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Posted: Yesterday at 14:09

Jools - Congrats on the team 1st!

PJF- Nice early LSR. Happy Birthday to junior!

KR - Amazing mileage, well done. It's looking good for the 24 hr.

SJ - Only gaining 4lbs on hols in great result! Well done getting plenty of runs in.

PMJ - Good mileage and pacing practise run.

It's only 8 days since the marathon but my legs felt surprisingly good this morning. It certainly makes a lot of different to recovery when you run a marathon at 90% effort rather than flat out.

My planned 15 miler with 5 at MP+10% ended up a bit quicker. Feeling good I progressed the effort throughout running the first 5 averaging 7:45 pace, the next 5 averaging 7:20 with the last 5 at 7:11, 7:08, 6:54, 6:46 and 6:26 m/m pace. 

August has been a good running month with 247 miles total at an average pace of 7:30. This included my first 3000m track race, 2x Parkruns including a course PB, 2x half marathons including a PB and a sub 3 marathon. 

Sub 3h15

Posted: 30/08/2015 at 16:03

- that one seemed to be coaching the other.

I overtook them at around 24 miles and one indeed wasn't wearing a number so was just there to assist. They tried to stay with me but I ran hard up a hill and started pulling away. The final full 5k split was 21:29 which included the hills and my HR averaged 146.

My Garmin was off with the markers and I ended up recording 26.35 miles (42:40 km). I was running scared over the last mile which turned out to be my quickest of 6:27 m/m with HR averaging 151. I ran a lap of the track before crossing the line in 2:58:09 with my family going mental. My chip time was given as a nice looking 2:57:57.

My final average HR was only 143 which was 10 less than my 2:51 PB in London earlier in the year, so show's how much I was running within myself. It was the second easiest sub 3 I have run with the easiest being flat. Despite the hills I didn't suffer too much from DOMS the following few days. Although the friction burns in my upper thighs were much worse!

I was interviewed on the local radio and got to stand on an actually podium for one of the few times in my life. First and second finished in 2:38 and 2:42 so they were a different class.

That's my 22nd marathon (or longer) completed and I hope to add another sub 3 on September 13th. 

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Posted: 30/08/2015 at 16:02

I've finally had a chance to write a report on the Donegal Marathon.

I'm running four marathons within a 9 week period and I have a goal to run all of them within 3 hours. Donegal was the first of these and being a hilly course and only having 7 weeks training after an 11 day drinking holiday, I knew it would be tough enough. The winner last year ran about 2:55 and was the only sub 3 so I thought I might have a chance of a podium place too.

I had run a 1:20:07 half marathon PB the weekend before so wasn't fully tapered. Typical Irish weather on the morning of the marathon with it absolutely chucking it down. It rained hard for over an hour before easing off and stopping completely by the time I finished. The rain kept us cool but I did end up with serious chaffing at the tops of my thighs that took about 4 days to heal.  Nasty.

There was a half marathon starting the same time following the same course for 13 miles. This was good in one sense as there were more people to run with but also meant I had no idea of my place. My plan was to run about 6:40 - 6:45 pace early on and see how I felt after 20 miles. I was going to decide then if I would push on hard or take it easy over the last few miles. Anything around 21 minutes per 5k would be good.

There were about 100 people in the marathon and 500 in the half marathon. At 9:20 am the race began and about 50 people began pulling away. We went through Letterkenny before turning back through the town and heading off west into the countryside for two big laps.

I completed the first 5k in 20:27 with an average HR of 143 and felt very relaxed. The next 5k split was 20:51 and there was a steady uphill section for about 5 miles before getting it all back in 2 miles. This wasn't great for the quads but I went through the next 5k splits in 20:44 and 20:40 and still feeling great.

My HR was averaging around 143 which was nice and low. I caught a guy who was running the full marathon and we ran together for a few miles chatting. Nice bloke. He started to drop back a bit and I continued catching the odd runner. I took a glance at their numbers passing as it was the only way I could see if they were in the half or the full marathon. I overtook two more full marathon runners over the next few miles

Just before half way my family were cheering me on and shouted I was in 4th place. I went through half way in about 1:28 with the next 5k taking 21:15. With the half marathon runners finishing the road completely cleared up ahead but I couldn't see how far I was behind 3rd place.

I reached 30k with a split of 21:26 and my legs were now feeling heavy. My breathing was controlled and my HR was about 142, but I was battling the negative thought demons in my head. Then on a straight section I saw a few runners away ahead in the distance. I timed when we both passed a parked van and discovered I was about 1:30 behind.

After a few more corners I started seeing more people that I was catching but then realised it was people I was lapping. Damn, it was going to be hard to know how far I was behind 3rd place. I didn't have the legs to push on too hard but was confident I could maintain my pace and hoped 3rd would struggle late on. I view a marathon as a 20 mile warm-up before a tough 10k race.

I ran another 21:26 5k split and passed my family again around 22 miles. They told me I was still 4th and on a straight could see two people about a minute ahead. We were running through Letterkenny which was not part of the earlier loop so anyone ahead was in the marathon.

After 23 miles I rounded a corner and saw the two people only about 30 seconds ahead. We were approaching a few tough hills which I actually looked forward to as I felt strong. I started dreaming of second place as I closed but noticed that one seemed to be coaching the

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Posted: 30/08/2015 at 16:00

GD - I'm really sorry for you with your job issues.I hope you find something good soon. 

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Posted: 23/08/2015 at 15:16

Quick post to say I finished 3rd place in the Donegal Marathon in 2:58:09. Tough course and chuff with a podium after being 4th by 1:30 mins after 23 miles. First was about 2:38 and second 2:42 hrs. I was interviewed on the radio and pocketed 50 euro Now drinking!

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Posted: 21/08/2015 at 09:20
PJFrizzle wrote (see)

Re shoes - does anyone use the Asics DS for marathon racing?

I use a 210g shoe for anything up to HM & Kayano which is 100g heavier and frankly too heavy for longer runs.

The DS looks appealing as its a halfway house...still supprt a bit of over pronation but way lighter than the Kayano.        

I'm currently over 1,600 miles into a pair of Saucony Guide 7's and loving them. They are the only shoe I've ever bought were I feel comfortable running long and racing in. They are durable, have an 8mm drop and weigh 270g. I'd certainly recommend them as a halfway house between training and racing.

With today's easy 4 miler completed I have now broken the 2000 mile barrier for the year. I'm 100% fit and feeling great about Sundays marathon.

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Posted: 20/08/2015 at 15:54

SJ - I loved your report. Huge congrats again! You clearly have more patience and tolerance than I would have teaming up with someone much slower in the swims.

Jools - That's a good 'time on feet' run banked

Lor - Good luck in Abingdon

OO - 18:50 is solid

BI - Sorry about your wife. I hope the surgery goes well. Nice session in the heat.

GD - Those splits look good to me

SJ - Good luck on the sub 3 attempt

PJF - Go ahead and treat yourself

KR - Excellent mileage. I'm excited to see how the 24 hour race goes. It's something on my bucket list too. You should check out this blog for some good advice reading and tips on 24 hr races -

Abbers - Nice 6 miler and turbo sessions 

It's just three days to go to the Donegal Marathon and I'm now carbo loading. I did my usual Aussie style pre carbo load run this morning of 3 minutes fast then straight into a 30 seconds uphill sprint. Then started consuming plenty of high GI carbs straight away. I'll return to more normal eating tomorrow and Saturday with just a slightly higher percentage of carbs.

I've checked my previous schedules and I've used this method for all my previous sub 3 marathons and PB's so I'm sticking with it.

It will be interesting to see if my flat out half marathon a week before the marathon will affect my performance. Earlier in the year I ran 3 half marathons in 3 consecutive weeks and a 20 miler mid week after the first one. Despite this I still managed to run each race about a minute faster than the week before setting two new PB's on the last two. 

It will also be interesting to see how I go considering that including the taper, I've only had 7 weeks training for the marathon after a 11 day heavy drinking holiday.

I put the course into Map My Run and almost wish I hadn't as it looks a little hilly. Those last few climbs near the end are going to hurt. Bring on the pain! 

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Posted: 15/08/2015 at 13:47

Bike It - Happy Anniversary!

Boom! I just finished the Groomsport HM in about 1:20:07 for a shinning new PB by about 40 seconds, on an undulating course. I'm being greedy but I'm slightly disappointed not break 1:20. Unfortunately I had to run solo into a head wind for most of the last two miles which knocked about 20 seconds of my time.  

My mantra of 'PB for Charlotte' still worked wonders on her 2nd birthday. Now I'm going to have my first alcohol in 6 weeks to celebrate.   

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Posted: 14/08/2015 at 13:58

Huge congratulations to all the junior’s excellent exam results! Happy 18th birthday to junior OO too! It’s my daughters 2nd birthday tomorrow as well.

I’m looking forward to running the Groomsport HM tomorrow which will be the last race I run in Northern Irelands Half Marathon series. I’m battling it out for 2nd place in my age group in the 10 race series (5 fastest races count).

I was 3rd place after 7 races by 2 minutes but my 1:22 compared to a 1:26 to the guy ahead of me has me 2 minutes ahead of him. However, this was the first time I ever beat him in a race as he’s usually around 1:20 so he might have been ill or injured. It's going to be a close one.

My 5th fastest time in the series is 1:23:11 so ever second I can run faster than this will help.

It’s not the fastest course but I did manage a PB there 2 years ago, the day after my daughter was born, by digging deep and repeating a mantra of ‘PB for Charlotte’! I’ll try something similar again.

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Posted: 12/08/2015 at 16:00

VTr - Excellent weekly mileage and I'm sure you will see great improvements

BikeIt - Great P&D MP run

PMJ - Good 12 mile running

Jools - So you run a 21 miler then 3 races the next day and say your in awe of my powers of recovery! Teehee. Brilliant running

Poacher - Nice tready gym performance.

OO - Congrats on your prize and 37 minute 10k.

GD - Good nippy 6 miler and glad to read about no pain with your new insoles

Frizzle - I've know idea about LT running and heart rates etc. I just like to blast a half marathon race every few weeks instead.

Be careful adding quality and quantity into your schedule together. I'd prefer to add one or the other at a time.

SJ - Nice interval session 

I ran my first ever track race last night. My schedule had me running 3 x 1 mile at 5k but seeing a athletics meeting put on just 2 miles from my home was too tempting. So I ran 6 miles easy in the morning then entered the 3000 m on the track.

20 men signed up and 10 women so they put the slowest 5 men with the women to run first. As I was the only man without a PB time I was with the women. I was glad as most of the PB times were sub 10 with the fastest being 8:22. Gulp.

I really enjoyed running around a track for the first time in my life feeling like a proper athlete. I set my Garmin to record a lap by position but didn't look at it during the race. Looking back now I ran the first lap in 1:26 and was sitting in about 6th place. The next laps took 1:24, 1:23, 1:24, 1:23 and 1:23 so great pacing and with 600m to go I was in 5th place.

I pushed on a bit as the others ahead seemed to be coming back to me. I pass 3 within the next few hundred metres and was closing on the leading lady. I got to within about 5 m with 200 to go and then she shot off like a rocket. I finished in 10:24 and was very pleased to discover that's 5:35 m/m pace. I've never run that pace with anything more than 400m intervals before! 

Next up is the Groomsport Half Marathon on Saturday before the Donegal Marathon the following weekend. Oh, and no I won't be taking it easy in half. 

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