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Kinetic Revolution knee program - views?

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 15:06


Does anyone know about this program?


6 months to sub 4 FM, what training?

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 17:07

Here is a graph of my running. Every column represents one week's cumulative distance (in Km). I run 5 times a week and my basic pace is 06:00-05:45 Min/Km. My race times are: 10K (00:51:00), HM (01:57:00), FM (04:14:27)

 This represents about 15 months of running (and I actually started 18 months ago)

6 months to sub 4 FM, what training?

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 16:40

So let me rephrase, I have 6 months, what to do

Of course one answer would be to (duh...) get a training plan or a coach or both (I can't work with a team/coach at the moment).

I don't have any problems as such, other than maybe short hams, it is more of a feeling I have that I could do with more core/strength training etc. Maybe I am wrong and it's just/mostly the miles.


6 months to sub 4 FM, what training?

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 15:25


I have just run my first FM at 04:14:27 (my goal was 04:15:00).

In 6 months I want to run another in which I want to target a sub 4hr goal. Roughly I want to use the first 3 months for general strength and flexibility training and the last 3 for marathon training.

Going by the 80/20 rule, which exercises will yield the most benefit in terms of assisting running performance and form?

(again by exercises I mean strength, flexibility, etc - not running)



Position of arms/elbows while running

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 14:58


I have noticed, from race photos, that my arms/elbows are crooked outwards while running and not inline and parallel to my body (which is how I feel). Generally speaking as far as form and efficiency, is this a problem?



Posted: 18/04/2014 at 08:08

I have a marathon in a month and for past few days am nursing what I think may be shin splints. I have taken 2-3 days off but need to get going again. My 36km LR is behind me but was supposed to do 30 today (and opted not to). Anyway, in an attempt to maintain weekly volume I am wondering if splitting workouts to morning/evening sessions will have (almost) the same effect. For example if I wanted to run 20, then 10 morning 10 evening. Granted it is not the same in terms of endurance but if at this point my overall goal is to maintain 80km/week without possibly aggravating leg situation with a LR, will that do the trick. Thanks.


Dates instead of gels as FM fuel?

Posted: 09/03/2014 at 10:26

So, I have not been training on gels and have been eating dates so far which has been fine. As my FM training progresses, I am ever more mindful of the need for fueling in the later stages of the run (my current long run will be 28km this week). I have been consuming at a rate of two dates per 5km approx which seems fine but I don't know how my body will behave at the over 30km ranges. My question is to those who also use dates as their primary fuel, what amount works for you and when, and what about additional things like salt? Thanks.

PS - 2 dates (Medjool type) have approx 120 calories

Speed reduction in marathon

Posted: 05/03/2014 at 04:09

Thanks all for the great responses. Yes I should have mentioned my figures are in Km (meaning pace is Min/Km). To accomplish a goal of a sub 4hr FM (i.e. 3:59) I would have to run a 5:39 pace. My current PRs are 1:57:00 for HM and 00:51:00 for 10K. I can certainly hold 5:39 for 10-15K perhaps even 20K, but after that it is unknown territory

In my long runs as of now (upcoming one is 26K) I have not attempted to run at this marathon pace. Maybe I should. Have just been cruising along at about 6 Min/Km average.

I realize a sub 4hr FM is not a trivial goal, seems like for me 4:20 might be more realistic. But I guess we can always try


Prague marathon anyone?

Posted: 05/03/2014 at 04:01


What baggage area are you talking about?


Prague marathon anyone?

Posted: 03/03/2014 at 10:14

I am going to do my first FM in Prague in May and thought it was a flat course. Then I looked up the elevation profile (which is not on the event site) and see that there are quite a few hills (at least it looks like it). Can anyone comment on the course? Thanks

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