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RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Today at 20:21

2old - Very nice HM, you must be very happy, glad the wind wasn't too bad for you.

DD - That's a very good effort today in shocking conditions.

O4S - The power of the female mind.

Nell - Tasty 16.

Chick- Remind me not to mess with you.

Carrot - Another good weekend of running for you.

White Horse HM today and pretty much went to plan. 7.5 miles before at 7:44 avg wet and windy then HM  at MP avg 7:14 very windy and wet at the end .  Splits  7:13, 7:19,7:01,7:03,7:03, 7:09, 7:28, 7:40(f*** this is windy), 7:24, 7:41(windy again going backwards), 7:21,7:24, 6:34,5:45(last bit).  I made the comment to other runners at least it was n't raining then at 10 miles it battered it down, hence the quick last mile or so I was soaking and cold.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Yesterday at 19:32

AA - well done on the 22, hopefully the drugs will work.

Freemers - Nice quick stuff, the weather looks "testing" tomorrow.

2old - Impressive, not even trying and coming 2nd, good luck for tomorrow, think the wind is less harsh up north.

Plan for tomorrow, is one hour warm up and then attempt 13.1 at MP. 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 05:01

Nell - Impressive running by you. With my history of injury I'm not going to take any chances this weekend.

2old - Very nice 20 miles.

Carrot - Paula Radcliffe is starting with the masses this year, so I think she may start with you.

Freemers - 10:10 start makes me nervous for a warm day.

Reading the VLM mag, and I know it does n't apply to many on here but the ballot for next year is going to be open for 5 days(how many applicants?) so I better get my GFA sorted.

10 miles yesterday afternoon, had to tell the CNBA fairy to shut up but happy I went out in the wind, completed in 7:07 avg,  nice progressive run first mile 7:28 last 6:44.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 16:59

Here they are my new Brooks Ghost, after HM PB wanted some more fast blue ones, but they are  not available, so these are my VLM shoes:




RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 16:42

2old - See what you mean, normally takes 10 mins from work to pool but due to traffic took a lot longer, could have run there quicker, I had to reduce swim time before school pick up. Must be massage week, I have one more planned before VLM.

Nell - Yeah make the most of it,  weather is meant to be naff at the weekend.

Chick - Bargain with the shoes.

Swim this morning then out on the bike for 27 miles, nearly got wiped out 3 times, learner driver decided to accelerate when I was overtaking, then car reverses out in to the road, then I'm turning right at roundabout and car came straight across, apart from that enjoyed it.

I've got White Horse HM on Sunday, not going to race it but thinking about 5 mile slow before, then HM at MP, any thoughts. Talking of marathon VLM registration arrived today no. 2533 for me.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 18:50

2old - It's going to be hard for you to get your race head on at the Green start with all the attention you're going to get. Impressive running by you.  Well done on the podium place.

O4S - If you think you'd struggle with our moderate pace, we would not even complete some of the races you do.

Chick - Well done on the 18 and big mileage.

nell - Impressive 16 miles and pacy stuff.

DD - Enjoy abu dhabi , you certainly deserve it.

AA - Put Reading behind you, you've had a rough time so not going to be at your best. Concentrate on getting fit/well for Boston/VLM.

Freemers -  That's a very good run and congrats on the podium.

Carrot - that's a big PB over 10 miles, very well done - you are flying.

brol - you are running very well and looking good for the big one.

A short swim yesterday, due to traffic, followed by hour at the physio, all good.  5 miles steady this morning to break new shoes in followed by a swim this afternoon. Received race details today for Good Friday Tri - suddenly getting very real.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 21/03/2015 at 10:58

Nell - quick stuff, more like HM pace.  Take it easy with that calf, been there don't push it.

Carrot - Champs start - enjoy the experience, the way you are running you will be a permanent fixture there for many a year, is Parsnip off the same start?  I know I will need some serious self control not to set off too quick come race day. Good luck for tomorrow.

2old - I'll be in pen 2 on blue probably, so you will get a less congested start. Nice 15 miler.

AA - Good luck and enjoy, if you can, for tomorrow.

14 mile blast on the bike yesterday morning, raised the seat by 10mm and was nearly 1mph faster than same ride on tuesday, swim club last night - lots of kicking.

20 miles this morning at  7:31 avg, plan was 3 slow, 3MP, 3slow, 3MP, 3 slow, 5 MP.  Splits:3 slow - 8:11,7:52.7:52
3 MP - 7:19,7:18, 7:14
3 slow - 7:55,7:43,7:48
3 MP - 7:24,7:31,7:32   wtf
3 slow - 7:42,7:39,7:44 not slow enough
5 mp - 7:12,7:08,7:10,7:11,6:54

Legs not happy from the start, yesterday's bike and swim taking their toll maybe. I was n't happy during the second set of MP but the last 5 more than made up for it.  So at mile 12 I was thinking another bad run which turned into a good run on tired legs.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 19/03/2015 at 09:09

2old - Great pace on the 18 miler, I reckon we might be seeing each other quite a lot from the 3 mile point.

O4S - 2old  currently has bragging rights with Nell even quicker.  Hope the op goes well, you are an inspiration to us all not letting the small and big problems in life get in your way.

Not a great run this morning, plan was11 miles (1WU, 3MP, 3HMP, 3MP, 1WD) splits 7:44,(7:16,7:15,7:01),(6:35,6:35,7:02!!!),(7:06,7:10,7:01),7:26.  So lost it completely on 3rd HMP mile and then rest of the run felt way too hard.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 17/03/2015 at 15:59

Minni - Very well done, good to see you back racing.

Nell - Boom, cracking time and congrats on the PB.

Chick -  yeah longest apart from the big day, one more 20 next weekend a HM the following then taper time. Well done on the 18.

Carrot - I hear you regarding VLM target time see below, Well done on the Parkrun and v impressive 20 miles.

AA - well done on the 20, all things crossed your fully fit soon.

o4s - Very well done on the hilly 20 and congrats.

Freemers - Great 23 miles done, no one is giving anything away regarding VLM target, how about you?

2old - Good decision with a cold, 50 miles for the week which is enough.

Target time for VLM is hard, head says anything under 3:15 but heart says maybe will never be in this good form again and go for it, lots to think about.

6 mile run done in Blackpool yesterday, tide was in but sea very calm which does n't happen too often.  In the pool this morning with tri suit and swim hat on - all good, and a quick 14 mile blast this afternoon out on the bike.

I've finally got around to organising my fundraising page for VLM. Please find time to visit it but don't feel obliged to donate.  Thanks.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 14/03/2015 at 12:00

2old -  Not tempted by a Parkrun at the mo, trouble fitting it in, and fell out with my local Parkrun last year when they messed up my time, yeah I know let it go.

Carrot - Yes definately helping with injury prevention and I am running/racing the fastest I have ever done.  But the real test of reduced running will come at VLM.  Very good running from you any ideas of your target for VLM? I have n't done any intervals this campaign just my weekly blast and longer tempo runs.

Nell - nice quick stuff from you.

Minni - Good luck and enjoy for tomorrow.

Chick - If you're getting bullied on the other thread we can send O4S over to sort them out.

My week of daily doubles continued yesterday with 1 hour easy bike then swim club in the evening

24.2 miles done this morning gels at 6,10,14,18,  had a few hills in the run so very happy with 7:39 avg and miles 17 onwards splits: 7:22,7:22,7:22,7:10,7:14,7:11,7:20,7:18

That gives me a "massive"  44 miles for the week.





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