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Overdone it?

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 23:25

Blimey, Skinny. Epic. And another one chalked up in the 'not doing one of those' column! Loved the bursting blister confusion though! 

Tough going for you too, DT if on a slightly less colossal scale to Skinny. Sounds a much better breakfast - disappointing it didn't completely banish the stomach troubles though.

Back to marathon gubbins, and the wife's cousin is coming across from Oz with her family, including her husband who is running the marathon. Not seen them since we were over there in 2006/7, and was doing a bit of a dig round on t'interweb earlier to check what he'd run previously - I remembered it was sub-3, but not the precise time. Any road, amongst the facts I came across was the fact that it was a 2:57 he'd previously run, confirmed he's a slightly younger V40 than me, and that he's done quite nicely for himself over the last few years...seems back in 2013 he was worth the equivalent of in excess of £15m...fark!

Slightly tight in the lower leg tendons when I set off this evening still, but loosened off nicely and having backed off somewhat, the last few days should now serve as an unplanned taper for Wednesday's Summer League. Think I'll therefore give it full beans, and allow myself some of the ambition with pace that I kept a lid on at Lincoln.

Overdone it?

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 13:38

Afternoon All,

Flying visit - busy weekend (Mrs Bob's birthday) and STILL stacked to breaking point at work. Getting fed up with it now.

Stonking efforts from Muddy (5:28 pace for 5k!!!) and Madbee at their parkruns over the weekend, and a solid time from Lou that bodes well for the summer. Hard lines on the lurgy, DT - decent time nevertheless. What did breakfast comprise of this time?

But most of all, hats off to Skinny for getting through his marathon. Sorry you hit the wall, but as others have said, a great time on debut even so.

Will have a read of the race reports later if I get chance.

No parkrun for me, I'm going to knock the Lydiard hill sessions on the head at least in their full form, as the recovery is just taking too long. Felt fit, strong and lively on a couple of easy runs on Friday and Saturday, but the lower legs still tender from Wednesday's hill session, so gave myself an unscheduled rest day yesterday. Much improved today, skipping track training but back to some easy running, and will still be at Summer League, Tommy.

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 22:41

Poor DT...don't disagree with any of the sentiments, but hopefully he's got the message now. Hydrate and eat well the day before - banana, toast, water and perhaps a coffee, on the morning, DT.

Thanks, Skinny - might well be out when you get underway on Sunday AM as it's an early start, but will take a look at how you're doing once I'm back.

Madbee - Yes, certainly feeling the last few days in the legs now!

McF - That'd be great to meet some or all of you. My race isn't until 8.35pm which I'm sure would be a bit late, but I'll be there by 7pm or so to pick up a number, get in my warm up and is approximately when the meeting gets underway.

Good to hear it's not long now, marrows - make the most of the time you've got on your hands for the thesis until then.

Will definitely be Rushcliffe parkrun if any, Tommy. Fancy the Melton one myself at some point, but won't be this weekend. The legs will need to feel substantially more lively than they did today for even the local option though. Oo-yer. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 11:00

McF - Nooo. Normally I'd say poor baby, but on this occasion I'll just say I hope the little bugger keeps her germs to herself.

None of that from you either, Mace.

Nice one, Pete.

Tommy - Yes, planning to be at Hexgreave Park next week. How I approach it, I've not quite decided. Considering a parkrun on Saturday morning if conditions are favourable and my legs aren't too beaten up from last night's hill session, so if I end up going full tilt at that, I'll do Summer League as some sort of tempo session. If I skip the parkun, I'll race Hexgreave.

Skinny - Thanks, and yes I agree. Had a word with the Charnwood Vets League team manager at track on Monday, and let her know I'd like to run the 1500m on Wednesday 29th at Leamington even if it's as a guest because the fast lads have made themselves available as the points scorers. No excuses this time, will definitely be running that one!

Do they have a tracker thing-ummy-bob at Manchester, so we can keep an eye on you?

Overdone it?

Posted: 15/04/2015 at 23:43

Hi Skinny - yep, I'm fine thanks. Just still hopelessly busy. You're right I did bail on the Derby meeting again. Woke up on Saturday and the legs just didn't feel middle-distance ready still. I have been on the track for a training session with the Charnwood lads since however (4k volume @ 5:36), and really enjoyed it. Also hammered out 5k worth of volume along a bonkers windy canal @ 5:57 at the weekend, and may have set myself back to square one with another Lydiard hill session which killed the legs in the first place! Couple of very easy days at least now.

Sounds like you've got a pretty sensible plan for, and outlook on the weekend's race. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Well done to the various racers at the weekend. That's a brilliant result at the Relays, Lit. Shows what company you're keeping and the level that you're now running at. Also very jealous of McF's win/first finish at parkrun! Sounds like Tommy had an 'interesting' race at Caythorpe, but a very good run nevertheless. Charlie and Muddy's excellent efforts I've covered elsewhere, but a threads thumb up for you along with the others too.

Of those training rather than racing, Lou's long reps session in particular caught my eye. Noice. Get a 10k done! Speaking of 10k's - solid looking tune up session, DT. Good to see Pete still cracking on nicely with his comeback, Mace tapering with a mere 70 mile week (FFS!), and Madbee pop in.

Hope Mr V's back to rude health soon, and marrows recuperation is going to plan.

Fingers crossed things will calm down, and I'll have a bit more time to start contributing more regularly again soon. Cheers all!

Overdone it?

Posted: 10/04/2015 at 22:41

Getting there, Muddy

Took the spikes for a spin with some strides on a local playing field after a warm up in roadies this evening. Felt pretty good, though a different feel even to XC spikes - seem designed to quite aggressively push you up on to your toes. Don't think I'd race above 3000m in them, even if I ever did a track 5000m.

Seems to have loosened some of the tightness off in the lower legs anyway, but racing both 800m and 1500m would probably be pushing it, and unnecessary at this stage. There's also an interminable gap between the two races, and although I still expect the 800 to be my target event later in the year, reckon I've got a better chance of racing a 1500 well at the moment. 

With entries on the day up until 2.30pm for a 3.30pm race, it also means a lie in. Best of all worlds. 

Did you get the short leg you wanted for tomorrow, Lit?

Overdone it?

Posted: 10/04/2015 at 15:07

I think we can definitely say that DT is defiantly unfussed by his spelling of definately.

PeteHew wrote (see)


Don't know what your timings and plans are, lit, but I'm free until 4.30pm when I have to head out to collect MsHew from her conference hotel near Warrington.  Now if you'd been travelling last night...

Oo-er, missus!

Good luck to the racers - Charlie, Lit, Muddy and Tommy I think? I may also be racing in the new spikes at Derby, though while I am actually up for it this week, the legs are still feeling the effects of Monday's hill session, so I'll see how they feel after a loosener this evening.

Ta for the further thoughts on the Garmin issues - will have a play around over the weekend and report back.

Overdone it?

Posted: 09/04/2015 at 15:17

Ah - that's a point, Lit. I've got a crappy old laptop I could use Garmin Express on to send the workouts. At the point I was considering downloading Express it was telling me the ANT agent would have to be uninstalled, which I wasn't keen to do given I'd then be relying on Express. Ta.

I'd also have concerns about Skinny racing 26.2 miles with a question mark over a possible broken bone, but as marathon campaigns seem (to me) to be borne of, or at the very least, induce a certain degree of madness in any case...

Sounds sensible today, DT - though it did occur to me that the long 'un last night looked a bit intense maybe? 

Overdone it?

Posted: 09/04/2015 at 14:49

Lou - Yes, I've been using the old version of Garmin Connect (the 'Modern' version is utter bobbins) and was able to send workouts via Ant+ up until very recently. Only hit this problem on Saturday afternoon.

Got this message: "Workouts are now exclusively available in our new, improved Modern Garmin Connect. We've also added brand new features like the ability to write a note on every step, choose among m/km/mi for your distance and more!"

Then gives me an option to 'Switch to Modern' or 'Just Visit Modern for Workouts', at which point: 

"To send information to your device, first download and install Garmin Express on your computer. Garmin Express enables your device, your computer and Garmin Connect to communicate with each other."


Have you tried sending a workout in the last few days?

Overdone it?

Posted: 09/04/2015 at 13:49

Now then, folks.

Skinny - That's a real bugger.  At least you know you've got all the work under your belt, and the cross training should keep you ticking over, so fingers crossed it will all still come together on the day.

Good racing and parkrunning last weekend everyone, including some PBs being pulled out of the bag amidst mega-marathon mileage and less than ideal conditions and preparation for one reason or another*.

* - DT, you loony! I'm in the Muddy camp of just a banana and toast before a race, try that next time out? Got to be worth a try. And rather than load up with half a stone (!) worth of squash + red bull on top, just make sure you keep yourself very well hydrated the day before. I get a nervous dry throat before a race which makes me feel thirsty, but just take sips from a small bottle of water once I've had my morning juice and coffee.

Still stacked at work, but seem to slowly be getting rid of my 'black dog' and have got a bit of enthusiasm back for the running now. Highlights have included a sub-LT session last night that came in 5bpm down for the same pace compared to what I was doing in the winter, some Lydiard hill reps (ooof!), and a VO2 max session of 5 x 800m off 2 mins entirely to feel that came in around what 5k pace ought to be (18:30) based on Lincoln 10k time.

The reason the latter was done to feel was that I couldn't send an Advanced Workout to my Garmin 410 and the manual interval session I set up instead doesn't display pace or even give you a time for each rep.  Garmin's continuing destructive updates seem to have left a gap whereby you can only now send Advanced Workouts from Garmin Express, but Garmin Express isn't compatible with my 410 amongst several devices. Grrr. Anyone in a similar position found a way round it? Lit - you've got a 410 haven't you?

Dean - Thanks for the encouraging thoughts. Good to know it's not an unusual feeling at this stage. Still not 100% up for it, but I am planning to grab on the day entry over in Derby for Notts AC's open meeting this weekend if all goes to plan from here. And funnily enough, I've just taken delivery of 'a new pair of swanky spikes' today.  I see from SG's thread that the Relays look like falling through for you - fancy a trundle out in Derby instead? 800m @ 12.20pm, 1500m @ 3.30pm I think it is. On the day entries available up to an hour before the off.

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