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RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Today at 12:02

2old - Excellent mileage from you and ramping the distance up well. Have you planned any races before VLM.  Eldest said my swimming was a getting better, which would not be too hard.

Nell - Good news on the foot.

Nell Blue wrote (see)

Hi Pink, What you will lose in the bike to your OH I am sure you will make up on the swim

Yeah hoping to not lose too much time on the swim, we already have a side bet sorted.

Swimming training at the club session went well on Friday evening but knew it was too good to be true as yesterday afternoon's session was a bit crap.  Brick session this morning, 50 minutes on the bike followed by a 7.5 mile slow run. 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 20:47

2old - You are getting in some good mileage.

AA - Newbury the quickest course then.

Nell - Take care with your foot, PF can be a nightmare.  Hoping to see some return for my perseverance.

Minni - Very good swimming,  I think you 're a bit ahead of me. I do think my main problem when I swim is exhaling all the bad air out so might give your approach a try.

Managed to get out on the bike yesterday for a 14 mile blast before the sun went .down. An hour in the pool today, went to a different pool,  which is 33m,  a bit strange at first getting used to the extra distance per length.  Our eldest was life guarding which is a bit ironic the amount of time I watched her swim training when she was younger in the same pool and now she was watching me. After warm up managed 2 x 400's which went OK. Then came home and did 40 mins slow on the tready.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 18/11/2014 at 18:57

o4s - Not sure about cutting back, the amount of training/races you complete puts most of us to shame on here.

2old - Not quite loving the swimming yet, but loving the challenge. Busy couple of days for you, would make sense to do some exercise while wearing the ECG.

AA - Pink reckons 13 weeks til Wokingham, a few weeks base then get on to the quicker stuff.

Minni - I'll be at VLM next year but will be slumming it on the Blue Start.

Freemers - Sounds a similar plan to me regarding long runs.

An hour in the pool this afternoon, trying to get bilateral breathing mastered and stopping my arms crossing as currently I am not swimming straight. Then 5 miles slow as the sun went down.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 16/11/2014 at 14:08

Brol - How was the xc, soggy?

nell - Good pace on your run.  I'm back running now see below.

O4S - Retirement sounds good, plenty of training time.

2old - Glad you enjoyed the rugby. I turned on for the second half and thought we were going to turn it around.  Bad news about another dizzy spell, hope the tests are conclusive.

Minni - Your surgery sounds serious, hope it sorts out the issue.

Lots of mixed training or me this week, and feeling pretty tired.

Mon - Hour in the pool
Tues - 40 mins bike 30 min s & c.
Wed - 40 mins swim then 40 mins slow run.
Thurs - 1 hour bike 30 mins s & c
Fri -  Swim Club
Sat - Swim Club
Today - Brick session, yeah i got the lingo, 10 miles bike and 40mins run.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 10/11/2014 at 06:06

AA - Very well done, that's a great result such a short time after abo and the way you were feeling this week. Enjoy the rest.

Kiwi - Never had orthotics but have you tried getting used to them by wearing them during the day when not running.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 09/11/2014 at 12:13

AA - Hope it's going/went well, could n't find the tracker.

O4S -  Sounds like a "fun" race.

Nell - Nice pace on your repeats especially the 3rd one.

Chick - at least 6 miles done even if they were a struggle.

Swimming club yesterday and too many in our lane, thanks Pink, so I was moved up to the speedier lane, good news I survived but it was hard work.  3 miles slow this morning to test the achilles and no pain but does still feel tight, will see what the physio says tomorrow.  Runners World magazine finally got interesting again this month and did anyone else spot the Spoons looky likey.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 07/11/2014 at 17:32

AA - Rubbish news,hope you're feeling better today and make the start. I thought OW swimming with a wetsuit was meant to meant to be easier.?

Freemers - Good running, your pace is coming back well.

Chick - enjoy tomorrow's run.

Nell - Have you got any shorter races planned soon?

An hour in the pool this morning and swimming club tonight.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 08:41

Nell - Nope, no running yet, no pain in achilles but still tender to touch but will have to bite the bullet and will probably run this weekend.

Minni - I feel your frustration.  There are plenty of swimmers at the club who run well over 2 hour for HM but can keep swimming length after length at a lot quicker pace than me and hardly seem out of breath when I'm struggling.  Several factors - swimming technique, reducing drag, body position, getting the breathing right etc and I keep getting told by my coach it's a different kind of fitness to running.  Problem with us exercise obsessive types we want to see improvements quickly, but when I look back to where I was May/Jun time I'm happy with the improvement so far. Keep at it and I'm told swimming breakthroughs will happen and then need to step on to the next level.

Speaking of swimming, I had a rubbish session yesterday, plenty of 50's and 100's but not feeling the love and felt hard work. Sweaty hour on the bike this morning.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 14:37

Ant - Check a couple of pages back, Daren had a health scare so had to ditch his autumn marathon plans so don't think he will  be racing in the near future. 3:15 for me too, as always, think I was in pen 2 last time.

Swimming for the middle age newbie.

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 14:33

Minni - Definately go for the lessons, helped me a lot to get me actually swimming and I have a 1 to 1 every month, where the coach will try an eradicate any bad habits I have got into and  make my technique more efficient.

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