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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 16:37
S32, cycling doesn't appear to be negatively impacting the achilles. I haven't ran since 9th July and they seemed to be getting abit better (still doing stretches etc).

However, yesterday I walked back from seeing a mate (5 miles). I wasn't hanging around but unfortunately they were a bit stiff this morning again....

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 10:09

Shades, the chap who did Outlaw is a great bloke.  Me and him were very similar in that we had both never gone below 1:40 for a half and we were more or less the same on 5Ks.  We both went under 1:40 and then I got injured, and then he subsequently went under 1:35 for the half and sub-20 for the 5K.  I'm really pleased for him, but I must confess to finding it a bit frustrating that he has kicked on another gear in his running (never mind all the Ironman stuff, which is well beyond me!!), whereas I've basically stopped running totally.  (Edited to add, I am not saying it is a foregone conclusion I would have done the times he's done, but he's definitely kicked on compared to me).

I'm sure I'll be back though, and I'm currently enjoying the cycling.  I'm thinking of going along to Mid Devon Cycling Club one Sunday to see what I think.  They have different groups based on distance/ability and they seem a friendly enough bunch

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 07:21

Shades, just having a look on Strava planning a route for this morning when I saw your notification come in  There are a few Trotters dabbling in tris now as a few of them are involved with Teignbridge Triers, which I think is quite an informal thing but they're all enjoying it.  Fizz is also into it quite a lot at the moment

One Trotter did Outlaw on the weekend.  I wrote a piece about it, but it won't be in the papers from me as he didn't do it as a Trotter, although his Tri club may publish something.

Marathon Running and Toilet Problems

Posted: Yesterday at 06:29
Mine was sorted by vastly reducing milk before a run. I used to drown my cereal with milk, and it turned out that was the cause of the issue.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 07:33

Shades, I know all that about the coverage not just being about UK viewers.  I just think it could have been much better for all concerned especially in such a small field (I.E., the guy who lost 10th to Way probably had supporters who were wondering how he was getting on) but let's agree to differ then, and that's fine

I was wondering about the difference between running and cycling in terms of effort/mileage required and I had come to a similar conclusion whilst googling.  One other thing that I found tough yesterday was coming back down the same hill; I was covering the brakes all the way down and my hands and arms were aching, but I'm told this gets better with practice.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 06:45

I got a ride in yesterday that included a hill up from Bovey Tracey up to Haytor on Dartmoor.  I'm told it's one of the top 100 climbs in the country and it nearly finished me off, but I got up there without stopping.  

What I am finding odd about cycling is that I seem to recover much quicker in comparison to running.  Talking to other people this is usual, but at the top of the hill yesterday I had absolutely no concerns about getting home and after a few minutes I was fine.  I even got a PB on that section I've been chipping away at, and this was after climbing a massive hill where my legs were really burning.  There is no way I could have done something similar with running.  On that bit, I'm now up to 59/369, so very pleased with that!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 18:02
SK, I'm not convinced that BF didn't have the splits. A couple of times he said something like 'information coming into us shows...'. Also, people on other forums had access to the splits and were relating them in real time. It's how I knew Steve was on for a PB.

Also, there were cameras and bikes on the finish straight so they could've shown more. Instead they showed slo-mo repeats of athletes who had just finished.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 13:16
Yes, Steve Way did a sprint finish at the end to finish in 10th place by 5 seconds.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 08:35
SHADES wrote (see)

Big G - the TV coverage is for all nations watching, which is why you see little of the athletes not at the lead of the race.   In most Championship marathons you rarely get a glimpse or a mention of our athletes.

I've just heard Steve Way on the radio being interviewed by Vassos on Chris Evans programme and he interviews very well, most impressive.

That's good you've got this week off to prepare for baby.

I don't think it excuses BF etc not sharing the information they had on the splits though.  I'm not just talking about Way or the Brits, but all the other athletes.  I was getting more information off of the MarathonTALK online chat system than I was from the TV coverage (people there had access to the splits).  I do accept though that for the vast majority of viewers, they probably don't really want to know about splits etc and the coverage has to cater for everyone and not just stats geeks like me  Personally though, I also don't want to know about the history of some bridge that the runners pass as to me that means the commentators are clutching at straws very early on in the race.  Also, to miss a sprint finish at the end, just doesn't seem right to me.  Please note that I'm not usually a BBC-basher.  Generally, I think the BBC is great. 

I do agree though that he interviews very well. I wonder if anyone will be inspired by him?  From a lot of the chat on Facebook and also comments on some of the national newspaper website reports, he seems to have got a lot of people talking, which can only be a good thing.

 Anyway....I'm off for a ride

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 07:36

Shades, yes, and a V40 record for him breaking Ron Hill's record which has stood since 1979.  Regarding the coverage, I suppose I was hoping to see more of the splits of all athletes and hoping to see the British athletes at least cross the line.  Way reeled in the guy who was in front of him and passed him in the last 50 metres to squeak into the top 10, all of which was missed on the coverage.  I shouldn't complain though as the Aussies had ad breaks, plus their coverage going off to the pool etc.  

He's definitely "doing the rounds" as well, and good on him for that.  He was on the BBC at 8:45pm last night being interviewed by Gary Linekar and then was on again at around 10:45pm with Clare Balding.

A week off this week  Building/buying "stuff" for the baby will be the main activity, as well as a few rides no doubt!  A mate who lives/works in Dubai and hasn't been over to the UK for 6 months or so, so I'll be catching up with him too.

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