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Posted: Yesterday at 15:43

Here's my 100% effort 'gurning',


crossing the line 

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Posted: Yesterday at 15:35
Poacher wrote (see)


 entertaining anti-shadow tactics from BB

Is it just me or are people who shadow like that for mile after mile actually annoying/unsporting/d****ads? Or is it a legit tactic?

Over a shorter distance, a competitive race, or with plenty of wind I'd say it's a legitimate tactic. However to follow someone for 26.2 miles without speaking, in a low key 'friendly' marathon is just plain rude. This is lap 2 of 4, and the sprint finish at end, where you can just about spot him!


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Posted: 31/01/2016 at 18:42
Lorenzo wrote (see)

TBH I'm very impressed with the comfort and general feel of the Saucony Peregrine so am wondering whether to switch to a Sacouny race shoe as well. I seem to remember some comments about the Fastwitch on here a while ago - anyone any recent experience of Saucony road shoes?

I use Saucony Guides as my 'work-horse' shoes, and have run over 2000 miles in two pairs, without injury. I also use Saucony Kinvaras as my racing shoes, over all distances from 5k to marathon. I think they are both great shoes, so don't think you can go far wrong with Saucony.

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Posted: 31/01/2016 at 09:42

GM – Great MP run

Freemers – Welcome back!

Lor – Nice XC Parkrun!

Birch – Great reps

GD – Good 15 miler on tired legs

Jools – Congrats on the silver and 21st place

SJ – Well done managing 3 hrs on the turbo. Enjoy the trail running

Speedy – Sound’s like a nice and challenging Parkrun. I hope the weather is ok for you today.

PMJ – Good weekly mileage and solid Parkrun all things considered

Gul – Excellent very early morning run!

Hilly – Good Parkunning. I hope your 20 miler goes well


I ran 7 easy miles this morning, after 17 yesterday including a 19:05 Parkrun. That’s 60 miles for the week and 255 for January. I’ve run every day this month, including 2 x 19 min Parkruns, a 38 min 10k and a 3:04 relaxed marathon. I got a mention on this weeks Marathon Talk for 2nd on the Jabbra podium. 

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Posted: 28/01/2016 at 12:22
G-Dawg wrote (see)

Intrigued to find out how far Badbark will run on the 10th. It's a Wednesday and I'll be doing my mid-week 10 miler. I'll dedicate my run to BB but maybe we should all list our miles for that day and BB has to beat it!?

We'll even give you a hash tag - #Run4Badbark




LOL – You made my chuckle. I don’t think I like this idea, as my plan is a relaxed run without any pressure! I might only run 20 miles if the weather sucks, or I could end up run/walking all day.

I ran a half marathon distance MLR this morning in 1:37, with my HR averaging 139. This follows an interval session yesterday, and what I believe are key sessions in P&D schedules. Running a MLR at MP + 10% the day after intervals, helps prepare for a fast pace on tired legs.  


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Posted: 27/01/2016 at 11:41

OO – I hope your weekend LR went well?

SJ – Good brick sessions. Get well soon and good luck with the lottery draw

LesH – Yikes, nice weight gaining! Good to read your recovery continues

PMJ – Loved the photo and you have some very impressive PBs. Good weekly mileage

BI – I like the hill/speed/mileage weekly target plan

VT – Sorry to read about your injury woes. Enjoy the show!

GD – Good solid 10 miler and I hope those ‘sore groins’ improve!

GM – Sounds like a wise decision not running the race. Well done on the weekly mileage last week and good double day.

KR – Excellent MP+ 10% 15 miler completed. Great 22 miler and weekly mileage too

Jools – I hope the 10 miler goes well

Hilly – Welcome back! Glad to read your recovering well and doing some very impressive mileage

Gul – Good 12 miles done on heavy legs. Those are the ones that count the most.

Birch – Fantastic stats (you’ve run round the earth more than twice) and love the HM PB done a few days after a 20 miler. MadBirch  

Abbers-  Nice dreadmill reps and I hope you tight calf alleviates. Well done on the 5 miler, a good months of training will get you well prepared for Salisbury


I’ve signed up for a 10k race on Saturday 6th of February, which will be my last race for months. I’m also planning on taking the 10th of February off work to go for a very long run. How long, I don’t know, but I think I’ll just head out the door early and see where my feet take me. The following day I’m under the knife. Gulp.

I ran 7 miles this morning in pouring rain including 2 x 0.5 mile and 7 x 0.25 mile reps. It was a good workout with my HR average climbing every rep. I averaged just under 6 m/m for the 0.5s and 5:35 m/m for the 0.25s. I’m happy with this after Saturday’s marathon. 

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Posted: 23/01/2016 at 18:43

Sorry, I have to rush so apologies for the ‘me me me’ race report.

I had a bizarre experience at the EAMS marathon today. My plan was to take it easy and run a comfortable sub 3:15. The course was four hilly laps, climbing from sea level to 250 feet each lap.

After the first 0.2 of a mile we ran down the first hill and I was in the lead. I didn’t look at my Garmin at all to begin with, and just ran what I felt was a comfortable pace. Running down the initial hill someone tucked in behind me.

We turned into a slight wind and my new friend remained close behind, following every minor adjustment of direction I made. I was already finding this uncomfortable so began speeding up a bit in the hope I would shake him. This didn’t work, so I slowed but he stayed right behind.

I pushed a bit going up the climb but my shadow remained in close order. I turned my head a few times and tried to start a conversation but got no reply. I looked at my Garmin after the first lap and was a bit surprised to see I was running at 6:45 pace. I was feeling good so averaged this pace for the second lap too.

My shadow remained at my heels throughout and I was getting a bit annoyed. I realised his plan was probably to follow me to the end, and out sprint me. So on the third lap I decided to take it much easier. I slowed from 6:45 to about 7:20, and so did my friend!

At one point I slowed to 8:30 pace and stopped at a bin to drop in rubbish. My friend stayed right behind me throughout. On the last lap I was practically jogging averaging around 7:45 pace, and another runner overtook us both. I’ve never been so happy to be overtaken in my life before. I knew at least my shadow wasn’t going to win!

I was all very easy and my HR was down at around 140. I was conserving my energy, getting myself prepared for the final few hundred metres. I could see the finish line up ahead so gave it (almost) everything I had. I could hear his steps getting closer entering the last 50 m so I kicked again and he kept him behind.

Yippee! I was so happy to beat him and checking my Garmin afterwards, I had run the last 0.1 of a mile at 4:25 pace! I finished in 3:04:40, with the winner finishing in just over 3:00. I shook hands with my friend at the end and he said something like ‘Thanks for the good run’. I’d hoped to get chatting to him but he disappeared in minutes while I collected a 2nd place prize. There was no prize for third – Tehehe.

So I had good workout and finished with plenty in the tank. Sadly it’s the last marathon I’ll be running for a while because of my operation next month, and then recovery. I’ve been told that I will not be able to run for between 6 to 8 weeks.

I think I’ll be volunteering at a lot at Parkruns, and my abs and upper body will get plenty of workouts!

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Posted: 21/01/2016 at 13:16

Thanks for the words of support everyone.

GM- Nice pace for a hilly lunch time run.

Les – Good to read your comeback continues

Lor – Good 6 miler banked. I hope you got your longer run done today.

OO – Good freezing Paris run completed. Good luck in the Parkrun

GD – Nice 10 miler done and glad to read your feeling stronger

KR – Well done on the chilly handed 5 miler. You need a pair of Sealskin claw gloves. They rock

Gul – Nice reps in your 9 miler and good to read your improving

BI – Well done on 17km lunch time run. I hope your Garmin’s sorted.

I phoned today asking about a date for my WLE operation. Initially I was told that 25th February was the earliest they could operate. This didn’t suit due to my holidays from the 1st March and it was too long to wait. I then begged and cried a bit, and asked could I go private. This did trick and I’m now booked in for the operation on 11th February. It’s not how I would want to spend my 5th Wedding Anniversary but is still a fantastic relief! I’m feeling much better about everything now.

I’m taking it a bit easier in the marathon on Saturday. My plan will be to run sub 3:15 as I don’t want to tax my body too much.



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Posted: 20/01/2016 at 19:46

Sorry for the lack of posts but I haven’t been near the forum much recently. I had a quick read back and see a few lovely peps asking about me. Thanks very much for your concern and all the previous well wishes.

I’m saw the Dermatologist on Monday who give me a full body check over. I don’t have any more dodgy moles and I’m told my lymph nodes are fine. Although I did get a real scare when the Doctor inspecting them showed some concern, and left to get the senior Consultant. The Consultant checked and asked me did I exercise much. LOL – I told him I ran about 60 miles a week including 11 that morning! He said that my lymph nodes were what you would expect then. Phew!

However, it was explained to me that Melanoma can leave cancer cells behind and more skin would need to be removed from the original area. It’s like a dandelion weed being removed from the garden. Even though you pull it out by the roots some seeds can fall and spread. So I’m now waiting on a date of a further operation to remove ‘quite a large’ amount of skin. It’s called a Wide Local Excision and will look like a shark bite.

Unfortunately the waiting list is 6 to 8 weeks and I’m scheduled to go on holidays in 6. I pleaded to get done before I go so I could relax on holidays, but the Doc was concerned about infection, and when I would  get the stitches out. So it looks like I’m not going to get the operation until the middle of March.

They then check the removed skin to see if it contains any cancer cells. If it doesn’t I’m free to relax, but if it does I then have to get a Lymph node biopsy.  I’ve also been told that I could be completely off my feet for a few weeks and no running for month after the WLE.

So all in all I’m not a very happy bunny at the minute. All the waiting and uncertainty is tough to handle.

I’m still running though, and will continue to do so until I’m forced to stop. I ran a  hilly 10k on Saturday in 37:59 for 13th out of 703 people, and I’m running another marathon on Saturday. 

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Posted: 07/01/2016 at 15:46

That’s a great post GM summarizing the last few weeks excellently. Belated Happy Birthday OO!

Thanks for all the kind words about my recent (minor) marathon victory. I get a mention on the Jabbra Podium on Marathon Talk this week at about 54 minutes.

Unfortunately I have a bit of bad news. My Doctor tells me the mole I have had recently removed was a malignant melanoma.  This is the dangerous type of skin cancer that can spread into other regions.

It appears the 15 or so sunny holidays in the last 10 years has caught up with me.  I’m waiting to see a dermatologist for more tests, which might involve taking away more skin around the area and a lymph node biopsy.

I’m determined to stay positive and I’m confident I’ll get the all clear soon. Whatever the outcome, I’m up for the fight and refuse to be beaten.  

"Like the marathon, life can sometimes be difficult, challenging and present obstacles, however if you believe in your dreams and never ever give up, things will turn out for the best." – Meb Keflezighi

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