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Posted: 25/09/2014 at 20:28

Off to Canada on Saturday until Friday for work, so training will be taking a slightly colder aspect for most of the week... I was checking possible routes in and around Calgary when I realised it's at quite a decent altitude (1000m), but probably not high enough/long enough trip to get any positive training adaptations though!

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Posted: 25/09/2014 at 20:04

Ticktock - I'm long running on Saturday (due to a long haul flight Saturday afternoon), the plan is 24-25 with 3x5ish km MP/hard, the middle of which will be Parkrun.... following weekend is my final long run, which is going to be a (very) controlled long run at the Bournemouth marathon, something along the lines of halfway in 1:30, 7M around 6:20's and then the final 6 or so at MP. This is far from conventional marathon training I admit!!!! But I hope plays to my slow-twitch/endurance bias. Sorry for the poor memory, what's your target for Abo?

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Posted: 25/09/2014 at 19:56

As Lev allued to yesterday I had a bit of storming double MP session yesterday, a repeat of the 2x (6M Easy/6M MP) I did a couple of weeks ago. The previous one had MP section averages of 6:06/m (AM) and 6:03/M (PM). Fast forward to yesterday and the morning run (6:00am start) had a very pleasing MP average of 5:46/M (inc final mile in 5:35) on a mixed gradient/wind road route. For the afternoon I decided to do the MP on the track, partially because I needed somewhere near enough to work with the space for 6M relatively flat route, but also because it was a bit more breezy than the morning. The Southampton track was booked up, so I headed down the M27 to the land of TR/Toro to use the Mountbatten centre track in north Portsmouth. First time doing 25 laps solo, so i wasn't sure what to expect. Decided to not trust GPS pace and go on lap splits, so aimed for around 1:26 (5:45ish pace). After the c.6M 'warm up' I set to work, the planned pace felt good, there was a bit of head wind on the back straight, but it wasn't too bad. Had some lap counting issues, so ended up doing 26 (6.4M) by mistake and the Garmin was over-reading the pace (laps were logging as 0.26M) as well. Managed to stick to the planned lap splits, it got a bit tough about a about 3/4, but with 6 or so to go I did get the laps down around 82-84s. Ended up averaging 5:44/M in the end which was awesome . A few miles cool down gave a total of 30.3M@av6:22/M for the day.

I looked back to pre-Frankfurt 2013 and I did the same session 2.5wks before race day, then I got MP averages of 5:48 & 5:47/M, so could maybe in better shape than back then, with an extra week in hand....

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Posted: 25/09/2014 at 19:27

Evenin' all, some top quality relay legging last weekend many including Padams, Dachs and Bains. Particularly impressed by TT's team-player dedication and the bad-ass double duo of Mr & Mrs PP!

Selbs - Take the positives of what you've done lately, it will come good! Great o get out running whislt on hols, I didn't on a recent 5 day wedding trip to Italy and paid for it the week after, my legs just didn't want to know... Definitely gaining confidence for Abingdon, but 2:30 is probably still a little out of reach I think (VLM15, VLM15....)

Lev - All on course by the sound of things, it's all in the bank now, just got to execute on Sunday morning. The niggle will be gone on the start line 

PP - Likewise, primed and ready! Can't wait to see what you can do in your current great form

RS - Doing well, a nice Parkrun/Fell race double day, not seen that one before! Quite a mix of training effects there

Dan - I've signed up for pacing duties

Bains - That was a quality mixed pace run the other night and some good mile reps

CW - Nippy 10miler, shame about the on-off running schedule due to work.

Toro - Didn't want to miss you out! Good luck for Berlin, you're in equally good shape to the others.

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Posted: 22/09/2014 at 08:50

Wardi - Top notch pacing, great to see you going comfortably(?) sub-20

Jools - Yup it was definitely you then, the avatar helps too! Will say hi next time.

Padams - I didn't quite know what I was capable of yesterday, with the recent return to a good spell of training post injury I was thinking it could have been anything up to 79mins...The pace target was a bit arbitrary (but it gave the two of us something to focus on), I was going on manual mile splits with no average/real-time pace data on my Garmin, so I could focus on the effort. Definitely seem to be tending upwards performance wise currently!

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Posted: 21/09/2014 at 22:00

Jools - Superb PB, I think I briefly caught sight of you, going in the opposite direction, whilst keeping my legs ticking over just before the start.

On7 - That's a great podium and 10M time on a bumpy course

Ticktock - Nice Parkrun/Long run weekend double

TR - Looking forward to hearing more from today's race, glad you seemed to have had at least a reasonable day out given your recent run of troubles (surf-board related)

Jimbob - Good going at Reigate, got a target in mind for Abingdon?

Padams - Top relaying

CW - Well done for getting the Long run done, at least running fatigue was the reason for easing back and not the lack of sleep...

Had a very decent day out at Bristol this morning, started with an easy 8M in from the park and ride and then out/back along the Portway. The plan for the race was target (Abo) marathon pace, around 5:45-5:50. Didn't have a HRM on, but the effort was a bit above MP at times... Gave Marders a shout around 4M as he sped by solo in the other direction. Had a few mental arguments with myself when the legs started complaining in the first half, but was generally able to win over and things settled down nicely past the half way point. I was a great help having a running mate to hang on to when things got a little tough, though I lost them around 9.5M. The last few miles are pretty twisty (quite reminiscent of Frankfurt!) which resulted in a slower mile or two. Crossed the line in 75:49 for 32nd place nicely averaging 5:45/M. Chuffed with the pace as I could only muster 0.5M at that speed in the previous Wednesday's session! Finished off with a 3.75M cool down back to the car for 25M overall and a second 100M week (except hopefully this week I've got the recovery right....)

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Posted: 20/09/2014 at 20:26

As requested by TT I've dug out what I think is the latest version of the autumn marathon list I could find... (updated to best of my memory too)

Berlin 28th Sept  



Bournemouth 5th Oct

Al_P (long training run)

Kona 11th Oct  

Budapest 12th Oct 
SL ?

Abingdon 19th Oct  
The Jimbob  

Al_P (A race)

Amsterdam 19th Oct 

Frankfurt 26th Oct  


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Posted: 20/09/2014 at 20:23

TR - You beat me by 45mins! I'll give you a toot as I drive past on the way out past Ringwood 


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Posted: 20/09/2014 at 20:14

Toro - I've been a long term user of Falke RU5 lightweight socks for racing (and training now I have few pairs of increasing age) They have a very smooth seamless finish and are shaped for L/R feet. Never had any blister issues with them. Not cheap in this country and tricky to find, but since they are a Germanic brand they can usually be found certain big city marathon expos for less 

TT - Good set of K reps despite the dodgy knee, assuming that the opposite way around the track wasn't an option then...

another 40mins easy, with the minimal Garmin data, with a few strides at the end for me today. Got a very early start to get to Bristol in the morning! Plan is to do easy 8M then start race at around 5:45-5:50 pace and see how it goes...

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Posted: 19/09/2014 at 21:37

Dachs- That was a pretty nifty coro 10 the other day!

TT- Hope your knee clears up quickly.

TR- Good luck for the race this weekend

Great taper training from the Berliners (PP, Lev, Toro)

My Wednesday session wasn't brilliant unfortunately, but not terrible. My legs had very little zip from the start of the first 25 min rep, just managing sub 6min pace. The 4x5 min reps hovered around 5:45-5:45/M and I nearly binned it completely, but stuck at it for the second 25 min, which was a fairly disappointing 6:10/M. Overall 20M @6:40/M Realised that I was likely very fatigued from the previous weeks increased mileage, my legs just refused to go... So sticking strictly to easy running up to Bristol on Sunday, today's 5.75M was done with my Garmin set to only show the time and no auto lap, no looking at paces until afterwards! Feeling much better today. So fingers crossed my legs will be back in the game come Sunday.

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