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Posted: 24/11/2015 at 09:57

Fishy - Good to read you hip is responding well to strengthening exercises. I haven't had a single niggle with my ITB since doing the same.

You asked about my first post and future marathon schedule. I think I used one from Runners World averaging about 50 miles weekly. This included a tempo session, fast reps and a weekend long run with 2 or 3 easy 5 mile runs. A solid training schedule for anyone wanting to run about 3:30 to 3:15.

Lorenzo - Great marathon running, not far of your PB. If you can currently handle 60+ miles then why settle for P&D 55 miles? Why not aim for 70 to 80 in your next campaign? I went from a marathon PB of 3:10 to 2:57 (now 2:51) by doing nothing more than adding more slower miles. My stamina went through the roof by peaking at 90 - 100 miles weekly compared to 50 - 60.

GM - Good running in tough conditions.

I'm running the marathon linked below on the 10th. It's a free marathon organised by the East Antrim Marathon Series. They organise a couple every month for people trying to run 100+ marathons. They usually cost £22 but this one is a thank you for all the support throughout the year. It will be my first with them but I plan on doing plenty more over the next few years. Apparently they are very well run with a field of 50 runners.

I read an article recently that tested different distances to find which was best for improving your VO2 Max. Apparently flat out 8 minutes reps are the best so I've added them into my weekly MLR. So I had a good tough 15 mile run this morning including 4 x 8 mins.  I'm also trying to work on my weakness of uphill running, so I've a course that means the fast sections are mostly uphill.  

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Posted: 21/11/2015 at 14:47

Les H - Glad to read your op is over. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Congratulations and a nice PB Jools!

Abbers, VTr  and SJ -  Good to read your come backs are progressing

I hope you had a great birthday Lorenzo! Good luck in your race.

Good Park running OO52

Today is my 6th year anniversary of my first post in the Runners World forums! I celebrated in style with a 20 mile pre-breakfast run this morning, incorporating a 18:37 Parkrun victory near the end. 

I've signed up for my 10th marathon (or further) of the year on the 10th of December. I'll be targeting another sub 3. I've also set myself a goal of running over 3000 miles for the third year in a row. To do this, I'll need to average almost 60 miles a week for the rest of the year. Loving it.

This is my first ever post on Runners world 21/11/2009 -

"Hi everyone this is my first post so I hate to pee on anyone’s cornflakes but seeing this thread made me want to comment. I see a lot of positive comments about FIRST training but I thought it worthwhile letting you know that it doesn’t work for everyone.

I starting running last January after about 12 years of a lay off and ran a 1:36:46 Half Marathon in July. According to this time using a few online calculators I should have been able to run a full Marathon at around 3:25 to 3:30. I followed the 16 week FIRST training schedule practically to the letter (rowing 3 times a week as cross training) with the only difference being my last two long runs being 21 and 22 miles rather than 20.

I then ran the Dublin marathon and kept to an average pace of about 7:50 for the first 18 miles. However my legs starting turning to lead and I hit the wall big time. I ended up struggling over the line in a disappointing 3 hours 48 with the last 6 miles being hell.

I just ran a 10k speed test this morning in 43 minutes which equates to a 3:20 to 3:25 marathon so I certainly haven’t lost any speed. I won’t be using FIRST again and will instead be using a program that has higher mileage over 5 or 6 days."

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Posted: 26/10/2015 at 19:11

I finished the Dublin Marathon today in 2:51:38, which is my 2nd fastest time but definitely my best performance, due to the wind and hills compared to my 2:51:08 in London. I went for the sub 2:50 but 25 mph SE wind meant we were either climbing or had a head wind for about 20 miles! I think I'd have run a sub 2:50 today in flat course with little wind. 147th place from over 13,000 wasn't bad. Full report to follow within a few days.

Well done KR!

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Posted: 25/10/2015 at 16:06

Jools - Sorry to read everything didn't go as planned today. 2:54 is still a fantastic time, especially when not 100%

SJ - Yikes, that sounds like a tough one, having problems from 11k. Well done on fighting on for the sub 3:30.

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Posted: 25/10/2015 at 09:28

Thanks for the kind encouraging words, GM, SJ, VTr, Birch, Jools, OO, PJF, Les, Lor and KR

GM - With the undulating course and weather forecast for Dublin, I don't think I have much chance of beating my time in London (2:51) this year. I was targeting a PB last year which was 2:54 at the time but struggled to finish in 2:58, giving it 100%. Good decision resting your foot and I hope you have a good training run with your friend.

OO - Good Parkrunning

PFJ - Sorry to hear about your daughter and her friends accident. Glad your daughter is fine but that sounds terrible about her friend. Good Parkrunning debut.

Lor - Nice monthly mileage so far and a great 22 miler.

KR - All the best for the Leicester Marathon

I hope everyone runs a great Marathon today or tomorrow. I look forward to hearing about PBs and great performances! 

Dublin will be my 25th marathon or ultra and I should be awarded a bronze medal from 100 Marathon Club Ireland.  So far I've completed 20 road marathons, 1 mountain marathon and 3x 50ks. It took me 9 marathons to run faster than 3:10, but have since run 8 sub 3 hours with the goal to add another tomorrow. My long term goal is to run 100 marathons with the majority sub 3. Run Badbark Run!

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Posted: 23/10/2015 at 17:55

Good to see plenty of great training runs done by everyone. Also good racing by Birch, Mead, and PMJ

VTr - Well done on your sub 3:10 PB and a great report. It took me 9 marathons to run faster than that.

Jools - Taper madness rocks!

LesH - I hope you heal up well

SJ - That's some squatting! Enjoy the carbo loading and good luck

I ran the British and Irish XC trails last Saturday hoping to qualify for N.Ireland again. I completed the course in 30:27 last year which got me the 6th and last place on the team.  I knew it would be harder this year as the championship is in Dublin next month, so more people would enter due to not having to fly.

I had run a 2:55 marathon just 13 days before the race but was determined to give it everything. It was 8k (4 laps) in good conditions and I really liked that they made us all wear our age group numbers on our backs. I ran by feel only glancing at my watch on the last mile.

I worked hard throughout, overtaking a few 45’s in the last two laps and didn’t get overtaken by any. I was over the moon to finish in 28:30 averaging 5:52 pace blowing away my 8k XC PB which was just under 30 minutes.

I had finished 8th in my age group which I was happy with as it was a reserve place and I would get a NI vest. However later I was told that 3 very fast guys had emailed before the event and were accepted onto the team.

This was annoying but got worse when I found out that 2 people ahead of me in the race weren't NI Masters registered. So I should have been straight onto the team in 6th place. So now I'm down in 9th due to the email qualifiers and not even a reserve. 8th place was only 9 seconds ahead of me and I must have been closing fast because I never saw him in the race. DOH! 

Oh well, I’ll just have to get faster for next year.

I’m looking forward to the Dublin Marathon on Monday were I’ll be hoping for my 4th sub 3 hour in 9 weeks. I’m tempted to run by feel again as it’s proving to be successful over shorter distances. However, this would be dangerous in a marathon as I might start too fast.

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Posted: 15/10/2015 at 21:24

Just a quick post on my 46th Birthday as I'm currently drunk.  Please remember that carbo loading is about changing the percentage of carbs in your diet not adding extra. So rather than the typical 60/20/20 split you should be eating 80/10/10 for a few days and running very few miles. The overall calorie consumption shouldn't change much. This way you'll be at the start line with your liver and muscles full of glycogen, but you'll not feel bloated. 

More beer...

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Posted: 10/10/2015 at 19:31

It's great to see plenty of  solid training runs banked by everyone and a good Parkrun performance by Gul.

The cross country season kicked off today and I had a good run in the Comber Cup. I finished the 5 miles in about 29:47 which is over a minute faster than on the same course last year. 

It's the hilliest XC of the season and I ran by feel not looking at my Garmin until the final mile. I'm very happy to dip under 6 minute mile pace on a hilly course, especially considering I ran a 2:55 marathon 6 days ago.

Of course I'm still buzzing from Northern Ireland qualifying for the Euros! 

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 19:29

.....continued - I'm over the moon with this result as apart from a couple of miles near the end was always running within myself.

The next two weekends I'll be racing XC, then it's the Dublin Marathon in 3 weeks where I'll be attempting to run my fourth sub 3 in 9 weeks.

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 19:28

Excellent racing and results from Jools, VTr and GM. Great Parkrunning too by Lorenzo, Birch, PMJ and especially OO. Welcome back Fishy, I hope you recovery continues. Belated congrats to PJF on brilliant run in Berlin. Good solid training runs by the rest.

After running a course PB of 37:35 in my local 10k last weekend I lined up today in the Monaghan Phoenix Marathon full of confidence. I was attempting to run a third sub 3 in 6 weeks.

The race started and finished at the Monaghan Football grounds and included a half marathon, back to back marathons and a marathon. We all started together and about 15 people were ahead of me going through a mile in 6:36. My plan was to run about 6:40 pace and allow some slow down over the last few miles for a comfortable sub 3.

Before we completed the 2nd mile the half and full marathon runners split different directions and I could see 2 other runners about 100m ahead running the full. I didn't know how many other runners were out of sight further up the road. I ran the next few miles in 6:26, 6:34, 6:34, 6:23 and was about 50m behind the two in front and running with another guy who had caught me.

We went through the next in 6:36 and caught up with one of the guys ahead and the three of us ran in a wee group. The other two had run the course before and explained to me that we would be entering a park and doing 4 laps while the half marathon runners would be doing 2.

We caught the other guy ahead in the park, running our first major hill which took 7:20. The park was undulating throughout with twisty trail paths and trees playing havoc with my Garmin. I completed the next few miles in 6:46, 6:55, 6:13 (downhill) and 6:45 and had started pulling away for the group.

I was starting to lap half marathon runners and a nice group of girls told me I was in 2nd place! Holy smoke I was battling for a podium place. The next miles took 7:02, 6:18 and I went through half way in about 1:27. I was feeling great and very much in cruise control. I was enjoying the park trails and continually lapping of other runners who gave lots of encouragement.

The next miles took 6:56, 6:15, 6:39 and 7:07 and another runner told me I was in 2nd place about 5 minutes behind the leader. This was good to know as I knew I couldn't catch him unless he slowed dramatically. I didn't have to push 100% and could save some energy for anyone trying to overtake.

The 18th mile took 7:01 then an uphill 7:27 to reach 20 miles, finishing the warm-up and now the real 10k race began. A downhill mile in 6:18 followed and went into the last 5 mile lap. I was still feeling great and running within myself but cruised through the next flat mile in 6:35. However, all of sudden the hills in the park seemed to be getting steeper and I finally started having to work hard.

I was told the leader was still about half a mile ahead and running strong. However running a 7:09, 7:14 and struggling up a the final uphill mile in 7:43, meant I was more concerned on who could be catching me.
Thankfully the 25th mile was downhill which I ran in 6:22 and I was over the blip and feeling strong again. The last full mile took 6:40 and I entered the home straight happy as the preverbal pig.

It was great to hear my name called out and announced I was second place overall. I went through the finish in 2:55:11 by my Garmin which was 3 seconds slower than my last marathon 3 weeks ago. How about that for consistency!

The winner finished in 2:51 and he told me later his PB was 2:49. My concerns about being caught were unnecessary as 3rd didn't finish until a few minutes past 3 hours.

I got to stand on a podium for only the 4th time in my life and received a lovely glass trophy and 50 Euros. I'

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