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Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 18/12/2014 at 16:25

well done! they will all make you stronger, especially the ones you really didn't want to do

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 18/12/2014 at 11:56

Just start getting changed, your wet already!! Rain running is loads of fun, head out with a smile

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 18/12/2014 at 09:37

fantastic report JR it really made me want to give it some proper legs at parkrun You are sooo close to sub 23!! Im chasing 23:30 at the moment just got 9 seconds to shave off somewhere. Yeah you would need something like 4.8 miles "warm up" then line up and do the marathon, making the finish line actually 50k 

It is at this point that I must stress that this thread is still for beginners its just that we have been in this thread for a few years now so you can see the progression!! Anybody out there that reads along but hasn't posted, stop in and say hi! We really are very friendly and we all know what its like to start again from the beginning (see what I did there?!

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 17/12/2014 at 12:35

Just stick with us Robert we will get you going

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 17/12/2014 at 12:33

Thanks JR yeah im off to parkrun again this saturday to give it some legs.

MS and I went for a nice 5k bop last night through the woods, my legs felt surprisingly fresh. Really need some new batteries for my headtorch I had less than moonlight in front of me ha ha ha!

ha ha ha ok good point JR ill revise my statement, you get better at it

You could always make Yeovil into an ultra! Collect the medal and keep going!

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 16/12/2014 at 14:23

well done Robert! The first ones are the hardest! Just keep at it I promise it gets easier

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 17:11

.........about half a mile later the funk seemed to have lifted and I made my way back to the car park. I looked up to see MS dressed as a monkey and my sister holding a happy birthday sign.....legends!!!

I headed back to the car and put on my monkey suit, ready for the start of parkrun.

We still had a little bit of time so I kept running up and down until I had done 31.75 miles and it was time to line up.

We lined up at the back and watched everyone scurry away at the word GO! I couldnt have cared less about being at the back, it was exactly where I wanted to be. With my mum and my sister by my side we made our way around the lake. People passing us were wishing me happy birthday and I was trying my hardest to have a good time. I had some wobbles as my fuel tank bottomed out but on the whole I was having fun.

My sister ran the whole 5k holding the sign! ha ha ha and my mum kept me going dressed as a monkey. We ran, we sang, we joked, I grimaced a little and then finally we were onto the home straight.

We jogged along and up ahead we could here people cheering and clapping. Just before crossing the line we got into formation and did a conga line over the finish to everyone around singing happy birthday!!! Brilliant!!

The bubble was shortly burst when MS asked how much I had left to do, I wasnt really fussed about the final 250 meters but MS wasnt having any of it! I scanned my barcode then my sister and I headed off back down the path to round it up to a nice even 35 miles, ending at the cafe.

High fives all round it was time for coffee and cake! 

As we entered the cafe people were wishing me happy birthday and saying congratulations. I love the look on peoples faces when they hear what you have just done, it somehow justifies the madness ha ha ha!!

I was presented with a new tag to add to last years from MS and my sister, thank you so much guys!!

Then we all tucked into some well deserved coffee and cake! Yummy, job done!

When I got home I checked out the route on my garmin and found that I had done just under 1000ft of elevation.......pfffft thought it felt a little hilly!

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 11:33

GAH!!! just typed a massive ending and it deleted it!!!! 

Ill have to catch up with it and all that! 

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 11:10

great stuff JR chase the elf sounds like a lot of fun but I agree that they should have had a slightly slower elf

I went to bed on friday at 10pm and got up at 1am feeling somewhat groggy having only 3 hours sleep. Pottered around a bit getting my stuff together then headed outside to take on my challenge.

It was 1:55am and freezing cold! I had a base layer, t shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, buff, skins compression shorts, shorts, over trousers, injinji socks and my trusty Luna mono and was still chilly!

After the first 3 miles I was starting to warm up then realised I actually felt a little sick. I think I was slightly overheating or maybe it was just the pressure on my belly from the amount of layers I had on. At around mile 4 I stopped to take the over trousers off and stashed them in my bag.

It was sooooo cold but I instantly felt so much better and I quickly found my pace again. I had set out with the idea to focus on 5 miles an hour for the first 3 hours then just try and hold onto 4.5 miles for as long as I could. I kept to that almost to the minute for the first 15 miles.

4 hours in and I was now on 19.5 miles, the pace felt comfy, my feet felt fine but the hills were starting to wake my hamstring up. 

I did some calculations to figure out what I could get away with and just tried to stay as relaxed as I could. I was averaging a little over 4.5 miles an hour now and approaching home again I couldnt face seeing my house again so I spun around a mile early with the idea that I could just make it up at the other end.

It felt great to be on the last leg of the trip with 22 miles under my belt. The temperature had really dropped off now and I kept looking at the sky to see where the big beautiful ball of fire was going to appear from.

It was finally starting to get lighter now as I neared the marathon point but it was still really, really cold. I focused on something else. I focused on the joy that I had just run through the night. I had made it, even if I walk now I could make the start of parkrun. Sure I will have to make up a mile or so at the end but at least I wont miss the start!.

Bye bye marathon! I smiled at the thought that I had just run a marathon before most people, myself included, had had breakfast. I kept pushing on now really willing the sun to show its face.

I came to the final hill on my way to the park and had a peak at my watch. It was at this point that it dawned on me that my early spin around before I got home meant that I had missed and extra mile....I still had just over 3 miles to make up....damn it.

I ran to the car park where the start of parkrun is. It was now 8:05am and had done around 29ish miles. I tried to just keep moving to make up as much distance as i could and to stay warm so I headed off towards the lake. 30 something and the wall was trying to block me in as I wobbled around. I noticed MS driving into the car park up ahead so I made my way to them. I was great with wonderful warm hugs and smiles and I tried my best to smile but the wall had a pretty tight grip on me right now.

I said I was having a moment and just needed to keep moving........

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 12/12/2014 at 09:08

yep this saturday  yeah ill be very interested at how much faster I can get.

Thats some great pace JR! My saturday plan is now out and backs as it just makes it easier for water. 

home - out 5 back 5, out 6.5 back 6.5, out 8.6 then finish with parkrun giving me 400 meters to make up at the end for a total of 35 miles

Ive given myself 7 hours as its really hilly. Hopefully all going well I should leave at 2am and get to the start of parkrun around 8:30-8:45

Needless to say I wont be going for a pb this week ha ha ha 

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