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The Armstrong Lie

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 11:22
WildWill wrote (see)

what a load of tosh ... As an ex-pro once said to may  "where there's sport and money there's PEDS"  they were all at it

 and for god say he's a cheating sportsman not Rolf Harris 


It's a bit of a false comparison to throw in Rolf Harris. Yes, Lance Armstrong is not a sex abuser, but that is not the standards he is being judged against.

A lot of cyclists used PED, but LA went further than most in terms of the scale.  And as has been said he tried to destroy other people's careers and in a competitive sport you then to get one chance, you cant pick it up later when it turns out that he was wronged. All the while he was earning more from his doping than most other people.
He also denied as long as he could. It's likely that he would never have admitted the truth if the case against him had not been so strong

Lung Capacity / Performance

Posted: 07/07/2014 at 18:12

Your lung capacity is pretty much set when you stop growing, so that's not something you can affect.
As set out above, you change change your level of fitness.

Racial Tensions in northern ireland

Posted: 18/06/2014 at 12:51

I guess the people who carried out that attack did it because they are Irish, or if they are not Irish then 'they're just made that way'?

Perhaps a relevant sentence is the following:
" A 2006 survey (in French) of the Cite des Poetes estate (population 2,980) found levels of unemployment and lack of secondary education well above the average for the Paris region. "

It is "levels of unemployment" that is above average in that estate in France, not levels of Irishness.


Racial Tensions in northern ireland

Posted: 18/06/2014 at 12:46

So you don't want to discuss possible reasons for racial tensions? Wasn't that the heading of your thread.

I would say that economic conditions give rise to racial tensions. It is not hard to see that there is a link between racism and violence toward identifiable 'outsiders'.

Your statement: "You're seeking to link economic conditions to a reason to terrorise your foreign neighbours" conflates many issues and does not represent what I said.


Racial Tensions in northern ireland

Posted: 18/06/2014 at 12:18
Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)
Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

Life is too short for this generation, and future generations, to perpetuate hatred based on the actions and/or experiences of their ancestors. Someone, somewhere, at some point, has to be the one to say "enough".

With the "no surrender" mentality from both sets of the religious divide it won't happen, and as they seem to be turning their attention to the immigrants it is unlikely an influx of new people will resolve Ireland's problems

Re "no surrender" - there is a debate in the UK regarding British values. David Cameron has talked about being more muscular in promoting British values. That is rather a 'no surrender' type of attitude. Why point the finger at "the Irish" for no surrender" but not recognise it in you own country?

Racial Tensions in northern ireland

Posted: 18/06/2014 at 11:51
Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

A long-awaited paper outlining a strategy for racial equality in Northern Ireland is out, it states that racism in NI was shaped by the Troubles and sectarianism.

Is this true? or is it due to the Irish love of a cause, where the local feral youths are simply looking for newer targets.

They can't live together as it is, what hope is there for racial integration.


Talking about the "Irish love of a cause" that "they (the Irish) are just made that way" is interestingly racist in itself. Perhaps it might be no harm to look at yourself as to understanding how intolerance gets started.

Immigration is a hot topic in the UK at the moment. A big driver to that is economic.
The troubles didnt start because of a "love of a cause". They started with civil rights action where a minority was disadvantaged in respect to jobs, housing, representation in parliament. If they had been remedied at the time, perhaps there would not have been the later conflict.

Now you have a working class (of all persuasions) which is suffering economically. One of the reasons for recent Loyalist unrest has been linked to a feeling that they have not benefited from the peace dividend - and that the other side is benefiting.

So perhaps it would make more sense to ask about the link between racism and the economic background rather than attaching a racial stereotype to "the Irish".

Password management

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 13:21


Cr@p Swimmers R Us

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 14:58

Re drills for technique - there are a couple of stretches here that will help.

The last stretch is esp good as it shows what should be happening with upper body. Important to stretch through the lats (ie the torso) rather than just trying to reach forward with the arm. Makes it easier to get the hand and arm in the right position.
Doing that stretch before a length and then focusing on continuing that stretch while swimming the length is a good way to getting good form.

Swimming endurance

Posted: 06/11/2013 at 12:22
Dibs3690 wrote (see)

Oh and to add, just noticed Swim smooth is a Western Aussie production... Which is my home .. I will take credit for the amazingness !! 

Spookily, Paul Newsome who founded SwimSmooth was at Bath University (which for a swimmer, seems to be a most appropriate university).

So you have made the opposite journey...

dodgy brazilian

Posted: 21/08/2013 at 13:32
Runnin man wrote (see)

He was interviewed in the belief that he had highly sensitive or stolen information. He stayed with a known film maker who was working on this issue, and is the boyfrind of the guardian reporter, he admitted carrying journalistic materials, and so there was more than reasonable suspicion that would allow him to have been arrested under the Official Secrets Act or some other legislation.

Fair play to the security servcies

except that if you do hold someone for any time you should be very sure what legislation you do it under. You cant just hold someone and then pick and choose your grounds after. It was anti-terror legislation they used.

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