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Overdone it?

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 16:34

Bad news, McF. Sorry to hear that. And yes, I think I helped my recovery from the cuboid problem in one of my feet with the self-manipulation as per the below. When I got it in the other foot soon after it was rather more stubborn though. I did feel that short runs trying to get up on to my toes were better than no running at all, but obviously that's a subjective, uneducated experiment of one! Fingers crossed for you.

Very glad to hear you're mended though, Lou - sounds a cracking hilly run. What's next up for you race wise?

Looks lovely, Dan.

The only Eurovision song I heard was the victor's reprise - thought it was ok in a Eurovision way. Hit all the right buttons for that event. Clever choreography too.

Yesterday's 3000m was disappointing. The relative warmth and calm of Saturday had been replaced by the recently more familiar cool and wind, so much so that there were two DNFs. Was going through the first few laps in 40 seconds for the 200m out of the wind, and 42 seconds into it, but these slipped to 41/43 and eventually 42/44 and probably worse as I gave up noticing and concentrated on just getting round without the wheels coming off completely. County V35 silver, but only on the basis of it being a two-horse race. Very much after the Lord Mayor's show and I didn't enjoy it one bit, but a worthwhile session I suppose nonetheless. 10:44.3 - 8.5 seconds outside last season's PB.

Covered 10 miles at recovery pace today which was much more pleasant, the first time I've gone over 10 in a single run since mid-March. Short recovery run tomorrow.

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/05/2015 at 00:20

Ta folks.

Still a good time, Charlie - and to hold on as well as you did after that fast start will stand you in good stead. I had the feeling that deliberately running a very hard first mile and holding on at around 10k pace in a couple of non-target 5ks last year helped me kick on later in the summer.

Bloomin' excellent parkrun on what I suspect isn't that fast a course any more, Muddy - and particularly when it was sub-maximal with those doubts on how to approach it going through your mind. 

Lit - Nice cock, Chick. Saw Jackie and Juan Carlos today BTW, but forgot to tell Jackie that you love her for being so evil to me.  Should see her again tomorrow. The boy picked up a couple of golds.

Skipped Eurovision apart from some of the results, but did watch the De Gale fight with my old man which was a cracker.

One other thing I've since thought to check about my 800m today - gives me my first 80% age grading, with 80.11% on Mr Grubb's tables. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 17:40

Afternoon all.

Congrats to Mr V on the 10k PB midweek, and good parkrunning today. Notice on Connect that Muddy and Charlie had a couple of solid parkruns between them today too.

Another busy, and fairly crap week for me, so I've lost track a bit over the last few days, hopefully I've not forgotten 'owt else earth shattering, but hello to everyone else - I have still been reading. Nicked myself shaving early in the week, and have developed a nasty cyst on my Adam's Apple which has been needled and I'm now on antibiotics. I've also got a couple of other minor, and unpronounceable skin conditions around my eyes at least one of which can be brought on by stress it seems - this figures. Finally, I'd woken up with a sore throat (perhaps related to the cyst) but also lungs full o'crap on Wednesday morning.

All this ain't a great backdrop for 3 races plus a relay in 4 days, and it was also very windy on Wednesday night. Enjoyed the relay, though 400m flat out doesn't half hurt! Felt I ran reasonably well in my 800m, but the cold, wind and delayed start saw me short of what I was hoping for with 2:21.3. A season's best, and 3rd (of 5) in the V35 race so earned us good points, but hoped I'd be back to last year's PB time by now.

Chest was a bit better by this morning, and the weather is obviously much warmer and calmer than it has been recently, so tried to stay optimistic for today's 800m at the County Champs. Last year, it was a 3 man race, and I was almost 20 seconds adrift of the other 2, but this year there were 5 Notts and 4 Derbys, and a good spread of times so likely to be more competitive. Getting there in plenty of time, I got in the full range of my preferred 800m warm up for the first time this season, and chatting with a clubmate and friendly acquaintance (FA) beforehand was feeling up for it despite the turbulent week.

Once we're off I felt great right from the gun, and whilst down in perhaps 5th or 6th, was pleased (for the first time) to be narrowly leading aforementioned FA through the bell, which we got to in just under 68.5 and about smack on what I was after. FA has always beaten me comfortably in the past, and sure enough he came up on to my shoulder round the bottom bend and tried to go past down the straight. He edged in front, but not enough to cut inside, and I kicked with 200m to go to ensure he couldn't do so. Felt I was easing away from him round the top bend, and sure enough as I threw everything at the final straight I was now on my own. 2:17.7 for a near 2 second PB, including a 69 second last 400m for a near even split, and by a large margin my fastest second lap of an 800m which I'm taking as a really good sign.

Almost 14 seconds faster than I ran the equivalent race in last year, 4th of the 5 Notts runners, so just outside the medals, but needless to say I'm not bothered about that. For a bit of context, FA has been staying in touch with middle-distance indoors throughout the winter, and has a recent sub-36 road 10k to his name, whilst I also edged out one of his clubmates who is a sub-17 man over 5k.

Today was a good day - back on track with my season targets I think just as some doubts were starting to creep in. Vets 3000m tomorrow, and then on to the lactic tolerance sessions in a week or so - these were the sessions that I made such big gains off last season, so obviously I'm hoping to do so again. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 16:58

Indeed, in tw@ttish corpo speak, I've been told not to drop the metaphorical baton in the past. Now I get the opportunity to do it with the real thing!

Sounds great, Lit. You should have a chance of winning as well looking at the below, previous years' results, and the runbritain SSS ratings which suggest it's not exactly fast, but not that slow either, so the winning times ought to be within your range. Hopefully there's a good prize list.

Muddy - Ah yes, you're right - looks like our East division fixture is a week earlier than those in the North and South.


Overdone it?

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 15:32

Good news, Skinny! Look forward to having you back in the game.

Likewise, marrows.

Muddy - Are you MVTFL'ing tomorrow night? 3000m if so? Don't think I've seen him specifically mention that he's racing, but guess there's a pretty good chance you'll get to meet Dean and see him in action if you are. He's one of the few on this forum who I'd still feel confident in predicting that you'll be looking at the back of his vest rather than vice-versa!

Is this 5k the one along the beach, Lit? Assume the sand is fairly firm, but how do times compare to the road?

Good stuff, madbee.

And 3000m races aren't too bad to start with if you pace them right. Feels like an overly enthusiastic start to a 5k for the first few laps, before degenerating into a lactic/oxygen debt fest over the last few which can get quite unpleasant, yes! I was toying with the idea of running the 3000 tomorrow night as a guest if the 800 didn't wipe me out too much actually, but will now be dipping my toe into the choppy waters of 400s as part of the 4x400 relay which closes the meeting - should be interesting! 

Best of luck for tomorrow night, Mr V - hope the weather is a bit more kind to you than it has been recently. I had my leg stretch + strides at a monsoon, though at least missed the hail which followed in soon after. Spring eh? Marvellous. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 23:57

Evening all - finally a chance to poke my nose in.

Some very solid relaying over the weekend - well done to the Hilly 3. Not so keen on the aftermath though - bugger. Get healthy soon, people. Congrats on the prize, McF.  Happy birthday, Lou and happy hols, DT.

Excellent to see Charlie continuing his rapid progress - without any 5k specific work n'all. Was windy enough on Saturday for me to have been moaning bitterly had I been racing too, so makes the PB even more impressive. Fair conditions and some faster training (if that's the way you choose to go) should see you sub-19 by and sniffing at that silver cell by mid-summer I'm sure. We might have to arrange a smackdown at some point. 

Well done to Madbee too, sounds like a fun way to get back to it.

Good effort, Tommy! Ha! One day you'll get to attack that 5k PB fresh...and sober.

Ta for the table updates and commentary as ever, Skinny - good work.

Admirable commitment to the cause to measure your HR whilst asleep, Mace! Interesting with the early hours heart racing too - I wonder whether you were dreaming of running, something else. Think I'd agree that sleeping HR isn't the same as resting HR though. I'm currently using 38 for mine having seen that one (very rare) lazy Sunday afternoon. Good to see another other half getting into the running. Mine wanted a Garmin for her birthday, so I think the bug has well and truly been caught.

Speaking of other halves, good luck with the wedding prep, Dan

Just easy running for me over the weekend. Skipped the planned hill reps as the lower legs in particular felt like they needed freshening up, never having quite got their zip back after the hill drills around Easter time were followed by the rash of racing and a couple of moderately hard sessions. Rest day today to hopefully help fully freshen up for three races later in the week - 800s on Wednesday and Saturday, and a 3000 on Sunday.


Overdone it?

Posted: 15/05/2015 at 14:51

Looks like you're not particularly well served up your way (or in the north in general) by that website, Skinny, you're right.

Another option would be to use some of the filter settings on runbritain - so for instance the below will show you all track meetings in June. A bit unwieldy as it includes all league fixtures too, but you can Ctrl+F and enter 'open' to scroll through the open meetings. Not all (and probably many) of the open meets will have Mile races either, so perhaps only of use to someone like Mr V who is keen to run an event and might not mind a bit more legwork:

Another option to give you an idea of what might be available road wise is to use the below, which shows you where Mile races were run in May and June last year. Probably a good chance there will be repeats of those events this year:

Charlie - Lobbing a cricket ball as far as you can I would imagine! Probably for kids in lieu of them putting a shot which might not be such a great idea. G'luck tomorrow at parkrun.

Muddy - Sounds good.  MVTFL or a different Vets League?

Nice recovery jog in the sunshiiiiiine at lunchtime after an undulating, but very easy 5.5m last night.

Overdone it?

Posted: 15/05/2015 at 11:49
Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)
Mr V wrote (see)

Skinny - I did a 5.18 a couple of years back.

Big - the mile will be making its debut in the TTT on Monday.

If anyone has the urge to seek out a track mile BTW, this is a good starting point:

Ignore the regions, and look at the actual venues - Sutcliffe Park, Eltham is apparently in both London AND the East Midlands for example!

Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

Is that the club record for the classic nearly 3 miles distance?

It's a full lap of the HP lake, and the club handicap has been run several times per year for most, if not, the entire life of the club (about 30 years) I think, so is a good benchmark for club members, particularly those setting records now when we're constantly told how much faster everyone was 30 years ago! 

Good effort, Tommy. GPS has a lap of the lake at 2.95m I think, and with long straights and little tree cover that's probably accurate. I make your 18:49 worth about 19:50 pace for 5k, so if it didn't feel like 5k pace then that's got to bode very well indeed...particularly with the HP wind to contend with.

G'luck to the relayers, 7.8 milers and any other racers that I've either forgotten about or have been hiding their light under a Garry Bushell. 


Overdone it?

Posted: 14/05/2015 at 13:23
mace wrote (see)
Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

How long after the race did you run those two miles at 10:18 pace?


I ' shuffled ' those 2 miles around town the following morning on my way to get my medal engraved. It's quite amusing when you consider the day before i averaged just over 1000 beats per minute over 26.2M and nearly 3 hours.

What do you think you are? An 'effing hummingbird? 

Interesting stats though - without going as far as working out beats per mile, I could tell looking at my pace to HR stats (essentially the same data looked at from a different angle) in the 3 days following my spate of racing that I was bolloxed, so took it very easy. I could tell in the first couple of miles on Sunday that things were all but back to normal, so got back to it. 

And yes, was deliberately keeping Monday's session to around 3k pace. Will be moving that down to 1500m pace on my next session with some longer recoveries, which should see the pace down to more like 5:0x/m. Outside of racing 800m, I'm saving myself from the 4:xx pace stuff until late June onwards.

Enjoy your bimble tonight, Skinny - hope the foot's ok.

That does indeed sound random, Madbee, but a nice one to get back into the swing of things with - enjoy!

Overdone it?

Posted: 14/05/2015 at 10:55

Good work Tommy and Mr V.

No Lake Handicap for me tonight, Tommy after a couple of relatively low volume sessions in the last few days. 3.2k of volume in 500s/300s off 200 jog recovery @ 5:30 pace on the track, and a breezy 4 x 0.5m at just under 6:00 pace along the Trent last night. Probably equate to realistic target paces for my next outings at 3000m and 5k respectively.

Might do some hill reps at the weekend, but apart from that it'll now be easy all the way into next Wednesday's Vets League meeting where I'll hopefully be running the 800m for points.

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