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Posted: Today at 12:50

Hi all -

Gul - good to get the inaugural 2017 MLR done, I'll bet ? 
MsE - best of luck with the rehab (hope you are not benched too long)  . . .
Abbers - nice 18/50 numbers
Lorenzo - solid week to follow the ultra - good work, and great work from junior - always a brilliant day at the English Schools XC
OO - fine outing at parkrun, and splendid PB from jnr #2 
Jools - excellent 97 in 9 - a more modest 67 in 9 here (up to yesterday), but a step up from recent weeks, so happy with this, and interestingly, the VoGit legs seem fairly happy, running daily after last Sunday's "seizing up" at the end of the 18.
Have 20 planned for Tues - will then decide whether to join my daughter at Manchester  . . . .

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Posted: 16/01/2017 at 11:49

GDawg - "Watching football and cricket in my running gear with . . ..and really can't be arsed".    Ha, I know the feeling  . . . .
PMJ, I too enjoy your XC reports . . 
Jools - good to see you back to it with the 18/62 . . . .
OO - excellent half marathon there - 82% WAVA if I'm not mistaken - so I'll amend "excellent" to "*!** ing brilliant "   
Speedy - fwiw, with your background, and the mindset you've previously shown, I reckon you could have a fair bash at your goal - 11 weeks pre-taper gives enough time for 2 really good blocks, with a cutback week included if necessary
SBD/Leslie - nice week's work  . . .
Gul - I'm sure the downtime won't harm; as you say, the extra sleep may indicate body needs a rest . . .
MsE - nice purchase - hopefully you'll be ready to "christen" the t'mill soon - in the meantime you'll just have to gaze upon it longingly    and, yes, I too remember the Wrong Trousers  . . . .
no, daughter's legs still strong , thank you, - just mine complaining ! 


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Posted: 15/01/2017 at 13:34

Great 20, GD, also (as near as dammit) Leslie . . .

Speedy - fine XC haul ;  well-earned hot tub & snap . .

MsE - so sorry to hear - fingers x'd it transpires to be only a minor issue  . . .

Super stuff, Lorenzo - and a 1 hour course PB excellent - did you celebrate with a glass of something? 

18 wet miles with daughter this morn (she did 19 ) - my legs "gone" by the end  . . .

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Posted: 10/01/2017 at 12:56

Many thanks for the replies –

Lit – “didn't have any particular issues doing the marathon itself and I don't think there's any point mystifying it” – really good point, I needed reminding ! 

Jools – “depend on how many years she has been running for, in particular half marathons” – well, she’s been running since age 8, schools & club XC etc, has now done 5 half maras , latest 1:34 on a fairly hilly course, prob on around 40 mpw currently

Speedy – “I ran 1.36 in the build up. I ran 3.28 on the day” -    so 3:30 could be better target than 3:45 off a 1:34 half . . .

MsE  - “can attest to feeling strong towards the end of long runs seem a like good sign that she will go the full distance comfortably”  -   hopefully this will be the case; good suggestion re strength work – her cousin ran her debut mara last year and found this beneficial

So, thanks again – I’ll pass your comments on – I’m sure my daughter will take encouragement !  

9 miles this morn, wit 4 x half mile, 1 x mile in the middle. First "quicker"  running for a while after just plodding over the festive period - felt hard . . . 

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Posted: 09/01/2017 at 11:04

MsE - you asked recently for views re first marathon. If I may, could I ask how you prepared for your first marathon? I ask as my daughter is making her debut at Manchester (She will be 25 by then).  Of course I'm advising/guiding, but a separate perspective would be welcome (esp as my debut was pretty grim) - particularly on mental preparation for the debut.
She's in good form currently with PB at 10K & half mara in November, and she encouragingly reported "feeling strong" in last 3 or 4 miles of a solo 19.6 (furthest she's run) on New Year's Eve, but as the day draws nearer, the "unknown territory" factor will cause doubts to surface, I'm sure. 
PMJ is correct in that the goal has to be defined - the goal currently is sub 3:45 to qualify for VLM; this would be a  very soft target for an experienced runner with her other distance PBs - conversely a goal more in line with these may be unwise on debut?  
All views welcome, but I AM interested in the female angle (Speedy, Jools)? 

Many thanks.

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Posted: 08/01/2017 at 20:23

evening . .

nice week, Leslie  . . .

some good long runs stacking up now - GD, Abbers, OO, SBD, Speedy  . .

and good work at the XC County Champs, Speedy, also Jools at the SW inter counties XC

like Lorenzo's , my offspring were in XC action this weekend . Yesterday son counted as part of the team Gold at the Yorkshire Champs, and today daughter collected individual silver and team silver at the Humberside event, so a brace of medals and a qualification for the Inter Counties in March bagged. Might see you there, Lorenzo . . . .

good racing MsE - soon to be MsBeef(E)     like you, my WAVA needs improving - parkruns currently in low 70's , like Gerard, but as recently as March 2015 was 79% for the half mara.  I'd like to get back to 75%, - 21:32 for 5K.  

sounds a great day at the XC in Edinburgh, Minni - I attended a few years ago when the World Champs were held there - super venue. 

Low key first full week of the year here - 33 total,  11.5 yesterday the longest.


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Posted: 05/01/2017 at 12:56

to answer MsE's question accurately, is the notional "beginner marathon runner" a novice runner per se, or a seasoned runner who is moving up to the marathon? 

differing advice to each, I would say - the main advice to the former being "get 2 or 3 years running under your belt before attempting" 

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Posted: 05/01/2017 at 12:53

aarrgh !!!    *!!*@??!!***    just lost a long post re MsE's question re novice marathon runners !!!

for now, Happy Birthday (belatedly) to OO54 

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Posted: 03/01/2017 at 12:52

Great to hear from you, Badbark - and what a way to finish your year - splendid stuff, confirming your Mad (in the nicest possible way) Bark status   
and as always, a fine report to boot !  

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Posted: 02/01/2017 at 18:08

good to see you avoided the zero on NYD, Gerard ;   Lorenzo,  according to the Birch rule, a recorded run has to be minimum 1 mile   - although from memory Ron's minimum may have been 0.5 mile - I recall he hopped a couple of laps of the track once when injured (!)  -  so maybe you could claim to have run on NYD

good to hear from Speedy & Jools again, also VTr - great fortitude shown in 2016, VT

good starts to the year from many, inc GD, Leslie, SBD, MsE  .

another steady 6 here today - beautiful frost & sun after yesterday's gloom.  


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