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Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 09:55

Well done, Tommy. Saw you coming down the stretch, and looking at the clock could see you were well in the hunt for another PB, you're on a great little run at the moment. 

Having finally managed to do something useful at the end of the race by helping to dismantle and pack away the finish area, then going for my own lap of the lake, I got to the presentations just in time to hear...'see you all again next year'. D'oh! I thought everyone would probably be clearing off after that, so had a quick chat with Pete then headed off for something to eat. Catch up with you soon.

Good luck tomorrow, Madbee.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:22

Given my north of the border heritage, the girls at school bought me a book of 'Scottish Jokes' as a leaving present when we left 6th form. One of the jokes that still sticks in my mind is to the effect that the Irish gave the bagpipes to the Scots as a joke, and several hundred years later the Scots still haven't seen the joke yet. My Grandad was a decent bagpipes player by all accounts, though fortunately he kept any renditions during my lifetime to just blowing into the chanter reed with his mush rather than the full on bag and all rumpus. What I most remember about that is that he used to go very red in the face and shake a lot when doing so!

Good reppage, Mace. All bets are off with pace in the current weather, so suspect that was a better effort than you're giving yourself credit for.

Hope you get a bash at the 5 miler tonight, Lou.

I've managed to line myself up an 800m race on Saturday. Will probably be a bit of a time trial as its a League match for Charnwood and the standard in the 2 meetings so far this season has been sub-2:10 young blokes, but makes getting at least one 800m and one 1500m in before the Masters more straight forward and cuts out the need for long journeys. Will be interesting to see what I've lost since picking up the niggle.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 09:32

20C forecast for 7pm tonight now, Tommy - though neither runners nor marshalls amongst us would welcome the arrival of the possible 'golf ball sized hailstones' the local weather forecast mentioned this morning on such an exposed course!

I'll probably try to get a very easy lap of the lake in myself once my duty is done, but will poke my head into the bar afterwards

Re: the Wellington 5k, yes, the July event falls between the British Masters in Brum on 25th/26th, and the final Vets League meeting on the 29th unforch. I've pretty much inked in their final one of the season on 25th August though.

Well done to those putting in any sort of effort yesterday - my hour or so very slow bimble up to, around and back down from the woods was intense to say the least - though quite nice under the thickest cover of the trees. Pretty miserable trying to sleep last night - was still over 80f in Notts at gone 11pm - felt like I was suffocating at times!

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 16:19

But as per a previous post, there is no evidence of performance enhancing benefits to be derived by non-asthmatic athletes from the use of inhalers:

It's hard not to be cynical when you see Gatlin not only still being able to compete, but making unbelievable (and I mean that literally) gains so late in his career, but there's a danger that we leap to seemingly obvious, but quite possibly unfair and ill-informed conclusions in all sorts of other scenarios as a result.

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 15:57

Of course there is another, less cynical, possible explanation for the relationship between top athletes and exercise-induced asthma.

The italicised phrase is the clue:

Overdone it?

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 14:49

Glad it's not just me who has been taking amusement from browsing through Charlie's Amazon reviews today! The first Wiki page I landed on however was also that of the popular 70s comedian...who I couldn't help noticing was born in Royston. I have to presume that this is more than just coincidence, me old flower? Yes, I am old enough to remember him. Loved your tale of the Brussels Book Fair by the way!

Hot 'innit? The stroll outside at lunchtime from an (overly) air-conditioned office was an extraordinary contrast. Albeit presumably unofficial recordings, a link on the Met Office website has had various observations topping out at in excess of 38C across the south Midlands and parts of London this afternoon.

Supposed to be a lot cooler tomorrow however, Tommy - and with very light winds, so I'd stay keyed up for the 10k tomorrow night for now. I definitely will be marshalling this time, so I might see you there. Looked like some extraordinary performances at last night's 5k at first glance, particularly in the conditions, but looks to me on Connect like it may have been short. I saw on Bookface that you'd gone all middle-class on us with a trip to 'Wimbers'. Hope you joined in with all the middle-age, middle-class women in their toe-curling chanting of, 'Let's go (insert British or handsome male tennis player here), let's go.' 

A few miles in the hot, hot, heat for me later. May retreat under the canopy of Sharphill Woods and take in some very easy hills.

Overdone it?

Posted: 30/06/2015 at 11:30

You could get yourself an entry on Skinny's lovely new track table by coming to run the 1500m just up the road at Charnwood on Wednesday 15th, Lit. It would be fun.

Pleased to hear you're getting back to something like, McF. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 30/06/2015 at 10:24

Skinny - Sounds excellent. The taster paddle is a great idea. And yep, our weekend in Brussels got very messy at times. I had to physically haul one of the lads out of one bar, dragging his heels behind him as he protested bitterly about being sent back to the digs after spending an hour and a half or more asleep with flashing blue neon sunglasses on, and we'd seen the locals' initial laughter turn to pity and finally disdain. We'd already had to send out a search party for him earlier in the evening when he went out to get some cash and got himself lost for over an hour. Not sure how much he'll actually remember about that weekend!

Overdone it?

Posted: 30/06/2015 at 09:23

Lou - Indeed, stop talking yourself out of it! Have a good 'un.

Skinny - Good idea with the tables. I have a 400m time of 65.1.

Liking the bottle of Kwak that you're supping in Bruges. I picked up a taste for the Belgian ales on a long weekend in Brussels a few years ago, but am still yet to make the trip to Bruges I promised myself in the aftermath. We've got a specialist ale shop locally now with a stack of Belgian beers in which to indulge myself, and did so at the weekend to keep me going through the Glasto-thon on the box. I like the darker stuff, and if you didn't get to try them at the weekend but get the opportunity later, Chimay Blue, St Bernardus 12 and Rocheforte 10 (the latter weighing in at a whopping 11.3% ABV!) are three of my favourites.

Pete - 7 @ HMP! Continously? That's a belter of a session - time to find yourself a race, sir.

Last nights 5 x 0.5m @ 5k pace was bloody hard work - the cloudy skies cleared late in the day, and was much hotter (and breezier for reps 3 and 5) than I'd been expecting. Just off target pace therefore at 5:55/m, but fairly consistent with the range falling between 5:52 downwind and 5:59 upwind for the last. The good news is that there was virtually no reaction from the niggle, so looks like it's only the very sharp MD paces that set it off. I think therefore I may have to do more 3k to 5k pace stuff and just try to race myself fit for some track sharpness keeping the lactic tolerance sessions to a minimum.

Overdone it?

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 11:08

20 x 5k reps, Pete.

But yes, you're right...5k pace reps! Just 5 x 0.5m probably with plenty of recovery.


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