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Three words

Posted: Today at 01:13

I remember sleep

P&D Spring Marathon Thread 2015

Posted: Today at 00:38

Easy 10.2k each of the last two night, also now trying to do 1500 kettlebell reps weekly, been doing this since the beginning of November really starting to feel a difference in my core strength now. 

Cars - Astra Teintop or Vw Eos reviews

Posted: Yesterday at 23:33

Re economy, looking at the 1.9 diesels, which seem to do around what my current older diesel estate does. 

Tanker, but believe me my car is 73bhp so even a heavy diesel with 140bhp has a chance of feeling a bit livelier  

depreciate, going older so get the benefit of that  

dodgy roofs... Yes a worry.

wondered about the driver visibility, 

Also learnt fabric over leather seats by the way, as leather seats when you leave the lid down in summer get bloody hot!  


From Treadmill to Outdoors

Posted: Yesterday at 23:16

Just do it

not with a club, not trying to go fast, don't worry initially about speed, just go out and run really slow n relaxed, and as your confidence builds you can then speed up

just relax and run. 

Cars - Astra Teintop or Vw Eos reviews

Posted: Yesterday at 22:45

Cannot do any harm  fire away. 

Three words

Posted: Yesterday at 22:44

Nurse Ratched SNAP

Cars - Astra Teintop or Vw Eos reviews

Posted: Yesterday at 22:38

Twintop ... Not Teintop!! D'oh 

Cars - Astra Teintop or Vw Eos reviews

Posted: Yesterday at 22:38

probably not going to buy any car, but am slightly curious about thes two, wondered if anyone had either, and if so what you thought about them. 

Sorry, I know it's a non running related question, but any opinions from people that have actually used either of these would be appreciated  

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