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Hotel for the Great North Run

Posted: Today at 22:02

Google where the race begins and ends, then type (location hotel) and see what pops up...

Runners knees and rebounding

Posted: Today at 21:44

Isn't it an overuse injury... It's quite unusual I thought (possibly mistakenly) that it would be pretty difficult to do that in three weeks.

so presumably you have been advised on what to do by whoever told you to do X exercises.... Did you ask them about your low impact aerobics? ...

The Thousand Mile Club

Posted: Today at 21:14

170m so far  

20 miles or more?

Posted: Today at 21:11

Peanuts are nice in an ultra when you can walk, difficult to eat when running, so soft foods seem easier

Some say 3 X 30 plus is essential some say if you are a slow runner over 16/18 miles is pointless as it just brings in more chance of injury.

As many as you can do comfortably seems the way to go. Even if it's just one for the psychological thing of knowing you can get past 20 m

Missing in Action

Posted: Today at 20:49

^^^ glad you weren't still out there running the same race 13 years later cougie 

A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?

Posted: Today at 20:30

I was below 60m a couple of years ago last year I was injured a lot, and since November have been doing MAF so low heart rate training and have forgotten what sub 60 feels like so upping my mileage a lot at low heart rate this year and later in the year hope to be back sub 60 but at the moment it feels miles away.


A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?

Posted: Today at 13:14

It is now 

From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Posted: Yesterday at 20:44

Haha that's awesome

How much rest after a half marathon, while training for a marathon?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:00

Sorry... didn't read properly...

With the leg, yes give it a rest but as Cougie says keep up your fitness, it's not the same but cycling on a static bike will at least keep the aerobic fitness going maybe give it a week and come back gently.

The half was just a normal long run, but just been done a bit harder/faster than normal. 

The half itself is irrelevant the question is does the injury need a rest or not. Wait at least until you've gone to the running club and had a chat with whoever recommended your exercises if you trust in him.

You can always try using a treadmill for a week or two as that usually has lower impact it's not quite the same but it's way better than not running if it doesn't irritate the leg. But, a lot of injuries are juggling acts.  It might be the trainers aren't suitable for you... Or your running to much. Possibly different trainers (not better, just different ones that suit your style) might make a difference.  But, if you are at the ouch my legs hurt a lot stage, then you probably do need at least a weeks rest, the problem is if you do that and they are the same it then stretches out to a few weeks and then panic sets in

How much rest after a half marathon, while training for a marathon?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:31

^^ if you are on a plan cannot really afford time off just go slightly less and slower, but keep on plodding

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