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Overdone it?

Posted: 14/01/2017 at 21:57


Having checked both out of the window and social media when I got up, was all set for parkrun this morning and raring to go, but unfortunately got a text from Tommy lad telling me it was iced off. Grrrr. Thanks again for saving me the trip though, Tom!

Shame, as I think I'd have gone quite well (relatively speaking) based on the session I had round HP later on. Still keeping volumes cautious, but thought I'd push the pace a little, and aim for 6:30/m on 4 x 0.5m book-ended by a couple of shorter reps totalling a bit more than half a mile, concentrating on hitting the pace and taking whatever intervals I needed. Thought I'd end up taking about 2 mins, but was actually 1:20 for the early reps up to 1:50 for the later reps. Slotted in a bit quicker than 6:30/m too, and averaged pretty much smack on 20:00 pace for 5k. Apart from two of the reps back into the HP wind tunnel, it also felt relatively comfortable, and having detested my first similar session of the comeback 5 weeks ago that was 30 secs/mile slower, I REALLY enjoyed this one. Warm down was bouncy too, coming in 20+ seconds/mile quicker than recent easy pace. Perhaps should have backed off, but sometimes when you're enjoying a run, it's nice just to go with it. Loathed to tempt fate, and obviously still miles down on where I was in 2015, but does feel like it might be coming back to me quite quickly at the moment. Suspect lack of endurance in Mile 3 will still see me fall short, but think I'll roll the dice anyway on a sub-20 at parkrun next week and see what happens.

Hope the XC'ers went well today, and good luck once more to Muddy and Madbee.

One more thing...why is the 'modern' Garmin interface so farkin' shiite? Put off switching to it as long as I could before my hiatus, but seems to be no way now to go back to the 'classic' interface that actually worked. Sometimes it works, sometimes is doesn't, but clicking on Calendar tonight just takes me to a blank screen. Clicking on Activities takes me to an error screen, basically virtually nothing works. Utter toilet. Any tips?

It did allow me to see that DT had a cracker of a looooooong run today however. Superb! Long for me tomorrow too, but considerably less than half of that monster!

EDIT: Tommy - hadn't clocked the Spring Spruce at Notts actually, but unforch won't be around for that one. Would've been well up for that otherwise. Shame.

Overdone it?

Posted: 13/01/2017 at 14:34

Nice report and good running, Tommy - that's pretty swift off (presumably) little relevant training, and on a windswept, undulating road course. Comfortably sub-19 for 5k ought to be well within your sights based on that, though that 5:25 Mile of mine you mention was an hour or so after I ran a flat out 2:19 for the 800m. Reckon I was in around 5:15 shape at the time if I'd been fresh having run a 1500m in 4:53 a few weeks earlier. Are you planning a PB attack in the first of your club parkrun series next week? (Great idea BTW.)

Looking touch and go whether the mercury will have risen above freezing by 9am tomorrow with significant windchill, so rather you than me with those barcodes...oof. I'll do a frost check before setting out I think, and might settle for some laps of a local playing field if it's looking (d)icy. Need to get out early one way or t'other, as I'm down the Lane for the lunchtime kick-off with your mob - be the first time I've been since boycotting the place when Trew jettisoned yet another manager in Moniz at Christmas 2015. Not optimistic of a result tomorrow even if there's a bit more hope for the long term term future now that prick has gone.

Good luck at Wolly Park and on Sunday - which is it, Colwick? Hilly bastard that is and feckin' slippy - I went spectacularly arris over tit there in 2014.

Good luck also to the Brass Monkeys, and happy weekend tripping to Rich and Skinny.

Definitely the way to do it, Pete.

N.B. Muddy - Yep, on viewing that I'm definitely not missing it enough to pull the spikes out of hibernation and join Tommy this weekend! Hope the lethargy has now passed.

Overdone it?

Posted: 12/01/2017 at 14:44

Afternoon all.

muddyfunster wrote (see)
Gah. Sodding cross country. What a way to ruin the running experience! ... I said to Lou that I was retiring from cross country at the first attempt. Love a rugged trail race but can't really deal with non stop sludge.

*High fives Muddy* Welcome to XC retirement corner. Must say, there is a part of me that's missed the warm afterglow, but not enough to make me actually want to do one, or expose myself to what seems (for me) to be a heightened injury risk.

Well done anyway (and DT), but even more so to Skinny, and particularly Lou for their long running last weekend - sounds hideous to me, Lou but impressive nonetheless.

Mace - Good to t'interweb see you too, old chap. 

Sorry to hear of the struggles last year, Charlie. Here's to 2017.

That's a lot of faff for a 5k, Lit!

Pete - Did a similarly light hills session to yours last week - softly, softly, catchy I keep telling myself.

You'll thank yourself for these winter miles when they feed into race times in the spring and summer, Mr V - even if great leaps forward are harder to come by.

Still enjoying the reviews to see in a bit more detail what I've been missing out on.

Well done, Rich - also feeling the mood benefit here of a regular return to running. Interesting that there seems to be several of us who have 'owned up' to these sort of issues on this thread. 

Hey, Madbee. :waves:

Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)
Nice prediction Bob 


Even more so off the Garmin that I started as I crossed the line behind the human traffic.

Given that maintaining sub-7 pace had felt hard but do-able for 2 x 1.5m earlier in the week flying solo, decided that going out surrounded by others at 6:40 to 6:45 was the right balance between ambition and realism. Hoped to maintain that in Mile 2, and keep it below 7:00 in Mile 3 without ragging myself, and give myself a chance of hitting 21:00 with a swift run in. Could definitely have pushed harder and probably will with a return visit this Saturday if it's not icy.

Hopefully see you there, Tommy. Did you do Dave Denton last night?

Any road, 32+ miles for me last week. First time I've hit 30 miles since mid-November 2015 (holy moly!) and Sunday's 8.75m was also my longest continuous run in well over a year since I first fecked my calf running 9.4m a fortnight later. Will be a few less this week, as I was knackered following that little lot. However, should still be close to 30, enjoyed putting myself through some relatively short bursts of faster stuff with a fartlek last night, and it's beginning to look and feel like a proper comeback now. Huzzah! 

Overdone it?

Posted: 05/01/2017 at 10:09

Thanks, fellas.

Enjoying the thread reviews too - making me hungry to start racing again.

Tom - I'm 'parenting' this evening now as Mrs Bob has a Brownies meeting at 7pm unforch, so running from work at lunchtime rather than tonight. Nice day for it at least, and might do some of those hill sprints I was considering if I feel particularly energetic.

Easy 5 and 3 the last couple of nights, though still struggling to shake off the effects of a heavy cold that laid me low over Christmas. Didn't much fancy the 5m when I got home on Tuesday but having mentioned it on here felt duty bound, and felt so much better for it after - so there's an incentive to keep posting. 

Conditions look like they might be favourable Saturday AM for a stab at a parkrun if I can finally shift the crap off my chest, though the prospect of slogging round and struggling to break 21 mins isn't the greatest of incentives to get out of bed!

Overdone it?

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 17:04
Tommy2D wrote (see)

Back once again (like a renegade master).

Power to the people...

Thanks all.

Skinny - Yep, taking it very steady at the moment. Lots of easy 3m/4m runs, whilst letting some light sessions come out where they will rather than trying to force the issue, and only reintroduced proper strides a few days ago.

Ha - thanks, careful what you wish for.

Lit - Thanks for the update on Marrows; getting in touch with Jackie about pilates is on my to-do list for this week actually. Think I managed to keep that going until late July before dropping off during the school holidays. Feel the difference without it now I'm running again.

Tommy - Was toying with the idea of doing some Selby Rd hills on Thursday, but if you're running easy from the club might do that instead. I'll let you know.

Muddy - Good stattage too. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 13:46

Happy New Year, folks.

It's been a while. Good to see most threadites getting faster - Lou, Skinny and DT
particularly eye catching, and very glad that the latter seems to have at last found a formula that rewards the hard work.  

Several of you also winning things, Lit most impressively I guess, but honourable mentions for Muddy and McF too. Glad also to see Pete back at it, and hope Charlie and I can perhaps gee each other on to proper comebacks. Hopefully see a bit more of Tommy (who's turned into a real club stalwart) over the coming weeks/months too. Hello to newcomer Rich, and hey oop to Mace, Mr V, Velloo and Madbee if they're reading. What happened to Marrows?

Apologies for the extended absence - a seemingly never ending conveyor belt of injuries, illness and a house move have meant that running has been either off the agenda completely or well down the list of priorities for most of 2016. Haven't been keeping a regular eye on the thread, but have browsed from time-to-time, and kept an occasional eye on PO10/RB/Bookface so (as per the above) not completely out of touch with what you've all been all been up to. Did notice some discussion on mental health in the autumn, and the truth is I'm not immune to such problems either, running certainly helps, and the lack of it probably contributed to a general downward spiral that was difficult to arrest.

Any road, the house move is now complete - after one seemingly agreed purchase fell through, we ended up moving 10 doors up from our old house (from a semi to a detached) in the end! I'm slowly starting to get some worthwhile miles in again at last (just under 100 in the last month), and seem to be running relatively injury free at the moment, though clearly have a long way to go both in terms of mileage and fitness. My consideration of yesterday's 2 x 1.5m off 2 mins in a little under 7:00m/mile pace as a 'success', amidst a 7 miler which was also my longest run for 8 months, probably gives some context to the decline. Weight gain won't be helping much on the pace front (what is it, 2 secs per mile per pound as a rough guide?) as whilst hardly a biffer, I'm currently 12st 1lb, so the best part of a full stone over my 'racing' weight.

Hope to be around and contribute here a bit more over the coming months, and in terms of targets, medium term I guess the T&F BMAFs at the end of June will as usual be my goal (with a stretch target of the Europeans in Denmark in Jul/Aug if by some miracle I can get within sight of 2:10 for the 800m), but in the short term I need to get to a parkrun to properly gauge fitness, perhaps on Saturday, and probably book a 10km as an incentive to get the miles up and focus on getting some proper structure in place again.

Gentle 5m tonight hopefully.

Overdone it?

Posted: 04/05/2016 at 22:39

Cheers McF - good decision on the 3000m this soon I reckon. Be good to see what you can do next time though.

Enjoyed it tonight. Plan was to go off around 6:40s and take it from there. Didn't quite go to plan as got dragged along through the first half mile at more like 6:15s, and then spent the next mile and a half chatting to the best mate of my boss, who along with his wife had stormers at London last week. Missed the first mile split (6:25), and soon after the next mile clocked in at 6:47 decided I better stop gassing, and concentrate a bit. Hadn't realised at the time, but Lit's old clubmate Geoff was right behind us at that point and I later got chastised for 'spending 2 miles gassing and then disappearing off'! 

Only slowly wound it up from there though with 6:39 and 6:33 before a 6:09 final mile which was an enjoyable pick-off-athon, with another of Lit's old clubmates Tim, and her friend CC being two of the pickees. Tim shouted that he was catching me again soon after passing him...don't think he was but that spurred me on to catch and overtake a couple more before nearly having a coming together with another HP runner (who I didn't know previously) who shut the door on me.

About 90 seconds down on last year, but given the 10 minutes spent concentrating on talking rather than running, and the acceleration over the last few miles there's clearly more there when I actually decide to make myself suffer a bit!

Good to catch up briefly with Tommy, who I'll let tell his own story but had a good run, and was only marginally down on my time last year when I was far fitter, and which I book-ended with 38:24 / 18:15 for 10k / 5k respectively, so he should have a cracking summer if his body recovers well from London. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 04/05/2016 at 13:11

Hello all.

Belated congrats to all the marathon-ites. Thoroughly enjoyed my morning tracking you all round the course, and trying to spot you on the telly. Definitely saw McF and Tommy coming up The Mall, and think I may have caught a brief glimpse of Lit (congrats on the team medal!) at the start. Was quite a morning on the spotting front, as I also saw another HP team mate, another former RW regular Park Run Fan plus his OH Hannah, numerous other Notts' runners, and a small battalion's worth of Charnwood team mates, including Mark Couldwell who DT's familiar with. He ran a storming 2:26...but our endurance/speed bias is such that I'm still faster than him over 800m.

Shame about the late fade McF, but there were reasons for that, and it's still a massive PB. I continue to be really impressed with the progress you've made.

And welcome to velloo - another former Middle Ground-er joins the fray.

Continuing to make a bit of progress here. 'Ran' rather than 'raced' a 400m (66.5) swiftly followed by a 1500m (5:13-ish) in the Vets League last Wednesday, sticking to my plan of doing just enough to beat those I felt I realistically could and walked off the track feeling pretty fresh after both. So despite it being almost a literally freezing cold night (2c!) that included rain, hail, sleet, snow, hail, thunder and lightning, a glorious late sunset once it had all cleared through, and ended by a floodlight failure late on meaning the 200m relays I'd hung around for were cancelled, it was a worthwhile trip out. Struggled through a 5k paced session on Saturday, but felt like a corner may have been turned when I found a long since forgotten groove on a planned 10m plod on Sunday, which thus turned into something rather more enjoyably brisk, particularly over the last 3 miles.

Tonight I will be (unsuccessfully) chasing a bright blue buff for 5 miles round the HP rowing lake.

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/04/2016 at 10:49

Morning all, thanks for the welcome backs.

As I woke up in time, forced myself hurriedly out of the door for a parkrun this morning. Only had time for just over a 5 minute warm up, and forgot my watch, which may have been a blessing in disguise as couldn't torture myself with how unfit I am, and whilst uncomfortable at times wasn't an eyeballs out effort.

Picked a couple of likely fellas to chase round and picked them both off in a half decent finish which was enough to duck (just) under the 20 mark with 19:55. 

1:40 down on where I was in May last year, and over a minute down on two years ago, but not unhappy with that in the circumstances of only averaging 13 miles/week since the beginning of December. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 22/04/2016 at 16:25

Quick call in to wish all the marafunners good luck on Sunday. Keep your snow boots handy.

Also well done to Lou with his excellent Manchester effort, to Madbee for smashing through 20 minutes for 5k (doubt I'd manage it at the moment), to DT for the 5k PB, and anything else of import I might have missed whilst I've been slacking.

Hello to everyone else.

Still not training properly here, as the lurgy I thought I'd shifted last time I posted came back with a vengeance by way of a chest infection that kept me out of the relays that Tommy did. Got some good miles in on hols in Lanzarote including running up a volcano (twice), but struggling to get into a routine at home as work's busy, and we're taking some tentative steps towards a possible (local) house move so running is well down the list of priorities for now.

The last time I really raced or even ran particularly fast in any organised way was my last 1500m of the season in September, and despite telling Charnwood I wasn't fit, have still been asked to run 1500m in the Vets league at Kettering next week. This will be very, very messy. I ran a Mile in 5:05 back in September, but if I can get within 15-20 seconds of that on Wednesday for 109m less it will be a result. I think I'll pick someone (slow) to race, and forget about the time.

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