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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 15:03

Steve, I wonder if you may get into the speed work?  I strangely enjoy it (most of the time....!).

Shades, good that your RHR is coming back down.  I think, reluctantly, I'm going to do  HR test this week.  Wish me luck!

My mate has said I can stay at his place for the Reading 20-miler, so I've just posted my entry off.  It looks like I have a plan coming together

I'm taking out the 5-6 mile group tonight, at the club.  It's been raining hard most of the day, so at least me leading the group means that I will definitely get a run in today, as opposed to potentially dodging it due to the rain!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 09:36

Jugula, well done on the PB  Looking forward to the report.

Lily, I was thinking about York and was really tempted with it.  I had an "early bird" entry as I had pre-registered, but in the end I didn't enter mainly because I couldn't find reasonably-priced accommodation.

Shades, there is a 20-mile race in Reading.  That's too far to travel (3hrs), but I have a mate who lives 25-minutes away from the race HQ, so I may see if he is accepting visitors that weekend  It's a week after the Half, and 3 weeks before the marathon so I think that would be doable.

SK, I did hear that interview, but I may dig it out again for another listen.  Thanks.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 11:32

Shades, yeah 5th March is a bit too close as my marathon is on Monday 13th.  I did Granite Way 20-miler last year and it was a big confidence booster for me, but that was mid-March last year too so it's not going to fit.

Sorry Cal....  

One thing I've learned from P&D is that coffee/tea are fine, in terms of hydration.  I always thought they were a slight diuretic, but P&D reckon that if you're used to drinking coffee (which I am), then the research shows that it's fine for hydration.  Whoo hoo   

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 10:02

Shades, I'm going to start it on Monday 31st Oct (which is a rest day...... ).  That only gives a 1-week cushion, but I want to do all easy running next week to a) fully recover from Palma and b) feel fresh to hopefully give DMV Half a good crack on 30th Oct, and then start the plan from there.  I'll try not to get totally obsessed with it all and if I need some time off, I'll take it when I need to.  I think I've kind of learned over the years when I need to ease off, but I will endeavour to stick to it as best I can.  

I do have a couple of "tune up" races booked.  I have a 10K on 8th Jan and a Half on 11th Feb.  These don't fit in with the plan, but I think are important to see how things are going.  If I can find a localish 20-miler after 11th Feb, I'll do that too.  Also, I have another couple of "fun" races booked, which don't really fit in either (Cockington Xmas Caper being one, which is a hilly off-roader), but I do enjoy these races so will just have to fit around that.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 08:34

Thanks for all that, SK.  For a nano-second I considered the 55-70 mile plan, but the most I've ever ran in a week is about 60-miles (and that was just once) so I think it would be too much for me.  I know I can do 55-miles though, so I think that's the best plan for me too.

How did you tackle the plan?  Did you basically try and do each session in the week but move them around if necessary, or were you fairly rigid with the order of the sessions?  From reading the book, it looks like they've devised the plan and the order fairly carefully (to help with recovery etc), but I would have thought most "normal" people would have to move things around to fit in with life.

I'm currently thinking I'll give it a go, as the first couple of weeks look doable on paper at least, and if I find I'm struggling I'll just revert to a more normal (for me) plan.

Shades, sorry to hear you didn't make the journey up, but sounds like you made the right decision.

Cal, well done on your parkrun PB - great pacing there!

Talking about food, I've been craving Spanish-type donuts, with custard in.  They were gorgeous, and I had my fair share each day at breakfast!


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 13:53

Shades, sorry to hear you're a bit under the weather.  Have you decided to make the journey?

I've just entered Dartmoor Vale Half for next weekend.  I was toying with the 10K, but went for the Half.  It'll be a good race for me to see where I am with my pace (i.e, how much work I have to do!) and I think I'll use that as the basis of my training paces.  I hope to get under 1:45 again, but ideally nearer 1:40.  We'll see  

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 11:29

Cal, X-post there.  I should have said that when I say Milton Keynes, it's not the "main" marathon I'm talking about.  Enigma do loads of events in MK (around lakes....) and I'm in one of those in March.  


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 11:26

Shades, actually I haven't allowed for niggles/colds.  To do that, I should really start the plan on Monday.....hmmmm.

SK, any thoughts on P&D?  When I look back on my training from earlier this year, virtually all my runs were slow but I raced a couple of halfs, and also raced a 20-miler.  The 20-miler in particular was a big confidence booster.  I did a small number of interval sessions (which I did enjoy), but the main thing is that all my longer runs were very steady.  P&D do introduce quite a lot of MP sections into their long runs, which would be quite a change for me.  Also, they do fairly long tempo runs, ran at Half pace, and I didn't do hardly any of that earlier this year.  I wonder if the tempo runs, plus MP runs and the other interval sessions may be too much (main aim is to stay injury free), compared to what I've done previously.  

I know you probably can't really answer if it would be right for me, as it's so individual specific, but again if you have any general thoughts they'd be great to read  Was it tough to maintain in terms of tiredness?  The weekly mileage is fine (I'd do the 55-mile plan - I think you did the higher mileage plan, didn't you?), but it's the different mix of sessions which I wonder may be too much.

Anyway, I jogged around parkrun today and it was nice to get back out.  It was cold, but the sun was coming through the trees and it was really enjoyable.  I was late arriving (), but I caught up the back marker so it was all fine.  I'll run tomorrow too, as I feel I'm pretty recovered from the marathon now.  It's only taken a week to start feeling more like myself!!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 08:28
I'm off to jog around an off-road parkrun this morning, and I'll probably stick another couple of miles on at the end.

I was thinking of doing a local race tomorrow - Tavy 7. I did Tavy 13 earlier in the year at MP, and that was a great event. However, I've just seen that Tavy 7 sold out whilst I was in Palma, so that's that plan out the window!

As I haven't been running, I've spent this week looking ahead to training and race plans. I've also re-read P&D and spent time going over what I was doing earlier this year, when I was running quite well. I've never actually followed P&D, but I'm thinking about it for my March marathon in Milton Keynes and the plan would start mid-Nov (it would 'officially' start the week that I have a trip to Bruges planned, which is typical!). I'd follow the 'up to 55 mile' plan which is doable for me in terms of mileage, but there is a lot of MP work in there, which is different for me. I wouldn't want to break myself, so I'm not sure yet. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? In the past, if I've done too much speed work I've injured myself, but maybe I'm a stronger runner now?

One thing from P&D is that I'm not drinking anywhere near enough water during the day. I think I drink a lot, but I need to up my game there.

Also, it dawned on me that I should possibly target the MK marathon in March as opposed to London, so I could then try and enjoy London a bit more, or have it as a back up if MK didn't go to plan.

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 14:59

senidM, I agree it's not going to happen.  But is there not an argument at least that if an athlete needs drugs to compete due to some illness (legally, via a TUE), then that in itself is introducing unfairness into the system?  So, if all other things are equal between two athletes except Athlete A needs a TUE due to asthma and Athlete B does not, could that be described as being unfair to Athlete B?  And why stop at TUEs for illnesses - what about levelling the playing field around length of legs, or an athlete's weight?  ;)

Is it at least partly dependent on what the point of elite sport is?  Is part of the point of elite sport to see who is "naturally" the best at something?

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