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wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: Today at 17:35
I want to swear, I'm having a crap ultra year. Two fillings fell out at the weekend, got an emergency appointment yesterday, and the put temp fillings in but I have only been eating soup since Monday. Now my jaw is all infected and swollen and I'm on antibiotics.

Walking is bloody painful at the moment... I've no idea if it will clear up for Saturday

Talkback: The Secret Marathon is coming to London. We just don't know where or when

Posted: Today at 12:04

Nothing to stop anyone just going out and running a marathon whenever they want. I really don't see what this achieves. 

Shin splints

Posted: Today at 12:02

You might have sore legs but it's unusual to get shin splints after one or two run / walk sessions. 

if it is then it's either change your shoes or run on a different surface, grass instead of Tarmac etc...

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: Today at 11:50

LNandB good luck!

my knee turns out to be torn cartlidge, and hospital have given me strengthening exercises, and will just have to see how it goes I can still plod along but it seems to have effected my already slow pace.

I managed to plod around London, and I did Milton Keynes day 8 days later (Monday), so I just think of them as nice slow training runs  

From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Yesterday at 15:33

Oh Matt... What do you think of the T-shirt

From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Yesterday at 15:02

Well done I was just coming on here to post saying welll... that was utter rubbish.  But, I plodded around.  I know a lot will say it doesn't count as it was over  6 hours 6 hours and 3 seconds....

I've had crappy toothache that got insanely bad, and that on top of the knee is just agony... OUCHY!!

I managed to get an emergency appointment to get my tooth hacked at this lunchtime.  But I was in agony after the race, so instead of scoffing like I normally do I ended up having two soft scones yesterday and a bowl of soup at lunchtime today.

Legs are fine, I was such a wimp my body doesn't know it's run it's second marathon in 8 days.  After 4.2km i was thinking i've done 10% can i really plod around the rest.  So I took off my knee brace that was being a pain and threw that in the bin.  Annoyingly at around 22 miles i got stones in my shoes, and had to stop to get them out... So many ways I could have got it below 6 serves me right I didn't. 
But, all I can remember about this event is my toothache.  So it's job done Not pretty, not good, but job done

The course was quite different this year, felt like you went left to right across MK quite a lot and then back. The 3 mile water spot is tricky as there are loads of discarded bottles there, after that it's fine.

I've now got three MK Finisher medals. Three from Leicester, a London, Two from around the lake where I did two marathons back to back, and Loch Ness.  So 10 mara medals.  T-shirts from my three ultras where i went over 50 miles

So hopefully my tooth will settle down now i've been to dentist and see if I'm going to bother being incredibly slow at Hardcastle 24 this weekend.  Then it's back to just quietly working on the knee.... Not sure what the plan is really at that point.  I have another hospital appointment in about 5 weeks so will discuss with them. 

I'm working on strengthening the muscles around the knee pretty much squats, and more squats, followed by single leg squats.  Might need to do one of those posh appointments in the gym and get some sort of plan, for strengthening the legs, but my problem is I just like plodding along either outside or on a treadmill.  Might be 3 months of proper heart rate training where I don't keep making excuses and keep it up.

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 01/05/2016 at 22:01

Well done Tricia great running 


Run lee run

Posted: 01/05/2016 at 17:25

Good luck lee...

This is a running forum... The whole point is talking about running... So no posting updates in a running forum about running is not boring, it's sort of a requirement of the forum.  Following links to ther sites is NOT what this forum is about. So good luck tomorrow, but if you are just posting a load of links to other sites expecting everyone here (who has come here to read about running) to then sod off to a blog or Facebook is well pointless. 


Hi everyone!

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 18:46

Good luck with all your training, sounds like you are on track, tell us how it goes  

Marathon - Value for Money

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 20:49 Ultras not marathons but very good value 

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