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Help - upgrading to a new bike

Posted: 01/10/2016 at 00:29

1500 will get you Ultegra and carbon frame at the moment (winter).
Canyon is nice if you don't mind a ridiculous wait and zero support if anything's not right. It's the reason you don't see many.
There are so many manufacturers now, it's not easy as a buyer, but there must be low barriers to entry as a supplier.
1- Choose Campagnolo or Shimano. You'll stick with them for life from here.
2- Identify the best Camp/Shim groupset you can afford in that bracket.
I only know Shimano, and would say Ultegra is great, 105 is a very good club standard.
3- You're getting 11 speed rears now, so any spares will have to match.
4- An obvious thought. The price of a bike is generally split into the sum of its parts.
Frame - all from Taiwan/China, painted to suit. You get what you pay for.
Group set of mechanicals. Fixed price, so compare the spec.
Saddle- all OE Spec are cheap and some nastier than others. Most people swap out after a year.
Wheels- are a big ticket item. Or they should be. This is where they can make it seem cheap.

Saddle, 50 to 100.
Pedals - you'll need some, say 40,
Wheels - on a 1000 bike a 300 pair of wheels will be impressive.
Tyres- Conti GP 4000s at 22 to 35 each depending on wiggle sales.

Save the old wheels and tyres for the turbo trainer.


To save the most amount of money, sign up for the cycle to work scheme. It's not a scam. It's effectively a zero interest loan from tax free income over 12 months, for up to 1000. You can even repeat the deal 12 months later. The Govt aren't bothered about the conscience end of the deal. The thought is that cycling is generally good for you, so they ignore the loopholes.
(I cycle 100 miles with the club, get home, do an email, and therefore I've commuted to work)

Thursday 29th September 2016

Posted: 29/09/2016 at 20:40

Fresh coffee on the go. Guatemalan, if you must know.
Lyrics...surely there's a trick's a yes (I think)

Run: Finally, got a run before tea and before getting nagged (that was later).
Felt able to stretch the legs a bit and push on a little. Result was 7.5 miles, at a pace of 7:26m/m. Very happy with that. It looks like most of the weekend cycling is now out of the legs!

Can't work out what HM is.....


IM Hamburg 2017 Pirate Champs

Posted: 27/09/2016 at 21:45

Might I humbly suggest complicating the list?

Name..............Entry fee paid.

It just helps to demonstrate true commitment.

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: 27/09/2016 at 21:41

I still count myself as an amateur and a latecomer Pirate.
I'm only going to vote if I have a realistic ambition to get to the official sailing. I'm realistic that semi-commitments aren't good enough.

As has been said, I feel special when I pull on the Pirate colours. Everybody knows and recognises us. It's an impressive marketing triumph. There's no need for a "club" name.

Which races do I fancy going to?
Lanzarote, Nice, Austria, Switzerland, Mallorca, Wales, and Outlaw.
Why? The opportunity for decent support and a party atmosphere, preferably with a good course.

One by one each got a negative mark, except Wales.
I can see why the UK races have less of a party atmosphere, it's that the morning after is like a hangover. Everyone staggers about, fails to meet up, and buggers off home. As far as I can tell the party is still going on in Mallorca.

Tuesday 27th September 2016

Posted: 27/09/2016 at 21:11

LMH, It's good to know what the issue is, at least you can then get your head round it.
AOH, I bet Lac Leman (sod the accent) is a bit warmer than Scapa Flow.
Ryano 6, I notice the sprint finish to dip under the 1:45. It's just a clock you know!
I'll give you 3 more HM races to get a shot at 1:30.

Early finish, so I got a chance of a decent session. Chose the swim option over the flogging of dead legs.
Swim, (pool), 3000m in 64 minutes. Concentrating on long reach, body rotation, and trying to lead the recovering arm in a more relaxed manner. I'm finding that my most efficient style is when I time the stroke to be more like 3/4 catch up.
Mind you, I'm sure it's still like watching a Labrador puppy learn how to walk.

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 22:59

Barcelona is a lovely place, but it doesn't have an Ironman.
There is one called IM Barcelona, but it's nowhere near the city. Those people from our club who have done it said that the atmosphere was flat and the course was boring. Only saying.

Sunday 25th September 2016

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 22:56

No running today for me, although Paul, my cycling buddy from yesterday managed 10 miles "on tired legs". I was impressed with that.
Swimming this evening, 2000m of pace progression. The final set of 6x 25m sprints were a lactic acid fest.

Ollie, nice big run, and a big week.

Iron Man UK Races

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 23:40



None are effing easy. That's the point. If you are looking for easy, you'll end up with a bit of adversity on the day and nothing spare in the tank. In money terms that means £432 for a mile and a quarter swim. It happens.

Ironman branded is much more expensive than the alternative organising operators. But you get great support and pizzaz, and the opportunity to buy IM goods at IM prices.
IM Wales, Bolton, Weymouth. Wales is a party, the others are races.

Outlaw at Nottingham is lower cost, and the Pirate support phenomenal.

Challenge events are almost like a feeder to IM. They have tested and proven an event then sold it to IM. The streets won't be lined with spectators, but you do get a rucksack. (This is my view of the UK scene anyway, overseas may be different).

Cotswold 226 is a quiet alternative. Fast, flat, value for money. In fact I'm pretty sure that it's subsidised by the 113 events.

Then you can have Slateman - which promises to be a big Pirate outing in 2017. And there appears to be a plethora of other ***man events by independents.
You're in LDN, so Northern France is probably easier than Cumbria.
Gravelines Dunkirk
Midnight Dartford

You have to dig into your soul and ask questions. What do I really want, and how badly do I want it?

Saturday 24th September 2016

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 17:11

Result there LMH

Cycle day, and the forecast was spot on. Breezy enough for a kite competition.
The Group 2 went out to the Cotswold Lakes.
I went with one other chap, Paul, who I know well and who is cycling strongly at the  moment. We went out to the Faaarest of Dean, hit up some hills, flew down some descents, a quick selfie stop at Tintern Abbey, and on to Chepstow. With just 2 of us there's no hiding place, and the wind was testy at times. But the A48 road from Chepstow all the way home we had the wind behind and just flew along. Strava records for the route tumbled. However, I am completely and utterly toasted.
Apparently I hit the early hills quite hard and Paul was apparently struggling to keep up. I'm heavier too, so descents are mine, all mine. Once we got past 60 miles it started to tell, and I was blowing out my -rse by the time we were home.

Total 82 miles. Hill climbing 4865 ft. (oof) Average speed for the "group" part of the ride 19.5mph. (Double ooooof).

Fell asleep in the bath afterwards.

Beginners Bike

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 23:27

I remember.
Best time to buy a bike? It's a seasonal market.

Now (Autumn): Great bargains at the end of summer. Fewer people are out to buy a road bike ready for winter. Off road bikes are about to hit peak.

New Year: Some manufacturers release the 2017 designs or colours and have sales of the 2016 models.

Spring: The bike shops are desperate to shift old stock.

Of course there's ebay. Pre-Christmas as people sell off their bikes they bought but didn't use as much as they thought they might. Shops also use enay to shift stock. Caveat emptor.

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