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Posted: 25/10/2016 at 10:27

SL - Fantastic win at Chelmsford, love the photo with the oversized finish tape on FB!

I'm sold on small shorts for racing, although I prefer to colour co-ordinate with my club vest, rather than the more in-you-face look  Although one particular photo's emerged for Sunday which suggests they can reveal a bit too much 

Padams -  Nice Canine-PB

Jooligan - Didn't realise you were still symptomatic from your virus thingy, not wonder Sunday didn't work out.... If I were you I would choose either Parkrun or the fell race this weekend, or even neither and let yourself recover properly! 

5M very easy (65%MaxHR, 8:10m/M) this morning, calves & hamstrings a little sore, but generally all seems pretty much ok.

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Posted: 24/10/2016 at 15:47

Very nicely done by (nearly) all at Abingdon yesterday, but don't worry Jooligan, the crap days sometimes just happen, we've all had them! Welcome to the sub-3 club GBRM   It was good to see LS and Dan (briefly) before the race and Piscator afterwards.

Nice XC win Padams, reminds me of my HM 2nd place a couple of weeks ago, usual depth of field was AWOL then too. Good XCing from Speedy & AlanB too.

So Abingdon turned out pretty well for me all things considered, 4th overall in 2:34:39. Meet up with past fredder DrD pre-race and discussed pacing tactics, since we've got similar PBs and decided to see how things developed at the front of the field before settling into what we felt comfortable with. We led out from the gun and for the first few miles before DrD ramped up the pace a notch I I decided that was going to be a bit hot for me based on heart rate. So I let him a another go. Going through the town around 3-5miles I was in a group of four. A mile later two had started to go on up the road and the other started to drop back and so started a long 20+miles solo effort.... Basically the story of the rest of my race was that I was running aerobically comfortably (sub-marathon av HR), but my legs really didn't want to crank the speed up. Probably not helped by being on my own, but also due to the lack of harder effort running in the build up. Managed to nab a place back around mile 18, but other than that was a minute or so down on 3rd by the end. Happy with the result ultimately given the low state of fitness 3 months back and hopefully haven't trashed my legs much (feel just a bit sore/stiff today), so can build on the good aerobic base. 

Was very happy for DrD though who had a great day given the injury issues he's been trying to get on top of the past 12-18 months 

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Posted: 22/10/2016 at 15:08

Cheers TT & ES, Can't believe the BM half sells out that fast LMH!! Tried a beer gel during my quick pre-race 4M leg loosener this morning. It was surprisingly palatable, distinctly 'ale-y' but quite a high level of sweetness (possibly to overcome the inherent sourness of the beer?), so I'm not sure I'd want more than a couple in a row! 

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Posted: 21/10/2016 at 15:20

PP - Sadly there aren't any plans to do some 'stronger' varieties... going to give one a try on my final short run tomorrow morning, if it tastes any good I'm tempted with a couple for Sunday

Jools - I've been looking forward to prioritizing my post race recovery for weeks now...only 2 days to go until I can get on it 

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Posted: 21/10/2016 at 13:24

Ps got race nutrition sorted


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Posted: 21/10/2016 at 13:15

Afternoon All, been lurking for a while but thought it was time to stick my head up again to say hi! Some great autumn mara-funing been going on by all accounts, hat-tip to CW for the York PB, a great time from RS on a lumpy course in Jersey and great efforts from Jools and ES in Chicago . Nice to see PP back on here again and gearing up for a proper VLM campaign (2:30 train?). Commiserations to those occupying the bench (LMH) and a very belated cograts to Padams on the arrival of the mini edition. 

I'm gearing up for Abingdon on Sunday, training has gone reasonably well after hitting a likely all time low mid-summer (work travel related). I've managed to string together an injury free 10-12wks since, of nearly all easy running, with a run of 6 weeks at 100-110M/wk. Seems to have worked as I've gone from a career worst 1:27ish for a pretty flat trail half in Canada back in July to a highly unexpected 75:15 at the Solent Half a couple of weeks ago (2nd overall and £50 voucher to boot!).

So feeling cautiously optimistic about Abo now, given the shortish build up (and starting fitness) I doubt it will be stella, but a marginal PB (Abo 2014 2:32:51) might be on the cards. Dan & Pisc, I'll look out for you, I'll be a Green/White New Forest Runners vest, if I don't see you before hand, good luck!

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Posted: 12/08/2016 at 10:56

Morning all (if there's anyone about, been very quiet for a few days!). Significant AWOL period in these parts from me, due to 7 weeks of work travel and hols. Nice to see LS back on again and going pretty well considering your recent run of injury issues. Hope marathon training is going well for the likes of TTWardi and Joolska (sorry not had time to fully catch up with all the goings-on). Hoping all is well in the Padams household too.

Think I managed about 4 days at home in total amongst all my travels... Upside was that I got to go running in a nice range of places including Edmonton, Calgary, St John's Newfoundland, Isle of Man, Wick (Caithness) and Cornwall. Downside was that my fitness has plummeted, not entirely sure why, I was reasonably consistent with my running and it was all pretty much easy stuff (apart from the odd bonkers football stadium stairs session in Edmonton - Quads did not enjoy). Culminated in a fun trail half in Edmonton, but not my best race by a very long way, only came 4th overall after two guys in front missed a turn and went 4k out their way!

Back home and back on it properly now, I'm in for Abo on 23rd Oct so had 12 weeks to get into some sort of marathon running shape since returning to normality. Plan is 4wks or so of just easy building mileage with the odd hill effort thrown in running around the New Forest. Then I'll add in a couple of medium long steady runs in a week (a la Hadd's approach) to work on raising my LT. This method seemed to work well in the run up to London this year, but was scuppered by a pair of silly injuries (1x icy root slippage & 1x stubborn insistence on completing a long run). So my aim is to get through to Abo injury-free. Supplementing the training with 2xwk gym strength & conditioning as well as 2x20 single leg squats twice a day to try to fend off niggles (and looking out for malicious tree roots!)

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 05/08/2016 at 13:47

Scott (E)  - I've seen some pretty impressive come-backs from what seemed like running career ending problems!

I took a big hit in fitness post-VLM, as I usually do, and just took it easy until I started to see things improving. That started happening around early June, but then went awry possibly in part due to a virus that my kids got. From mid June onwards it gets tricky to follow exact what happens as I'm travelling loads, running is moderately consistent, but with quite a lot more elevation gain than I'm use to. For the sake of not wanting to bugger myself up with injury I chilled out and enjoyed the running (mostly early am, not great for me). Then through July my training got more gappy and in the end I sacked off running for most of a family camping holiday in Cornwall and just accepted that I would start afresh on my return to more normal everyday life!

Scott (P) - You're going exceptional well right now, the gap between us at a 5k would be a gulf!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 09:29
Hi mate saw your post on Facebook yesterday, so came on here to catch up with what's been happening. Sounds like a pretty bad state of affairs and I feel for you. But maybe this needs a much longer term outlook than just measuring in weeks off? By giving your body time proper to recuperate and strengthening the specific weaknesses, you could well be back in action.
Although no where near as bad a situation as your's, I've not been loving my running recently, all the work travel/poor diet seems to have played havoc with my fitness and there might be other underlaying reasons (since my fitness has plummeted despite running reasonably consistently over the past 6 weeks). But time was put in perspective for me this morning listening to an interview with Aussie Scott Westcott on Marathon. At the age 41 He's finally been selected for the Rio Olympic team as a marathoner after 20 years of trying. Good things come to those who

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Posted: 27/04/2016 at 14:56

CD - Good work by CD Jnr, nice medal haul!

CW - Photographic evidence below capturing my momentary annoyance at being unsuspectingly out-kicked to the line by the red flash of Reading RR...


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