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Posted: 28/08/2014 at 09:34

Lev - Sterling Long Run with MP work yesterday, good to see things are back on track. Re: the HR question, I would be inclined to think the same thing as you, that you're possibly running MP based on pace not effort, but you did say it was a tough run, so it sounds like the effort was there (although that's offset slightly by the fact it was a lot of mileage, which would contribute to fatigue). I guess it might be a good idea to do a session with several MP sections, for example 4x15/18mins and see what sort of pace you get out of Mp effort in those?

TR - Nice to see the lido you often mention on here! More than likely that I ran past your place on the warm up run down to the Mountbatten centre and back?

CW - hope the foot niggle clears up, if it's useful a few of my foot/ankle issues recently have stemmed from muscle tightness in the lower leg pulling on tendons and insertion points, have you had an exploratory roller session around your calf/post and ant tib lately?

Last night's 5k/4x1M/5k session ended up going reasonably well, 4.9M warmup with a few strides (7:04/M), 4min jog recovery and then the first 5k in 17:42(5:43/M). After that I was really struggling to convince myself the rest of the session would be any good! The first mile rep was hard (5:30), but then things started to settle down with the following miles coming in at 5:29/5:35/5:26 (all off 2mins jog). There was a slightly extended jog (7:45) before the race start for the 2nd 5k. My legs were a bit slow getting going off the line, but then felt pretty decent. the course was slightly long so my finishing time (17:50), was more like 17:35(5:40/M) going off the pace. Really pleased to manage the 2nd 5k a bit quicker, it certainly helped having a bit of tow in the last mile or so! A 2M cool down made for 19.5M total (av 6:31/M).

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Posted: 27/08/2014 at 11:34

Morning all,

Apologies for the longish pause in posting, had a week away on work and then 5 days with family in Yorkshire over the weekend, but managed to keep tabs on fred goings-on... Biggest congratulations to PP for some awe-inspiring track performances and stellar marathon training, Berlin is going to be interesting! 

DrDave - That was a flipping great run at Pewsey, got a flat one on the cards soon?

Bains - Dach's memory serves him correct, I'm got the OMM 12l sack too, highly recommended IMO.

Lev - Good to hear your mojo is recovering, co-incidentally I've recently switched back to a more typical carb-fuelled diet (but with some meals - mostly lunch -  still high fat/low carb to keep me full through the day) and I'm running much better & faster. Long runs are still on nowt but fresh air and a bit of water or expresso before hand, but with a decent carb-up the night before to top the glycogen levels up.

Thing's are picking up nicely for me, been tricky fitting running in around work/vacation but pleased with some of my recent sessions/long runs since the Salisbury 50k race. The week after was all easy as my legs were pretty knackered, but thankfully not too DOMS'd. A week of working in Grantham let me get a couple of doubles in with a bit more elevation in it than I usually manage. Highlights have been;

  • 23M @ 6:40/M inc parkrun (17:53) and 3M of 'MP' (about 6mm)
  • 15M @ 6:45/M inc Grantham Running Club 12x370m hills session 
  • 21M @ 6:29/M inc 1hr easy(6:45/M) + 10x0.5M(av 5:49/M) off 3mins easy & 1 min steady

Had a fair few rest days due to family commitments, but have managed to keep the mileage good over the last few weeks (63/63/80). I've hooked up with another quick Hants runner to organise a few stretching sessions in the run up to the Bournemouth marathon (the 23 miler was the first), next up is tonight's session consisting of warm up/5k@target MP/4x1M/5k@MP/cool down, the second 5k of which is the final race of the Portsmouth Lakeside 5k series, which will hopefully be good for a bit of a tow-round! Then got a repeat of the LR+Parkrun+MP tempo planned for Saturday (but up to 26-27M).

Got a place for the Bristol HM as a fitness tester 2 weeks out from Bournemouth, but I'm still using the marathon as a intermediate target on the way to London 2015. If Bournemouth turns out to be difficult (weather etc..) then I've acquired an Abingdon number as a got a few options depending on how things pan out in the next few weeks 


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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 20:41

DrDave - Excellent Parkrun+long run double this weekend, think I would have found it very hard solo today too, some of the exposed parts of the course were pretty demoralising in the wind, rain with lumpy grass/mud underfoot!

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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 20:38

up on me I realised he must be slowing a lot, so tried to maintain my pace. He gradually inched closer, but even as we dodged passed ambling tourists outside Salisbury Cathedral with under a mile to go he was still holding a good 50yd lead. I finally got to him coming up the river footpath with under 500m to go and then gave it as much kick as I could muster into the finish straight to hold him off by 2secs at the line . Finished in 3:34:57 with legs shredded, the walk to the leisure centre for a shower was not much fun!

Overall an awesomely organised race in lovely scenery and very happy to bag a good result and training run.

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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 20:37

Race recap time... The 50k today had always meant to be a bit of debut event for me to dabble in the longer distances and off-road which are much less time/pace focused. My initial plan had been to run the first 5-6miles with the leaders (assuming similar times to recent years of c. 3hr50ish) and see how I felt and then decide whether I could push on, based on my recent 50k run-commute I did in 3:40. I had purposefully had a light taper week and bit of a carb depletion (mostly to try and get my weight down a bit) and load yesterday. Filled up with a big bowl of banana porridge and honey before leaving the house and took 6 gels with me as a precaution (wise choice), as I didn't really want to be testing my fat burning capacity in an hilly ultra for the first time too!

Weather was looking ominous, but actually turned out to be reasonably good, got a bit wet at times, but the sun came out in the last 6-7miles and it got fairly warm. MIlling around at registration I bumped into Marigold, who had decided to enter the race late instead of a solo 35M Purbeck Hills run, don't say I blame him given how windy it was on the coast today! So then the plan changed a bit and I opted for the run with Marigold for as long as it felt comfortable option.... We were off at 9am and the first few miles wound up the river valley north of Salisbury with a few stiles to navigate (good time being at the front, no queuing to get over!), followed by a very scenic lap of the Old Sarum Castle overlooking Salisbury. At c.7M we were suddenly joined by a third (Italian) sounding guy, who was clearly up for stretching things out a bit, so at that point I let him and Marigold go on, I was fairly sure I wasn't going to be able to hang with them going up the hills ahead! From the to around 15M was quite pleasant, a bit up and then a long descend down over a river and past a stately castle. some where around 15miles I came into a field with no route arrow marking the exit which resulted in a moment of panic as I wondered which way to go, thankfully I was rescued by the guy in 4th place who caught up and had the route loaded into his GPS and we go going in the right direction again. Less than a mile later we came into a field to find Marigold and the 2nd place guy in the same predicament, the cause was a herd of cows standing in front of the gate with the route arrow on it, a bit of cow shooing ensued and we were momentarily running a group before the two leaders started to pull away again. I then lost touch with 3rd place going up the second major climb of the day, to compound things I started getting worrying twinges from my right ankle. Worried about a potential DNF I eased up a bit and tried adjusting my gait  to alleviate the problem. Thankfully it eventually passed, but I did have an escape route at 22M which would have come in handy if it hadn't.... At this point I was just in 'long traring run' mode, no pressure to catch 3rd place (still in sight) and just get to the finish. Last climb up to Salisbury race course actually felt good and I was glad to turn down hill at mile 24 for the run home. The last 6 miles are flat tarmac, but before that we had the entertainment of some low hay hurdles, where wheat had been harvested and the straw left in tall piles across the race route! Getting on to the road at Wilton (of carpet fame) I could see 3rd ahead of me, but my legs were starting to hurt pretty badly, so I wasn't trying to catch him. Never the less I slowly reeled him in and then nipped past as he stopped for a drink. It was then just head down and get on to the finish, the pace was decent on the road (comfortably sub-7 miling), but my legs were struggling with fatigue. The energy levels were good (thank you gels!) and with a few miles to good 2nd place came into view. Given that only a couple of miles earlier I had been told that 2nd was 7mins

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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 19:21

Jools - Sadly only bling was reserved for first place in each race! But Marigold worked hard and deserved it, considering how bad his legs were post finish....

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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 16:15

ON7 - good effort given the speed killing wind that's blowing today 

RS & CW - Hope the niggles come to nought, love the wild camping in the Lakes btw CW

Lev - I concur with the other comments re letting the legs have a break, my approach is similar, do something else for a few days with lower intensity to give the muscles/CV system time to adapt to your recent training load

 Jools - Nicely done to nap 2nd Lady in the 10k

Brief summary of my weekend (proper race report to follow later), did parkrun yesterday (18:22 1st place), which showed that my legs need some serious speed work (but I was quite carb depleted, pre loading for today's 50k). Salisbury 50k went very well today, but was tough. Game plan changed slightly when Marigold rocked up for a training run, but overall very pleased with 2nd overall in 3:35ish (6:54/M). Now lying in the garden hammock with compression socks with sore legs!

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Posted: 08/08/2014 at 09:59

Morning all, 

Dan - One word, Cool. Ironically I used to revel in that kind of landscape on two wheels (chair lift up, point front wheel downhill and try not touch the brakes too much...). The though of tackling big mountains on two legs would have filled me with dread, now I find myself very drawn to the idea  Awesome running in the mountains

DrDave - Belated Happy Birthday! Quality MP/speed session, which club did you do it with?

RS - That's a solid 10k time off little speed training, guess your leg strength is sh*t hot though from the fells, a great threshold session bagged.

TR - I went through the whole switching to bi-lateral breathing while trying not to drown malarkey, I found that breathing one sided gave me neck ache, so if I wanted to swim and sort of reasonable distance I had to learn to breathe both sides. Hope your swim training pays dividends, the coach sounds like they know their stuff

PP - Good going with the big volume and quality combo on Tuesday

SL - Glad the heart beat anomaly isn't cause for concern

Tmoth - Good job banking the full-distance long run

I raced the penultimate round of the local club XC series on Wednesday night, which turned out to be a decent run. Managed 10th place averaging 6:07/M for 4.4M, got out kicked for 9th place in the final 100m though  But my legs felt nice and strong for a change... Just 6.5M steady yesterday and an hour & 1/4 of core/roller/stretches this morning. Going to give the legs a little spruce up at Parkrun tomorrow before 50k of trails and road on Sunday in whatcould be interesting weather conditions!



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Posted: 05/08/2014 at 14:27

Tmoth - I wouldn't worry about this morning's run too much, given it's your first 'MP' type session in a while I think you nailed it pretty darn well. Will be a good one to come back too in a month or so to see if you've improved. The table on Marigold's site (here) has 5 of the MP workouts as a block on Wednesdays. The 4x15min and 4x18min sessions are good, but not a lot of fun on your own.... Which ultra are you targeting in September?

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Posted: 05/08/2014 at 09:51

Bains - That's a very solid 400s workout!

Tmoth - Your session sounds about right, the approach of going out fairly measured on the first rep and then trying to get progressively a bit quicker for each is good. I'd do that or aim to do all of them a bit faster that MP (between MP and HMP, but closer to MP!). Good effort, remind me what (planned) MP is for you? PS the more recent version of that BAC workout adds extra 6 and 3min reps, just to ensure your legs are totally trashed by the end 

Padams - Fingers crossed you leg is on the mend

TT - Have a good break, guessing it will be warm running in Cuba...

Good MOT with the sports massage last night. Calves actually not too bad in the end (result of plenty of roller/tennis ball work). But hammies and glutes had a fair amount of tightness, so they needed a bit of work and stretching before the weekend

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