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Posted: 27/03/2015 at 09:38

Finally got a chance to get back on here  Some nice training going on, SL sounds in very fine fettle, PP is motoring (and Mrs PP!) and CW going well too...

Not a lot of space on the bench at the moment it would seem, my bottom is currently hovering over it but hopefully I can avoid the full seated position.... Hope all those with injury woes improve soon.

I've not had a great couple of weeks, post Bath HM I had a decent run at the Salisbury 10 (quick hello to TR just before the start) doing 57:28 - technically a 10M PB but a soft one - as part of a 22M long run. The following Weds BAC session (20min/5x4min/20min) was a lack-lustre solo effort around a windy house estate while away from work. The following weekend I planned a long run around the local parkrun, legs didn't really kick in until 11M or so, parkrun was a bit so-so (hilly course) but things improved after that and I finished off doing a 2:58 full distance run. Next BAC session was reasonable doing 24'(5:43)/18'(5:51)/12'(5:50)/6'(5:41)/3'(5:36), the first rep was too fast and the subsequent two suffered as a result! 

Eastleigh 10k was rubbish, I suffered from I think Padams(?) has described as the "inverse warmup effect", I felt great warming up doing strides etc... then when the gun went off my legs flatly refused to cooperate . Struggled round in 34:40ish, which was slower than HM pace from Bath...

This week started ok, but only a mile into Weds BAC session (4x16mins) I got a major stop in my tracks pain on the inside of my left knee, any attempt to restart jogging resulted in it coming straight back so I resigned to a lonely (and cold) 2 mile walk back to the car... no pain when walking and I did a 4M progressive test on the treadmill the next morning with no problems, but a 6M easy run on the road later showed the problem was still there.

I'm guessing it's something to do with knee stabilisation as I did 10M on the treadmill with 10x1min fast/1min easy this morning with zero problems. Thinking it stems from the tendon insertion on the Pes Anserinus (3 muscle tendons insert there), just need to work out which one is causing the problem and then where the root cause to the physio later to get it assessed.

 Sorry for the me catch up post!

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Posted: 22/03/2015 at 06:21

(Early) Morning All, another slightly prolonged absence from these parts from me die to work travels (to Grantham!). I've finally managed to catch back up with goings on...

Huge congratulations to Dan for finally breaking the sub 2:45 jinx, your report opitomises the grit and tenacity required in marathon running! Awesome run for JAP too and very impressing with Wardi given the curtailed build up 

Sorry to hear so many are loitering on the bench, really hope the various ailments and injuries clear up rapidly 

Early start here for the Eastleigh 10k, so might bump into PP, who sounds like he's in cracking form. Not sure what I'll manage, but will have a shot at my PB (33:27) and see...


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Posted: 01/03/2015 at 17:47

So a little more detail on today's race. Didn't do much warm up running before hand, due to lack of space and the start (weren't allowed to use the start/finish straight) and chatting to PP/DrDave and other non-fredders. Spied a bearded Marders lining up at the front too.

The plan was to go out at c.5:35 pace and see how it felt...

mile 1 (5:33) - Slight downhill & usual rush off the line at the front, but felt ok breathing/effort wise, waiting to see how the next few go!

mile 2 (5:32) - Comfortable despite the short rise up to Queens Sq, in a decent group at this point and opt to stick in behind them as we head out west into the wind

Mile 3 (5:36) - Into the wind and undulating, I edged in front of the group before mile 4 as I felt I was well within the limits effort wise

Mile 4 - (5:30) - End of mile 5 was the hardest point (done twice!) upwards rise and dead into the wind, pleasing mile split considering. Still had the famous red shorts in sight a few hundred yards up the road at this point

Mile 5 (5:32) - Turned downwind and motoring on the flat, feeling strong and smooth, but wondering what might be left in the tank come the second lap...

Mile 6 (5:26) - Not at half way yet but feeling good considering the pace! Largely running alone by this point

Mile 7 (5:32) - Starting to think this is likely to work out fairly well, should be on for a PB unless things fall apart badly

Mile 8 (5:39) - 2nd time up into Queens Sq was hard, working hard into the wind again

Mile 9 (5:41) - Tough. Starting to think that at least I'm likely to get a 10M PB, if the last 3 go wrong...

Mile 10 (5:40) - 10M in 55:30ish, middle of the mile was a battle, but once going downwind It gets better

Mile 11 (5:30) - A following wind and slurp of lucozade and it's game on again!

Mile 12 (5:28) - Counting down the miles, hard work now but decent pace still

Mile 13 (5:34) - Gritting teeth for the last full mile, including a nasty little rise up to the final turn and a 200yrd finish straight dash bang into the wind. Still squeezed out 5:0x pace as the clock ticked towards 1:14. Watch made it 1:13:35, not sure of position yet (c20-30th I would think)

overall pretty happy with the result and to run 13M solid sub 2:30 Marathon pace....

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Posted: 01/03/2015 at 17:01

Padams - Awesome work to win the race, mile 11 was flipping quick even if it was downhill! 

Selbs - Glad to hear the calf isn't too bad and you got the long run in.

Jools - Well run regardless, I agree it was a tough day if your legs weren't quite at the party...

CW - Good decision on keeping the run today shorter and to the point another 5+ miles wouldn't bring you any benefits for next Sunday.

Welcome back Bufo (quick as ever!), OS and LukeStur (well run today at Bath)

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Posted: 01/03/2015 at 13:16
Quick check in from Bath, unofficial time of 73:34, so PB by 30secs or so, very chuffed! Felt strong despite wind and lack of company in a lot of parts of the course. Great to meet up and chat with PP and DrDave, some great times being set down

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Posted: 01/03/2015 at 09:23

More healing vibes to CC2, ES and Selbs.

Bains, injuries are funny things, keep working at it and try different stretches to getto the bottom of it. I've spent a faiR bit of time in the past looking up bits of anatomy ( got a great 3D visualisation app on the iPad for it!) trying to track down the real root cause of a niggle/injury, I think I've often had as much success diagnosing a problem as the physio with the self-assessment approach (and it's a lot cheaper )

Happy birthday TickTock!

Quality long runs from TR, CD (nice distanceand TippTop (nice pace)

Feb Stats - 374M, av. Pace 7:03/M, 4 Rest Days

Having possibly the most relaxing pre-race start I've ever had this morning... Staying in Bath about a 2min jog from the start/finish area with an 11am start time. Went out for a 15min shakeout jog at half 7, then breakfast and now sat twiddling thumbs! Weather looking ok, but definitely on the breezy side... Will report back on the other side, Good luck to everyone racing this morning if I don't see you at some point in the proceedings.


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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 08:56

I'd freely admit that I'm a probably a bit over the top w.r.t gel quality in a A race marathon (one every 5k or so), but I can stomach it easily and feel reluctant to reduce to number only then to find out it does make a difference for me!

PP - I think keeping up with you over the full distance might be tricky on Sunday given those mile paces . I'm attempting to cajole a group together to help combat the likely windy conditions, the approach worked very nicely at Abingdon back in the autumn...

Might be better off tucking in behind Padams though, probably going to be the fastest broad shoulders in the pack 


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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 15:18

Greats thanks for the tip Jools  We're staying in Bath Sat/Sun night (mini break for Mrs Al P too!), the hotel is just of the course no more than a mile from the start, so can jog from there and down the start/finish straight and avoid the 'runners village' melee I hope....

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 14:59


Congrats to Tmap on getting (re)hitched. TT It's a very sound looking plan, I was wondering where the Kenya bit fitted in when you first posted, now it makes sense that that's the hilly phase! A nice mid-week LR from Ryan and nice clogs RS . A decent MLR run CW, but definitely watch the volume vs quality balance, it's something that has been affecting my speed lately too I think, so I'm probably going to trim the weekly miles back a bit post Bath.

PP  - That long surge run formula looks nasty, think you would need to be on the track to manage the fast part! We might have a bit of a 5:35ish train steaming up for at least the first few miles of  Bath if you want to hop on... btw do you know what it's like getting into the start pen (got a white number), do you need to be in there early to get a clean start or can you nip in with 10-15mins before the gun?

On the subject of doing long runs well-fuelled or non-fuelled, it does depend on what you want out of it. For example I did Bramley 20 as a training run but with race fuelling, so breakfast 3hrs before the start, a bottle of sports drink on the way in the car and then 3 gels (one after each of the 3M MP intervals I was doing) in the race. No way I would have wanted to attempt that one without the fuel, it was all about hitting the pace.

5M Easy + 4M Easy w. 6x30 strides today, felt a bit harder than normal, but then again I'm on a bit of low-carb drive to drop a few un-needed lbs before the weekend so that would be expected. Rest day tomorrow (with a core sesh in the gym).

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Posted: 25/02/2015 at 14:50

T Muss - I would think that given your relatively short running career there will be plenty of scope to build the aerobic house (some coaches claim it can take up to 10 years to fully optimise!).

I'm definitely in the longer is better camp for long runs, one approached used by other (championed by Marigold) is to reduce the weekly plan to a single hard marathon pace session on Weds and a long run on Sunday (which may be structured around a 10M/HM race done as a training run), every else is just easy easy mileage. That sort of plan usually kicks in around 10 wks out from race day.

You mention Renata Canova's style of session, I've used these very successfully on a couple of previous marathon campaigns (snuck one in in early Jan this year too, 10M Easy then 10x0.5M@MP off 3mins easy/1min steady). A particular favorite is 6M Easy + 6M MP done in the morning and repeated in the evening (the "marathon specific block" in Canova's plans)

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