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Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 13:30

Cheers, Mr V.

I think the paps caught Mace in those extra long shorts during his 'size of a house' phase:

On the running tights, although it was frosting over during the run, it's not that I feel cold in the shorts - it's a protection thing. A cold muscle ain't a pliable muscle...twang! 

Vote Jo Pavey!

Posted: Today at 13:10
Screamapillar wrote (see)


 OK, that's a fair point.

What's your take on women golfers and racing drivers?


Good luck to 'em.

No particular opinion on the golfers, but I used to enjoy watching Danica Patrick mix it in Indycar. I'm no expert on motorsport, but she was competitive and seemed to be there on merit.

I think Mr I has a point on the tennis, but as usual takes a provocative stance in expressing himself. It's not something that gets me hot under the collar, but in addressing one inequality, the sport does on the face of it seem to have created another.

Vote Jo Pavey!

Posted: Today at 12:27

Yes it is - you made the clear, but irrelevant distinction between their gender.

This wouldn't have been sexist:

"Two young, singletons whacking a ball and driving a car. Not nearly as great an achievement as Jo's as an older athlete and a busy mum."

Would this have been racist?

"Two young blacks whacking a ball and driving a car. Not nearly as great an achievement as Jo's as a white athlete and a busy mum."

Vote Jo Pavey!

Posted: Today at 12:03
The real Mr I wrote (see)

I wish they would drop the 'personality' bit from it. What has personality got to do with it? Take Lewis Hamilton. He's very good at what he does, but the word personality doesn't instantly spring to mind. Gareth Bale? The lemon sitting on my kitchen counter has more personality.

Also you realise Charlotte Dujardin was named Sunday Times and Sky Sports Sportswoman of the Year, which is great because if there is one section of society that is constantly forgotten its the rich girls on their horses.

That would make it 'Sports of the Year'.  Perhaps just drop the 'ality' instead.

I was hoping Pavey would be nominated, and she'll be getting my vote.

Nice bit of chippy casual sexism BTW, Screama.

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 11:03
Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)
Second pair of gloves - fuck off!!

It only started last autumn, but I now get this sh*t when my hands get cold. Only lasts a few minutes, and it's not often as many fingers as in the case of this poor bugger, but it's pretty unpleasant.

Crap lyrics

Posted: Today at 10:40
Des'ree - Life

'I'm afraid of the dark
Especially when I'm in a park
And there's no one else around,
Oh I get the shivers.
I don't want to see a ghost,
It's the sight that I fear most
I'd rather have a piece of toast
And watch the evening news.'

I'd rather have a piece of toast?! What?

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 10:19

DT - Aye, I remember Mr V struggling similarly after a while on that program. And yes, I enjoy the hard training as well, but have come to realise over time that particularly for the likes of us, we can see sizeable improvements from relatively small volumes of quality - which come with less risk. Hence my comment to Skinny yesterday. Not that I get it right either of course, sitting here trying to shake off my niggles! In hindsight I should have taken my downtime after my final mile race at Leeds. Was good to knock another 25 seconds off my 10k PB a few weeks later, but it did me no favours. Won't do that again next year.

Charlie - Heart Rate Reserve is the number of 'available' beats between your Resting Heart Rate and your Max. I.E. The full range you have to play with when exercising. The various zones are then calculated by: ((MHR - RHR) x n%) + RHR. I found the link below very helpful when trying to get my head round it:

First time I've seen the car registering below zero this winter this morning. -2C at one point coming cross country in the mist. Was damn cold on last night's recovery run too. Could have done with a second pair of gloves, and it might be time to don the running tights as a precaution against cold muscles. Rest day today, but back to pilates for the first time in a while tonight.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:37

Madbee - Thanks, though it does come in the context of only having been running since November 2012. Not to mention the fact that Muddy, Mace and Lit all took around 90 seconds+ off their 5k times across a similar period IIRC!

DT - I'd got an idea that your LT stuff was coming out a bit higher than that? Even drifting into the 170s? What HR numbers are you working to?

Was a bit awkward as a relative novice to question too candidly the coaching you were paying for during the summer, but after initial good results, it did seem like you were being worked too hard and for too long a period around threshold pace. Most of what I've read* suggests that work at LT pace (probably either side of 85% of HRR for most) should usually be limited to one session per week, whereas sub-LT runs (80% or less) have most of the same benefits but are nowhere near as taxing, and can safely be employed twice per week. It did also appear that your pace in those sessions would often drop off with successive miles, when if you're hitting the right spot, you'd expect to be able to maintain pace for the duration of the session. If you were working beyond LT for those multiple sessions per week, the potential over training effect would obviously be compounded.

Not trying to be patronising or a smart arse here, but it would be good to see you get more return from your running. It's unlikely you've yet maxed out your potential, and it's clearly not a failure to work hard enough that's holding you back, so by extension...

* I've probably mentioned it several times before, but this is where Keith Livingstone's Healthy Intelligent Training could really help you out. Absolutely brilliant for clearly explaining the principles and physiology behind sensible training, working on different aspects in the right proportions, and doing it all at the right time. Honestly, put it on your Christmas list!

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