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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 15:52

SK, what a fantastic race you had and congrats again for getting your "A target" time!  What great pacing too, to have both halfs of the race so similar.  You must be really happy, and all that training has paid off!

And Mowzer, another great event for you  

Shades, that Lidl runner I mentioned runs for South Devon AC and her number was 321 if you want to check her out, in case you know her.  She did a sub-3.  

I watched the whole race myself, and found it quite emotional this year watching it too.  Hopefully I'll get to run it next year  

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 14:52

Well done SK!!!  

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/04/2015 at 08:10

SK - yes, I'm not sure what will be done with it.  She's asked me to draft a side or two of A4 and send it to her, and she mentioned about adding it into the next round of Cruse promotional material.  I haven't drafted anything yet though.  Like I say, I'm not sure if I've been doing anything particularly noteworthy really, although I know that my story is obviously a very sad one due to the circumstances of how Claire died - I am wondering if Cruse want that aspect, as obviously the circumstances are very unusual and tragic.  But, I don't want to dwell on the circumstances too much, as I'd want what I write to be mainly positive.  I'll have a think.  Nothing may come of it.

I'm up and ready for parkrun today.  I think I'll just jog around, and I'm looking forward to it.  It rained overnight so I'm not sure what shoes to wear, so I'll take both and see what everyone else is doing   

PANIC - london marathon

Posted: 24/04/2015 at 13:45

Button was on the radio yesterday and said he was hoping for 2:50-2:54.  The show's host (Greg James) was hoping for under 4hrs and has been training very hard, but Jenson sarcastically dismissed it as "well, it's good to take part, isn't it?".  It was all said in jest though.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/04/2015 at 10:58

SK, no I've had no contact with Claire's other sister.  I am still regularly in touch with their Mum and Dad, and they said she's not doing too great.  I have just said to them to tell her she knows where I am if she wants to talk, but to be honest I'm not expecting her to change her mind.  Also, their Mum and Dad don't want to get in the middle of it, which I understand.  It's a shame as we've both lost so much but I look back on that episode and have no regrets on my part of it all - I was honest with her about a couple of things, but I also wasn't vindictive or nasty.  But me being honest with her probably meant she didn't hear what she wanted, and then she reacted how she did.  It's a shame, but it is what it is.

Yes, I am still seeing a counsellor.  I've seen her 6 times (it's been just over 7 months since Claire died).  I hear some people say that when they see their counsellor they feel 10 times better immediately afterwards, but I don't have that feeling.  She's a sounding board really, but I also don't tell her anything I don't tell my closest friends.  But she has experience and she does sometimes say things I hadn't considered, which do help.  What I find is that I kind of need to "package" things up in my mind (not lock them up, but just "process" them in a certain way that then makes that thing easier) and she kind of helps with that.  It's hard to explain on here really.

She has commented that she rarely sees a man who thinks things through as much as I do (you see, I'm an over thinker like I said!) and she also said that she wants to make a "case study" of me, and how I've handled things, to be added into their literature.    Similarly, the management at work have asked that I consider writing something up about my "story" to be published in the company-wide Intranet site, and also the paper that gets published monthly.  I'm not sure what I think about that really though.  Generally speaking I am quite a private person really (but also I'm more than happy to talk about Claire, so I know that doesn't make much sense), but they seem to think my story and how I've handed things could help other people in the company.  I'll give it some thought.

I don't think I've done anything particularly noteworthy, apart from to just do what I've wanted, when I've wanted and use the cliche "one day at a time" a lot!  I've said to the counsellor that there have been 3 big things that I think have helped me.  1)  Not working, which has given me the time to do what I want and I suppose be quite selfish  2)  Having a handful of close friends who I can be totally open with and 3)  Running, although that hasn't gone as well as I'd have hoped!  Also, I know when my Mum died in 2003 I handled that very badly, and I suppose I had some experience of what not to do from that.  In that case, I threw myself into work, did no exercise and ballooned in weight and then it all caught up with me a year or two later.  I suppose something could still catch up with me with all this as it is still very early, but I feel I've done all I can to hopefully make sure that doesn't happen.  And if it does all catch up with me at some point, I will just have to do my best to deal with it at that time.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/04/2015 at 09:42

(message got cut off, so part 2 below).

I have options at work too - maybe going down to part time, changing roles entirely, or whatever.

Ha ha - just reread that little lot and realised I've kind of offloaded a bit there!!  Don't worry about reading all that, as it really is rather dull!  

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/04/2015 at 09:40

Shades, yes it's Torbay Half.  I don't really mind the route, as I like looking at the sea  That lady who has the championship time works at Paignton Lidl.  I've just tried to look her up, but I can't see a way of checking numbers yet on the race website.

SK, great to get a pic with Paula.  Am I right in remembering you got one with Mo recently too?  Good luck with the carb loading and of course the race itself!

I stayed over at a friend's in Falmouth on Wednesday night, so went for a nice run along the coast there on Thursday AM.  It was only 5.5 miles and I have done the route before, but it was a good run.  I'm hoping to get along to a parkrun tomorrow for the first time since 17th Jan.  I can't believe it's been that long really.  

Similarly, I had a shock 2 weeks ago as I have a mate who I occasionally go out for beers with on a Friday after work - he pointed out that we hadn't caught up since before Xmas.  I was convinced he was incorrect, but I checked my calendar and he was right!  I guess so much has happened these last few months and the days/weeks have kind of rolled into a big blur in some ways.  Often I have pretty much no idea what day it is, but looking back I have been very busy too.  Maybe too busy?  Don't know really, but I have just done what I have felt is right at that time and tried not to overthink things too much (I do tend to overthink things generally, which sometimes isn't a good thing!).

So, on that note, I'm going back to work on 1st May.  Yes, that's a Friday of a BH weekend, so that means I'm back at work for one day and then off for 3 days immediately afterwards - good planning   However, it's just the way the sick notes have worked out, honest!  ;)  For me, I feel I need to get back to the structure of work as opposed to needing the work itself, if that makes sense?  It basically has me attempting half days for May, and then building up to full time in June.  That will be relatively light duties with not a lot of responsibility, and then looking to up the responsibility to more normal levels in July.  The OHT was very good as the report he's produced (which will go to my managers, after I've signed it off) stresses the need for flexibility, so none of the above is set in stone at the moment.  Thinking about June/July all seems like a long way away, so we'll see what happens, but I suppose I'm cautiously optimistic.

I also asked for me to still be permitted to attend those WAY lunches (one a month on Fridays which will mean me leaving work at about 11am those days), plus my counselling sessions (roughly one a month) and he's written that into the report too.  I also said I was a runner, and he said that if I felt like going for a run at say 10:30am in the morning, just do it, and make up the hours later.  He didn't write that into the plan, but I will keep that in mind.  He was very much of the mindset that work is just a part of my overall "new normal" and that if I get this wrong a) my return to work could fail and b) failing at work could set me back overall, which isn't what I want!  Generally speaking, I think I'm doing well and I don't want to jeopardise that.

I have to say, my work (I work for BT) have been absolutely brilliant so far.  They really couldn't have been any more supportive, and I just hope that continues when I do get back (I've no reason to think it won't).  I suppose I'm nervous about going back, but at least part of that is because I don't love my job - I haven't for a few years.  Going back to something I don't like is worrying me a bit, but I need to get back to something approaching "normality"

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/04/2015 at 09:43

SK, it may sound strange but I tend to do a half a mile warm up, then one mile at race pace (whether that be marathon, Half or 10K) and then half a mile warm down the day before a key race.  But that's just what I do as I like to turn the legs over a bit the day before, but am very careful not to trip up or turn an ankle or something stupid!  Good luck!

MF/SK - I have a Half marathon at the end of June which I already have a place for, but I don't know if I'll be racing it yet.  Claire's Dad and and his wife are also running it, so I may just run with them.  Not sure yet - I'll see how I feel nearer the time  

I was in Lidl yesterday and I was wearing my London marathon jacket, and the lady (about 30 years old) behind the till spotted it and she said she was running the race again this year.  We were chatting a bit and she told me her race number (which was very low, in the 3-hundreds) so I presumed she was GFA and commented on that.  She then said she had managed to get a Championship time, which was impressive I thought!  If I hadn't mentioned GFA, I'm sure she wouldn't have mentioned her Championship place, as she was very humble about it all.  She is usually very, very quiet when she's serving behind the till, but she was very bubbly when talking about running  I had no idea she was even a runner as I haven't seen her around at local races or anything, as far as I'm aware.  Probably because she'd be miles ahead of me, anyway  

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 13:59
Great times there Mowzer, Shades and KK! KK, no I haven't done those parkruns you mentioned.

I came back from the Brecons yesterday. I didn't get any running in unfortunately, but lots of nice walks. It's stunning there - lots of good walking, waterfalls and decent pubs. We stayed in a lovely B&B in the middle of nowhere and it was fantastic; a cracking breakfast and lovely rooms, plus we had the use of a living room where we watched a DVD one night, as we were tired from the walking. When we came back from the days out, the owner even provided us with fresh tea and homage cake. I'd definitely go back ????

Today I did a nice 8.5 miles. Again at a steady pace, but I did stretch the legs for one mile in the middle, plus pushed it up one of the hills. Again, it all felt good. I mustn't get carried away though!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 08:57

Mowzer, some great running from you again.  Like MF, sentences like that don't really do it justice, but I do enjoy reading your race reports  

MF, that sounds like quite a tiring trip for you daughter!  I hope she enjoys it.

S32 - that is a high mileage shoe.  I may have to look at them.  I tend to get about 500-600 miles from my Asics, but in a way I'm kind of scared to change them as they seem to suit me.  But maybe a change would do me good?  I don't know really.

Shades, enjoy Wales, and good luck to anyone else racing too.

I got a lovely 7.5 miles in yesterday - it was about 9am, so the sun was out but it wasn't too hit and I really enjoyed it.  Again, it was a very steady pace, although I did up the pace going up one relatively long hill.  It felt good actually.  Rest day today, but I hope to get at least one run in over the weekend in the Brecons.  

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