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Overdone it?

Posted: 29/08/2015 at 23:34

Tim Wealthall Miles

My legs have felt really tired and quite sore since the club champs on Wednesday night, on the back of what had already been a hard block of training so really wasn't sure what to expect tonight. However, for once this year, the weather was virtually perfect for track racing - warm and nearly calm.

Last year, there was a sub-5:15 race between the sub-5:30 and sub-5:00 race I think, but with reduced numbers it was just the latter two this time round. I'd put 5:08 down as a predicted time so was slotted into the sub-5:30 race, but seeing the disparity in numbers between the two, nearly asked to get put into the faster race, so I could chase rather than potentially lead. Got talking to someone though, the moment passed and decided just to get on with it.

Not sure exactly, but there was well over a dozen in my heat I think, including some always enthusiastic youngsters (as well as two fast clubmates Alex and Mike who had just run the 5k), so decided as I was likely to be in the top few anyway, I'd get out hard for the kerb to avoid getting involved in any shenanigans. Required a near sprint, but job done and I settle down leading the first lap in a fraction under 76 seconds, which was almost bang on target. One of my quicker senior lady teammates from Charnwood was one of three who came through during the course of the next few hundred metres, but was happy for now to tuck in and hang on to them.

About 2:34 at 800 (and 9) metres, so was keeping the pace up better than recent 1500m races, if not quite as much as I'd hoped with a target of 2:33. A Caistor runner began to fade very slightly over the next lap and a bit, and I was up into 3rd at the bell in between 3:53 and 3:54. Again a couple of seconds down on target, but whilst working hard, feeling quite strong and well in now for a sizeable PB - previously 5:15.9. Moved up on to the shoulder of my Charnwood teammate as I began to squeeze the pace up the back straight, and was closing on the leader as we got on to the brow of the final bend. Working hard, but feeling strong I close the gap, move on to his shoulder too, and then try to kick hard as I drift into Lane 2 as we hit the straight. Pleased to find there's bags of life left in the legs and accelerate away, taking nearly 3 seconds out of him down the straight to finish in a 7 second PB of 5:08.9.


Very pleased with that as it trumps my 1500m PB according to both McMillan and age grading, puts me provisionally 28th on Po10 for V40 over the Mile this year, and all this with ongoing nerve / drop foot problems and feeling there's more in there this year if I'm prepared to hurt myself a bit more, and get similarly favourable conditions at the BMAF Mile event in Birmingham next month.

Oh, and I won a prize for winning my heat - bottle of wine, cheers!

Overdone it?

Posted: 29/08/2015 at 23:31

Get in there, DT! Long overdue and well deserved after the hard effort you've been putting in recently. Delighted the new regime worked out for you. 

Congrats and condolences in equal measure to Dan, and nice LT'ing, marrows.


Overdone it?

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 16:20

I enjoy the day-to-day running - could do with a bit at the moment in fact, as it's nearly all been sessions or recovery runs since I got back from holiday. Nevertheless, by instinct I'm exceedingly lazy, and without the motivation for my competitive instincts of the racing as an end product, I'm pretty sure that before long I'd start finding excuses and simply get out of the habit.

Overdone it?

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 15:36

Overdone it?

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 15:10

We had this discussion about downtime towards the end of last summer. I think you said something similar then, Lit!

McMillan actually recommends longer than 2 weeks. I'll be having some time off in the autumn - might be by the end of September, or if I'm still feeling the energy and enthusiasm, I might try to tag a block of slightly more 5k specific training on to the end of the track season, and have a shot at a sub-18 parkrun somewhere.

BTW - I won't, however, be doing the Shelton 10k either, Tommy. I've got a family commitment that weekend now - I think a raced 10k would (as it was last year even though I PB'd there) be a fairly nasty experience after a summer of reduced mileage anyway, so it's probably for the best! Hope you're feeling a bit more comfortable today and the pain is easing off. No doubt the boredom and frustration is already rising though.

Good luck with the 10k racing this weekend Skinny, Charlie and Muddy. Looks like a decent morning for parkrun too, DT - 19:15 and champagne for supper I reckon. I'll be trying to convince these tired old legs of mine that they are in fact fresh enough for one last hard effort from this training block before taper, with a Mile at Harvey Hadden around 8pm tomorrow night. Any other racers?

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 12:16

Guessed it would be, Lit. And yes, I was worried I would ring it at the wrong time, and indeed did so at one point, as someone else was talking to me, distracted me, and I rang the bell again for one poor bugger as he was sprinting for the line!

Ah - Stirling. Flat for round here, pretty hilly for anywhere else was your summary last year I seem to recall!

I've still got another 2 or 3 pounds worth of timber to shift to get back to my 'racing' weight as well, hoping to do that in time for the September races.

Happy birthday, Mace.

Some endurance runners unsuccessfully try to channel Bolt and Gatlin as they stumble off the 200m start line:

Tommy in full flight soon after, and (shielding me) actually looking reasonably impressive once he was moving!

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 11:39
literatin wrote (see)
Big-Bad-Bob wrote (see)

 When are you going to do a proper in a more standard distance and surface, and/or with a few less dirty great hills in it?

September 13th. But first I am doing a 15k trail race with hills and mud in it.

Ace - not long then. What's the race on the 13th?

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 11:32

Had a bit of a rubbish lane draw right on the inside in the 200m, exacerbated for me with having a longer left leg than right, but was a really good race until the accident. Tommy got out really strongly from Lane 3 two lanes outside me, and had a decent lead coming off the bend. I started to make ground once I was heading in a straight line, but thought I was going to run out of track until we were into the last 20m. Although my legs and form were going to pieces, I was gaining, gaining, and we both threw ourselves at the line, hence Tommy's tumble as I desperately tried to stay upright myself with my legs buckling beneath me - still not sure how I managed it. Probably didn't get quite as out of shape as Mo in yesterday's 5000m heat, but I had that picture in my head!

27.7 for me, and 27.9 for Tommy though I thought it was closer than that. Despite never having done one before, works out at 77.5% age grading, which apart from my 800m times, trumps every other race I've ever done apart from one 1500m where I set my PB, and would put me about 75th on Po10 in the V45 age group which I step up to in a few months. Further makes me suspect that if I trained specifically, including trying to add some strength to my weedy frame, I'd probably be far more suited to sprinting than endurance, but still not sure it's a route I want to take.

I obviously didn't actually time the race itself, but did leave my Garmin running after my warm up as I was curious as to what it would record my peak pace as - 3:00/m dead or 20mph, probably as I hit the straight, according to the below!

All got a bit messy after that, and I got back to the track after seeing Tommy off to A&E about 2 mins before the 800m, so had no time to warm back up and I'd not really got the stomach for it anyway. Stuck to my plan on Lap 1 which was to run it as a Mile pace time trial, and that was good enough to see me still leading as we approached the bell until one of our faster, young senior runners decided to have a dip. We hit the bell in just under 76s which was about right and decided that I'd let him through, use him as a wind break up the back straight, and try to kick past him to the finish. He was putting in a scorching second lap though, and by the time I realised that I was going to have to put more effort in than I'd hoped he'd opened up a healthy lead. Sh*te! Began to reel him back in and expected him to tie up down the straight, but despite putting in a 69s lap myself, including easing down at the end when I realised I couldn't catch him, he ran a blistering 68s final lap...the benefit of young legs!

I then got to ring the bell for the 3000m race though, which was good fun.

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 11:28

I think a tippee is probably the variation of a teepee where they place low lying tree trunks just outside to 'tippee' over the clumsy.

I'm going to judge your splits, Lit - bloody good I'd say for nearly 10k worth of volume. When are you going to do a proper in a more standard distance and surface, and/or with a few less dirty great hills in it?

Good session, Muddy. Not quite ended well on the selection front, as I couldn't make it by the time I did get the call! Mile at the refurbished Harvey Hadden on Saturday night instead.

SG - Good to see you talking enthusiastically about the running - but hope you'll soon be in a position to add some tales to add to the catalogue rather than just the reminiscing! Good luck getting sorted.

Welcome back, Mace - congrats on the PB, but still not a time that does you justice...I echo what you said, SG. The thing that you've got to remember about Mace though is that unless it's a marathon, he refuses to do anything more than stroll to the end of his road for a start line...which rather limits his options.

Tommy's injury rather took the edge off the club track champs last night for me, if not quite as much as for him, but was very well organised (including a London 2012 Olympic starter no less!) and otherwise quite good fun. Summary below.

Overdone it?

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 22:39

Crap. Fractured clavicle and strained tendons in the shoulder. Fook snakes. 

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