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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 11:58

Thanks all.  I know you're all right that I need to make plans and carry on, and I do know it is what Claire would have wanted.  I guess it's just that I am finding it difficult to make plans without her.  She was always the driving force behind making plans for weekends away etc, but now it's down to me.

Shades, I walked under those works yesterday and it is pretty impressive.  Emmy, they're building a large bypass around what is currently a busy main road that is a bottleneck especially in the summer - it is a massive project they're doing and it's not due to be completed until Dec 2015 I believe.  It had been in the planning for years (I.E, probably 20 years or more) but it got the go ahead a couple of years ago.  It's costing in excess of £100m I believe.

I saw a cousin of mine in Exeter after she finished work yesterday and it was nice catching up with her.  We were very close as young children and teenagers, but somehow drifted apart due to Uni, work etc, but it was nice catching up with her and we'll definitely meet up again.  She lives in Cheltenham these days but works in Exeter fairly regularly so that's easy for us to meet up.  She was at the funeral and also the wake and she said what a good service it was.  I have had a lot of people say that to me, so I know I got that right which I'm pleased about.

I got a run in yesterday after I posted and as always felt a bit better afterwards.  It was a steady 6-miler on a flat route and I don't appear to have any issues this morning.

Today the main thing I am doing is seeing a work colleague and he is going to show me around the office in nearby Torquay to meet the people in there and then we'll go out for a bite to eat afterwards I'd imagine.   

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 10:10

I can't really describe it but I'm feeling very upset/guilty/whatever as I have been planning a couple of things next year, and obviously Claire won't be there and I didn't need to check with her regarding her plans.  I have booked a local 10K in January; Claire was with me spectating at it last year and we were pregnant, but didn't know it at the time.  I have booked a gig to see a band called Royal Blood with a few friends in February.  This was one of Claire's favourite most recent bands and she would have loved to come to see them.  I have also booked to see the comic Tim Vine.  I've seen him a couple of times before and he is hilarious, but again Claire loved him too.  I know I'm a techy geek but what tipped me over the edge was that Claire and I have a shared calendar on our Macs/iPhones and of course I have no need to update that calendar now with these things, do I? 

The other thing that tipped me over the edge is that I looked at the Torbay Half website as they have "early bird" offer.  I had forgotten that they have a picture of a group running shot and if you know where you're looking you can clearly see Claire in it as she's on the front row of the picture.  This took the wind out of my sails a bit, even though I've seen the photo a lot of times in the past.

I think it's all sinking in bit by bit, and it's not nice

I know I need to start thinking about Claire's clothes and also the nursery which has all Jay's stuff in there (push chair, cot, moses basket, all his clothes, curtains/lampshade/mobile for the cot, nappies etc etc).  I can't face doing that yet though.  It has been pointed out to me by a well meaning but possibly misguided friend that I may be in danger of holding on to these things too long as some kind of replacement for what I've lost, but I don't think that's the case to be honest.  It's only been just over a month and I know Claire and Jay are not here anymore, but I just don't want to sort out their belongings yet as it's difficult to contemplate going through it all and sending it to a charity shop.

Anyway, I had a day off from running yesterday and had a nice afternoon with Claire's Mum.  I'm hoping for a 5-mile steady run in a little while and then I'm seeing a cousin in Exeter after she finishes work this afternoon.  I am keeping busy, but in a funny way  I am kind of wondering if I'm keeping a bit too busy.  I have a couple of plans tomorrow but Friday is relatively free (other than the dentist and possibly a Trotters session at 7pm if I feel like it) and I think I'm going to keep it that way.  I may go up to the church again and sit there for a while and just see what I feel like.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 12:28
Emmy - I've had no issues following the session last night so I'm pleased about that.

KK - you're right that I just need to take it steady. I am doing that by very slowly building back up again and doing no speed work at the moment. Fingers crossed!!

There's a good piece on Jo Pavey today in the paper. Jo Pavey for SPOTY? If she's not nominated by the BBC I think I'll need to write a letter of complaint!

I'm seeing Claire's Mum for lunch today. There's a new French place in Torquay that Claire wanted to go to but didn't get the chance so I think we're going there.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 09:55

I'm having issues accessing this thread today.  I was getting the "oops, something went wrong" message a few times.

Shades, thanks for the tip about Birmingham Half.  I hadn't seen it so I've just downloaded it to watch later.

My pod appointment went okay.  He explained the results of my scan and in summary there is still (or was, at the time of the scan which was a few weeks ago) some inflammation there but nothing that warrants any intervention/injections etc, which is good news.  He again said it is a slow process but to keep doing the exercises.  He didn't give me any new exercises to do, but has kept the appointment open for another 6 months.  I told him what I was doing with the running (i.e., building up slowly and nothing too quick) and he was fine with this so I'll keep doing what I'm doing and see what happens.  

SK - I have no real tips for a 5K apart from to do intervals quicker than your target 5K pace.  5x1K intervals or even 5x1mile intervals (this is a tough session!) at a consistent pace I think are partly what brought my times down, with the last interval being a challenge (to say the least!) to maintain the pace.  I also think some of the off road stuff I was doing made me a stronger runner as a flat, road 5K seemed easier in comparison.  Obviously I'm saying this from the injury bench, but I think my injury is mainly due to me racing too much.

I went along to the club session last night and I enjoyed it.  It was just over 6 miles at a steady pace with lots of regrouping and it was good to get out with them again.  I have done three or four 5-milers on my own but this is the longest I've gone for a few weeks and I feel okay this morning.  Everyone at the club were very welcoming to me which was brilliant and I enjoyed the session.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 17:58

SK, funnily enough my 5K, 5M, 10K and Half times were more or less in line with Mcmillan.  My marathon time is pretty weak though 

My 5K time is 20:36.  I'd love to get that time to below 20:00 but we all know that knocking 37 seconds off a 5K takes a bit of effort.  37 secs off of 3.1 miles sound easy, doesn't it?!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:46

Shades/KK/Iain- talking about the shorter stuff I genuinely think I'd get as much satisfaction of going under 20mins for a 5K (for example) as I would getting a marathon PB.  For me, when a 5K or 10K goes well I find it really enjoyable (does this make me odd?)!  

I think it's because you're on the edge of your ability so have to be very realistic of what your ability is.  A few seconds a mile too slow and then you know you haven't got the time you're capable of, but a few seconds a mile too quick and you can detonate making it a very horrible experience indeed!  For some reason I quite like that about a 5K in particular....!!  However, I know even if it all does go horribly wrong I know I can finish a 5K whereas for me there is that element of doubt going into a marathon which adds to the stress.

If/when this injury clears up properly, I have been thinking about trying to do some 5K specific training, but I don't real know what that entails at the moment.  Please don't banish me from this thread!!!  ;)

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:32

Shades, it wasn't Plymouth Half Tommo did.  It was Plymouth Armada Half and he did a 1:15:26.....!  Like I say, there are some brilliant runners at Torbay AC so he's in with a good crowd.  He was a Trotter for 20+ years I think but has been doing other things for a couple of years or so.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 09:56
Sorry to hear that Jugula, but glad you're feeling a bit better now.

Moore - sorry you had a bad run yesterday. I must say I've always fancied having a go at Abingdon as it can be quite a fast course can't it? I'm no longer doing the Trotter reports but I believe our male V50 record went yesterday with a 2hr50 which is pretty inspiring really.

Shades - speaking of quick runners Tommo has joined another local club so I'm guessing he'll be back on the scene again. I think he finished 2nd at Plymouth Half so he's obviuosly still got it!! He's joined Torbay and there are some very quick runners in that club.

SK, a great PB - well done!

My 5-miler went fine so I'm pleased with that. Depending on what happens today I'm planning a 6-mile social run with the club which will be my first 'proper' club session for some time. I'm a bit nervous about it in terms of how I'll react but they all know what has happened and are wishing me well too and want me back. Fingers crossed I hold it all together. I have my pod appointment today as well.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 11:01

Shades, I'm afraid I also didn't make DMV.  I was up in plenty of time but I started thinking about the words for the headstone and before I knew it I was running very late so decided not to bother going.

I'm off out for a gentle run shortly and then seeing my Dad this afternoon.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 11:28

Quite a tough morning yesterday but again it's something I wanted to get sorted so in that way I'm glad it's done.  There were a small number of family there and I placed the ashes into the plot that was already prepared, which is something I felt I wanted to do and I just said a few words to myself.  For some reason I didn't want to put the earth back on after so the funeral director did that and some nice words were said.  The weather stayed dry as well, which was good.

Claire worked at a school called East Allington which is a very small village school.  She sometimes had cows from the neighbouring field escaping into the garden/orchard of her classroom, much to the delight of all the children!  Claire described one day when a cow came up to the closed patio doors, stared at the kids (who were inside the closed doors, laughing), mooed and later just turned around and sauntered back to the field it came from.  East Allington is quite similar to Coffinswell church with similar views, and during the service yesterday a nearby cow did a massive "Mooooo" (you know, one of those moos where the tone goes up at the end), which seemed apt somehow and made me smile

After that the family came back to my house for a coffee etc, and then out for a meal at lunchtime so that was nice.

I may look into a bench or a sponsorship of a zoo animal (it would probably be a giraffe if I did that, as that was Claire's favourite zoo animal).  I did actually consider both of these things but decided on an apple tree as I felt I wanted something that would grow.  There's no reason that I can't look into other things as well though, if I want to.

I'm getting a baaaad feeling about this probate process.  For example:

- Claire had some finance left on a car.  I have been in touch with the finance company telling them I want to pay the balance and keep the car and explaining that Claire's account is now frozen so they won't be able to take any more money by direct debit.  They then sent me quite a strongly worded letter telling me to fill out and send back a form as soon as possible.  However, there was no form in the envelope.  So of course that meant another round of phone calls to get through to the right person and I still haven't yet received the form.

- Claire's bank is one of the organisations that told me I'd need probate, so that's fair enough I thought.  I gave them all the stuff they needed and they then sent me a letter with a form to fill out.  The form they've sent me assumes no probate is required (even though it is them that told me I need probate), so again another round of phone calls needed to try and get the right form, which I haven't yet got.

It's all very time consuming and it's not filling me with confidence at the moment!  What I am trying to do is deal with the post on the day it arrives as that at least means I'm nudging it all along and things aren't backing up, but these organisations are wasting time really

Running wise, I was supposed to run at parkrun today but I didn't make it unfortunately.  I have a slight back issue at the moment (not running related) but want that to ease up before I go out again, which I expect will be tomorrow or Monday.  I have had back issues in the past and don't want that to come back again so I am always pretty cautious with any back niggle, no matter how small.

Shades, I may try to come along to DMV to spectate so I'll look out for you tomorrow.

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