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So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: Yesterday at 15:01
Nayan wrote (see)

yes, ultimately the banks didn't hold guns to people's heads and force them to borrow 110% mortgages to buy overpriced buy to lets off plan in Leeds and so on. They did that to themselves.

Not that the banks were blameless of course - some were particularly stupid to be so overstretched when the music stopped. The point is they were just cogs in the machine. 

the point is that there were not just cogs. The FS industry lobbied to avoid regulation of derivatives such as CDOs which played a big part in the Global Financial  crisis (you know - the one that did not start in Leeds). There was lobbying against Glass-steagall, there is constant lobby against any

The Financial industry created the conditions to break the machine, and then went cap in hand to governments to make us pay for their mistakes, when that machine was well and truly broken.

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: Yesterday at 14:52
Nayan wrote (see)


No, I'm talking about european member states lacking the ability to use free floating exchange rat to alleviate economic strains (i.e. everyone germany trades with) and also smaller countries realising that owing debt in a currency you don't control (greece, ireland, portugal, cyprus, etc ) can leave you in serious trouble. The Euro is a valid idea that is very badly implemented - largely because nobody is ready to go the whole hog and surrender fiscal and political control rather than just monetary control.

The euro going up or down is an irrelevance. Its supposed to move. the point is that the terms of trade between european states are rigidly (and inappropriately) fixed and that leads to major imbalances within europe, such as a free ride for german exporters and the expense of southern europe.

the euro is not seen through to its logical conclusion (full union). That's why it lurches from crisis to crisis. Sterling and the US dollar are not perfect but don't threaten yo unravel like thd euro does. 


That's why it lurches from crisis to crisis - what crisis? - you use the word but dont back it up.
The recent soveraign debt crisis in the EU arose out of the Global Financial Crisis (which did not start out with high LTV in Leeds).
What crisis are you blaming on the EU?


So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: Yesterday at 14:45
Nayan wrote (see)


on the  Banks moving out of scotland - much more significant than the cursory'moving brass plates' explanation the SNP patronise the scottish people with. As RBS showed, a bank is nothing unless it can lean on a credible central bank in times of extreme stress. The banks moving are preemptively making a point of saying they will be supported by the bank of england, and not whatever house of cards flim-flammery the SNP would cobble together. Quite right too.

It would make no sense that an independent Scotland would want to stand behind institutions which are too large for it.That does not show that scotland is not viable as an entity. It would be able to regulate Scottish banking operations. It makes no sense for Scotland to regulate an entity where the bulk of operations are south of the border.
they should be regulated from London. that is a good result of an independent Scotland, not a vote of no confidence.
Under your 'logic' there there be no small countries at all - because they cannot stand behind large complex institutions.

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: Yesterday at 14:36
Nayan wrote (see)

and italy & spain will make it awkward for an independent scotland to join the EUR, lest it stoke separatism in catalonia, basque region and venice.

 Europe is a place where people negotiate. There was a piece by a european commissioner, Pat cox, who says it is perfectly possible that the EU will enable the democratic will to happen.

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: Yesterday at 14:34
Nayan wrote (see)

the current (actually last) financial meltdown is really just the latest example of an economic bubble collapsing. relative to say the great depression or early reaganomics its really not as exciting as economic commentators like to make out. Its just more recent.

It's within the power of man to have a finance industry which needs the need of the country rather than the other way around. There was been a regular process of deregulation which enabled that crises. You might be blase about that, but perhaps you weren't one of the people whose companies suddenly couldn't pay bills because the bank withdrew the overdraft. Happened to a number of customers I dealt with.
That finacial crises wasnt caused by a few mortgages in Leeds. that was caused by a finance industry.

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 14:10
Deep Fried Mars Bar wrote (see)

300 years of the union of crowns as well as the United States shows you that

1) Monetary union, if bolstered by political and fiscal union is perfectly workable

On the other hand, 20 years of monetary coordination/union in Europe shows you that

2) MOnetary union, without political, cultural and fiscal union is fraught at best, and possibly doomed to failure.


The Euro has probably been a success overall.

I hope you are not making the mistake of blaming the euro for the recent financial crisis. The Euro seems to have survived the recent meltdown.
The euro did not cause that meltdown. That was a product of the finacial indusrty that is making a big deal about changing a few of their postal addresses from edinburgh to London. That financial meltdown was enabled by the laissez-faire of the Thatcher and her heirs (Blair, Brown, Cameron). And to be fair to Thatcher, the deregulation that enabled the meltdown was after her watch, not on her watch.

The westminister politicians would be better served coming up with a better framework for the role of financial services in the nation's life, rather than crying crocodile tears about scotland.

The recent crisis caused by the finacial industry has imposed more of a cost on the country than Scotland's independence will. Where is the indignation, the outrage, the instant experts? Nowhere. Financial services is largely unchanged - it's just that we've been made to pay for it. All the recent woes get blamed on immigrants - suits the bigots, and works as a nice easy understandable concept that anyone can grab hold onto.

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 13:47
Nessie wrote (see)
GraemeK wrote (see)
Big Eck is promising some sort of Scottish Xanadu with free this and that. How's he going to pay for it? Oil revenues are in long term decline, he can't put oil taxes up because the companies will threaten to shut down, corporation taxes up, they'll domicile themselves in England or, more likely, Ireland with its low tax rates. He can't borrow money because he's reneged on his share of the UK debt and nobody trusts him and can't print money because he's using another country's currency.
Westminster politicians are, whatever their party, in it for themselves, but quite why Scots think that Holyrood politicians will be any different to those in London is beyond me. Sure they might be better at first but give it a couple of years and they'll be up to the same tricks as the London lot.
It all strikes me as a bit like the 18 year old who's going to leave home, get his own flat and do things properly, stay up late, get in when he wants and watch what he wants to on telly. Only the sinking realism is that there are bills to be paid, washing to be done and you can't function on 2 hour's kip, red bull and lager.




The politicians are probably equally incompetent. But would incompetent politicians who are working only on behalf of Scotland be better than incompetent politicans working on behalf of Scotland (+London+ rest of england+ wales + what is that name of the place over, you know what mean whatyoumaycallit)?
There is a big deal being made about banks moving from Scotland. Over the last forty years the UK government has made the country a difficult place for manufacturing to survive. Thatcherites from the 1970s would now admit they went to far.
Those decisions which helped kill manufacturing, and laid the ground for the primacy of a finance industry, might not having been in Scotland's best interest.

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 12:45
Dustin wrote (see)

Good to see the stores are also wading in: freight costs naturally greater in Scotland, but these averaged over the UK as a whole, so expect prices to rise.

That doesnt seem to be what the stores might want to put into the public domain. they seem to be talking about additional costs that mifght arise from a decision about a Scotland coming into being.

Freight costs will not increase as a result of a nueva Scotland. Those are existing costs which you are suggesting might be hypothicated to Scotland as a result of independence. You are suggesting that independence would mean supermarkets passing those costs onto Scots only in future (rather than Scots + Eng/Wales as is currently - which seems to be youor assumption). Independence for Scotland will not change the distance between stores.

That doesn't seem to be what the supermarkets are about. They are suggesting that independence will mean it is more expensive to do business in Scotland in future (through taxes rates etc). That is something that is going to chock full of assumptions about stuff that has not even happened yet.

Curious that supermarkets should enter the fray, now.

Room 101

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 14:25
GraemeK wrote (see)

2. Any management buzzwords,


Buzzwords are very useful when playing buzzword bingo.


Posted: 28/08/2014 at 11:10

After my arthroscopies I found that swimming helped to reduce swelling.

Didn't need to be a strenuous session, even a 20 minute dip of gentle front crawl worked. I think it is because the muscles are working and that helps move the fluid away from the knee - but at the same time there is no weight being put through the leg.

Would probably need to be done with good swimming form, straight leg, kick from the hip, relax the ankles - so as not to aggravate anything.

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