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And So It Begins.....

Posted: 29/09/2005 at 18:06
Great website roadrunner, I'll be following your progress and hope you achieve all your goals.
Your training schedule looks good, just remember to ease off if you're feeling off-colour or have a cold etc. Nothing more demoralising than having to take a week off with flu because you've done too much too soon.
Have been contemplating losing my excess 1 1/2 stones lately and you have inspired me to start making a real effort starting now.
So thanks for that and best of luck!


Posted: 12/05/2005 at 14:06
I'm still feeling the effects of the marathon. Have been on a few short jogs since which all felt a bit like my legs were dragging. Did a 15 min threshold run the other night which felt great and then doing 45 mins steady yesterday was hard work and my heart rate was unusually high for the pace I was doing, although I didn't actually measure my pace so I may have been going too fast.

Can't wait for it to feel back to normal again!

Good point, well made

Posted: 11/05/2005 at 20:14
I've recently got boyfriend Bananna into running. He's been every day since sunday for a 10 minute jog and is planning to steadily increase that in the coming weeks. Hoping we'll do FLM next year but not saying anything to him yet-boy that would scare him off!

Think BP is absolutely right.


Posted: 11/05/2005 at 10:30
17 mins 47 secs for another 'difficult'. Dammit. Maybe they can't be done any quicker.

<sulks off to try another>


Posted: 11/05/2005 at 08:47
Completely. Got the Times book of them and currently trying to get my PB for the difficult ones under 15 mins. Not ready for the full fiendish ones yet!

Dull dull dull

Posted: 28/04/2005 at 17:20
I've read several threads like this one recently. It seems that people can't express a negative opinion about FLM without being told that they shouldn't be running the race if they're not going to love every single aspect of it.
I understand why people object to the criticisms. I ran FLM for the first time this year and loved everthing about it, didn't particularly notice the scenery to be honest, but I don't think anyone should be shut down because they enter every year for the atmosphere but have reservations about other aspects. Just because someone criticises it doesn't diminish the achievement of having completed the race and it doesn't make it any less special either.
I think perhaps that the topic of the marathon has been discussed so thoroughly on this forum that there's not much left to say about it, much to my dismay as I love to re-live the experience here! And I look forward to talking about FLM 2006, but not for a few months yet!

Do marathon runners make the best lovers?

Posted: 27/04/2005 at 21:49
Surely endurance has got to count for something?

sub or about 4h30 hopefully

Posted: 18/04/2005 at 17:34
Hi everyone,

Just read everyone's posts after yesterday. I did 5:45 on the day and despite first planning sub4:30 and then sub-5hrs I wasn't disappointed because I was so happy to be there and complete it. Had knee pain from about 6 miles to the finish so that slowed me down A LOT. Was frustrating as fitness-wise and muscle-wise I felt fine up to 22 miles but had to run/walk from 10 miles because of the pain.

Much sympathy for you Stylish, so sorry it didn't go as well as it should have done for you on the day. Looking forward to you solving that 'unfinished business'!! I too am determined to do it again to improve on my time. I know I've got a sub-4:30 in me somewhere, despite the painful hobbling today!

I was also disappointed when I reached some of the drinks stations. On 4 occasions I had to search for a disgarded drink with some left in it to quench my thirst-very undignified! The worst one was when a woman next to me was given some water that I guy had just found on an otherwise empty station and despite my calls of 'can I share that with you?', she emptied half into the bottle she was running with and threw away the rest!

Congratulations everyone.

moving the marathon

Posted: 18/04/2005 at 16:52
I found the heat hard going as well. I just watched it all back on the BBC broadcast and they kept saying how perfect the conditions were and how the weather was great. Great for the spectators perhaps but didn't feel so great when I got to mile 3 (with lots of people behind me) and they'd run out of water!

sub or about 4h30 hopefully

Posted: 21/03/2005 at 11:46
I'm very impressed with everyone's progress, sounds like you're all doing brilliantly.
I've had a whole week off this week as I got ill after doing silverstone. Feel much better today but may still give it a couple of days before doing my long 3 hour run just in case. Have enjoyed the rest but so eager to get running again! Will try a recovery run tonight to see what my HR is like.
Have decided to forget about my finishing time and will aim for 11 min miling so that I can enjoy the day and make the most of it. I pushed myself at Silverstone and not only missed my target but hated the race! Don't want that to happen in London. So it may be 5 hours for me but I'm much happier without the pressure of sub 4:30.
Good luck everyone, in case I don't check in on the forum again.
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