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Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 10:06

ha ha ha yep! I've been running in sandals for about 2 years now

I took my new Altra out for a 10k spin last night. I felt like a flipping monster truck!! They felt pretty heavy compared to my Luna and really helped to...shall we say exfoliate my feet pretty well!! I think I wasn't really running in the same way? Maybe just need to break them in?

Any who, 10k in 59:55 so nothing mega speedy but it was quite fun hooooning around not worrying about stones, sticks, cars, I could just trample them all

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 09:05

hey folks, the running show was good fun, little small but good fun

I even got some.....wait for it.....drum roll please.....TRAINERS!  Yeah I know, sandal man bought shoes!! Thought I would try something "strange" 

The idea is to hopefully use them to speed up the really muddy bits and give me an option to change into something squishy after 50 odd miles

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 14:43

thanks JR still working on it all at the moment, work has been so busy i havnt had time to skive 

Yeah the challenge looks pretty tough eh??!

Fantastic stuff AG your going really well!!

Running show tomorrow!!!

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 09:37

fantastic stuff JR!! Im working on a challenge at the moment for monkey tag running to encourage a bit of pb hunting based around chasing chickens ha ha ha! Each minute gets you a different chicken badge for example when you hit 24 minutes you get a silkie...

then once you break 23 minutes you have caught the next chicken!

might leave a white space so people can fill in the seconds? not sure yet.....

aaaaaany who.....still no running from me as im trying to keep to my forced rest.

I was added to a facebook event for February that sounds challenging and fun. The concept is really simple, completing it? Not so much.

Every day during Feb you run 1 extra mile. Feb 1st - 1 mile, Feb 2nd - 2 miles etc....and see how far you can get!!


Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 19/11/2014 at 09:13

Hey folks sorry I haven't posted much I've been mega busy!

Well done to everyone for keeping on!!

I've done hardly any running for ages as a kind of forced break to help my hamstring. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working so I guess its back to training soon then!

Matt - try not to feel down about it. I fully understand what its like to feel like you have binned a run but try to look at the positives. It was still 11 miles AND It was a new pb!! A lot of folks would be happy just to run that far let alone in a decent time, SMILE! Think of it this way, its a fantastic build up to the actual distance you wanted to cover. Not every run can be a pb, not every run will be amazing but EVERY run can have a positive. It maybe hard to find at the time but its in there!  

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 09/11/2014 at 23:57
Hey folks sorry I hadn't been around much, my lady is finally moving in!!! I've got the week off to turn the house upside down and somehow get all our crap in it ha ha ha
First ever Park run on Saturday and had a blast! Not used to this quicker stuff so was very surprised to be passing folks at a steady rate and only missing my pb that I set on the treadmill by 14 seconds!!! 24:09 in the end and felt like I could have gone alot quicker!!! Never ever thought I would be anywhere near that, I would have been happy with about 28!! Not bad for a sandal wearing ultra tortoise eh!?

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 09:17

the regular miles are really paying off eh!  

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 05/11/2014 at 09:01

Thats great going Matt! Well done for pushing the miles up, feels great doesnt it?!

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 15:17

Great going everyone! 

Well ive given up on tracking my yearly just really not fussed anymore

5k for me this lunch on the treadmill in a surprisingly comfortable(ish) 25:08!!

Guess my new "bat out of hell" approach might be working?!

Still not working on the miles just yet just keeping things chilled right now 

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 14:29

Nice going Grendel sounds like muddy good fun! eh?! eh?! Ill get my Goretex.... 

Gym for me this afternoon....1k run, leg press, 10 mins cross trainer...job done

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