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Posted: 12/05/2016 at 22:50

Sean, I would love to get more runners rowing - its such pure fitness, but because the technique is so important, a lot of people wouldn't like it.  I swear if I didn't have access to a gym the one piece of equipment I would prioritise obtaining is a rowing machine (ahead of a treadmill).  So good for CV and strength as well - you can't let any part of you go soggy if you want to row well.

Stan, the magic mile is a challenge I;ve set for my followers - a way of getting some speed injected after the spring marathons.

Read more in the blog here: 

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Posted: 12/05/2016 at 18:31

Sense, 2k is quite a tough row if you've not done it before.  Why not start with 3x 500m/ 1 min recovery (its one of the set programs on the concept 2 rowers).  Will be far more achievable, and give you an indication of what sort of pace you can keep up for a 2k (probably about 5-10 seconds slower per 500m.

Then try the 2k in 2-3 weeks once you#ve done the 500s session 2-3 times. 

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Posted: 10/04/2016 at 12:22


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Posted: 08/04/2016 at 18:23

And!  For anyone who's tapering, the checklist in this article might help.

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Posted: 08/04/2016 at 18:22

Hello all,

Thanks for your feedback on the idea of a FB group.  I guess its just the way things are going these days- I'm part of several business focussed groups, and they all rnu on facebook for this very reason.  Like I said in my previous post, I will pop on here throughout April and marathon season.  And then perhaps at the end of April set something up for those who want to keep in touch using FB.  (Although i suspect after marathon season, I wouldn't be quite so busy!!)

Dave - you're welcome.  Sounds like you may have some low grade virus or something, or just out of sorts a bit - I would drink loads of hydration fluids (like nuun or high 5, or even dioralyte) if I were feeling how you describe.

Sense - nice run. Well done!  How's your calf now?  Plenty of dynamic calf stretching and foam rolling and hopefully you'll sort it.

Rich - your gel strategy sounds fine, but If I were you (just because I like to control all I can), I would probably carry one more gel than you think you need (even allowing for the ones on the course), just in case the marshals at one station aren't handing them out qiuck enough or something you hadn't foreseen happened to stop you getting enough energy on board.

Malcs - Good to hear from ya.  Expect you're tapering now.

Sean and RichN - GOOD LUCK IN MANCHESTER.  GM is still doing it, so perhaps you can have a nice pre-event photo for us lot?

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Posted: 03/04/2016 at 11:51

And... didn't realise GM hadn't been on here for so long too!!  Must slap his wrist... all that free coaching that he didn't talk about!!!   Ah well, like others have said, real life has gotten in the way a bit, and I think we're all very excited that he's having a baby (well not him, Mrs GM).

As for me, and Boston Prep- Its not gone well - but business has, and that's really been my primary focus for the first quarter.  Its now become big enough that I can actually live on my income, which is nice, well, its bloody brilliant actually!

Unfortunately, the key workouts I would recommend to help you choose your marathon pace haven't gone as well as planned for me; these were a half marathon, the essex 20 as a progressive 20 miler and a 20 mile run 10m easy/ 10m MP.  The half marathon I blew up at half way and finished in 1:43, 9 minutes outside my pb!  I was expecting 1:38- whilst it was a windy day, it wasn't 5 minutes worth of windy!!

Essex 20, I came back too soon after a cold, and whilst the first 2 laps were run well pace wise, and legs felt great, my lungs were starting to burn as the cold causes my asthma symptoms to really flare up, so I pulled out.

Lastly that 20 miler, I did it on a hilly course since boston has a few of those, and managed the first 5 miles of the marathon pace, but then switched back to easy pace- this was the nail in the coffin for me, and as such have decided to go round boston aiming for 3:40 to 3:45.

Happily, I managed 8x 800m (yasso 800s) quite happily in 3:25 for each rep (and felt I could have gone faster), so its not all bad, but I'm certainly not as fit as I was last year, and whilst I had been unlucky with a cold at the start of March, it really is largely a motivation issue.  I've taken on 5 hours a week more than my limit of personal training clients, and as such, don't have chunks of time long enough to run/strength train and do the parts of my business that need concentrated work, like updating someone's training plan.

But, my taper is going well, and I entered 5 races this week 

The St Albans Half marathon on 12th June (anyone done that?)

And the Cyprus International 4 day challenge, which is toward the end of November (has anyone done that?)

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Posted: 03/04/2016 at 11:41

RichN, I’ve done Dulwich and Brockwell as well, and Peckam Rye.

Brockwell is probably my fave, as I find Dulwich a bit boring, although my 5k pb is set there.


Re: your missed marathon prep - I’m in a similar position coming into Boston, but like Malcs says, I’m not injured.  Ask yourself what’s going to give you the best enjoyment - for me, its taking it 15-20s per mile slower than I think I should be capable of to run a semi decent time and see if I can keep it up in the final stages of the race, rather than the risk of setting off at a pb pace, which I don’t have confidence in, and blowing up at 16 miles (or sooner).

I would probably choose a later marathon to do and sacrifice the cycling event, relying on my endurance to get me through it, even though not cycle fit.


Sean - you asked about ladies/vs mens running shoes… I think asics are the only brand that has a difference between the cushioining in mens vs ladies shoes, but this could have changed by now…


One gear - So sorry about your back pain.  That sucks! As a former rower, I can highly recommend it as a low impact sport that brings a lot of enjoyment that I now get from running.  In fact I’m pining to get back in a boat now!  Perhaps if you work with a PT who is qualified in Low Back pain (I can look one up for you if you want), you will be able to generate enough strength that you are able to find a low impact sport that will give you joy as much as running has.


I see several have mentioned cycling, but I wouldn’t generally recommend this, as it forces your spine into an un-neutral position, which could exacerbate your problem after cycling.


Charles - I used ON shoes for the second day of my 75 mile ultra… Not so sure about them for road running though - might put them on today for my long run though.


Dave Gibb - if you’ve not been strength training up until now, don’t start now, well, caveat, there’s probably little harm in doing 20 press ups and holding a plank for 30s, but other than bodyweight stuff, you will just create DOMS that you don’t need in the period you should be letting your body recover.  Taper doesn’t mean don’t run, just means run less far…


Aha, now I’ve actually read it rather than skimmed, re: holding gels… Gel belts are great, but I find you risk them falling out never to be seen again.  I like to carry a couple in my trusty bumbag which i’ve had for 8 years, and then use safety pin to pin extras to it, that way, you can rip the gel and the top stays pinned to you, and you haven’t faffed during the race trying to get the gel out, and then open it up.  Make sure you practise, so you know where to pin so it doesn’t annoy you whilst running.


Re: Pacers, the only time I’ve every tried running with a pacer was at the Dorney lake race, and the group i was with went way faster than target pace, so I let them go, then over took them at mile 12 as they had overcooked it, and I hadn’t.  Definitely run your own race Dave.  There will be times when your target avg pace will be too fast, and that’s where using a pacer can mess you up, as you will burn too much glycogen trying to keep up, and risk hitting the wall.


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Posted: 03/04/2016 at 10:51

Boston is on the 18th Malcs, a monday, Patriots day  

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Posted: 03/04/2016 at 10:50

Here we go again, following the highly unproductive rule of typing it elsewhere and then pasting it in.


So, I must apologise for being awol.  Business has to come first and this forum is so clunky to use, in comparison to say, a facebook group, that it had just become a bit difficult to get on here.


Nonetheless, GM and I have kept regular coaching contact by more efficient 21st century means!!  HA


(On that note, I wondered peoples thoughts on moving this onto a facebook group so we can keep up the chat without logging on and waiting for a great big advert to load half the time).


Unfortunately, following that ultra in January, which was a great result, we’ve struggled to get GM doing enough of the key workouts that would give him confidence in achieving sub 3:30 in Manchester marathon, and with TP100 coming up 3 weeks later, we really seriously questioned what he wanted most.  About 2 weeks ago, I gave him a series of options to assess where his heart was, and his response was that he wants to get through the TP100, and that training should be geared toward this.


If that sub-3:30 was the primary goal in his heart, we would have chosen another marathon in May (probably Halstead), to give him an extra 6 weeks of training now his post-ultra injury issues are solved.


Some may see these decisions as a disappointment, but I see them as a valuable lesson.  If you want to achieve a goal, especially a goal time in a Marathon, that needs to be your primary focus, as not only does it require dedication to training, but, often more importantly, dedication to actions that will prevent injury, or indeed taking action efficiently if you do come a cropper, so that it can be salvaged in a matter of days rather than weeks.  Rest isn’t always the answer!


Any goal you set must be achievable in the context of your life but, a difficult lesson to learn is when to let go of goals as things change.  This doesn’t mean we stop striving for achievement, but accepting that the goalposts (excuse the pun) can move.


Having spoken to GM, he’s far more interested in running ultras in the next 3-6 months, and as a result, his ongoing coaching (yes, he’s signed up for more!) will focus on that.


If anyone else is interested in working with me after your spring marathons, then fill out this form here, and you’ll be contacted in due course:



I will go through the posts I’ve missed today and try to help where I can.  I’ve already seen in the last few days there are questions around race nutrition, and I have a free nutrition guide you can download here in exchange for your email address, where you’ll get sent my latest blogs, and offerings from I Run Success.



I’m going to say good luck to all competing in Marathons.

If I’m being completely honest with my availability, I just don’t think I’m realistically going to be able to spend much more time on these forums in future, which is why I’d like to set up a facebook group to continue to chat to y’all.  But I’ll sneak on as much as I can in April to see how you all do in your marathons.

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Posted: 03/04/2016 at 10:30

 So I just wrote a long post about how this forum is so impossible to use that I don't come on it, and finger slipped and it vanished.. .  Q E D!

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