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2 marathons in 3 weeks

Posted: 15/04/2015 at 11:31
BenRAJ wrote (see)

My initial target was sub 3'05 so that I could get a good for age place for London, but I trained using a break 3 hour plan and hit all of the milestones and paces on the plan.

The problem with this reasoning is that it's entirely possible to hit the paces and milestones in a plan by overtraining, but without any tune-up races to judge from it's much harder to estimate whether sub3 was reasonable goal. What are your most recent race results like?

To go from the original sub 3:05 target to running 6:40min/mi is a massive leap - it might not sound a lot, but it really is huge - especially carrying a camelbak! For comparison I managed a sub3:05 marathon 18 months ago, have the reassurance of being faster over other distances since, and despite my most recent tune-up race being a sub 37min 10K PB, I will still 'only' be aiming for 6:51 pace for London. And if it's hot on the day then I'd settle for another 3:04.



Have you ever tripped while out running

Posted: 08/04/2015 at 10:45
Catalin Bond wrote (see)
The question for me is not, do you trip? It's, how often do you trip?!
For me it's about once a year to 18 months. What about others? Hard to know if I'm clumsy or normal!

Similar frequency for me too. Not had the wheel trim thing yet thankfully, my trips are usually a result of admiring the scenery around me on a trail run instead of looking at the trail.

The most recent though was heading downhill on a trail with a small stream across it at the bottom, whilst on a tempo run. "I'm going fast enough to jump that stream, I've cleared bigger puddles before". Except by the time I realised it was not an ickle stream and it was in fact a ford crossing a shallow river and somewhat wider and deeper than I had estimated from afar, I was already committed.

Front foot landed half a metre short, deeper water than I expected so resulting in forward rotation and falling flat on knees elbows and hands on jagged stone+gravel. Still got the scars on my knee! I did manage to pause my Garmin whilst I was on the floor winded though, to keep the illusion of maintaining tempo pace

Thoughts on how I can be tracked?

Posted: 08/04/2015 at 10:18
Shildon Trudger wrote (see)

what's with this obsession with uncomfortably hauling around five hundred plus quid's worth of tech

Shildon Trudger wrote (see)

not a phone (oh the peace that comes with running uncontactable) 

An older, smaller, basic smartphone like an iPhone 3GS or any number of bargain Android handsets can be had for cheap if you don't already have one spare from past upgrades. Stick a GiffGaff SIM in it, setup 'Find My Friends' app (or an Android equivalent) with your other half, stick it in a zip pocket and job done.

Does not have to be as big/heavy/expensive as your main phone, and because you've only given the number to the other half you shouldn't have to worry about calls from work and friends etc. 

ITB, Training and Taper

Posted: 01/04/2015 at 16:23

In my experience - which includes clubmates' anecdotes plus personal experience of getting ITBS on my right knee and making all the classic mistakes to prolong recovery, followed by ITBS on my left knee the following year but recovering much more quickly, I found that if you stop at the very first sign of ITBS pain and rest from running for a week, then you can get away with resuming normal training if pain free after that rest. However if you try running through ITBS pain at all, then you need to rest for several weeks until it's pain free, then rest for a couple more weeks after that. 6 weeks seems to be typical in this scenario.

Attempts to resume running any sooner usually result in the cycle of repeated short rests and aborted painful returns that end up costing more time than if having just stopped at the first sign of ITBS.

So I would say defer til next year if you can, as it does not seem worth wasting a VLM place if you know you cannot do yourself justice. Then work on fixing the root cause of the ITBS, whether that was glutes, hips, TFL, upping mileage too quickly etc, and get stronger for the comeback.

But if you're desperate/committed to doing VLM this year in particular for whatever reason, you could probably get round, but be mentally prepared for it to be painful, disappointing and/or slow. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

If you do go ahead with it this year, I personally would not recommend an 18 miler 2 weeks beforehand; an experienced higher mileage runner might be ok with that, but if that's your longest run it sounds like an exercise in boosting confidence but to the detriment of your condition for race day.

Sub 35 min 10K

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 13:22
AW9 wrote (see)

Can you please advise how possible this would be and also what training would be required?

I had similar times and improvement to you when I first started training vaguely properly (43min Mar 2012 to 39:30 in July 2012), having had a football background before that. Whether your sub35 in a year goal is possible will depend upon various factors, including
- where you are now on your improvement curve vs your natural potential/speed,
- how well you manage to train,
- whether you have any extra body fat to lose. 

For example since I made a similar improvement to you above, I've 'only' taken around 50s per year off my 10K PB (now 36:4x), and having to train more and smarter each year, sub35 still seems like a world away, and from my experience I would say your goal sounds rather ambitious unless you're running that 39:23 whilst carrying a lot of surplus weight. On the other hand a clubmate last year went from sub40 in February to sub35 in September after deciding to shift focus from triathlon to running, so yes it is possible, but who knows how much untapped potential you have?

As for appropriate training, I'm not the best to advise seeing as I'm still celebrating my sub37 let alone sub35, but I'd agree with others that it would be a good idea to mix up the speedwork, eg alternate weeks between 400m, 800m intervals and hill reps sessions. Your current training sounds pretty well structured for a noob (much better than mine was back then), here's one example plan you could borrow from though: - generally the more you read up and learn then the better you'll understand how to adapt the many plans and suggested sessions out there to suit yourself and fit around your life.

Good luck!

Healthy ways to gain weight?

Posted: 03/03/2015 at 16:24

Peanut butter on lightly-toasted maltloaf is even better 

Healthy ways to gain weight?

Posted: 03/03/2015 at 10:26


Bryn456 wrote (see)

I'm 6ft 1 and weigh 11 stone. It's mainly other people who are commenting on my weight loss. Part of me thinks they just remember the "A-Level and University Era" me of almost 10 years ago when I discovered beer and kebabs....


I suspect you're spot on with that. I'm slightly shorter than you at 6ft, weigh around 10 stone 4lbs, with 30 inch waist and am healthy, but I was 13 stone and in 34 inch jeans after 3 years at uni. It's mainly people who remember more what I looked like then that seem to comment, especially the ones who would like to lose fat but don't. I remember being pleased to get back into my 32" jeans, and surprised when I had to ditch them for 30", but similar to Lit's experience it stabilised and I've been a similar size/shape for a few years now, still getting fitter and faster without losing any more weight, and most people are used to what I look like now.

If you're comfortable with the way you are and you feel healthy then it would be a shame to put on weight just because you feel pressure from how others perceive you.

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 10/02/2015 at 00:28
And yes, wouldn't blame you for giving the eastbound segment a bash at some point to complete the set

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 10/02/2015 at 00:20
Yes getting some form back myself now thanks, after taking August off training thanks to arrival of baby boy, then attempting to train through a month or two of sleep deprivation, getting some form back by November then being ill in December and losing it again!

London Marathon is my 'A' race this year, second target to try and finish the HRRL at least as high as last year but without compromising the marathon training. Which means avoiding the temptation to race Eastleigh 10K!

Did Ryde 10 weekend before last - new course this year, still hilly as you'd expect, but windy this year too, had probably my best race over any distance judging by the people I beat who are normally ahead, and runbritain telling me it was my 'adjusted best' performance. Bodes well as that was just taking the Saturday off on top of the usual Friday rest day from marathon plan, and the week before had ended with my first 20miler of the campaign, so not exactly tapered!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 09/02/2015 at 23:34
I haven't checked in on this thread for a while - but I saw your parkrun result at the weekend Scott - good to see you're recovering well. Your time at Netley a couple of weeks earlier on the slowest of the three Netley courses was probably a better indicator than you realised at the time.

I see you nabbed the toll bridge westbound segment today - I don't place much value on these normally but that's a nice one to have!

Scott P - I know some of the Lordshill guys and they're a good bunch. I did consider joining them when I was choosing a club a few years ago, but I'm further east and went for Stubbington Green. Nowadays there's more choice with Hedge End and the recent Itchen Spitfires. I'm staying Green though
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