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Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:42

This stalker's patience ran out - too slow, Lou! I'll say no more other than that you're clearly in a touch of form, and if we do both make it to Shelton in October it could be a rare opportunity for a closely contested thread smackdown.

I also picked the below up from the 'Also Recommended' section of an article you linked elsewhere this morning. Snigger, snigger, chortle, chortle, divided by a common langauage, etc, etc...

(And yes, being the overgrown schoolboy I still am, I did deliberately link the article at the most appropriate sub-page.  )

Sounds like it would be worth a bit more dialogue with your coach once you're back on your feet then, DT.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:05

Nicely done, Tommy - and an excellent PB, well run. Average pace for the 5 miles inside your average pace for parkrun on Saturday methinks! Good to hear you've taken the plunge with HP - a winter of glorious XC racing awaits. Sounds like Lou could have done with getting hold of t-shirt/vest man's undergarment last night. How did you get on, Lou?

Muddy - How bloody frustrating. Sounds a confusing old set up there. Bash your frustration out of the hills at Falkirk on Saturday.

Top session, Richard. Particularly with the 'beach' half still in the legs.

DT - I think it's the frequency (up to 3 times per week on occasion?) of the threshold (or thereabouts) sessions that could be dragging you down. Off decent mileage and to bring yourself to a peak, I can see the merit of 2 sessions/week for perhaps a month, but to keep it going for an extended period is eventually going to drag you down in my opinion. I think Mr V reported similar feelings of overtraining when he was being set similar sessions by the same folk? And yes, they'll give you a pass out at the cricket if you want to leave the ground, so you're free to come and go as you please throughout the day.

A very pleasant and easy 6 miler at 8s along the Trent last night, though reigning myself in a bit after a second mile at 7:30 odd. Forcing myself to rest up today after a 9 day running streak, though don't really feel the need, and often feel worse for a day off. Now I'm actually disciplined enough to keep the right pace down on at least a couple of easy runs per week, I may actually move to 7 days per week running soon.

Overdone it?

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 09:10
muddyfunster wrote (see)


Bob -  I sense you have a 5k axe to grind.


Enjoy the 'wee hill' at Falkirk, and have a good time in Edinburgh. Shaun Keaveney's been hosting his 6 Music breaksfast show from up there this week - sounds like you'll need some layers!

Pete - Your own trip to Scotland sounds pleasant (Scotland seems very fashionable on this thread lately), your return to fitness pretty much there, and a return to form imminent - cracking session.

Richard - The run commute sounds good. I'm trying to work something similar in during the winter, though as it's a 45 mile round trip, I'm going to have to get creative and use staging posts rather than doing the lot!

DT - I remember when they had T20 finals day at Trent Bridge, there was some awful band on as 'entertainment' between the second SF and the Final. If you fancy a change of scenery, I'm sure there's a pub or two nearby...ah, hang on - yes, you're going to be slaughtered by 9pm. In my experience it's obligatory for a long day at the cricket with the lads to end with everyone being smashed and at least one person falling asleep in the curry house afterwards.

Tommy - Mrs BBB does want to get out for a run tomorrow night, so that's going to rule me out of the club run unforch. Will get our names down for the Poppy & Pint after the Lake Handicap though.

Pilates and a 3 mile jog there and back for me last night, probably a gentle 6 tonight.

Good luck to the Godiva galavanters tonight - avoid getting too much into the spirit of things though, and do try to keep your clothes on...

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 12:03

Easy with the food talk, I'm hungry.

Lit - I think you already proved you could still do the longer stuff by running a hilly 8 miler in little more than 6m/m pace last week! Good session.

Phil - 800m pace is FUN!

Good luck with the fizz, DT - if she doesn't refuse to see your diseased ass.

Tommy - Right. Yes, good group to pick. That's the group I usually run with when I make it down. Don's a good guy, Glyn's the membership secretary, and 'Iron Legs' Steve never stops. Ran a 5m AND a 3m leg at the Midland Relays earlier in the year off the back of an early morning 20 miler! Looking forward to running with them a bit more often in the autumn as I up the mileage again. Thursday's looking questionable at the moment though as the bread knife wants to get a run in that evening as well - which might actually fall right for me just to freshen the legs up a bit ahead of parkrun on Saturday. Will have a word tonight though, and let you know.

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 09:43

Busy on here.

Phil - 40 laps of the track sounds very loopy indeed!

Richard - You do like your 'alternative' events, don't you? Sounds a good one though, and a very good time on that surface and in those conditions.

Skinny - The rankings calculations are actually simpler than you think - a man of your calibre would suss it in half an hour...assuming you were sad enough (like me) to want to.

Marrows - Looks like a better balance there. I think on the basis of your 15m long runs, Phil would be classing something like a 12 miler as a longish run, or a medium long run (MLR) as they are sometimes referred - something around 75% of your long run length. My only other comment would be that 6 x 800m @5kp just 2 or 3 days after racing a 10k might be a bit hard on the legs.

Lit - All sounds very pleasant. Think you'd earned your booze up.

Tommy - Good stuff - who were you running with? Incidentally, I think they might be angling for approximate numbers for the post Lake Handicap chips and beer - are you still thinking you might be able to make it, and shall I put you down?

Cracking leap forward with the WAVA, Lou.

Muddy -

Another tough session at the track last night - 600s and 400s off 100m jog back recovery. The two fastest lads were 'taking it easy' which meant I was able to build the first 2600m from just a little inside 3000m pace to just outside Mile pace. Then took a break, and picked up the pace of my last 1400m treating it as an abbreviated lactic tolerance session. A 600/400 at inside Mile pace, and then a final blast of 400 trying to hit 800m pace. Missed this one on the watch, but the coach was calling '68...69' as I crossed the line, so in line with my first 400m at Birmingham last week. 4k of volume at an aveage of 5:24 pace (based on time/distance not Garmin) for the session as whole. Apart from not being able to hit those paces, even attempting that session would have wrecked me 2 months ago, but have come up fresh this morning.

Overdone it?

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 09:41

Geekery wizardry from runbritain: -

Performance degradation over time

Any distance up to 5K degrades at the same rate - nothing 0-2 months, 0.1 per month 3-6 months, 0.2 per month 7-18, 0.5 thereafter. For 10K, nothing 0-4 months, 0.1 per month 5-8 months, 0.2 per month 9-18, 0.5 thereafter.

Clever Stuff

Not sure if you've seen it before but if you add "&debug=y" (without the quotes) to the end of the URL on your profile page you'll see the table of performances has several new columns which show how the handicap is calculated.

"Basic" = conversion of the time over the distance to a number between about 36 and 0
"MySSS" = what your performance calculates the race's SSS to be
"SSS" = difficulty score, taking things like course difficulty, weather conditions, competitiveness of a race into account. Calculated using each runner's MySSS.
"vSSS" = how you did in comparison to the rest of the field, the lower (more negative) the better
"Net" = Basic - SSS.
"TP" = a time factor. As time progresses, this TP number goes up and as a consequence a performance contributes less to your overall handicap, or effectively the performance becomes worse until a more recent performance takes its place (even if the more recent one has a worse "Net"). This is so the handicap is a representation of current form.
"Adj" = Net + TP

A runner's overall handicap score is then the average of their top 5 Adj scores.

Overdone it?

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 09:39

Dean - Agree completely. I was doing similar comparisons with my own pace in the 5000m, and albeit flat out, I could have been leading that race after 2 laps. It took them until 3800m in before they picked it up inside my 800m pace in fact. As you say, many if not most of that field have PBs around or just over the 13:00 mark, a good 8 seconds per lap quicker than they were running - what exactly did they think Mo was going to do to them over the last 400?! Could understand Grice and O'Hare in the 1500 sitting in a bit, as they both have kicks, but even then, they could still have kicked off a far stronger pace that would have strung the field out a bit more and avoided the calamity that befell Grice. Have to say my sympathy for him was rather limited because of that. Re: the Cup Final - I should see our team manager at track training tonight so hope to get some sort of indication what she wants me to run at Stoke - based on our last exchange before she went on holiday, I'm still expecting to be involved. Would quite like a crack at another 800m, though it's a bit of an early start!

Sounds like you're having a tough time, DT! Re: suicidal training paces, I saw on Faceache, someone with injury problems and a recent HM PB pace of about 7:45/mile, arranging to go out for a 16 mile long run at 8:15 pace!

Overdone it?

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 21:08

Tommy - Re: Benabbad - indeed, had heard that. Didn't much care for his antics in the home straight today either, so having thought I'd be pleased to see his redemption, I did actually begrudge him it in the end. What a bonkers 1500m that was though - I can't understand how not a single athlete (men's 5000m wasn't that dissimilar either) decides it's worth a gamble on hitting the front and avoiding that sort of situation arising. Mystifying. Brilliant day for GB to cap a great champs though. Saw your parkrun time - thoughts?

Marrows - To my untrained eye - plenty of variety in there, which is a good thing, but quite heavy on the quality - do you know from experience that you can swallow that sort of intensity? Guess you do have an age advantage over the rest of us old farts! The half sessions sound like a good idea though, which at least keeps the volume down - and is something I've been doing this summer with my tougher sessions.

The junior parkrun was aborted due to a young dicky tummy this morning, so had a gentle 5k jog out by myself instead. Back to the track sessions with Charnwood tomorrow, the Oxford Open meeting has been cancelled, so may well now slot in a parkrun on Saturday as my second quality session this week.

Also had a bit of info from runbritain on how the handicap calculations work, and an additional command you can enter to reveal a bit more detail on your own data - if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll post up the details here. Through that, I can see for instance that if I can consolidate another 4 performances at the level of last Sunday's 800m that my handicap will drop to 2.7, and if Lou can do the same with his 5k, he'd be down to 5.3.

Hours of stats fun. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/08/2014 at 22:18

Marrows - HMs are not my thing, but going by what SG has Lit & Skinny doing a mixture of MP, HMP & LT tempos seem to make up the bulk of their quality sessions. I'd also include at least 2 or 3 VO2 Max sessions, particularly late in the piece, to keep your efficiency brushed up.

Tommy - Yes, I've been enjoying the Europeans too, excellent viewing - good to see some great performances from the Brits. The steeplechaser sounds like a bit of an idiot in general, and also got what he deserved for the vest incident. Looked suitably chastened yesterday however, and wouldn't object to him picking up a medal in the 1500m tomorrow for a bit of redemption - provided it's not Charlie Grice or Chris O'hare who he denies a medal of course. I'm also deliriously in love with Dafne Schippers.

Good racing and good report, Lou. Sounds like there'd be more to come on a fast, flat one too. And it will be a while yet before I'm threatening 37:xx for a 10k! Current training just isn't geared towards these distances for a start - specific long runs have been ditched (one 10 miler since March) and I rarely go beyond 5 miles for a continuous run, though sometimes get to 7 or more when there's a mid-run session involved. Will settle for a very small PB at Shelton in October.

Hard lines, DT. Hope you're not out of action too long. Be kind to yourself when you ease back into it!

Hopefully the break will freshen you up nicely after a very hard month, Muddy. The ice cream sounds good, and that route looked a pleasant one on Connect. Not sure I'd fancy the long run after a flight tomorrow though!

Easy 3 last night, and although it might have been a coincidence, the pleasing gains I had off the back of the previous one, meant I slotted in another leg speed session today bookended by some undulating easy running through the woods. Flying 100s again, and with the grass being drier than last time, traction was a bit better, and although I decided I'd had enough after 7 of them today (8 at 4:04 pace last time), the Garmin measured these at 3:54 mile pace. A rather more gentle junior parkrun in the morning.

Overdone it?

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 09:54

Is it? OK, 'travellers'. 

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