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Overdone it?

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 11:04

Tommy - That'd be good. Geoff, the chap I travelled down to Biggleswade on Saturday, may also be there, he's comfortably sub-18 at his best so (provided he's not at his very best or he'll leave me for dust!) I'm hoping he might drag me round a bit.

Skinny - Doing it on a track will also have helped. Just under 2 mins as that's how long it took me to meanderingly jog/walk the 200m recoveries I'd decided on to keep the start/end points of each rep straight forward. If it was a peaking session, I might reduce the recoveries, but am going to take much of my lead for this winter's training from the below, which recommends 0.75 of rep length for recoveries at 5k pace, and 1/1 for 3k pace, reckoning there's not much, if any, value in shortening beyond that, at least in terms of fitness gains.

No imminent plans for a 10k by the way!  I may slot one or two in early spring, but I'm unlikely to target them even as much as I did this year. I expect my entire focus to be on seeing what I can do on the track in my first season as a V45.

Charlie - Cheers. I did have to step off the gas, and then rebuild a little mid-season, after getting carried away and crocking myself in early June. I couldn't have kept it going for as long as I did otherwise, and a lesson learnt there too - will try to maintain something much more like last night's session, far deeper into the early season next year before moving on to the really fast stuff that I find much more 'fun'. Hope to see you on the track a bit more often next year...?

N.B. Meant to agree with the other comments about 'tutu' Mike. He's a great chap - relentlessly positive and an all round good egg.

Overdone it?

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 22:53

Evening all - busy few days, time for a catch up.

Congrats to Charlie on the well deserved PB and parkrun wi..., er, first finish! Ruddy marvellous, though I am a little jealous. Still waiting for not only my first win, but first top 3 I think.

Well done too to McF on the PB - nicely done. You're pulling some good results out in what you seem to consider unlikely fashion, there'll be no stopping you if you can build a real head of steam up. Hope you're feeling better now.

More on the casual, under par, HM prize winning awesomeness, in a time most of us couldn't touch at full tilt from Muddy too. Well run, sir.

Good looking tempo madness, Skinny. Bodes well for your race this weekend.

Looks like there's the potential for a mass thread pinning on of numbers this weekend in fact, so good luck to all if I don't get on again.

No end of season 1500m heroics or club record for me on Saturday. Very enjoyable day out, but ended up having to front run into the breeze to stay on pace, and subsequently died with 500m to go as the two PB performances in the previous week took their toll. 4:47.04 was still less than second outside the PB however. Lots of lovely beer on Saturday night after being not far off tee-total for a few weeks. Pretty good season in the end, even if I did fall just shy of targets and timed my best form at the wrong time again.

Good run with Tommy and some of the others from club on Monday, which was just under 10 miles by the time I'd run there, and peeled off home at the end, so a return to something like long running. Then took myself down to Bingham for a solo track session this evening to see if 17:xx for a 5k/parkrun might be realistic before I take some real downtime and return to base training. 6 x 800m off just under 2 mins with 18:00 pace being approx 2:53. Predictably went off like a rat up a drainpipe on the first 200m of the first rep despite a mixed pace warm up to try to dial in to the rather more sedate pace compared to the MD reps / races of the last few weeks / months.

Settled down after that though, and despite having to contend with an unexpectedly strong breeze on the home straight they came in at 2:51 / 2:51 / 2:49 / 2:49 / 2:51 / 2:50. Hard graft, but scale that 4800m up, and I reckon the session comes in at about 17:45 pace for a full 5k. Probably worth giving it a bash I reckon. Might give Long Eaton a go on the 17th to see how close I am, with a view to having a proper tilt after a few more weeks of targeted training in November.

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/09/2015 at 23:47

Cheers, folks.

Charlie - Yep, going to wheel myself out for one last crack at the track on Saturday. Ready for a change of pace and scene thereafter now though.

Good question, Skinny - and glad it's not a problem I had to, er wrestle with, and yes, McF - exactly! Did the acquisition of the 'ex' tag have anything to do with the indecent exposure, Lit?

Muddy - Yep, they were the lucky shorts - I need some new ones...or perhaps, as you suggest, I should use this as an opportunity to approach this rather more rationally.

Saw Don Pellman's exploits highlighted on Bookface the other day as he tries to make more of a mark in his second century on this planet, than he did in his first.

Marrows - Absolutely bonkers - looks like you nailed a much more sensible session however, well done.

Great race photos, DT! Agree with the others on the fluid intake. I make sure I'm hydrated the day before I race, just drink to thirst on the day, and only sip water for the last couple of hours before the race to prevent a dry mouth. I have experimented with beetroot juice, caffeine, etc, but came to the conclusion that anything that wasn't part of the normal routine was as likely to cause problems as provide a performance boost...let your training provide the latter, much more reliable.

Turns out the 13yo girl last night was actually an U17, and the 'lad' I was chasing was a V45. I guess I'm now at an age where anyone of school age or less appears pre-pubescent, and you've got be approaching pensionable age before I'm convinced you're an adult! Notably however, the V45 was actually the 800m silver medallist at the BMAF Nationals in the age group I'll be moving up to next year, and I was only a second behind him. Clearly his form is on the slide having peaked at the right time, unlike me who is only now peaking for some meaningless September open events for the second year running, but nevertheless offers some encouragement for next season if I can get the timing right for a change.

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/09/2015 at 01:05

Bummer, Skinny.  But chin up, can you not juggle your schedule slightly to fit your session in?  Proper catch up tomorrow, but immense session, Mr V.

Another visit to Watford for me tonight. I'd already picked up 3 x PBs in the previous 24 days (2 x Mile, and 1 x 800), but could I further improve the 800m tonight?

Autumn is well and truly with us - you could feel it, smell it, and with numbers massively down on a fortnight ago, it was obvious this was the dying embers of the season, and with the light fading rapidly as I began my warm up too, it was difficult to find the motivation to get up for this one.

I think there had been 13 heats last time out, but we were down to just 4 this time. Having won my heat by the thick end of 2 seconds then, I revised my time down from 2:15 to 2:12 to try to ensure I was in a faster heat, though as it turned out, it made no difference with the standard spread more thinly, and I'd have been in the same, much quicker heat regardless - 2:02 was the prediction of the fastest, blimey. No danger of going with that!

A late, rushed change of shorts was required with the racing shorts now officially retired after threatening not to - ahem - contain everything they ought to.

All sorted in time however, and in a heat ranging from fast, athletic young men to a slight, very young looking girl the pace is fast from the off, and starting from the outside this time, I'm happy to tuck in at the back and take shelter from a fairly fresh breeze up the back straight. I'm still there at the bell, though not by much, but I am outside my target of 66 for the first lap - probably 66.5, so a shade quicker than last time here but less than I'd planned.

I push hard, and have to go wide round the bottom bend to take one youngish lad who is beginning to fade. The rest of the field has opened a gap wide enough to no longer be effective as a wind break, but I'm by no means hopelessly out of touch and it's certainly close enough to be a motivating chase.

I think I may have heard an encouraging word from Dachs with 200 to go as he waited for his 3000, and I can't fault myself for effort since the bell, I've been giving it the lot, and just hoping the legs don't give in down the straight. They don't, and I'm making progress on at least one lad in front of me, but still moving well I run out of track before I get to him. I'm not sure how much the wind on that back straight might have cost me, but feel I've run a strong second lap, and hope that another PB may be in the offing.

Later confirmed as 2:14.89, so another 0.6s chalked off and 81.78% WAVA. Whilst not quite what I'd hoped earlier in the year, that's still nearly 5 seconds off this season, and 4 PBs in just over 3 weeks - got to be happy with that.

I do need to work on that first lap though, so will be seeking out more 200/400 races particularly early season next year, to get used to the faster paces and hopefully enable myself to commit to it. About 66.5/68 today, so I'm hanging on fine on lap 2 - most people's really fast 800s seem to have a positive split of double that - about 3 seconds.

Very interested to know who the young girl was, as she beat me comfortably, and think I may have sussed it - 13yo if I'm right, and reckon that will have made her the 8th fastest U15 in the UK this year - impressive!

Hung around to give Dachs some encouragement as he chased his sub-9 target - an impressive, gutsy run and good to catch up for a slightly longer chat before the long drive back north.

Overdone it?

Posted: 22/09/2015 at 09:55

Well, it could be as simple as a tightening of web controls at SG's end...the thread was started by someone going by the moniker of 'Skinny Fetish Fan' after all - that in itself could be a flag I'd have thought!

Overdone it?

Posted: 21/09/2015 at 23:15

I had the same thought, Tommy. Wasn't it something ludicrous like a 4 mile tempo at 5k pace?! Better yet, do I recall that he insisted it was possible when challenged? 

Thanks for the heads up on the Burton race - that seems plausible. Will report back to Geoff. Don't think I'll be able to do next Wednesday. Seems he's up for Biggleswade anyway, and hopes to be about 4:35, so may be the next best thing to having Dean tow me round. Club run sounds good - should be back down there soon with the track season coming to an end and getting my miles back up for a 5k shot, possible as soon as next Monday or Thursday.

Thanks for that and the table updates, Skinny.

Thumbs up for the hill repeats, McF. Something I need to steel myself to do more often this winter, having had some good results off them this summer.

Tough reading, DT. Have you ruled out what you ate for breakfast being a contributing factor?

Reminds me that I didn't answer Pete's question with the thread having been so bust over the last couple of days. The foot and lower leg still aren't right, numbness / loss of sensation remains, but I've regained at least some of the lost function - have my appointment with the consultant a fortnight tomorrow. Hope that will begin to shed some light on what the feck is going on! Thanks for asking.

Overdone it?

Posted: 21/09/2015 at 08:45

No problem, Dean. I'll give you a nudge if Burton (or anything else) looks suitable.

Brave run and good report, Madbee - well done again. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 23:57

Thanks, Dean - that's a great offer - and glad the arm is on the mend.

Only other definite option within sensible driving distance for both of us that I can find is a meeting next Sunday at Brierley Hill (Dudley). The 1500 is an early one - 10.30am, and I don't tend to run as well in the morning, but being paced ought to outweigh that if it was something you could make? I'd need to check with them that it's not pre-entries only though - I can't see anything conclusive on that at the moment.

Another acquaintance on Bookface has mentioned a meeting at Burton. I'm waiting to hear back on that including a date, though he thinks that might be a mile rather than 1500 anyway.

Overdone it?

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 19:59

P.S. Dean - Meant to say, hope your arm is well on the mend now - sounded nasty. Some consolation that it didn't happen a few weeks earlier at least! 

Pete - Yes, I probably will! And no, they don't take much recovering from - yesterday was my 4th in 3 weeks I think, and it doesn't seem to have done me any harm so far. 


Overdone it?

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 19:29

Parp, parp -  Congrats to Madbee and Charlie on the very sizeable outright PBs, and to DT on equalling the PB. Particularly splendid effort from Madbee after the downbeat lead in, and a well deserved return on a patient build up from Charlie. Shame about the stomach issues, DT, but given that it's got to be a plus to be back into PB territory, would surely have been a decent one without them? Your sessions have also been geared to HM rather than 10k I'd say. Got to ask though - what did the pre-race meal look like? Anyway, hopefully those performances are the thin end of the wedge for the three of you and you can build from there.

And thanks all.

Wouldn't have got the ITCOTCK reference without the nod, but good shout, Pete! Fingers crossed a bit of SM can sort you out...

I could murder a slice of Christmas cake, having tried to be 'good' over the last few weeks to get to and stay at racing weight.

Dean - yep, that's the lass. A kindred spirit - only been running a few years, loves the track, found out by accident that 800 was the stronger event, and hates XC!

Made a pact with myself as things got very painful during lap 3 yesterday, that I'd give the next couple of minutes absolutely everything and then call it quits for this season. Been looking at what McMillan and WAVA reckon that 5:05 is worth over 1500m though, and both say about 4:42, which is only just over a second outside the V40 club record. Biggleswade AC have an open meeting with a 1500 next week, and it's very tempting to give it a go as it will be my last chance before I leave that age category. I do also fancy one more bash at an 800m at Watford on Wednesday if the weather's right too, although the same chap's 2:12.8 V40 club record is almost certainly beyond me. Decisions...!

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