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My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 16:11

Hey hey,

Wow Malcs, Can't believe you do a progression at the end of a 20 miler, although I guess my training is making my legs constantly tired, so I can't imagine too much faster than 8:30 mm for any length of time.

Reiki, sounds like an interesting analysis- what do you think of it?  Does it seem consistent with your experience?

I've had another high mileage week... Am now at a total of 220 miles for the month, my most previously was July where I did 180ish, and that included 43 miles at TR24 and the Lakeland trails marathon.  No races this month, just lots of training.  I did another 21 miles on the Essex way yesterday, and saw a grass snake!!!  managed to take a picture - it was so small and really struggled to slither across the road, but as soon as it got onto the grass verge on the other side of the road it began moving very fast!  And then this morning, I ran to parkrun, ran parkrun with my hubby (who drove), then ran home, then out with a client who's training for a half marathon, so did a total of 14 miles.  My first significant back to back long run, and actually the later miles felt better than the earlier ones.

My legs are feeling quite tired though, so I'm going to keep the mileage low this week- I've got a 10k race next weekend, and then bacchus marathon the following weekend - I'll taper for Saltmarsh 75 from there. 

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 26/08/2014 at 21:58

Mc Hilly, Reiki rabbit, Although I set the goal to qualify for Boston, I'm not so sure I actually want to run it- but if a bunch of us were going it would be worth it.  I know Sarah and RRR might be up for a trip if we all went.  I've been to Boston before as I have family there, but am also forever going to the states for the same reason, and would probably rather spend a holiday elsewhere having a holiday - not exactly a cheap place to visit.  We're in DC this autumn for my cousin's wedding, and I'm not going to go there a week early to do Marine Corps marathon, nor am I going to get an overnight coach to NY to do the NYC marathon (thought hasn't crossed my mind... honest!!!)

That's the real reason I had to enter the ultra!!  Yes, I'm quite excited Sarah, the possibility of finishing it seems within reach now.  Its funny, I was just talking to one of the other trainers where I work about my ultra and he was asking about what time I wanted to finish in... I had to say I genuinely have no goal other than to complete it - I don't think I've ever done a race before where the only thought in my mind was finishing  - I've always had a time in mind, even if that time was completely unrealistic.

Feral Bob, sorry your race wasn't great.  With all you've had going on, its not surprising that you didn't manage to get in sufficient training- make sure you recover from it.

Mc Hilly, I only baked these sweet treats, as it really was ultra training-  I wouldn't run on cake and florentine when i'm at threshold pace. 

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 24/08/2014 at 21:38

What time do you need to bq MC?

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 24/08/2014 at 18:42

Hi there, thanks all for your kind comments mc hilly, reiki and Malcs.  like Malcs I've drawn loads of information and inspiration from these forums but also  im a total bookworm and like Malcs says I don't believe in 'can't'   My blog which I started at the beginning of 2013 documents a lot of the things I've done to improve if you're interested

Mega congrats on your race today mc hilly!  You must feel fab- I love getting pbs it's the best feeling

Malcs!!! 19:02!!! Just when I was catching you up you go and get loads faster!!! Grrr Well done- didn't I tell you tr24 would make you faster

reiki- didnt realisE u had had injury- must be so frustrating- annoying about ur London place too.  Have u considered Manchester?  I ran my pb there this year and it was great- nice grey and drizzly- perfect when running a marathon  

so I did my 30 miler along the Essex way yesterday and it was fab!! I will blog it later and share it here- one of the best runs ever- even managed 5 today though my legs were a tad grouchy!


My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 22/08/2014 at 16:38

Hello all, I know I've been awol for a LONG while too... but, I'm super dooper excited about spring marathon training again, so thought I'd get back on here  Was indeed lovely to meet Reiki at York parkrun on Saturday - I wasn't at my best as I had just run 9 miles there at my marathon pace, and quite dehydrated, underfuelled, hungover. .  . I know you're shocked, coz I would never do that in a million years!  But Sarah and I ended up doing a 23 mile run together- my longest that wasn't a race.  Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt 30 miles on the Essex way with 2 of my friends who are the world record holders for the fastest 5k dressed as a pantomime camel  - I filmed them doing it the day before my Manchester marathon this year.

I know I have a small 75 mile ultra to do before marathon training, but you all know the marathon is my favourite thing, and my garmin has been getting me excited by giving me a prediction of 3:19. . .  me, who this time 2 years ago had a pb of 4:33! And to be fair this time 1 year ago had a pb of 4:18 . . . Craziness, but I'm gonna shoot for the stars, and its perfection that the weekend of my ultra is 29 weeks away from London marathon . . . I like following a 29 week long training plan . .  but may reduce it a tad so I can have a bit of recovery

I think I'm gonna fail to catch up as its been months, so will just jump in here and see what I pick up xxxXXXxxx



My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:31


My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 13/07/2014 at 22:34

Hello all, sorry I've been absent... Married life is hectic  Hope everyone is doing fab xx

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 10:07

I had a nap yesterday afternoon in my nest, and with the elephants  

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 08:40

I'm doing merseA round the island this Sunday too  

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