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Maxim Gel

Posted: 13 November 2006
Overall: These are great for even the longest of sessions, resealable lid is good and helps keep the stickiness at bay.

Lucozade Energy Gel

Posted: 13 November 2006
Overall: I use these a lot, they are great for races where only water is provided and as they are just a normal orange flavour they are easy to take without the feeling that you are swallowing wallpaper paste. Small enough to get 5 or 6 in a bottle belt pocket and Boots the Chemist quite often do 3 for 2 on these at 99p each so good value at 66p each. Many people take these wrongly and this makes them gag, with these type of gels you should empty the gel into your mouth and then a sip of water, sloosh it to mix and then swallow.