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Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 13:21

Gul - you're in great shape - as you're not "racing" the Coastal, maybe you could cash in on your fitness by choosing ano, shorter, race in a few weeks?  

Poacher - great WAVA, although I understand your slight disappointment. Same here, in that I did the same 7 mile, parkrun, 3 mile combo as last week for a 13 with my daughter, and felt I was running a lot better, but actually got virtually the same time, again scraping a 70%, so a lot less than I should be capable of (and was, not so long ago)!  I think you're right, btw - maybe I should just enter a few races - it's the 2nd XC this weekend, so perhaps I'll JFDI, even though I'll be cr*p - if Speedy can do it  . . .   -
  my daughter has just entered her first marathon (Manchester), so as I'll perhaps be accompanying her on some long runs, maybe Boston could be a "goer" . .

kr - yes, it's like the proverbial pancake, apparently  excellent half, there; nice one  . . .

OO - fine impromptu 20 - always satisfying to bag the distance unplanned . . .

good 15, Leslie , 14, Philip - -

Lorenzo - yes, good to run with one's children - my daughter's boyfriend thinks she's crazy when I meet her at his at 7:45 on a Saturday morn to do our running thing - although he did join us for the parkrun and the 3 mile jog back . . .
not seen the Loach film yet, but reviews indicate very powerful  . . .

7 miles this morn - out & back - 3.5 easy, 3.5 fartlek.  Didn't feel too bad  . . . .





Training for a marathon aged 60

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 18:00

Hi Edward - you seem roughly my standard (or, I should say, the standard I was last year - this year's not been so clever) .

I'm 62 now, but last February I managed a 1:29 half marathon aged 60, and bagged 3:18 at London marathon; your recent half marathon time therefore indicates a sub 3:20 is possible.  (My parkruns were in the 21:nn area, too)

However, one or two caveats exist - you haven't run a marathon for 9 years, so possibly the distance could be daunting ( I had a 3 year hiatus from 2011- 2014, and was a bit concerned) 
  also I think 4 days a week training is maybe a bit light, but I accept (and know only too well)  that the legs can't do what they once could !   
  If you are going for 2-3 hours on a weekly basis, though, that is very encouraging, as I find the long runs are what give me the absolute confidence I can go the distance and stay relatively strong with minimum fade on race day.  

To reiterate, given your half time, and the regular "time on feet" run, I certainly feel the sub 3:20 is doable.  

If you could possibly manage 5 days (or if not, a 9 day fortnight)?  I think it would help. I would make the midweek 5-10 miler a definite 10 also, with some quality in there.

I know most of the above would apply to runners of any age, but I hope you find it helpful, as you are very close to where i was last year, so I'm sure you can bag your goal.

I'm happy to post details of my training from last year, or you can  message me if you wish

Best of luck



Sub 3h15

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 14:27

Welcome back, VTr (your summer does indeed sound tough)! 
 & Speedy (good to have you back - onwards and upwards from here-on in we hope ) .... 
 also welcome to SEdan . . .

mojo defintely needs attention, VTr - after 4 weeks of messing about (just 110 miles), and not even enjoying my running, I decided to take a week off to coincide with a few days away with my friend. First run back was last Friday (easy 7), but legs creaky. Was gonna rest Sat, but my daughter asked me to accompany her on a 12.5 miler (7 to park, parkrun, 2.5 warmdown).  Only problem (for me) was that she thought the loop to the park was 6 miles, not 7, so we ended up upping the pace to get there (this meant going from "easy" to "steady" for her, but "steady" to "tempo" for me ) !!  Just scraped a 70% WAVA at parkrun, but it wasn't pretty  . . .
1st XC fixture Sunday, but I didn't run. Legs just bashed after Sat - found it tough jogging round supporting my son - although I'm a bit ashamed - I maybe should have bitten the bullet and JFDI  . . .

anyway, 6 yesterday still felt ungainly, but lo and behold - 6 this morn suddenly felt flowing and sprightly, and I DID enjoy the outing  . .

I don't reckon it's helped having no focus this year - to begin with it seemed sensible to have a less intense year, after 2014 (the "comeback" year) 2 marathons, then 2015 great half mara, decent VLM & pleasing XC season,  but I've ended up just "drifting" . I do feel age is partly to blame - -  no matter how I try to ignore it , my legs insist on reminding me . . . .

So, thinking of maybe getting back on the mara trail next year - Boston (UK) could be an idea - it's on same day as the BOSTON , and 5 years since my ill-fated excursion to the US

in the meantime, I'll maybe do a couple of the XC as training . . . 

good running, all  . . . .


Sub 3h15

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 20:54

been away since last Friday, only back today (with no running)

read back reveals great work by Abbers, Gul  , and particularly Jools -  just to echo others' comments, Jools, re your work, "other" hobby and particularly the long flight fairly near to the race- a splendid effort in the circs, and excellent placing . . . .

lots of good parkrunning, too - esp the OO's  


Sub 3h15

Posted: 05/10/2016 at 17:09

I'll wish you the best now, Jools (when do you fly) - I'm confident you'll do well . . . 

Sub 3h15

Posted: 01/10/2016 at 18:31

Well, as parkrun mentioned,(big congrats, Gul)  I'm honour bound to report a shocker today ( can't just report the pleasing ones)    (but there is a bit of context)  . . .

After my recent CNBA  "attacks", on thurs I gave myself a talking to, and did my "efforts in the park" ;  4 miles worth of 1/2 mile & mile efforts, followed by 5 hills of between 300 & 400m  . SO, the VoGit legs were trashed today, even after a 6 mile "recovery" run y'day,  so to today

10 miles with chums before the parkrun (but this not unusual), wasn't sure whether to start, but thought JFDI better than CNBA, so lumbered round on my "wooden" limbs - 23.11 official, prob about 23.00 actual, as I started back a bit.

Only 3rd VoGit , scraped 70% WAVA as a (slight) consolation.  

Still, the mile very slow jog home gave me 14 to start the month, so onwards & upwards 

Bit of a "me" post, but as fairly quiet on here today, don't feel too guilty 


Sub 3h15

Posted: 01/10/2016 at 00:43

ano month curtailed by CNBA  -  136 miles ;  YTD = 1543  . . . .

Sub 3h15

Posted: 26/09/2016 at 08:55

GD - congrats on the PB !  hope your head not too bad today  . . .

MsE - nicely controlled -  legs ok I take it, after circumspect 2nd half?

Lorenzo - a fine morning's exercise  

kr - good miles either side of the footy  . . . 

Gul - nice start to the week  . . .

still suffering CNBA badly here - 13 Sat & 6 (legs like planks) y'day scraped me 30 for the week, but that's only 50 for the fortnight, and XC season is looming - not sure about it now  . . 

not really sure what's causing the CNBA - usually I'm pretty good at focussing when I have a goal (like the upcoming XC), and can drift if nothing planned, but at present it's a problem. Maybe I've just had enough  . . .

Sub 3h15

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 12:34

quick "Good Luck" shout to G-Dawg, MsE  . . . . .

Sub 3h15

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 11:51

well done the Hull trio

OO - fine result in view of less than optimum mara training

WD - well toughed out; wise move to ease back  . . 

Poacher - "Stopped to talk to a few people and came home in 3.15"    - that taking the p*ss . . . . .


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