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Posted: 23/06/2014 at 11:56
Lorenzo wrote (see)

Badbark - how are things with you at the moment? I trust you're taking it easy. I showed your report to Mrs L and she was reading it with interest until all the gory details appeared!


Yes thanks, I took it easy last week with only 27 slow miles and 3 days complete rest. Just another 6 easy this morning but plan on a few HMP intervals on grass tomorrow.  I’ve a hilly Half Marathon on Friday night and have just booked a 50k Ultra Marathon in 11 weeks time so I’m mentally back in the game!

I just have to wait to see a specialist about my ‘problem’ and won’t be attempting to run further than 50k until it gets sorted once and for all. Sorry for the graphic posts last week. I decided the embarrassment of revelling all was less to bear than the shame of people thinking I had much choice in the DNF after 85k. It's not in my psyche to quit. 

Sorry to read about the lurgy suffering but good to read P&D starting for most people. I’ll be sticking to my own training plan for Dublin in 17 weeks which has worked well over my previous few marathons.

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Posted: 20/06/2014 at 18:51

Thanks for all the kind (and very amusing) words of encouragement everyone. You guys rock and have made me feel much better about the DNF.

AR – What about covering the Garmin completely and just running to feel? Then you can look back on your performance later. You might surprise yourself.

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Posted: 17/06/2014 at 15:28

Running some water through my pants and shorts when I got back to the hotel!


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Posted: 17/06/2014 at 15:19

 continued - than a walnut bleeding profusely. Both he and the Red Cross said I couldn’t continue and might need a blood transfusion if I continued to lose blood.

To say I was gutted would be an understatement. I argued with everyone and still wanted to continue but with my mum and wife in tears finally relented. I went to a disabled toilet and managed to force the haemorrhoid back inside and finally arrest the bleeding. My face was as white as a sheet.

I had already been to the Doctors last Wednesday due to the bleeding and I am waiting to see a specialist. I don’t like to make excuses but wonder if the blood loss over the previous week may have affected my performance. It probably doesn’t help that I am vegan so wouldn’t have the highest iron levels to begin with.

Haemorrhoid problems aside I still made some silly mistakes and didn’t take the 100k distance serious enough. My pace was too fast over the first half going through 26.2 miles in 3:18. I got greedy and let the podium predictions go to my head and thought all my hard training would see me through. I should have run about 8 minute mile pace and stop and/or walk much earlier. I was in ‘marathon mode’ throughout and hardly paused until I was forced to.

I was in 4th place early on then went into 3rd by half way and wanted to stay there so I wouldn’t let the forum down! Funnily enough the final top three were all behind me until I fell apart after 60k. The three ahead of me at 25k finished 4th, 14th and DNF. I’ve learnt a huge lesson about ultra pacing and running my own race. It really is a different discipline compared to marathons and 50k’s.

I haven’t run at all for three days now but plan 4 miles on the treadmill or grass tomorrow. Thankfully I still have the buzz but won’t be running too far until I have my haemorrhoid problem sorted.

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Posted: 17/06/2014 at 15:18

Well my first attempt at a 100k Ultra Marathon didn’t work out as planned but I never imagined the day would end the way it did.

The day started badly when the car park ticket wouldn’t let me out and I had to return to the hotel reception losing about 15 minutes. I sped to the race and reached the Forest Park with 2 minutes to spare before registration was due to close. I need not have worried as there was a large queue which eventually resulted in the race starting 15 minutes late.

The weather was perfect as the race started at 7:15 am with 20 x 5k laps around Portuma Forest Park ahead of me. The 50k and 100k started together. My plan was to run about 7:40 a minute mile pace until half way and then allow myself to slow down to 8:40 pace over the second half. This would see me break 8 hours 30 minutes and if I could hold 7:40 for longer I would.

I completed the first lap in 23:57 so thought that 24 minute lap targets would be easy to remember. I felt fantastic and had a lot of difficulty on holding back my pace and finished the next laps in 23:13, 23:30, 23:27, 23:29, 23:14, 23:26, 23:36, 23:46 and 24:13. This had me pass the 50k mark at around 3:55 and I still felt very strong.

I started to dream that I might be able to hold close to this pace for the rest of the race and break the 8 hour barrier. I calculated that if ran 25 minute laps I would finish around 8 hours so this became my target going into the second half. I ran the 11th lap in exactly 25 minutes but for the first time was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

I had run 42.5 miles in training without any problems and was surprised I was beginning to struggle despite only having run about 35 miles. The 12th lap was the real turning point where I went from having a bit of trouble to the wheels coming off completely. The lap took 26:53 with the last mile over 9 minutes. I didn’t hit the wall, the wall hit me.

I tried to push on telling myself it was only a bad patch but my legs had gone completely and I had to walk parts of the 13th lap which took 31:12. Mentally it was extremely difficult to push on knowing that I had still a marathon to complete. I changed my plan to run about 400m and walk about 100m and maintained about 11 minute mile pace for several miles. The next laps took 32:59 and 34:59 as I reached 75k but my walk breaks were getting longer.

All time goals were out the window now and I just became determined to finish. I was now walking and running equal distances of about 100m and finish the 16th lap in 37:50. On the 17th lap I stopped for a pee but was shocked to find my hands red with blood from my pants.

I have had problems with haemorrhoids for years and had bleed after every bowel movement for the previous week but never expected this. I had thought my pants were just wet from water I had been pouring over myself but discovered that they were soaked completely in blood. There was blood inside my thighs and down the back of my legs.

I had only started a new lap and decided to soldier on putting tissues in the base of my pants. However, it wasn’t long until the tissues were soaked and I stopped at a water station and asked some ladies if they could help me out. They raced to their cars and returned with a nappy and sanitary towel! I went for the towel but will never forget the horrified look on some of the kid’s faces as I removed the dripping tissues.

I finished the lap in 40:10 and went over to my friends and family. I showed them the soaked sanitary towel and asked for another. I wanted to continue as I only had three laps to go and at even 40 minutes a lap I would be finished in under 10 hours total. One of my friends is a Doctor and made me go to the Red Cross Ambulance for a check up. He had a look and said I had an external haemorrhoid bigger tha

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Posted: 14/06/2014 at 17:57

DNF, a got pulled out by a doctor after 53 miles due to blood lose from piles! Blood running down my legs. I was advised to to go to hospital but it's stopped now so drinking instead. You couldn't make it up! Gutted. 

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Posted: 12/06/2014 at 11:33

That’s it, after 22 weeks and almost 1500 miles run since mid January I’ve completed my training for the 100k Portumna Forest Marathon. Despite 10 days on holidays I’ve averaged 70 miles a week peaking at 102 miles. I’ve run over 20 miles 17 times including many back to backs and my longest run was 42.5 miles. I’ve raced 2 marathons, 2 half marathons, 6 Parkruns and won my first ever race a 50k Trail Ultra Marathon as part of the training.

I’m travelling down to Athlone tomorrow with family and friends and staying at a hotel for 3 nights. The race starts at 7am on Saturday morning. I’m 100% fit and raring to go. It’s going to be tough but I can’t feckin wait. I've even grown an 'Ultra' beard for two weeks for the occasion. Bring on the pain! Then the alcohol  then maybe a razor

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Posted: 07/06/2014 at 14:35

GM – Nice negative split 10k

PMJ – Excellent mile running and good luck in your 10k

Poacher – Personally I’d try flat out for London and Comrades. Then again people have been calling me Madbark recently.

Gul – Good mileage considering you burn up

OO – Fantastic Parkrun PB! And great running from Junior too

Birch – Great LSR

I ran my 32nd Parkrun this morning. I’ve finished second 9 out the last 13 times but finally manage to win one. Thanks to the heavy rain nobody fast showed. Yippee! This time next week I’ll be well into a race 20 times longer. Eek! 

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Posted: 05/06/2014 at 13:53
Rennur wrote (see)

Badbark, thanks for that reference. I've been puzzling over nutrition (generally and pre-race) recently and that book looks interesting. Does it talk much about teaching your body to burn fat more efficiently (as opposed to simply burning simple carbs)? Good skill (since you don't need luck) on the upcoming ultra.


Rennur – Yes that’s the idea behind fat loading for 5 to 10 days before the carbo load. This certainly suits me better than trying to eat high fat and low carb all the time.

VTrunner – Welcome aboard! I ran between 3:10 to 3:18 in marathons for several years with about 50 miles a week training. Since (slowly) increasing my weekly mileage to about 70 to 80 I can now comfortably run sub 3. My advice to anyone would be to increase their weekly mileage including running doubles.

PMJ – Thanks for the heads up about my mention on Marathon Talk. Very wise words in regards to your marathons and training. Nice fast reps!

Gul – I imagine you haven’t recovered completely yet.

Poacher – Fantastic race report and photos apart from the foot one.

11 miles for me this morning including 5 at MP all on grass. It all felt very comfortable and I’m glad to report that the niggle in my quad has completely cleared. 9 days until the 100k now and I can't wait.

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Posted: 04/06/2014 at 14:37
SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

Looking good Badbark, what % mix do you go to in order to fat load / carb load? Glad to hear that you are going to go for it by the way - I expect you'll be right at the sharp end 

SJ – I’m following the ‘New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition’ by Matt Fitzgerald which recommends 65% calories from fat for 5 to 10 days then 70% carbs. I’ve tried it out before my 50k ultra win and easy 2:56 marathon recently so I’m confident it works well for me!

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