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RW F7 – around 4.15

Posted: 24/02/2015 at 08:37

Hanster if you were able to run your mile repeats that fast without recovery perhaps its time to adjust your pace ranges.  Perhaps you should be considering a 10k pace of 7:40?

Hellsbells, not sure what to suggest with regards the lacing.  I've had issues before that have generally been resolved by loosening laces around the mid-foot, but now most of my running shoes lace up slanty, diagonally across the foot rather than straight up the middle of the shoe.  I think this helps with 'trainer-bite'... 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 22:19

Re: on the run fuelling, I had 2 torq and one high5+caffein gel yesterday.  I had the caffeine one in the middle and certainly started to maKe my tum feel a little uncomfortable, but I got on with the torq gels fine whereas I didn't do so well with them at half marathon pace in the brass monkey.  I had jelly babies in my snazzy new flip belt, but I didn't bother getting at them.   Thought the flip belt was good for gel carrying- unfortunately I think my inhaler made it a tad uncomfortable though.  Such a tough call to make- my asthma is so well managed now that I only ever use it if I'm ill, or when running when it's very very cold, so I could probably do London without carrying it but shouldn't really be taking that risk... Hmmm, what would Minni do?

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 22:14

Hiya- legs have felt good all day today but started to feel tired this evening.  Not certain whether mile repeats tomorrow will work or not, but we'll see. 

Minni has a lot of very successful runners to answer for I reckon Superman.  Nothing beats her experience of what it takes to improve at our chosen race distance.

sK I tend not to get much DOMS these days except from weight lifting.  I find that soreness post run comes on so quickly that it probably comes on and repairs itself whilst I sleep.  I did have compression leggings on all afternoon/evening yesterday though, so that may have helped  

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 17:03

I've been rather annoying at the gym today showing off my trophy with no evidence of DOMS!!!  I know if I hit the foam roller later, that I will feel it though, but all in all I think I'm good.  Must be down to the carb loading - pasta dinner and 500ml of an SiS elderberry flavoured drink on Saturday night, and the same drink again Sunday morning with 2 slices of toast with honey Not my usual pre-race fuel, but it seemed to work, so I may eschew the porridge for this tastier option on marathon day.

Do you have any other 20s other than Finchley SK? I did Colchester half last year at marathon pace.  I asked the #asics262 coaches for advice on what to do as I only live a couple miles from the start, so figured it would be a 17 mile run.  It was 3 weeks out from my marathon so both were quite cautious about it.  One suggested that I do the extra miles on grass, which wasn't the point of the extra miles, as I was going on foot rather than driving to the start!! and the other suggested I perhaps do less at marathon pace.  In the end, I jogged to the start, waited around for the start, ran the first 8ish miles at marathon pace, then got carried away with a friend who realised he could get a half marathon pb if he pushed on a bit.  But I let him go ahead at 10 miles and saw what I could do.  Waited around at the finish, and jog/walked home.  So, in conclusion, if you're doing as much as 13 miles at marathon pace, I don't think there's much to be gained from doing any more miles on that day. HTH.


Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 11:41

Hmmph!!! Now I'm annoyed that didn't get to meet Gingermagic or Freemers  I was only in the pub just around the corner.  Had no idea I even had a chance of prize - usually race directors tell you if you may be in contention as you cross the finish. I would have stayed in the hall rather than gone to the pub - I couldn't stay outside cheering any longer than I did as my fingers were starting to go.

Thanks all for your congrats, especially Minni, when I was deciding whether to start with a slow or fast section I thought what would Minni do?  Its definitely a fun way to run a 20 miler!  Next race one is in 3 weeks, Essex 20 - anyone else doing it?  its 3 laps so last year I raced it by doing MP+60s for a lap, MP+30s for a lap and then MP in final lap.  Not sure whether to do the same again, or make it more challenging than that.  I'm inspired by your tri- training, which I've fallen off the wagon for a bit.  If its as sunny as it is now on friday, I'm going to put my outside tyres on my bike and go for a bike ride  

Well done BRB!  That's a fine half marathon time!!  And a huge improvement since last year!  I think we all have races that don't quite feel right even though they are a pb, but try and remeber that even when you didn't feel fantastic, you still pulled out a great result- a good memory to come back to when the marathon starts feeling hard.

Brilliant prize winning Fairyclogs! Well done!!!  

Well done too to RR, nice progressive run there!

sense, I think its important to do races in the build up as long as you treat them as part of training.  you don't want to miss too much quality marathon training because you are tapering for a half marathon mid-schedule.  The reason yesterday gives me confidence is not just the time I achieved,but the fact I did it during full on training, a week after I'd done a pretty pacey 18 miler.  This makes me really dream of what could be possible after a 3 week taper for London marathon.

Superman, I'm glad you're back!  I really have been partying far too much, so glad you're going to bring some discipline to the thread!  How great is it that you've continued to lose weight, despite the injury and being on holiday!  Well done!  I have a record to add - when I went on my honeymoon, I managed to put on 2kg in just 10 days!!!

RW F7 – around 4.15

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 21:27

HI Hellsbells, I honestly think it's fine to miss the one and enjoy ur holiday.  When I'm writing training plans I tend to put drop down weeks where they would drop right down to maybe 12 miles after the long runs you've had.  You are essentially getting that in ur mid week 10 miler.  If you are really bothered about it perhaps move Wednesdays run later in the week so that there is less time between that and ur next long run.

when are you back?

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 20:22

Whoop wooop! Well done Amy! Your time is almost identical to Anneka- did you two meet up/see each other? 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 19:37

Not actually sure who won though!

I hung around at the finish to cheer people in but after a while my hands were getting too cold, so my client (who did the 10 mile in 73 mins, his first road race) and I went to the pub to wait for our lift who was waiting for his sister in law to finish.  About half and hour later, he came into the pub to tell me he had good news and bad news.  Bad news was that I was DQ'd because I wasn't at the award ceremony to receive my award!!  He was joking of course, but I was absolutely shocked to hear I had won a prize:

 Not sure if that worked?  ITs a pic of the trophy.


8:32/ 8:40/ 8:31/ 8:31

7:52/ 7:54/ 7:46/ 7:58

8:39/ 8:29/ 8:27/ 8:20

7:47/ 7:43/ 7:56/ 7:47

8:32/ 8:12

7:49/ 7:25

Total time 2:43:20 although not got the official time yet which was gun to chip  


Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 19:30

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! SK!!!! That is indeed Champs place at London Marathon for 2016!!  Mega congrats!  You should be aiming for 3:15 in the marathon then?

Well done Sean on the parkrun - parkrun is great, isn't it?

Gingermagic, that sounds like an excellent run.  Was a really nice race, and a lovely course.

Soooo, if I'm being honest, I've not been on here much in the last week as I've been having a mid-plan motivation dip; I even missed my Tuesday run for no good reason other than CBAitis.  I still managed good runs on Weds and Thurs, but I think the motivation dip was due to time on this training campaign without yet seeing results as my last race (Brass Monkey) didn't go as well as I would have liked and no races since.  Tarpley 20 was always going to be a training run, and in Minnistyle, I decided to alternate 4 mile sections at easy pave and marathon pace.  I didn't decide until this morning that I would start with an easy section, meaning only 8 miles at marathon pace.  I thought this sensible as I had run 18 last weekend at steady pace, and this would be my first 20 miler since December.

I set off with a friend of mine who's the race director for Stour Valley marathon,  My easy pace should be 9mm, but since last weekend's long run its crept a bit faster.  The slight downhills made me run at about 8:20 pace and about 3 miles in, my friend dropped back.  It was a gently undulating course, quite similar to a lot of races in East Anglia.  If anyone has done the Halstead marathon, elevation wise, its quite similar.

I felt strong right from the start and 9mm was certainly too slow for how I was feeling today.  4 miles in I changed gear to marathon pace, and around 7 miles I passed a friend who is quite similar paced to me and also GFA at London marathon.  We had a little chat.  Her plan, which she admitted wasn't the best idea, was to run at 8:15 pace until she couldn't any more.  I passed her but let her know that she would pass me again at 8 miles, which she did.  She went ahead and I had to control myself not to run on with her.  Continued along like this, but this second slow section was starting to get quite boring, especially as people I had passed in the second 4 miles started to pass me!  Not all of them clocked onto my pacing plan, and I could tell some were flagging so was confident of getting them in the next fast block.  I sped up in the last mile of this slow section and really felt good in the second fast block - miles 12-16.  Toward the end of it I wondered whether I should just hold on and stick to marathon pace until the end, but talked sense to myself.  This is my first 20 miler, I've got plenty more coming up, and rather than overdo the marathon pace today, I may as well work on seeing if the natural marathon pace can come even lower.  There's still time afterall.

Since I felt good, I decided to have only a 2 mile easy section so I could run fast for the last 2 miles.  A couple of guys who I caught up with around 15 miles I told that I would slow again at 16 but speed up again at 18.  I hoped this would spur them on for a race, but I actually ended up sitting just behind them until 18 miles where I passed them.

I passed a couple of ladies during mile 19, neither of whom came with me, which surprised me, but I was steaming away.  The last mile was predominantly downhill, and I was still passing people.  The finish was on grass which wasn't good but there was a chap just ahead who looked like he wasn't trying, so I tried my best to chick him!  He looked back just as I was accelerating and tried to hold me off!  Not actually sur

RW F7 – around 4.15

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 19:00

Well done Hellsbells, A nice strong long run despite the little mishaps.  Should give you great confidence!

My race went great thanks - did it as a training run alternating between easy pace and marathon pace for set distances.  Finished in 2:43 something and got a prize for being first unattached female!  

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