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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 19:29

.....continued - I'm over the moon with this result as apart from a couple of miles near the end was always running within myself.

The next two weekends I'll be racing XC, then it's the Dublin Marathon in 3 weeks where I'll be attempting to run my fourth sub 3 in 9 weeks.

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 19:28

Excellent racing and results from Jools, VTr and GM. Great Parkrunning too by Lorenzo, Birch, PMJ and especially OO. Welcome back Fishy, I hope you recovery continues. Belated congrats to PJF on brilliant run in Berlin. Good solid training runs by the rest.

After running a course PB of 37:35 in my local 10k last weekend I lined up today in the Monaghan Phoenix Marathon full of confidence. I was attempting to run a third sub 3 in 6 weeks.

The race started and finished at the Monaghan Football grounds and included a half marathon, back to back marathons and a marathon. We all started together and about 15 people were ahead of me going through a mile in 6:36. My plan was to run about 6:40 pace and allow some slow down over the last few miles for a comfortable sub 3.

Before we completed the 2nd mile the half and full marathon runners split different directions and I could see 2 other runners about 100m ahead running the full. I didn't know how many other runners were out of sight further up the road. I ran the next few miles in 6:26, 6:34, 6:34, 6:23 and was about 50m behind the two in front and running with another guy who had caught me.

We went through the next in 6:36 and caught up with one of the guys ahead and the three of us ran in a wee group. The other two had run the course before and explained to me that we would be entering a park and doing 4 laps while the half marathon runners would be doing 2.

We caught the other guy ahead in the park, running our first major hill which took 7:20. The park was undulating throughout with twisty trail paths and trees playing havoc with my Garmin. I completed the next few miles in 6:46, 6:55, 6:13 (downhill) and 6:45 and had started pulling away for the group.

I was starting to lap half marathon runners and a nice group of girls told me I was in 2nd place! Holy smoke I was battling for a podium place. The next miles took 7:02, 6:18 and I went through half way in about 1:27. I was feeling great and very much in cruise control. I was enjoying the park trails and continually lapping of other runners who gave lots of encouragement.

The next miles took 6:56, 6:15, 6:39 and 7:07 and another runner told me I was in 2nd place about 5 minutes behind the leader. This was good to know as I knew I couldn't catch him unless he slowed dramatically. I didn't have to push 100% and could save some energy for anyone trying to overtake.

The 18th mile took 7:01 then an uphill 7:27 to reach 20 miles, finishing the warm-up and now the real 10k race began. A downhill mile in 6:18 followed and went into the last 5 mile lap. I was still feeling great and running within myself but cruised through the next flat mile in 6:35. However, all of sudden the hills in the park seemed to be getting steeper and I finally started having to work hard.

I was told the leader was still about half a mile ahead and running strong. However running a 7:09, 7:14 and struggling up a the final uphill mile in 7:43, meant I was more concerned on who could be catching me.
Thankfully the 25th mile was downhill which I ran in 6:22 and I was over the blip and feeling strong again. The last full mile took 6:40 and I entered the home straight happy as the preverbal pig.

It was great to hear my name called out and announced I was second place overall. I went through the finish in 2:55:11 by my Garmin which was 3 seconds slower than my last marathon 3 weeks ago. How about that for consistency!

The winner finished in 2:51 and he told me later his PB was 2:49. My concerns about being caught were unnecessary as 3rd didn't finish until a few minutes past 3 hours.

I got to stand on a podium for only the 4th time in my life and received a lovely glass trophy and 50 Euros. I'

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Posted: 23/09/2015 at 20:57

Well done KR, 80 miles on that course is a great achievement. 

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Posted: 19/09/2015 at 15:33

Blisters - Great performance and report

PMJ - Belated Happy Birthday!

KR - I hope your 24 hour goes well. I'm looking forward to the report

I'm well pleased to have managed 18:31 in my local (slowish course) Parkrun this morning. That's my 4th fastest on the course in 39 runs just 6 days after a 2:55 marathon. Sweet.

I'm giving serious consideration to running the 'Last One Standing Ultra' below.  I think it will be as much about handling sleep depravation as to ultra running.

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Posted: 14/09/2015 at 15:41

SJ - Excellent report and well done again!

I found out that I finished the Mary Anderson Marathon in 2:55:08 and was 5th place overall. I'm really happy with this and even happier to know that I wasn't racing for a podium place. It was £200 for third and I would have been well cheesed off if my rival would have got it. Teehee 

It look's like I'm going to be on the Marathon Talk Jabra podium again. 

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Posted: 13/09/2015 at 19:26

PMJ - Pacey 13 

PJF - Good MP running

VT - Glad to read you felt good and ran a good 8 miler

Lor - Nice HM pace run 

Abbers - Get well soon

Birch - Nice LR banked

 SJ - Excellent ultra swimming performance! 

BI - Good MP mileage 

Jools - 1.24 is great when your not at your bes 

KR - Great Parkrunning

I haven't had much chance to post recently as a colleague in work is off after a bike accident and I'm doing his duties. He's lucky to be alive after a van pulled out and he went from 40 mph to 0 in a blink of an eye. He's got a broken leg, 2 broken wrists, 2 broken arms and 4 broken ribs and needs an operation on his eye. Ouch! 

I ran the Mary Anderson Foundation Colour Marathon this morning just 3 weeks after a 2:58 at the Donegal Marathon. I also managed a 62 mile week in the middle of these two including a new Parkrun PB of 18:03 last weekend.

Today's race went well with a goal of running 6:40 pace for as long as possible and then easing up a bit over the last 6 miles for a comfortable sub 3. The weather was perfect but the course was pretty hilly. 6:40 pace felt comfortable throughout although a few hills slowed me up a bit.

I never really pushed  close to 100% until near the end when I caught another running and we raced the last two miles. He was a bit strange as I caught him running 6:50 pace then he tucked in behind me when I overtook him. He caught my heals twice and I had to ask him to be careful the second time. He then ran at my shoulder and his arm must have hit the back of mine about 5 times. Grrr.

I ran the last two miles at 6:28 pace but with a half a mile to go he floored it and must have run sub 6 pace as he pulled away quickly. He finished a good 30 seconds ahead despite me running the last 0.2 miles at 6:08 pace. All this time he had another guy running with him without a number pouring water over him and giving encouragement.    

Anyway, he certainly helped me finish strong and I ended up running about 2:55. I had to do a soft reset of my Garmin at the start and missed a bit, so won't know my time until the results are out.

I think I've dispelled the myth of needing 1 days rest for every mile raced after my Parkrun PB (13 days post marathon) and comfortable 2:55 marathon today. That's my third fastest marathon out of nearly 20 and probably the easiest sub 3 yet. At no point did I feel it was hard and had no negative thoughts at all. The last few miles felt more like a hard run half marathon than a full.

Next up is a my local 10k in a fortnight before the Monaghan Marathon the following week. I'll be aiming for another sub 3 in Monaghan and then another 3 weeks after that in Dublin! 

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Posted: 02/09/2015 at 08:14

I've just listened to last weeks Marathon Talk and I make the Jabra podium at about 1:17 on the download.

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Posted: 31/08/2015 at 14:09

Jools - Congrats on the team 1st!

PJF- Nice early LSR. Happy Birthday to junior!

KR - Amazing mileage, well done. It's looking good for the 24 hr.

SJ - Only gaining 4lbs on hols in great result! Well done getting plenty of runs in.

PMJ - Good mileage and pacing practise run.

It's only 8 days since the marathon but my legs felt surprisingly good this morning. It certainly makes a lot of different to recovery when you run a marathon at 90% effort rather than flat out.

My planned 15 miler with 5 at MP+10% ended up a bit quicker. Feeling good I progressed the effort throughout running the first 5 averaging 7:45 pace, the next 5 averaging 7:20 with the last 5 at 7:11, 7:08, 6:54, 6:46 and 6:26 m/m pace. 

August has been a good running month with 247 miles total at an average pace of 7:30. This included my first 3000m track race, 2x Parkruns including a course PB, 2x half marathons including a PB and a sub 3 marathon. 

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Posted: 30/08/2015 at 16:03

- that one seemed to be coaching the other.

I overtook them at around 24 miles and one indeed wasn't wearing a number so was just there to assist. They tried to stay with me but I ran hard up a hill and started pulling away. The final full 5k split was 21:29 which included the hills and my HR averaged 146.

My Garmin was off with the markers and I ended up recording 26.35 miles (42:40 km). I was running scared over the last mile which turned out to be my quickest of 6:27 m/m with HR averaging 151. I ran a lap of the track before crossing the line in 2:58:09 with my family going mental. My chip time was given as a nice looking 2:57:57.

My final average HR was only 143 which was 10 less than my 2:51 PB in London earlier in the year, so show's how much I was running within myself. It was the second easiest sub 3 I have run with the easiest being flat. Despite the hills I didn't suffer too much from DOMS the following few days. Although the friction burns in my upper thighs were much worse!

I was interviewed on the local radio and got to stand on an actually podium for one of the few times in my life. First and second finished in 2:38 and 2:42 so they were a different class.

That's my 22nd marathon (or longer) completed and I hope to add another sub 3 on September 13th. 

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Posted: 30/08/2015 at 16:02

I've finally had a chance to write a report on the Donegal Marathon.

I'm running four marathons within a 9 week period and I have a goal to run all of them within 3 hours. Donegal was the first of these and being a hilly course and only having 7 weeks training after an 11 day drinking holiday, I knew it would be tough enough. The winner last year ran about 2:55 and was the only sub 3 so I thought I might have a chance of a podium place too.

I had run a 1:20:07 half marathon PB the weekend before so wasn't fully tapered. Typical Irish weather on the morning of the marathon with it absolutely chucking it down. It rained hard for over an hour before easing off and stopping completely by the time I finished. The rain kept us cool but I did end up with serious chaffing at the tops of my thighs that took about 4 days to heal.  Nasty.

There was a half marathon starting the same time following the same course for 13 miles. This was good in one sense as there were more people to run with but also meant I had no idea of my place. My plan was to run about 6:40 - 6:45 pace early on and see how I felt after 20 miles. I was going to decide then if I would push on hard or take it easy over the last few miles. Anything around 21 minutes per 5k would be good.

There were about 100 people in the marathon and 500 in the half marathon. At 9:20 am the race began and about 50 people began pulling away. We went through Letterkenny before turning back through the town and heading off west into the countryside for two big laps.

I completed the first 5k in 20:27 with an average HR of 143 and felt very relaxed. The next 5k split was 20:51 and there was a steady uphill section for about 5 miles before getting it all back in 2 miles. This wasn't great for the quads but I went through the next 5k splits in 20:44 and 20:40 and still feeling great.

My HR was averaging around 143 which was nice and low. I caught a guy who was running the full marathon and we ran together for a few miles chatting. Nice bloke. He started to drop back a bit and I continued catching the odd runner. I took a glance at their numbers passing as it was the only way I could see if they were in the half or the full marathon. I overtook two more full marathon runners over the next few miles

Just before half way my family were cheering me on and shouted I was in 4th place. I went through half way in about 1:28 with the next 5k taking 21:15. With the half marathon runners finishing the road completely cleared up ahead but I couldn't see how far I was behind 3rd place.

I reached 30k with a split of 21:26 and my legs were now feeling heavy. My breathing was controlled and my HR was about 142, but I was battling the negative thought demons in my head. Then on a straight section I saw a few runners away ahead in the distance. I timed when we both passed a parked van and discovered I was about 1:30 behind.

After a few more corners I started seeing more people that I was catching but then realised it was people I was lapping. Damn, it was going to be hard to know how far I was behind 3rd place. I didn't have the legs to push on too hard but was confident I could maintain my pace and hoped 3rd would struggle late on. I view a marathon as a 20 mile warm-up before a tough 10k race.

I ran another 21:26 5k split and passed my family again around 22 miles. They told me I was still 4th and on a straight could see two people about a minute ahead. We were running through Letterkenny which was not part of the earlier loop so anyone ahead was in the marathon.

After 23 miles I rounded a corner and saw the two people only about 30 seconds ahead. We were approaching a few tough hills which I actually looked forward to as I felt strong. I started dreaming of second place as I closed but noticed that one seemed to be coaching the

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