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Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:44

I think we lost some posts, including Mace's race report.

Shame that wasn't set as a sticky at the top of all forums. 

I still had my post from earlier open in Notepad...though my reply to Mace's post doesn't make much sense without his report!

Well played, Mace. Suitably confusing to ensure that we've got little chance of working out what actual MP might be - sly dog. Enjoyed the report though, sounded tough, and a mopping up of prizes while you were at it too. Great stuff.

Tommy - Rightio, will catch up later in the week once the dominoes start lining up.

Madbee - I have not dissimilar issues, and now do (most of) my road running in mildly supportive trainers, which seems to have sorted them out. Said with absolutely no knowledge at all obviously, so don't take my word for it, but might be worth looking into whether that might help you too to save going down the complicated orthotics route - which I also had suggested to me by the fizz initially, until I explained why I was keen to avoid them for a variety of reasons. Top notch long run / MP'ing anyway.

Lit - Good point on the Garmin weather now I think through the alternatives.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:00

Top notch 20 miler, Mace. I do hope you're going to tell us what pace the MP section was.

DT - Similar thing with the RB rating for our race I think. Lots of new runners (many of them recent recruits to our club!) who were either racing a 10k for the first time, or are still on their initial improvement curve so PB'd regardless of the conditions.

My crap performance is still niggling away at me however, and did a bit of digging on the Wunderground website - looks like I was right that the wind was stronger than the 24mph Connect reported. The below graphic (if the link works) suggests that after a breezy morning, the wind really kicked up to 28/29mph just in time for the race at 10.30, and continued to strengthen to 31/32mph just in time for coming round the corner shortly after the 5m mark to run directly into it...which was nice of it!

Was due to be running a hilly 6 miler for Charnwood on Sunday that I was going to LT, but I need to put this one to bed, so if the conditions look more favourable, there's also a comparatively flat 5 miler at Weston that I may not be able to resist that morning.

+1 for always taking bog paper even though I rarely need it...thrice before I even left the house yesterday morning!

Tommy - I think it's more likely I'll run a short recovery run solo tonight, although I don't feel like I've got 'race' legs having waved the white flag before the run in. Fancy Weston on Sunday? 11am - register by 10.30 on the day.

Overdone it?

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 22:49


Well done to the Cov bunch. Positives all round with a sensible but strong run from McF, a welcome return to form for DT, and excellent consolidation from Muddy. Hardcore miles from Skinny too to back up the LT-athon.

Not much positive news to report here I'm afraid. We did have family here for lunch, but frankly I've been sulking since.

literatin wrote (see)

24mph wind here! Hope it's a bit calmer elsewhere for the racers.


No such luck. Garmin Connect suggested 24mph, but the bent over and flattened course markers suggested rather more than that on what is a pretty exposed country park. Got out ok, and whilst the wind was making it harder work than you'd ideally like, by the 5k mark at just over 19:30, I was only a few seconds down on where I wanted to be. Lost a bit more in mile 4, but still in PB territory.

Mile 5 slipped further however as I found myself isolated, and soon after turned back into the brick wall of a wind that by now was at least as strong as that along the Trent that Lit and I encountered just before Christmas. Despite a grit of my teeth, my pace slowed to 8:45/m (FFS!) and looking around me, there was a 25m+ gap to the next person in front, and more than that to those behind, and I gutlessly chucked the towel in.

This mile slipped out to a miserable 7:02 as I waited for those behind me to catch up, and I then half-heartedly hung on to the back of those three through to the finish. Not just the target had gone, but so had the PB, and it wasn't even a 2015 best - 35 seconds down on a controlled effort on a course with 350ft of climbing for Charnwood. 40:18 on the chip, and only a few seconds up on last year.

It's a funny old game. Despite my well discussed biases, I loved the mud, slop and hills of the XC last week, and had my most miserable racing experience ever today on a flat, predominantly paved and pathed course.

Clutching at any passing straw, most regular racers appear to be at least as far, and in many cases, even further down on their best, and for those that know the local running scene, I got chatting to John Wadelin on the start line. He felt he was coming into the race in PB shape too (32:46) after a good winter, and he ran 32:50 at Shelton in October when I ran my PB. 34:27 for him today, so in excess of 1:30 down on where he thought he might be. I'll try to take some comfort from that...

...though it's probably fortunate for them that we no longer have cats to kick. Meh.

Fingers crossed nothing comes of that niggle, marrows.

Overdone it?

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 19:08

Get in there, Tommy! Long overdue, but well deserved, and I'm sure you'll kick on from there.

Nice bit of secret squirrel Bubka'ing of the 5m PB plus cash money prize in the wind too, Lit. Glad it wasn't as bad as at the Beeston debacle!

Lou - I think Samir might have had a second ID which he posted on for a bit, but suspect he was banned off that one too eventually as I've not seen him post for some time. Shame. Added a bit of colour, particularly when he'd bait Scotch into a post-midnight meltdown.

Cracking effort, Skinny. You've matched my 10k PB on a training run...though only for a day or so I hope. 'Enjoy' your 20 on those tired legs.

22mph or 20mph forecast for 10.30am in Notts tomorrow on the Weather Channel and the Beeb respectively. Crappity smack. Going to make it tough, but at least the word gale seems to have disappeared from the forecast.

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 15:34

You won't be asking that next year when he's on the plane to Rio, Lou - it's the great Samir Haddad.

Assuming marrows isn't suggesting Madbee would have gone to the fizz wearing a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich anyway, my guess (after a moment's thought) was bra less top.

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 14:08


Without an Italia top in site. (Still a pointless t-shirt though, and it wasn't even cold.)

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 13:30

Very noble of you, Mr V - must be a real trial. And yes, this was just a 'very easy aerobic' run, rather than a specific recovery run. Those I keep to 4 miles or less, now doing them at 123 to 125 bpm - about 61-62% HRR - and had two of those in the previous 9 days. Since I started reintroducing some harder running however, I've also cut the intensity of my easy stuff and now do pretty much all of that at less than 70% HRR - last night's was just over 65% HRR average with the aim of getting the legs as fresh as I can for Sunday. Excellent session for you last night.

That sounds pretty hardcore, marrows! Eat well now.

Someone asked me if I'd lost weight earlier - must be getting down to a racing weight, will check this weekend.

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 09:07

Skinny - Love it!

Madbee - I wear running shorts with tracky bottoms over the top to fizz appointments, the latter being easier off than jeans.

Tommy - If you go to Rushcliffe for tomorrow's parkrun (which I guess you would with it being on your doorstep nowadays!), and give it plenty of beans, you'll get a right old boost to your runbritain ranking. Loads of the regulars are likely to be doing the 10k the following morning, but still turn up to parkrun and just jog round, so the RB algorithm assumes conditions must have been appalling and gives it an enormous SSS rating.  

Good luck. First time sub-20 for you tomorrow I predict - no pressure.

Lit - The physio undid your bra for you?

Keep looking at the forecast, hoping for good news on the weather for Sunday. 'Only' 22mph to 25mph winds forecast now, compared to the 25mph to 28mph last time I looked...though when you look at the detail, it's still suggesting 'gales in places'. Harrumph.

Very easy 5 miler for me last night, mostly at recovery intensity which is starting to slip under 8:00/m pace for the first time. Still failed to get to bed before midnight. F off today.

EDIT: Copy/Paste failure - Good luck also to the Coventry massive and to Mace - is it the Thanet 20 you're doing?

Overdone it?

Posted: 26/02/2015 at 13:25

I have considered asking my wife to nag me into going to bed earlier! One of my problems is that I'm a proper night owl. No matter how knackered I am during the day and early evening, I always begin to feel more lively after about 8.30pm, and am rarely tired when I actually go to bed. I'd sleep from 2am until 10am left to my own devices I think.

Guess you're right about it being routine. Thursday night's routine is always Question Time followed by This Week for me. Got to start will try to ensure the TV is off before the QT starts tonight, as once it's on, I always get drawn in! 

N.B. Sounds positive, McF.

Overdone it?

Posted: 26/02/2015 at 12:34

Lack of sleep is without doubt my biggest failing. I train purposefully, consistently and (mostly) sensibly, I stretch, go to pilates, gave up cricket as it wasn't compatible, have cut right back on the booze and eat well, but no matter how much I tell myself I'm going to address the late nights it just doesn't happen. Any tips, Mace on what helped you make the change? I get really frustrated with myself, but there's always something I find to distract myself well beyond midnight most days. 

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