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Possible overtraining, poor marathon performance and want to race again

Posted: Yesterday at 20:15

Reading that I'd suggest not doing a Marathon in June. The summer is not ideal for marathon pbs, and you sound tired. Take a break and allow time for some recovery. Maybe focus on shorter distances this year, and target a fast half marathon in the Autumn, then have a proper block of training towards a Spring marathon. Approaching it fresh might be the impetus your training needs

Team GB

Posted: Yesterday at 16:17

Ceal, the "Zatopek Effect" is probably the best example:


Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 14:17

Thanks chaps - some things to consider there.

TippTop wrote (see)

Incidentally, what do you think triggered your tendinosis?


That is up for debate. I currently use Drummond Clinic for any 'ailments'. Once this started up I hobbled to the clinic. First thing was to put me on the treadmill, and they reckoned my left hip was tight, leading to  the right foot getting planted too far in , so putting too much load on the achilles.

The thing is, I was hobbling and on this video analysis I was limping badly. I don't really value its worth. It might just as easily be as a result of overtraining having moved up to 6 to 7 days running per week, and not noticing the signs early enough

Things got no better , and I said I want to turn up to VLM 100% fit, or to pull out now if there was no hope. Some rehab exercises plus reduced running put me into a cycle of reinjury and I pretty much limping through 5 weeks to vlm (exactly what I didn't want, but like a muppet went along with it).

Drummond have been really good in the past, I'm just not convinced the cause and  rehab approach leading up to VLM worked.


Dachs wrote (see)

I think you need to improve your shorter times though,

Yes, I agree, but I tend to treat then like the DIY around the house. It is something I ought to do that will benefit me but have a CNBA attitude that needs a kicking first!


I tend to get all injuries to the right side. Last summer I was on a mission to find a phys / chiro / 'manipulator' to sort me out. Best I found was a nice young lady who offered to manipulate my jaw twice a week for 3 weeks.

50k walk 4 weeks after marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 13:47

You should do at least one long walk, loaded with the gear you are using (back pack, water, shoes etc). It is no different to the marathon mantra "try nothing new on race (er r long walk) day". If everything is tried and tested, then I'd just turn up on the day

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 06:59

Go Gul. That is a pacey Royal flush, with a 1 mile cool down. You are running some great sessions.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 22:19

LB, I used a 20 week Hanson's plan. First time following a schedule and I have to say I 'enjoyed' the first 15 weeks until I came a cropper to injury. I didn't get to see the result. It needs a minimum of 6 days per week which is probably too much commitment for me. Next time (?) I will go back to do my own thing, but will use plenty of the sessions from Hanson's.

Quite a contrast for me compared to last years VLM. The day after I was running on a treadmill in the Asics store. This year I'm hobbling about, and have two dogs extremely miffed with me as their walks have been severely reduced.  


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 21:51

Scott, one thing I would be wary of is using a decent incline on a treadmill, or hills outdoors. That is one thing that will irritate achilles tendinosis if things are not 100%. If you can avoid hillwork for now it will help recovery

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 17:02
Dachs wrote (see)

Maybe the Hanson method might have something to recommend it in my case, shorter but faster..

Sorry to hear it didn't fall into place on the day Dachs. I had 5 weeks to get used to my demise, and set off with a ticking time bomb that blew up on mile 5. Hanson's set me a 2:43 target. 3 hours 19 later I dragged my right leg over the line. Woo hoo.

I got injured in March with a recurrence of achilles tendenosis, 15 weeks into a Hanson's plan. Should have given up then but Gung-Ho the Physio convinced me to persist (I think Samir used him).  I'm not how much I'd attribute injury to overtraining under Hanson's. It is certainly faster than P&D etc, but not all the plans are shorter. There are some big mileage plans published.

Anyway, question for Dachs, Bus, PMJ and the other Thames Valley talent. Any recomendations for a Physio in the Maidenheas/Reading/Wycombe/Slough area. I have to give Gung-ho the elbow - I need to run again.


How do speed settings on treadmills work?

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 13:55

Some treadmills go from Speed Levels 1 to 10. I had the gym modifiy one specially for me with a Speed Level 11 added.  If there are any Spinal Tap fans out there, how fast is Level 11 in mph?

ITBS for over a year

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 12:46

If you have tried everything, then I'm not sure how I can help . Identify the cause / imbalance creating the issue and rehabilitate. I think Screamy may be on to something - that was the route I took.

Lots of srtetching, rest, icing, rollering is fine for easing the pain, but if you don't address the cause you will be asking the same question year after year, 

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