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Mizuno Wave Rider 12 (M)

Posted: 04 December 2009
Overall: I did a major comparison exercise with all sorts of different shoes recently. These were comparable with some carrying £120 price tickets for the comfort level, yet were lighter than the opposition. They are mile eaters and are calling me out for a run right now.

Mizuno Wave Elixir 2

Posted: 10 January 2008
Overall: Mizuno shoes have a unique wave plate embedded in the sole. "Gimmick" you cry! But no, the wave plate really does work. It means that the EVA heel doesn't collapse, and it provides a controlled roll to the forward motion. Engineering in action.

Maxim Gel

Posted: 16 May 2007
Overall: I shall continue to use it as my preferred choice.

Asics GEL Nimbus 8

Posted: 01 April 2007
Overall: They don't profess to have directional motion control, and sure enough they feel even more neutral than DS trainers or DS racers.

I was expecting tto use racers for FLM, but am now even considering these.

Inov-8 Roclite 315

Posted: 23 January 2007
Overall: For cross country racing grip in deep mud, I'd stick with xc spikes. For long runs I'd look for a lighter upper. But for a compromise shoe when the route will take in mud, grass, track, road, streams, and rocky descents, these are the babes to choose. They have taken everything I've thrown at them so far, let's try snow next!

Mizuno Wave Elixir

Posted: 02 May 2006
Overall: I'm only seeing the good points at the moment!

Asics Gel-DS Trainer X

Posted: 22 November 2005
Overall: I've just done 700 plus miles in the DS Trainer IX, and think that they are a fab pair of shoes without a fault to their name. Have they been able to improve upon perfection?

Just don't pay the asking price for any Asics product.