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Posted: 18/01/2016 at 14:08

TT - Yes I did get the Squires training info from you, may well revisit it a little later on in the campaign. The focus as the moment is elevating my general fitness levels. Well run in two XC races at the weekend, I would have had jelly legs for the second if I tried that  Great to read your blog about getting back into it again.

PP - Highly solid 400's track session

Long run roll-call - JoolsCDDanACW (of course, with speed, hills, the works!) and Wardi (with a decent HM thrown in)

RyanS - Nicely run at Stubbington, that had been my plan (5M/Race/5-7M) and I should have been there but couldn't make it on the morning due to our 4 month old daughter being up all night coughing (not been well for the best part of 4 weeks), so we were off to the out of hours GP instead.

Bains - Good work in your XC, great sounding winter 'long run' too.

Dachs - That was a tasty 10@MP last week, you're be out of sight within a mile at Wokingham I reckon! Well run at the XC too.

Did a second MLR with 70 mins Sub-LT of week last Friday, bit fresher than Tuesday's attempt so came in about the same pace (6:43/M) but 5bpm lower HR. 15.4M in total. As previously mentioned family medical matters meant no racing for me on Sunday. I did however manage to get out later (once things were sorted out) for 12M of easy to steady (6:46/M) with the last mile hard (5:48/M). Ticked off 91M for the week.

Much the same this week with similar MLR inc 70mins steady on Tuesday & Friday and the rest easy. I've also got Vo2Max & Lactate Threshold testing on Thursday afternoon, never had it done so it'll be interesting to see what results I get.

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Posted: 14/01/2016 at 09:26

TT - Been following your DIY exploits on Facebook, looks like a real mission! That's a niffy tempo run last night. how long and what volume of 10k paced efforts out of interest?

CJeff - +40degC? Ouch. Kudos just for going out in that!

An hour strength & conditioning work in the gym early am for me and then 8-10M easy at lunch, hoping the beautiful clear blue skies hang around until then...

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 13/01/2016 at 21:41

My effort on Tuesday's 70min effort was a touch high for me (163 av HR vs the target 155-160). The aim was to be sub-LT for the duration and my legs felt pretty good still at the end, so probably didn't exceed the required intensity. The Royal Victoria park loops probably didn't help with a couple of hills to negotiate on each of the 4 laps. Gonna try it again solo Friday morning.

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Posted: 13/01/2016 at 21:32

Jools - Good effort on the off-road k reps and and a very pleasant sounding MLR!

Dachs - Top work on the county bling and vest, are you Wokinghaming this year?

Wardi - Great bit of racing in the middle of a MLR, the flooding has been a much lesser inconvenience down south but still can catch you out - my easy run this evening gained an extra mile when I got to an underpass which looked more like a swimming pool...

Padams - Congrats on the XC team prize

Bains - good job getting through the club rep sesh and a nice LT run too.

Coro - Have you done the mega commute run yet? My longest work runs have been 31 & 32 miles (one in each of the previous 2 years in prep for a summer 50k trial race)

Decent week so far, 10+5 Easy Monday, then 14 inc 70min Sub-LT (HR155-160) and 4M recovery on Tuesday and another 10+5 Easy today. The Sub-LT section on Tuesday was probably a little hard owing to a combination of 4 x hilly/windy park laps which made up the bulk of the effort. I also had the company of a, fitter, run partner (occasional forumite, Scott Edgington) who pushed me on a bit! av heart for the 70mins came out as 163, so definitely on the high side. Planning to repeat the run on Friday morning solo, so it will be interesting to see the comparison.

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Posted: 11/01/2016 at 10:30

I had a reasonable training stretch through the autumn, I adopted an easy only/aerobic improvement approach (a la John Hadd), with no session/speed, and bagged some decent times at the Lordshill 10 (57:06) and Gosport Half (75:51). Then got a nasty chest virus at the start of December which hit my fitness pretty hard. I had recovered enough to run the Christchurch Christmas 10k (34:28) mid Dec, but the heart rate data told me that I'd been set back . Carried on the easy running over Christmas/NY so I'm hoping to start to see a return in the next few weeks. 

London training kicked off last week with 95M@7:21/M including the Hants XC Champs (44th 6:59/M). In a bid to break the habit of 3 x 2:33-ish of the last couple of years, I'm changing marathon training approach to generally easy/decent volume (85-100M/wk) with a couple of sub-lactate threshold runs per week to start with. It seems to be working well before I got ill, so the plan is to continue that up to the Wokingham Half then decide how to tackle the 2 months leading up to London. I'll be running the Stubbington 10k this weekend, is anyone else?

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Posted: 11/01/2016 at 10:16

(Belated) Happy New Year to all . Not been on here much in recent months, my last post was 1st Oct! Managed an occasional catch up read, so I've got a the general jist of what's been going on... (following people on Strava etc. helps!). Stand out runs definitely include Ryan S at Pisa - awesome finish line celebrations! Nice marathons from Jimbob and Selbs at Florence, CW around Snowdonia (Happy Birthday btw ), ES at NYC and crazy off-road running from SL and Dan. Lots of quality county XC racing going on the weekend past congrats on the bling, CC2PP and good placing Padams

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Posted: 01/10/2015 at 08:53

SC – Apologies I missed your excellent result from Berlin, great effort… surely there’ll be another in the future 

RaceJase – That was a top top class run, I was really interested to see what you would do at the weekend after reading your blog and keeping an eye on Strava for the last few months. I’m prone to stitches in the later stages of marathons too, but usually feel the onset and use deep breathing technique to try to nip it in the bud. Pace inevitably drops while doing so (partly as the breathing rate drops & hence lowers O2 transport rate to muscles I assume), but the slowdown is nowhere near as bad compared to if I let the stitch develop. I also get he feeling with me that stitches can be a sign that I’m pushing too hard (quite often associated with HR elevated above expected race levels)

Jools – Ah the inverse warmup/race effect, when you feel rubbish in warm up have a great race or feel wonderful warming up and the have legs of lead as soon as the gun goes…. Well done on the surprise Bubka

Bufo – Sounding silly rapid as usual, any ideas of a tergat for Frankfurt?

Piscator – Thanks, it’s amazing what the sight of a club mate slowly getting closer can do to your motivation in the late stages of a race (the wind behind helped too!). Nice tempo  session and monthly stats.

Not much from me this week so far, a quad muscle (Right medial just above the knee, likely Gracilis) did something funny towards the end of an easy 6M on Monday and I think I’ve strained it slightly. So mostly cross trainer (with more effort than usual) since, although a lunchtime easy 3M yesterday showed that the strain is recovering well.

September Stats

Miles: 249

Av Pace 7:04/M

Races: 1

Parkruns(parkwon) : 1 (1)

Babies born : 1

Rest Days : 5

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Posted: 30/09/2015 at 09:25

I had a reasonable run at the Solent half on Sunday, which was also my club’s half champs. Conditions were close to ideal with only an easterly breeze to contend with on a few sections of the course. The first three miles were a pleasant leg out through Blackfield and on to the Forest, with the wind behind but a few undulations. Slightly unexpected were the groups of galloping horses crossing the road amongst the runners; they had seemingly heard the call from a drift (annual Forest roundup) happening nearby and caused a few interesting moments as I tried to judge if they would be pass in front or behind me...

The turn down to Exbury at mile 3 put the course back into the wind, which made the next mile or so harder work, before entering the trees and gaining a bit of relief from the wind and sun. I was happily pacing along at marathon heart rate at this point, it being the first half I’d done in a while; I didn’t want to over-do it early on.

Company from a Portsmouth Jogger kept the pace up as we past Exbury Gardens and headed down to Lepe Beach. Shortly before the coast two became three as we caught an Overton Harrier and we traded places for a couple of miles. Then just before reaching the Solent, at around eight miles, a fellow club member blew past and rapidly opened up a gap. Suddenly a measured fitness effort became a full on race for the club half championship honours! He put a considerable amount of air between us and passed another Overton Harrier in the process. I upped the effort level but couldn’t seem to close the gap over the next few miles. Going up the last big incline my club mate looked to be maintaining his advantage and I feared he had it in the bag. Then as we made the left turn on to the main road back towards the finish between miles 11 & 12, I sensed the gap might be shrinking. So with the wind behind I put the hammer down as much as I could muster. Thankfully there was something in reserve as my last three mile splits were 5:59/5:50/5:44, but it took a lot of effort to catch up to Frank and I wasn’t sure if I’d have the strength to push on past. At the final short rise up to the road home I made the move and snuck by, keeping the pressure on all the way to the turning into the finish straight. The final sprint across the grass to the finish line was eyes-out, but I held on to finish 10th overall in 1:18:18.

I’d been aiming for sub-6 pace, so hit that pretty much bang on. Another nice bit of club glassware to add to the collection too 

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Posted: 30/09/2015 at 09:24

Lev – A stunning time at Berlin off so little run volume, but maybe now you need to focus on your strength aspects? I think there comes a point in a lot of developing runners  when you need to tackle your weaknesses head on (and maybe at the temporary disregard of current competitiveness)

PP – An awesome marathon from you, it’s great to hear that you were happy to get to the finishing line well inside your PB and not lamenting missing the 2:30 mark (I know I’d be mightily disappointed!). The after-race drinking exploits sounded top notch too 

Muss – Bloody well run mate, a 4 min PB is a sizable improvement

Jock – Loved the race report, an excellent effort off little preparation

MrBoat – Excellent work bagging the VLM posh bogs qualifier

ES – That half sounded like the perfect MP training run, a bit competitive company (but not too much so) and you effectively got paid to do it! Good work

CW – A quality (lumpy) training marathon at the weekend. Sounds ideal prep for Snowdonia

Bains – Good to hear you’re on the come back trail

SL – Shame to here you’re benched. Like the enthusiasm for more MB pain!

Ryan – Good luck for Mablethorpe at the weekend, trust in the taper!

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Posted: 24/09/2015 at 09:06

Selbs - X post, I was wondering where you had got to as I did my latest read back... Hope you can get fit enough for Florence. The MTB trip sounded awesome, Moab's one of those places which looks surreal for riding!

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