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oh bugger, another fat newbie.....

Posted: Today at 12:22

Sgt L
I trust that when you say a 3 hr "spin", you do actually mean that you've been on the road? In fact I find that a 3 hour road cycle is far and away easier than 3 hrs on the turbo. For one, your backside and your feet don't seem to take the same hammering. They are going to feel hammered after 7 hours on the bike though. Your race is in June isn't it? I presume that you are progressing up from the regular 60 mile to 80 and 100 mile bike rides pretty soon.

If you plan to shuffle the third part, and believe me, a strong walk is faster than a bad jog, again, there's a need to clock up some foot miles. Out there. In the rain, cold and hey! It's just turned spring! Sunshine.


Posted: Today at 09:07

I've bought a pair too.

However, I've opened them out (wrestled with them). They won.
Next I inflated a spare inner tube inside the tyre and just left it sat on the side for a week. It looks a lot better now.

I anticipate a false sense of security, and a bubble that's about to burst.

Big Woody

Posted: Today at 09:03


That's me alright!

Ironman Melbourne race report

Posted: Yesterday at 23:10

Loved it Tom.

That report really brought it to a level of reality.

Big Woody

Posted: Yesterday at 22:53

Which reminds me.

Duda dragged me round a loop of the bike course last year, ignoring my 15 mile ride in/15 mile ride out. I shall be honest, it's scenic. I'd like to do it again as a practice for IM Wales.

Secret weapon: the 28 cog.

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 22:47

I'm only running 3 times a week. Last one was 11 miles, and completely enjoyable. Not up to thread title pace, but 2015 is seeing a build.
Today: no run, but an endurance session in the pool. 4km. The furthest I've swum. Ever.

Thursday 26th March 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 22:41

AOH: That must seem terribly frustrating, but I'm sure that he's in a challenging mental place himself, and didn't appreciate the difficulty of your journey. I would bet that he did appreciate the visit itself.

Thursday 26th March 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 21:21

No running from me today, because I spotted that I might get a slot to do a decent swim slot. Pool at 4pm, but I shall have to write up today's report for a couple of hours tonight.

Swim: 160 lengths (4km). I did the key 151 lengths in 1:27. It was a steadily paced effort. In just the same way as running further than you did before I was tiring at the end.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 23:15

Thanks regarding the cake. That one had a certain degree of WOW factor, but the majority of the effort was the inspiration. Once I knew what I was doing, the rest was just perspiration.

My next 2 designs are:
- a concrete mixer truck (must get the corporate colours right)


- the Fjords and glaciers of Norway.


Posted: 24/03/2015 at 18:47



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