selbs - Hope the knee doesn't play up further

Jools - A very good high volume reps session 

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Posted: 28/08/2014 at 09:34

Lev - Sterling Long Run with MP work yesterday, good to see things are back on track. Re: the HR question, I would be inclined to think the same thing as you, that you're possibly running MP based on pace not effort, but you did say it was a tough run, so it sounds like the effort was there (although that's offset slightly by the fact it was a lot of mileage, which would contribute to fatigue). I guess it might be a good idea to do a session with several MP sections, for example 4x15/18mins and see what sort of pace you get out of Mp effort in those?

TR - Nice to see the lido you often mention on here! More than likely that I ran past your place on the warm up run down to the Mountbatten centre and back?

CW - hope the foot niggle clears up, if it's useful a few of my foot/ankle issues recently have stemmed from muscle tightness in the lower leg pulling on tendons and insertion points, have you had an exploratory roller session around your calf/post and ant tib lately?

Last night's 5k/4x1M/5k session ended up going reasonably well, 4.9M warmup with a few strides (7:04/M), 4min jog recovery and then the first 5k in 17:42(5:43/M). After that I was really struggling to convince myself the rest of the session would be any good! The first mile rep was hard (5:30), but then things started to settle down with the following miles coming in at 5:29/5:35/5:26 (all off 2mins jog). There was a slightly extended jog (7:45) before the race start for the 2nd 5k. My legs were a bit slow getting going off the line, but then felt pretty decent. the course was slightly long so my finishing time (17:50), was more like 17:35(5:40/M) going off the pace. Really pleased to manage the 2nd 5k a bit quicker, it certainly helped having a bit of tow in the last mile or so! A 2M cool down made for 19.5M total (av 6:31/M).

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