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Loch Ness marathon 2014

Posted: Today at 08:52

Maybe we should consider trying to either book a large party into a restaurant Saturday evening or just warn somewhere a lot of us might descend  

Wanted good running stroller

Posted: Today at 00:46

A person taking a leisurely walk: for example - shady gardens where strollers could relax

From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Today at 00:41

Just seen the photos from me crossing the line at Loch Ness...... Hilarious, I did sprint the last 200m lung bursting proper sprint.... well for me anyway the photos show how hard I was trying the faces I'm pulling are hilarious, but not going to pay £30 for 4 photos. they are scary pics  

how long do i keep skins compression tights on for?

Posted: Today at 00:28

Bit of a daft suggestion I know.... But have you read the FAQ

it's sort of on their website!! It also says quite clearly, well clear enough for me to be able to read it that if you have any more questions then you should "please contact us" by clicking on the link that presumably opens an email to them.

so their product their FAQ and their suggestion you contact them if you have any more questions. 


Maybe they will say 3 weeks, probably not, but why don't you contact them and find out, then pass your new wisdom on to us, so we can be more helpful to anyone else that asks this question in the future.

Thanks in advance for what I'm sure will be your great feedback from them and your willingness to help this forum out by passing your new found knowledge on to us.

Cheers xxx


First 100 miler

Posted: Yesterday at 23:29

 I'm in trouble if I have taper madness already  

From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Yesterday at 23:05

a lot of running is the mental side and believing in yourself.

for instance I'm now content that I will get around a marathon, I might bollox it up speed wise, but I can get around

but, when it comes to running a seriously long ultra I'm still a complete newbie as I probably feel about as out of my depth as a runner about to run their first 5 or 10k.

so I'm just under 3 weeks away from Winter100 and I'm mildly crapping myself. so if you are running your c25k, well I've finished a couple of 50 milers, and a few marathons and I can honestly say I'm just as nervous about my next race as you are about getting to the end of c25k.

so just keep on plodding  


From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Yesterday at 22:30

Deal 4:29:59 is the minimum requirement to win the others bottle of whisky  

i'm to be doing a lot of walking and low hr stuff for ultras, so I must try to not book anything else, have Spine Challenger in January, Lakeland100 end of July and then another 8 weeks to LN. SO..... The diffI cult bit is ll100 and keeping up the marathon training, but I can manage that, means I'll have to woman up and work out a plan to somehow include a weekly speed session and not break. 

But it's tackle the Spine, then do a 6 month plan for Lakeland and include speed work in it, for Loch Ness. I have to as soon as Winter100 is out of the way in three weeks start a weekly hill repeat session as that is sort of speed work

i have that half a km hill a few miles from here, and I'll start at six or so repeats and just keep building up each up n down = 1km so, next year if I can somehow buildup to something insane like 21 repeats aka a half marathon of hills that must do me some good. 

Tempted to do your thing n get a treddie,, but don't think I can afford one that is good enough actually that's because I keep spending my money. I'm hopeless  

might book either a marathon or a short ultra et the end of April, May and June as long run practise for lakeland. 


Loch Ness marathon 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 22:21

Based on Ecce's comments in 2013 I skipped the pasta party I have a feeling it was a good idea. 

I had fish n chips as my carb loading, and no breakfast on the day, so a few things I can improve on next year  

What made you smile today?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:58

Loch Ness marathon 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 21:25

Ecce: game on just enjoy choosing my bottle. 

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