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blackpool marathon

Posted: 26/07/2010 at 09:29

Hi. Just to clarify, will the 2011 Blackpool Marathon be replaced with another event next year? Will people who have already paid to enter next year's marathon receive a full refund, or be automatically included in the replacement event? A couple of months ago, my brother paid his entry fee for next year's race via Paypal, but I subsequently read on the Runners' World website that the marathon had been cancelled. Both of us have emailed the race organiser via the link on the event website, but we've had no response.

I can't understand why the event website would still be open and accepting entrants if the race is cancelled

Pedantic Rant

Posted: 26/04/2010 at 13:40
Moraghan wrote (see)
Nice one Becca87.   Glad to see you'll be teaching the next generation.

I sense sarcasm here... I never claimed to be perfect. Surely the learning journey is never over for anyone, including you. The irritating errors to which I was referring are blatant spelling or punctuation mistakes which can often be checked in a dictionary, not misplaced words such as my own which still allow the overall meaning of the sentence to be understood. After all, the original topic of this post was the misuse of apostrophes.

However, I do love it how the insults fly on forums when people's real identities can't be revealed. Very brave. (I can 'do' sarcasm as well.)

Corinthian wrote (see)
Given the choice and focusing on stuff posted on here.  I'd rather see a badly written post, brimming with raw enthusiasm and new ideas, which does the job of making me think;  than a sterile, lifeless bunch of words tacked together perfectly, flawlessly punctuated, but really saying nothing new or exciting.

Language is beautiful, and it belongs to every person on this planet - people should not be frightened to express themselves because they fear the 'language police' will hover over their utterances, like malignant crows and pounce upon their mistakes

I couldn't agree more. I admit that it annoys me when I see silly mistakes made by people with some level of authority, such as teachers, or on public signs which will generally be accepted as correct by many people. However, when teaching very young children, I tell them to 'have a go' and discourage them from asking for spellings all the time; I'd prefer that they feel able to express themselves creatively rather than feel the need to stop mid-flow and ask for spelling clarifications. The tactful corrections and explanations can come later.

Pedantic Rant

Posted: 26/04/2010 at 09:01
CJBA wrote (see)

It's an age thing!

When I was at school, we did "proper English"

I'm with The Duckinator; I don't think it's an age thing. I was taught to use correct grammar and punctuation when I was at school, as were my peers, and I'm very particular about doing so. The misuse of apostrophes really irritates me and I fail to see how it can be so hard for people to get it right.

CJBA wrote (see)
my real bugbear is when schools make mistakes in their writing, be it letters, homework, emails, websites...
This annoys me too! My little sister often brings home letters which display appalling mistakes, such as blatant spelling errors and unnecessary capital letters in seemingly random places. I can't believe they're supposed to be teaching her to read and write!

Also, I'm currently training to be a primary school teacher. I have many of my fellow trainees as friends on Facebook so we can keep in touch while we're on placements. I can't believe the amount of errors a lot of them make in their writing. It makes me embarrassed to think that they're a representation of my generation

General Election 6th May says BBC

Posted: 08/04/2010 at 10:22
Corinthian wrote (see)

Becca - this is why politics or at least a course called 'Civic Responsibility' (Which I'm currently involved with developing) should be taught in every school in the country.

Not,  'who to vote for' but 'how the system works'... how politics works,  what it all means... how government works, how do you make laws, pass bills, what does an MP do, simple economic models  etc etc

I couldn't agree more. Such a course would have been invaluable to me and to many others. Nothing like this was available until Politics became an optional subject when I took my A levels, but this was seen as suitable only for those who wanted to pursue a career in this area.

I like to think of myself as more interested in current affairs than a lot of my friends, but even I get confused and irritated when I try to find out more information about politics and the election. I want to vote, I want to play a part and have my say, but finding out what to do for the best and what it all means takes a lot of patience and effort if you're starting with little to no prior knowledge. I just think many people can't be bothered to find out more because it's so confusing, and that's a shame. But sometimes I don't blame them.

Going back to the website I mentioned in my last post, it turns out that I can't actually vote for either of the two parties whose policies most resonated with me in the survey. There are only Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs standing in my area.

General Election 6th May says BBC

Posted: 08/04/2010 at 09:15

Well to be honest, I understand very little of what people are discussing in this thread.

I'm a first-time voter and I've always been slightly put-off by politics. When I was younger I just thought it was boring and didn't concern me, but I've taken more of an interest as I've gotten older. However, I still find myself getting very frustrated when I see politician after politician on TV failing to give a straight answer to any question. All I want to know about are the policies - what's REALLY going to happen when Lab/Con/Lib Dem/whoever gets in power? That's why I still tend to switch off when politics is discussed and why I can no longer watch Question Time without getting annoyed. And I won't even get started on the snippet of Prime Minister's Questions which I listened to yesterday. Do they really think that shouting each other down and acting like adolescents will win them votes? 

Anyway, I've just stumbled across this website: Vote for Policies. It allows you to take a survey in which you tick which policies you agree with without seeing the parties behind them until the end. It then tells you which party you've tended to agree with throughout the survey. The result was fairly surprising to me!

The website shows the average results of the survey so far. The Green Party is currently way in the lead, followed by the Lib Dems, with Labour and Conservative trailing behind. If the majority of the 50,000+ people who've taken the survey so far have agreed with other policies, I'm baffled as to why Labour and Conservative are automatically the front-runners in this election... Would anyone else realistically stand a chance of getting in?

LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

And who is thinking of their LOCAL situation and who considers their vote as a vote for Cameron/Brown/Clegg/A.N other? I don't live in Oxfordshire. Cameron is not my MP. I've never been to Cowdenbeath either. Yet I hear people talking about "ousting Brown all the time"

I remember when I first discovered a few years ago that you vote for your local MP in an election, not the person you want to be PM. I was shocked by this, and I don't think many young people understand the situation. I'm worried that people vote according to who they want to be PM, or who has the most appealing personality.

What To Eat On Race Morning

Posted: 25/03/2010 at 19:33

I'm another one who swears by porridge. I have mine with chopped banana and golden syrup - lovely!

Jay Snizzel wrote (see)

Porridge with Banana and a spoon of peanut butter


banana wrote (see)
Porridge with banana and peanut butter gets another vote here. Adding peanut butter makes me feel full up for longer I've found. Can't believe I'm not the only weirdo who puts peanut butter in porridge!

I've never tried it with peanut butter but I'll definitely be giving it a go next time!

How rigidly should I stick to a schedule?

Posted: 03/02/2010 at 18:43

Hi all.

I've just started training for my second Edinburgh Marathon. I'm following a Runner's World training schedule which says to run four times per week (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun). Other commitments mean I can't run on Wednesdays, so I was thinking of running Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sun instead. This is a bit of a silly question, but would this have any effect on my training? I was just wondering if there's a specific reason behind the three runs being on consecutive days.


The big fat diet show

Posted: 06/01/2010 at 09:49

PinguPongu wrote (see)

What I really really didn't like was the 2 week, 1200 calorie a day diet.  Utter bollocks.  Yes, you'll lose week for 2 weeks then pile it back on when you go back to normal!!  Grr, maybe that was just a starter to the program and they'll talk more later about lifestyle changes to food and exercise?  Well, one would  hope ....

That's my problem with all diets - rather than talking about healthy lifestyle choices, people go on about 'quick fixes'. Of course the women will put the weight back on when they start eating normally. They're not being educated sufficiently about balanced diets and exercise.

I also agree with danowat about the lack of information provided to the women about the importance of different food groups. This was demonstrated clearly when the women were doing their weekly shop in the 100-cal supermarket. One woman picked up a bottle of olive oil but then put it back when she realised she could have a glass of wine for the same amount of calories, stating that the olive oil would just be a 'waste' of calories.

BBC in trouble again ?

Posted: 02/11/2009 at 22:19
goldbeetle wrote (see)
so the TV is to be humour free is it? ok Frankie Boyle does go a bit far at times but what do you find funny Becca 87?

When did I say TV should be free of humour? That's just oversimplifying what I said. I understand that everyone has different tastes but surely a joke is no longer funny when the person at the butt of it takes offence. Obviously you can't avoid hurting people's feelings, but surely doing it deliberately is wrong, and mocking someone for feeling offended is even more baffling.

Coops10 wrote (see)
Knock knock jokes about inanimate objects.
I just love the mature discussions you can have on this forum.

BBC in trouble again ?

Posted: 02/11/2009 at 21:00
Chocolate Moose wrote (see)

I don't believe someone with the mental strength required to win olympic gold can't deal with an obviously non-serious jibe.

Let's imagine Rebecca was teased when she was younger. Yes, deep down she now realises that she has achieved something that none of her tormentors have and for that she can be proud, but I know from personal experience that it takes time to truly forget years of 'jibes' and 'jokes'. I'm older and more mature than I was during my school days but it doesn't mean that I've forgotten any of the comments which were aimed at me back then, and it doesn't mean I can just laugh them off when I hear remarks of a similar ilk from the likes of Frankie Boyle today. I've had to switch the TV off when he's been on the screen on numerous occasions because I find it disgusting that he's allowed to get away with some of the things he says. Why should it be acceptable for someone to make fun of someone else because of a physical aspect over which they have no control? Try being on the receiving end of one of these 'jibes' - unless you have immense mental strength, or you just don't want to lose face, it's very hard to just laugh along with everyone else.

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