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My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 11:25

Chick!!! Have you entered chicago for your autumn one!  I can't believe it was so hot - I'm sure it was snowing a week or 2 ago in Boston!  Well done on completing the race in such tough conditions, and not too shabby a time at all!

Enjoy the rest of your trip xxxx

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 10:35

Well done Superman!!!  I totally agree with DS2, on the waiting until next spring.  Almost everyone I know who did well on their spring marathons last year, didn't get what they wanted out of the autumn ones, either because of injury, or illness during training, or indeed on the day and it is my strong belief that more than 1 raced in a year is too much - not just for the body, but for the mind too (I know I'm doing more than 2 this year, but the rest are mainly off road, and will be done at easy pace).  Look at the elites- they rarely do more than 2 in a year and its their full time job.  

I started my build up for Manchester last September, having spent the summer working on 10k and then half marathon speed, but I kept long runs in the mix, enjoying an accidental 20 mile run, that should have been 18 from Dedham to Harwich to get fish and chips .  My 28 week buildup meant that if I had a niggle, or got sick and had to miss up to a week, (which i never missed that much), I would only be sacrificing 1/28th of my build up, rather than 1/16th.  I have a book on how to qualify for boston marathon, and he advocates a 29 week build up, so I used training sessions from that book for the first few weeks before switching to the more traditional 16 week programme.

If I were you, I would set a goal for later this year when you are going to be fully fit again- ie, totally injury free and ready to run the sort of weekly mileage you need for a marathon build up; get the treatment and management plan for your calf, and stick to it!!  Good Luck  


My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 22:32

Must have been real tough... Winner was 2:08, which got Mo 8th place in London... Boston has been run significantly faster than WR pace with the right conditions...   Or, alll the 2:05 men were in London!

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 15:56

I used to live around there... Goldsmiths row, just off Broadway market- loved living ther for all the weekenf markets broadway and columbia road

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 09:59

Good luck chick and superman!!! Or should it be superchick? 

RW Forum 5 - sub 4.30

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 20:00

good call rachel!

Nicole, I;ve never been one for tattoos and would never get one myself, but a friend of mine and her hubby got tatoos on tuesday after both having completed london marathon.  they inspire me so much.  They are not the fastest of runners, but they run every race together, pretty much holding hands across the finish.  The last time they did the marathon, he really encouraged her around.  This time, it was him that had the difficulty with his knee in the later miles, and it was she that got him thru.  The tatoos they got were lovely, and hers is on her wrist and she had the 2 years she's done london marathon with the option to add more years if she does it again...

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 17:05

 but you have to tell everyone on here who isn't on twitter how awesome Rachel is...!!!

Soooo jealous of your trip to Boston!  RUNger has subsided, now its time for operation 6-pack for the wedding/honeymoon, so I will be training the complete opposite of marathon training... not working out for more than 30 minss, lots of circuits and tabata type stuff  


My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 15:09

Hmmph Superman!!! What about rachel and I??? But especially Rachel, who totally smashed her first marathon!! 

RW Forum 5 - sub 4.30

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 11:11

Hello all,,, quick post... Marathon fitness takes years to build up, and it also takes weeks to recover from your race paced marathon you did on Sunday.  Rachel, Mk is too soon unless you are prepared to take it significantly slower than Sunday.

nicole.  Manchester was perfect.  After the first couple of miles, really nowhere near as congested as London.  I think Paris is worse.  No idea about Edinburgh.  It's good to look for marathons that aren't the big city races as these are more full of people who didn't put in the training, therefore you have to face things like people stoppoing to walk in mile 1!

pipski, I saw those t-shirts and wanted to buy one but thought it might be bad luck as I don't have any children yet.

i will try to stick around on here as much as  I can the next few weeks for those doing MK ans Edinburgh, if u have any questions, but I do have my wedding very soon, so as you can imagine, am a bit consumed with getting that sorted x

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 11:03

''wel Jel' of chick and superman doing Boston.  Have a blasty blast!

i still think I have a way to go before I can handle as high mileafe as some of you folk do, or indeed speedwork and tempo in same week.  I have been doing more MP work in my long runs, so perhaps that made it ok.

and yes, sober... Am at work today... Until2:30, then I guess the pub

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