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Posted: Yesterday at 17:57

OO52 - Excellent Parkrun time!

GE - 13 with 5 MP should feel tough a week before a marathon. Great running!

 I ran 13 miles today including my local slow course Parkrun. I was chuffed to finish it 1st and run a course PB for me by 12 seconds of 18:18. I'm definitely in the form of my life and can't wait to London. It's cotton wool time now with nothing more than MP miles and strides within easy runs next week.

I counted up my races today and London will be my 15th marathon and 18th if I include ultra marathons. I've also run 32 half marathons so London will be my 50th race with marathon in it's name!  All but two of these have been in the last 5 years.

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 19:21

Here's a good article on caffeine by Matt Fitzgerald -

I go cold turkey because I drink a lot of tea, coffee and eat a lot of dark chocolate. I also take a caffeine tablet before every fast or long run. So I'm a pretty heavy user.

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 15:06


MsE wrote (see)

Badbark - isn't it lean body mass as opposed to total body mass that we calculate carb consumption relative to? Otherwise the missive is even more of a challenge!


Yes, they recommend 12g per 1 kg of lean mass which I remember calculating in the past to be about 10g of actual body weight for me.

I like to stop taking all caffeine for a week before racing morning too. This includes even my cherished dark chocolate. I certainly feel like superman on the day though after a few caffeine tablets

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Posted: 16/04/2015 at 13:43
MsE wrote (see)

Can we talk carb loading?  Does anyone do the Aussie carb load here? Anyone? 


Yes, personally I swear by the Aussie carbo load method. I’ve used it in all but one on my last half dozen marathons with great success. The one marathon I didn’t use it in I struggled near the end. My method is to do the carb depletion run 2 or 3 days before the marathon then consume 10g of carbs per 1kg of body weight over the next 24 hours. Then I return to my normal diet but with slightly more carbs than usual. This ensures that I have time to recover from the depletion run and I don’t have any tummy trouble during the race.

I do my depletion run on my treadmill by running for 3 minutes at 10mph at a 10% gradient then a final 30 seconds at 11.2 mph which is the fastest my treadmill will go. I find it easier to drink most of the extra carbs in a homemade drink including dextrose and maltodextrin.

Thanks for the advice gang. I’ll be proudly running in my NI vest then!

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Posted: 16/04/2015 at 10:23
SlokeyJoe wrote (see)
"Balls to the wall"!!! Not sure of the origin of this phrase and circumstances that it might have come about but I'll endeavour to use this phrase in the future. 

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Posted: 16/04/2015 at 08:16

OO – I take it you are targeting a comfortable sub 3 then? I'm aiming for sub 2:54 for a PB. Good luck in your Parkrun and race.

KR – Glad you got your buzzing buddy back. Good ‘naked’ session without it!

Fraz – Good luck in Manc. P&D is hard to beat for a cookie cutter schedule.

MsE – Excellent reps and 10 miler. You’ll be grand!

I ran 9 miles this morning including 3 x 1 mile intervals targeting 5k pace. It was balls to the wall stuff as I still felt the 10k race and 16.2 mlr back to back runs in my legs. I managed the reps in 5:52, 5:48 and 5:47 for an average of 5:49 which is exactly my PB 5k pace. Happy days.

I represented N.Ireland in Masters XC last year and was thinking of wearing my NI vest in London. Does anyone think this would be a bit cheesy? I’d love to hear the odd spectator cheering on my country rather than my name. ‘Goan Norn Iron, yee boy yee’!

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Posted: 15/04/2015 at 10:20
OO52 wrote (see)

Badbark, my offical time was 36:51, so it seems you were a  tad quicker. I have also recovered well since. 7 miles y/day and 2*4 miles today. I am grappling with the taper at the moment. What are vlm'ers planning to run on their last long run this weekend?



OO -I'm following a 12 week P&D schedule which has me running 12 miles this weekend. I'm going to add a Parkrun at HMP into the run to keep it interesting.
What pace are you aiming for at London? I'm aiming for about 6:35 m/m.

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Posted: 13/04/2015 at 15:08

LesH - Excellent reps and pavement PB!

RFJ - Good MP run

VT - Good consistent running

Gul - Great reps

Abb - Sorry to hear your HM didn't go as planned but still a good placing and workout.

IM - Your times and subsequent improvements show you should be close to 3:15 if everything goes well. You seemed to have the right idea by tucking in with the 3:15 pacers and seeing how it goes. Good luck!

I followed up 10 miles yesterday including the 10k race with 16.2 miles this morning for a two day marathon. Despite a heavy weight session after the 10k and only a few hours sleep I still had a spring in my step this morning. I managed the 16.2 miles with an average pace of 7:08 m/m which included 11 at MP+10% and 3 at MP.

My chip time for yesterdays 10k was 36:50 which get's me my first ever +80% WAVA with 80.11%. The age adjusted time comes in at 33:34 which makes me wish I'd started running in my teens and not my 40's!

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Posted: 12/04/2015 at 18:43

GD - Fantastic performance and a great report! Take a bow Sir.

OO - Great 10k time and you're looking good for London. We shouldn't be too far apart.

I managed about 36:54 in the Titanic Quarter 10k this afternoon. That's within 10 seconds of my PB and very close to my first ever +80% WAVA. I look forward to seeing the chip time as 36:53 will be 80.01%!  It was a flat fast course but was windy, and I'm chuffed to have run well considering I'm just over the Chicken Pox.

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Posted: 11/04/2015 at 18:18


PhilipMJones wrote (see)

Runners world pacers on-line

a quick google on poweron10 to see the 3 hour pacers

blue start Marty Rea. I hope his recent marathons have all been as a pacer as they are very close to 3 dead and well off his 2:37 best




I know Marty Rea and can confirm that he was a 3 hour pacer at the Dublin Marathon last October. He paced it brilliantly finishing in 2:59:30. I ran with him for a while before pushing on over the last 10k. He's running the Connemarathon Ultra Marathon (39.3 miles) tomorrow.

All the best for tomorrow GD!

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