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Sunday 15th January 2017

Posted: 15/01/2017 at 23:14

Lyrics no.
Pammie, great to see you back in the (damp) shoes. I always found running three days per week harder to achieve than doing five. It was a guilt thing. On 5 it was a daily routine. Have I run today? No? Then I MUST get out there.
At the moment I'm in that guilty sector. I'd like to run more, but the excuses are portlier than the reasons to go out.
SC appears to have got a rush of blood to the head. Enough said.
Me? Probably the same, but different. I persuaded myself to go swimming. The commute? I chose to cycle 4 miles each way. Damp. OK. The fortune was that I didn't freeze. That was my fear. I also hate planning the bliddy logistics of normal life.
Swim, by the way, went quite well. I kept a chain on it. I deliberately downgraded a lane, as well as not trying to out-beef anyone. The dodgy L-hand performed well. I am chuffed by that. I also kept my race-head in a box.

Saturday 14th January 2017

Posted: 14/01/2017 at 17:29

Grrr, and sympathies LMH.

I recall one XC race in school grounds/adjacent parkland and a group had a medium sized dog that was running both left and right. We were racing down a slippy, muddy incline and I just hurdled the dog at the last moment. I shudder to think about the repercussions to the dog being ripped up by a boot full of steel spikes.

Saturday 14th January 2017

Posted: 14/01/2017 at 12:05

Morning! Lyrics, yes to this classic.

Running not in today's plan. We'll see if I need to.
Cycling is the usual Saturday, but cautious group leaders cancelled everything. My turbo trainer gets set up in the garage. It's not at all warm. Spent 1 hour exactly, did 16 miles, just winding it. GPS track will have lots of silly little circles based on home! As with all good cycle routes, I'm now enjoying a decent coffee stop.

Enjoy your XC, it's a great day for that sort of thing.

Friday 13th January 2017

Posted: 13/01/2017 at 21:54

Gobi, it must be hard pace making when it the pace is just abnormal to you usual one. I could do clockwork pacing to 5 minutes outside the time I had originally targeted. Besides that I think I've only ever run one good race.

I was at home all day. Getting colder all the time as I was sat still on the phone or computer. Eventually, I did get out, because I had to. I was also cutting it a bit fine.

1.6 miles at 8:00 m/m. I warmed up a bit, but didn't get at all moist. Commute achieved. Interestingly my quads are a bit DOMS as a throwback to the 9 miler I did. Being careful this weekend.

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 12/01/2017 at 22:12

Why is the telly news so infatuated with Trumpton. It's not the UK. As I see it, the buffoon will just puff away. They really ought to pay more attention to the local vote result that we dropped ourselves into. Mind you, I'm saying that, but I get the impression that there is no news to report because nobody in that London building has got a flipping clue what to do. Much in the same way that we were completely incapable of getting the Euros to get a budget resolved.

Perhaps World Peace is easier to accomplish.

Thursday 12th January 2017

Posted: 12/01/2017 at 20:21

Hello everyone! Miserable grey day here. Damp, turning wet, and getting colder. Hypothermia weather. Had to get to hospital appointment for 2pm. Decided that cycling would be horrible. So I took 2 steps then ran the whole way. In full leather coat and appropriate hat, all at a steady cruise. 3 miles logged. Just got warm enough by the end. Decided to walk home as it was proper rain, with improper white lumps in it.

I really dislike days with hospital appointments in them. I feel like the whole day is ruined, because I will NOT miss one. However, we have a positive report: no more fixed appointment bookings logged as I now have an official Open Booking for 6 months. They are happy that the hands have healed enough for me to manage them and not cause significant damage. The full repair may take a year or even two. Onwards.

Buxton to Macclesfield? That's the Cat & Fiddle road. They shut that for fear of snow for 6 months of the year. It's got permanent speed cameras that check your average isn't more than 50 mph. They must pay for themselves in summer.

PSOF Championships 2018

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 22:57

I really should NOT be browsing this thread.

Apart from teaching Crashie how to do it properly, there have been repercussions. I have been banned by my family from serious race entries, certainly this year. It's not looking good for the future either. I am being forced (by female methods of persuasion) to throw away my IM Wales 2017 entry. I am not hopeful of getting my IM race licence back.

Whilst I'd love to do Wales, Austria, Switzerland or Nice, any would be a slim (zero) chance. So it's clear that I don't have a vote.

(My Club awarded me "Faceplant of the Year" award. I was OK to walk by then).

Oh no five-oh! Happy Birthday Meldy!

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 22:28

Happy Birthday Meldy, not long until the Bus Pass now.

Don't worry, I'll save a seat for you.

Wednesday 11th January 2017

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 17:07

AOH, that sounds more like an aggressive paint blast shot gun than a weather forecast.

Gobi. For a broken man you are holding the scraps together Ok.

Dustin: A training group like that, and you'll fit right in. There's bound to be a rival to just beat.

LMH: I know what you mean about the risks of cross country. The counter is that if you have a good winter of racing you really are set up well for the spring season!

Me? I went running. Thanks to the forumites and the widespread words of support, and the existence of the forum, and the sense of potential guilt if I really SHOULD have gone but didn't.
I slightly over-dressed, so it was never going to fast, but needed to be a reasonable steady pace that could keep going. No fixed route, so 9 miles at average 8:28m/m. That perfectly fitted the bill. It means that double figure mileage is potentially not far away.

Tuesday 10th January 2017

Posted: 10/01/2017 at 23:17

RFJ Thanks, in many ways. Sorry for the negative brain dump. I know I sound like a wimp, and this is intended to be a focussed training forum.

It's a tough time of year, just judge from the lack of runners that you see out there. When you see another runner and you're on your session. Feel smug. You have all the right to be smug. That's the sort of thing that kept me going through the cold and dark in a marathon build up period. I'm hanging around here, hoping for the energy to rub off onto me. It will. I'll try to keep my negativity in a box, you lot don't need it.

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