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Posted: Today at 13:59

Great training continuing for most    . . . .

-  healing vibes - hope you soon give the boot to "the boot"   

No running since Sunday here - in my case it's knee, rather than life, issues - the old niggle has been more than such this week - have a number for Dewsbury 10K on Sunday - but will decide on the day - if the pesky joint allows, I may run round in steady fashion - I'm travelling up anyway, as my son is running and we'd planned going together.  Already feeling tubby 



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Posted: 31/01/2016 at 15:33

G-D - hope you enjoyed the beer ration despite the dropped 2 points !

Jools - good XC'ing - shame the team had to "settle" for silver  

plenty of good long running & parkrunning by many 

Badbark - excellent weekend/week.month, & fine Jan total, Lorenzo  

old knee issue flared up again after yesterday's session; still managed 11 wet and cold miles with my daughter this morn, but limping around somewhat now. Have to dig out the wheatbag & icepack !  

45 for week, and 182 for Jan. 



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Posted: 30/01/2016 at 12:33

Hello, all

Hilly - bit of an understatement to say you like "to tour" with the parkruns ! 113 venues is some going - and your husband even more ?    I've only run at 5 venues - 3 of the 6 or so available here, plus Newark (when my son lived there), and Scunthorpe ( my daughter's current base).  Speaking of which, she had the pleasure of assisting others today - volunteering as sub-22 pacer, and doing a decent job, coming through in 21:52 and receiving thanks from a couple of grateful PB'ers  . . .             enjoy your TPT long run tomorrow.

welcome to Freemers  

Lorenzo - road shoes in deep mud - sounds fun (though I doubt you felt so at the time). Still 3rd place not too shabby, particularly shod as you were  . . . .

Gul - come on, get a grip - 90 mins lie-in ! What's going on?     
Actually, I'm one to talk, as a late night with some imbibing meant I was weak-willed this morning, and didn't make the 7:30 rendezvous with pals. So, I headed out later, and did efforts in the park - 2 x 800m, 2 x 1 mile, 1 x 800m, then the 2 x 400m hills as I headed home. 8 miles in total.  Will go longer tomorrow - my daughter may be over, so we will maybe do a 10 - 12 miler together.  

Good luck to any racers in addition to Jools' XC 


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Posted: 29/01/2016 at 08:57

good session GDawg  -  not sure about the "no beer", though - I'm not disciplined enough ! 

KR - fine session for a Thurs evening

Lorenzo - I admire the way you still fit the runs in with your work travelling . . . .

Gul - very windy here also - happy that today's my rest day  . . .

Hilly - done the Wombwell 5 once - does it still go up the hill, and finish on the Kart track?  incorporating race into long run is good - I'll often use parkrun similarly, as my "go long" day tends to be Saturday. Do you do your long runs solo, or in a group? 

Slokey - the picture on the front page of that site would put normal folks off - 10K open water swimming !!!   ffs !!     - - - -

btw, sorry you're "still ill" - "heaven knows, you must be miserable now", and running up hills in a wetsuit, you'll be going "nowhere fast
i'll stop now - "that joke isn't funny anymore" . . . . .

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Posted: 27/01/2016 at 21:26

Badbark - good luck with the pre-op outing . . . . .

Abbers - nice t'mill session

Lorenzo - good work last couple of days  . . .

time constraints here, but squeezed in a 4 mile "mini-fartlek" , which at least turns the legs over & gets the cardiovascular system going ! 

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Posted: 27/01/2016 at 21:17

Hilly - yes, South Yorks - so you must have been at Campsall Park ?  Congrats on the 1st & 2nd  -  I was fortunate, really, in that another  M60 who was well ahead of me in the first two races didn't run the final two, so I came out on top in the series and the Championship. 
and no, no plans at the moment, other than a 10K (Dewsbury) which I will just use as a benchmark (will probably be quite a sobering one !) ,then take it from there. 

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Posted: 27/01/2016 at 09:39

Gerard - all logged in pocket diaries. I also have a seperate record of races with the bare stats of date, venue, and time taken.  I used to keep a brief analysis of races - weather conditions, course profile etc & how I felt I ran, with any lessons to be learned. I stopped this a while back (not entirely sure why), now just keep the bare record again. 

KR - best year? in a calendar year probably 1990, when I recorded my half marathon PB.  the week leading in was typical of the period
Mon7/5/90    8 miles road efforts 
Tue 8/5/90 am - 8 miles,  pm - 5 miles   easy/steady
Wed 9/5/90 7 miles "relaxed" fartlek
Thu 10/5/90 20 miles steady on road in 2:24 - diary states "felt ok"
Fri  11/5/90 rest - travelled
Sat 12/5/90 - 5 miles easy/steady
Sun 13/5/90 Great East Run (Peterborough)  1:15:58  

seems ridiculous now, doing a 20 miler 3 days before a half marathon, but I was marathon training at the time  . . . .

that half PB is my favourite for some reason (5min 48 sec miling), even though my 10K PB of 34:58 is 5:38 miling -   

must say, though (being as you asked, KR) , that 2015 was pretty good - was well chuffed with 1:29:32 half (80% wava), and 3:18 VLM was pleasing, and at the end of the year to somehow find myself V60 county champ in the XC was the icing . (Same county as you, Hilly, I believe).
I'm now back to running parkruns at a slower pace than that half, but it's all part & parcel  - It's very nice to relive past "glories", but there's plenty of slogging away for poor results as well !  

Keep on keeping on . . . . .


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Posted: 26/01/2016 at 20:59

That's impressive mileage, Hilly.  Presumably a gradual return to those levels since August?
It's great to see a determination to overcome obstacles, whether injury/illness/life issues.  


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Posted: 26/01/2016 at 19:32

meant to add - when no specific race planned (like now), I like to manufacture a goal simply to get me out of the door and logging the miles. So, to that effect, I've noticed that another 5979 miles in the next 43 months will yield the total of 65,000 miles by the age of 65. This is 140 per month, so barring unforseen factors, should be quite doable (and be nice to get there early )!!   

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Posted: 26/01/2016 at 19:22

OK -  the bare stats of 3 decades of recorded running . Jan 27th 1986 (aged 31) was the first entry of 6 steady.  (I played football and “went for a run” now and again to be, as I imagined, fit for this), so 6 didn’t feel too arduous, but it did feel far enough ! Decided to record training as I had entered the Sheffield marathon of 1986, (how naive I was)  and read that keeping a record was useful.  Here we are 30 years later with a box full of training diaries  . . . .

So – total miles = 59,021   average approx 37.8 miles per week, or 1967 per year. 
Of course, this includes marathon training at much higher mileage, but also tickover/recovery periods & , as for most of us, injury layoffs.  Hopefully, though it shows longevity can be achieved with a consistent consistency approach.  

Race breakdown –

5 miles              =   11
10K/6 miles     =   42
9 miles              =     5
10 miles            =   14
half marathon =   48
20 miles           =   11
marathon        =   26  (+  2 DNF  &  1 DNS )
XC                     =   64
others              =   19  (odd distances, eg 30K, a one-third marathon,  track, relays ) 

My running week is Mon-Sun, and the highest mileage in that period is 80, but did manage a 102 mile 8 day block once. 

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