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hoka dealers in London

Posted: 17/03/2015 at 20:33

Hi robphotog. I am pleased to read you like the Hoka Cliftons. I have had a look at Run and Become website and like the look of the Hoka Bondi 4 at £115. Was wondering if you would report back which shoes you managed to try on in the Hoka range. Hopefully I may get money for my birthday and treat myself? Am interested in the various models you tried on- comfort/fit/weight etc. Are you going to purchase a different model to the Cliftons?

Thanks in advance for any info you can give.


Posted: 09/03/2015 at 22:40

Yes please Rob............I would love to hear how you find the shoes over 6m. I had a dodgy knee when I decided to buy the Cliftons. It wasn't a long standing injury, just a niggle............but I have been running now in the Cliftons instead of my Nike Vomeros and my knee is absolutely fine now. To be fair, my vomeros are needing replacing after several months of use- so this could have been the cause of the niggle?

I hope your knees like the Cliftons!!!

Please do report back........


Posted: 09/03/2015 at 21:32

Just read April's edition of Runners World. A good review of the Hoka Clifton trainer


 " for a maximal shoe that looks so chunky it's a testament to the job Hoka has done on the fit that 2 testers made the same remark-wearing the shoes " felt like I was running in comfy socks", referring to the mix of cushioning and speed this shoe gives. The foot sits high off the ground(29mm at the heel and 24mm at the forefoot) but the overall drop of 5mm gives this a great blend of responsiveness and padding, and proved adept across a variety of distances "

" I felt like I was running in my socks and yet had the confidence to pick up my downhill speed, thanks to the support. I did some hard sessions and whether they were fast, long or steep the shoe came up tops "

I haven't been able to run further than 6m in any one run in my hoka cliftons- due to lack of fitness! However the 6miles has been really great and the shoes are definitely a good purchase for me. Runners World have nominated the shoe as "BEST RUNNERS DEBUT"


Posted: 20/02/2015 at 19:24

Hi! Good to hear from you...........

I LOVE my Hokas. They are wearing well and provide excellent cushioning. I have run no more than 6miles in any one can't say how the shoes fair over longer distances. The tongue is q flimsy and I was worried at first it might tear; but it hasn't. The trainers are light and are not as bulky as I had imagined. This is my first pair of Hokas. Prior to these I ran in Nike Vomeros. I have tried Asics Nimbus and Brooks Ghost..........but felt the cushioning wasn't as good as Hokas. I would recommend Hokas........they are expensive full price.......Millet Sports did have discount on them recently....

I had hoped to be running longer distances than 6m; but my training hasn't gone to plan. some reviewers complain the toe box is narrow and they get blisters......; but I have had no rubbing or blisters at all( and I am prone to blisters in new shoes).

Hope this info has been of use to you robphotog


Posted: 16/09/2014 at 21:56

Will do. Will be running outside in them this w/e. Sorry I just reported about running on a treadmill. The walking was just to see if the size 8 fitted ok or was slipping up and down when I walked. I just thought I would comment. Perhaps I will do a better review in a months time.........I hope so


Posted: 16/09/2014 at 11:44

Yes- its a ladies size 8. I bought them for £89.99 at Millet Sports. I have just checked- and they are not available now in that size. Also the price has gone up to £98.99. I guess I was just lucky.

What do you think of your other hokas? Which models do you have Running Rodent?


Posted: 15/09/2014 at 22:51

Yes.......I like the colour!

I have 2 main reasons for choosing Hokas- both as I require v good cushioning.

1. I have a lowish bone density(confirmed by a DEXA bone scan). Consultant says I am ok to run; but not marathons any more.

2. I have had  a Morton's neuroma removed surgically from my foot. Consultant thought it was brought on by running?? The area of foot that the neuroma was excised from is permanently numb.

I have been considering Hokas for a little while after being introduced to them at the ParkRun. One of the runners there suffered 3 stress fractures. He bought the Hokas to protect his feet and hopefully prevent further stress fractures. About 10 years ago, I suffered 2 metatarsal stress fractures and a tibial stress fracture. I now take calcium supplements, have reduced my mileage and increased my weight- all to help prevent future stress fractures. I usually run in Nike Vomeros and I fancied a 2nd pair of trainers to rotate. The hokas were on offer for £89.99. Yes- still expensive!!

Has anyone else tried the Hokas? What do you think?



Posted: 15/09/2014 at 22:07

Managed to pick my HOKA CLIFTON trainers up today. First impressions: I like them a lot!! They are nice and light and the colour I chose( coral/white/yellow) are fab
The insole is very thin and easily removed to accommodate my orthotic. The shoe is deep enough for the orthotic to sit snuggly. I know some people say you can wear them without orthotics ; but I want to try with them.
My only concern is the tongue of the shoe which seems v flimsy. I hope it doesn't tear
I walked around the house first in my size 8's. My day shoes are a 7 and my Nikes are a 7.5. The size 8's are perfect. The immediate feeling I noticed was the brilliant cushioning. They are extremely well cushioned. I then walked to the gym and did 30mins on the treadmill. I am v impressed. Unlike some reviews that I have read, I did NOT feel like a clown wearing them!!;-) My next try is a 3m outside run. I am only just starting running again after a long lay off- hence the short distance.

Morton's neuroma surgery

Posted: 09/12/2013 at 21:32

Hi There!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am REALLY pleased I had the surgery in October 2013. I am now pain free. This is brilliant- as before the op I was getting electric shock pains in my foot. Now I have some permanent numbness and it feels a bit like i have a crease in my sock when I walk.......; but I am satisfied with this result.

My surgeon is very cautious about me exercising too soon causing the wound to break down. I have been told not to exercise until the New Year. This is ok- and I am looking forward to using the gym again in January! I hope to start running outside again once the evenings are lighter. It has taken a year from being seen by my GP and then referred on the NHS to have the surgery. It has been well worth the wait.

Keep up your running and thanks again for replying to my post


Morton's neuroma surgery

Posted: 23/10/2013 at 16:38

A week ago I had my Morton's neuroma surgically excised. It was 13mm by 6mm. The nerve was removed as well. The surgeon made the incision on the top of my foot. I understand that incisions on the foot base take longer to heal and may become thickened and painful in runners.

i was discharged from hospital the following day after having had a general anaesthetic. I am partially weight bearing on crutches. My toes are bruised; but I have only a small amount of pain- NB I am not putting any weight on the front of my foot. I took painkillers routinely for 2days; but after this time I haven't needed pain killers


i had a GA and also a nerve block. This block was a local anaesthetic and given for pain control. It was great and lasted 24hrs. When I was numb I used a frame to hop to the toilet!


i have an appt in one weeks time to get my sutures removed. I am wondering how long it will be before I can exercise again and will be asking the consultant. I believe I will be able to cycle and row before I can run.


The surgeon told me that it could be upto 6 months before I know if the surgery has been successful.


can anyone share their experience of surgery for a Morton's neuroma and also of their recovery? I am really interested in the recovery procedure

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