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Prescription sunglasses

Posted: Yesterday at 21:10

I was lazy n wimped out!! Spec savers had some wrap around ones for £79 including lenses so just couldn't be arsed to mess around and got two pairs of glasses with transitions lenses and a pair of them. 

welsh athletics cock up again

Posted: Yesterday at 18:49

Could be worse here in the east midlands, we are all one big family of ducks! 

From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:47

I only did 5.1m myself but was happy with that. 15m in the last week. still feels harder than I would like it to, but slowly getting back into it not rushing anything. 

From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:46

Great running Matt

need to decide on the bars if you use the same one next time or try a different brand or flavour. I try to go for the quite bland ones if I have them nutty  or banana 

sounds a good pace, and Nowt wrong with being tired for the last few minutes,cths t's where you really start to strengthen the body for distance running when you get near the zone where your body has run out of energy and has to start burning fat  

Jihadi John

Posted: Yesterday at 13:02

What do you think turns.....

My answer, Stupidity

Prescription sunglasses

Posted: Yesterday at 11:53

So can do these!!

They are £60 with an insert, and can probably hunt them down for less than this, and i just need to get the little insert at the back filled with cheap standard lenses.

Head Torch for night Ultras

Posted: Yesterday at 11:44

I have the older petzel myo rxp2 love it, and cost £40odd very happy with that, and I hate the idea of having to change the batteries overnight, and this has upto 210 but has a high standard light that is one hundred something, and can last through a winter night, which the nao cannot do (unless your turn it right down). So you need to carry another battery, which is of course another added expense.

Prescription sunglasses

Posted: Yesterday at 11:10

I use a dirt cheap pair of sunwise at the moment that cost £23.

Had a look on their website and they say some of them can have prescription or inserts or whatever, they had an email address to contact them so i've mailed them and will see what sort of price I can get some Sunwise glasses for.  Don't know if they can make prescription ones that just fit into their standard sunglasses.  That would be cool if they did.


What do wear runing runing on the roads and trails?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:39

I wear my normal road shoes for most runs.  Including slightly slippery muddy runs. Asics nimbus.

For trails. for running salomon speedcross3 and salomon xa pro when i'm more hiking and will run a bit.

But most of the time I just wear the nimbus, and accept they might need to be washed n dried out for a day before I can use them again. But, I always have two pairs on the go, one that are nearer the end of their life and one that is newer and used for long runs etc..

For dirt cheap muddy trail shoes, I recommend £30 on a pair of more miles cheviot 2's I hate them on the road way to firm. But great going through deep mud. So in deep horrid mud great. on roads, not for me

Prescription sunglasses

Posted: Yesterday at 09:05

Cheers, have had a wonder about that... not sure if I trust it or not.. hehe but no reason for it not to work. Will see what happens at opticians... Will hunt around the net as well over the weekend to find out prices. Found one net price and clicked on a pair that looked nice £600 odd squids!!

I want to pay £10 but as low as possible wrap around a bit I guess and cheap seem to be my main criteria at the moment

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