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Overdone it?

Posted: 04/05/2016 at 22:39

Cheers McF - good decision on the 3000m this soon I reckon. Be good to see what you can do next time though.

Enjoyed it tonight. Plan was to go off around 6:40s and take it from there. Didn't quite go to plan as got dragged along through the first half mile at more like 6:15s, and then spent the next mile and a half chatting to the best mate of my boss, who along with his wife had stormers at London last week. Missed the first mile split (6:25), and soon after the next mile clocked in at 6:47 decided I better stop gassing, and concentrate a bit. Hadn't realised at the time, but Lit's old clubmate Geoff was right behind us at that point and I later got chastised for 'spending 2 miles gassing and then disappearing off'! 

Only slowly wound it up from there though with 6:39 and 6:33 before a 6:09 final mile which was an enjoyable pick-off-athon, with another of Lit's old clubmates Tim, and her friend CC being two of the pickees. Tim shouted that he was catching me again soon after passing him...don't think he was but that spurred me on to catch and overtake a couple more before nearly having a coming together with another HP runner (who I didn't know previously) who shut the door on me.

About 90 seconds down on last year, but given the 10 minutes spent concentrating on talking rather than running, and the acceleration over the last few miles there's clearly more there when I actually decide to make myself suffer a bit!

Good to catch up briefly with Tommy, who I'll let tell his own story but had a good run, and was only marginally down on my time last year when I was far fitter, and which I book-ended with 38:24 / 18:15 for 10k / 5k respectively, so he should have a cracking summer if his body recovers well from London. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 04/05/2016 at 13:11

Hello all.

Belated congrats to all the marathon-ites. Thoroughly enjoyed my morning tracking you all round the course, and trying to spot you on the telly. Definitely saw McF and Tommy coming up The Mall, and think I may have caught a brief glimpse of Lit (congrats on the team medal!) at the start. Was quite a morning on the spotting front, as I also saw another HP team mate, another former RW regular Park Run Fan plus his OH Hannah, numerous other Notts' runners, and a small battalion's worth of Charnwood team mates, including Mark Couldwell who DT's familiar with. He ran a storming 2:26...but our endurance/speed bias is such that I'm still faster than him over 800m.

Shame about the late fade McF, but there were reasons for that, and it's still a massive PB. I continue to be really impressed with the progress you've made.

And welcome to velloo - another former Middle Ground-er joins the fray.

Continuing to make a bit of progress here. 'Ran' rather than 'raced' a 400m (66.5) swiftly followed by a 1500m (5:13-ish) in the Vets League last Wednesday, sticking to my plan of doing just enough to beat those I felt I realistically could and walked off the track feeling pretty fresh after both. So despite it being almost a literally freezing cold night (2c!) that included rain, hail, sleet, snow, hail, thunder and lightning, a glorious late sunset once it had all cleared through, and ended by a floodlight failure late on meaning the 200m relays I'd hung around for were cancelled, it was a worthwhile trip out. Struggled through a 5k paced session on Saturday, but felt like a corner may have been turned when I found a long since forgotten groove on a planned 10m plod on Sunday, which thus turned into something rather more enjoyably brisk, particularly over the last 3 miles.

Tonight I will be (unsuccessfully) chasing a bright blue buff for 5 miles round the HP rowing lake.

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/04/2016 at 10:49

Morning all, thanks for the welcome backs.

As I woke up in time, forced myself hurriedly out of the door for a parkrun this morning. Only had time for just over a 5 minute warm up, and forgot my watch, which may have been a blessing in disguise as couldn't torture myself with how unfit I am, and whilst uncomfortable at times wasn't an eyeballs out effort.

Picked a couple of likely fellas to chase round and picked them both off in a half decent finish which was enough to duck (just) under the 20 mark with 19:55. 

1:40 down on where I was in May last year, and over a minute down on two years ago, but not unhappy with that in the circumstances of only averaging 13 miles/week since the beginning of December. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 22/04/2016 at 16:25

Quick call in to wish all the marafunners good luck on Sunday. Keep your snow boots handy.

Also well done to Lou with his excellent Manchester effort, to Madbee for smashing through 20 minutes for 5k (doubt I'd manage it at the moment), to DT for the 5k PB, and anything else of import I might have missed whilst I've been slacking.

Hello to everyone else.

Still not training properly here, as the lurgy I thought I'd shifted last time I posted came back with a vengeance by way of a chest infection that kept me out of the relays that Tommy did. Got some good miles in on hols in Lanzarote including running up a volcano (twice), but struggling to get into a routine at home as work's busy, and we're taking some tentative steps towards a possible (local) house move so running is well down the list of priorities for now.

The last time I really raced or even ran particularly fast in any organised way was my last 1500m of the season in September, and despite telling Charnwood I wasn't fit, have still been asked to run 1500m in the Vets league at Kettering next week. This will be very, very messy. I ran a Mile in 5:05 back in September, but if I can get within 15-20 seconds of that on Wednesday for 109m less it will be a result. I think I'll pick someone (slow) to race, and forget about the time.

Overdone it?

Posted: 13/03/2016 at 19:15

Cheers, folks.

Good running all. A PB after an injury scare and reduced running sounds like a result to me, McF. Looking good for London, DT. Excellent comeback, Richard and a belter from Tommy - smashed that 90 minute barrier there.

Finally got some decent running in here too - a slightly longer progressive run yesterday with a couple of miles cool down tagged on the end, and a slower 10 today - first 10 miler since late November. Over 18 for the weekend in total, and 23.5 since Thursday, so starting to actually look like training again rather than just some occasional tw@tting about in some running shoes.

Overdone it?

Posted: 11/03/2016 at 14:11

Hello all.

Still not much running here recently.

Have been keeping tabs on some more excellent performances though, with the Cov 3 all turning in cracking runs the other week, Charlie also pulling out a 5m PB, and Lit putting in a very good showing at the Scots XC before getting back on the prize winning trail last week.

Liking that rep progression, Skinny and I'm sure you'll be flying again soon, Muddy.

'Ello to Madbee (hope you've turned a corner now) and Richard - thanks for the heads up, sounds great, and I am looking at a possible international competition next year, but it would be slightly closer to home - European Vets T&F Champs in Denmark.

I need to turn a corner very soon if I'm going to maintain such lofty ambitions however as I just seem to lurch from one issue to the next at the moment, and am now 3 months without anything like proper training.

As Tommy mentioned, although I got round the Nationals without aggravating the previous injury, I did struggle and initially just thought the soreness (during and after) was down to being hopelessly out of condition. Found I'd got a ligament strain however (likely one of those stray turnips) when I first had a trot out 3 days later, and hobbled home after 2 miles. Was much improved a couple of days later, and had plans for a decent weekend's running before the nasiest bout of lurgy I've had for a couple of years struck me down for another week. Grrr.

Still not right now, but did get out for a progressive 5+ miles last night, felt no aches, pains or strains and really quite enjoyed it despite the lurgy and being heavier than I have been since autumn 2012. Looking to get some decent running in this weekend, and hopefully the comeback FINALLY starts here. Think I'll have to get a parkrun in at some point to prove I'm worth a place alongside Tommy in the final team that we take to Brum for the relays, we've got some rapid improvers at the club.

P.S. Did someone mention cats and cucumbers? Great fun.


literatin wrote (see)

It's lovely weather in Scotland today. But you wouldn't want to trip over a turnip here, because it would be a swede.

I'd have thought it more likely that you of all people would be tripping over a Danish rather than a swede.

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/02/2016 at 16:29

Exactly right, Skinny. When putting the trainers on and getting out there is a habit, you do it unthinkingly. When it's cold, dark, wet or windy and often a combination of the lot however, and the habit isn't there, thought does come into it and that thought is often, 'you must be f***ing joking!'

Good point on parkrun, I can think of several likely candidates at most of the local parkruns who would have me gnashing my teeth when they inevitably crossed the line ahead of me at current fitness.

EDIT: X-Post - cheers, DT.

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/02/2016 at 16:08

Afternoon all. Happy New Year. 

Have been keeping an occasional eye on things here in my absence. Something in the cooking at the McDiamonds household methinks, some great running going on there. Good to see DT continuing go from strength-to-strength too (as well as continuing to recount the detail of his bowel habits in unnecessary detail), and glad to see most of the injury / comeback brigade making some strides in the right direction.

As DT noticed via Connect, and as discussed with Tommy and Muddy elsewhere, I have been doing some running, but really not very much at all. This is now mostly due to lack of motivation rather than lingering injury problems. Getting back into the habit at this time of year, I always seem to hit a downer in the dark misery of January and February nowadays, has proven nigh on impossible.

Trying not to stress about it too much though, and just doing a bit of what I fancy when I can be arsed, though quite how this is going to work out when I try to tackle the National XC and its 'testing hills' at Donington next week remains to be seen - badly one suspects as I've not tackled more than a 7 miler since early December which is probably not even course distance. I would like to run it though, as was a cracking day out at Parly Hill last year, and also really enjoyed being part of the 2014 event at Wollaton Park.

The good news is the T&F Nationals aren't until mid-September this year, so am consoling myself with the thought that I'll lose very little by doing, and actually probably enjoy far more, my base period in the better light and weather of spring. Toying with the idea of a parkrun in the morning, just to lay down a marker and see if it stirs the competitive juices a bit...

...more likely I'll drink too much tonight, and then roll over and go back to sleep in the morning though. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/12/2015 at 12:22

I suppose that depends where he's headed. Dunedin or Invercargill in the south, and certainly. Auckland or Whangarei in the north, and not so much.

Anyway, good to hear from you Richard, sounds exciting and I hope it works out for you and you get back to the running. Did you get married? 

Nasty rash of thread injuries and niggles being experienced at the moment, I'm losing count. I see elsewhere that Lou's been struck down with the Christmas lurgy too. Hopefully that's the last of all this business, and all injuries and ailments will be shrugged off soon.

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/12/2015 at 10:57

Skinny - Yes, that was my thinking too so fairly relaxed about it. Only slight frustration is that I was just starting to feel fit enough to really start enjoying the longer running again, and will have to go through that process again now.

DT - Wroclaw, it's a beautiful spot. Highly recommend it, particularly at this time of year when they have a superb Christmas market in the main square. I really like Poland, and it's still cheap as chips as well. Flights, quality hotel, airport transfers, a couple of presents to bring back plus all our food and drink over 3 days came in at just over £200, and I still came home with notes in my wallet from the £100 currency we'd exchanged. One example - a large meal and a pint for the 5 of us came in at less than £20 in total.

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