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PSOF Championship Sheild Update

Posted: 06/12/2014 at 08:36

Best improver is the one to win, ive won it twice

Well Done Scotland

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 20:23
seren nos wrote (see)

thats my whole point though..

 You perceive that your judgement and driving  isn't affected after 2 pints......... the driver drinking 4 points also perceives that their driving isn't affected


 so the only safe way is for none  

That's my point, its based on factual evidence, ive never had an accident as a result, never injured anyone nor felt my driving impaired.

On the other hand I had a dozen? accidents in my first few years, and other accidents were lack of concentration related.  No alcohol in sight. 

Now youre saying because of some hyperbol and pretty no existent evidence pleasures in life should be affected.

What about banning the police from driving, their accident injury rate is probably higher than people with 50 to 80 mg alcohol.

Well Done Scotland

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 19:43

Im not making the nanny state argument about driving home after 4-5 pints, im making it about driving after 1 or 2.

I think its reasonable that if my judgement that 1 or 2 pints doesn't have a significant effect on driving ability nor is supported by statistics to have had a material bearing on accidents and injuries then the law shouldn't be changed.

Should we bring in every easy law that affects millions of people day to day on the say so of some marginal or subjective anecdotal evidence?  If we're going for 'low hanging fruit' ban motorbikes.

It is the nanny state, its the mind-set that seeks us to insulate us from all danger and suck out of our souls.

Its one thing to believe something, its another to incontrovertibly prove the argument with facts, I don't see the facts being presented,

Well Done Scotland

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 19:27

Don't undermine my point!

Well Done Scotland

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 19:24

Why I don't like this the most is it takes away the safety net for having a drink the night before.  Any guesses what time I would be safe to drive home from Wales on Sunday with the these new limits had been imposed? 

Im fairly sure 11am is reasonable with current limits, new limits could mean 4pm?

What these new limits mean is that a responsible drinker having had a night out is effectively unable to drive the next day.

Well Done Scotland

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 19:20

Oh come on Seren, a pint or two is getting silly, there are far more serious dangers on the road than that.  I don't think anyone gets into the car having drunk a pint or two thinking 'OMG I am so pissed'.  A safe level for a male is reasonably 1 pint (or two with food) in my opinion.

The figures themselves don't even back up that 50 to 80 mg is a significant impact on road.  Where's the data to show the risk.

This is just the nanny state telling us what we should and shouldn't do.

If youre going to stop people driving after 1 pint, what about making people retake their test at 60, 70, 75 then.  You cant tell me all the 70 somethings on the road are safe drivers, neither the millions on prescription drugs, or driving home fatigued from a triathlon or marathon.  Where does it stop?

Well Done Scotland

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 18:56

Is between 50 & 80 mg of alcohol that much of a problem.  Id think there are many equally serious driving impairments, looking at satnav, tiredness, on medication etc,

I just cant see this is going to achieve anything other than penalise drivers who enjoy a pint or those who've had a drink the night before and are perfectly safe to drive.

Drink driving deaths are 250-300 per year, id guess a very small number of them involved someone between 50 & 80 mg alcohol, let alone it being conclusively proveable that the alcohol was an over-riding factor.

With many hard core drink drivers on the road and so many bad drivers about it this really what the legislators and police should be focussing on?

PSOF Championship Sheild Update

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 18:48


1 shield (example) completed, looks really good. 

Im promised the other 3 will be ready by Christmas so predicting ill be able to send out the new shields early in the new year.

This is the most unreliable shield and trophy shop in the world, im really sorry about the delays.

PSOF Championship Sheild Update

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 18:49

Nearer than I thought, contributions so far stand at £360, working towards about £480.

Please transfer any further contributions for the replacement shields as follows:

Ive disguised some bits in for secuitity, if anyone cant work out the account name im sure others here will volunteer to private message you.

Account:   09-01-2EIGHT  4991432NINE
Account Name:   (CAR_ BARTHORP_)
Bank:  Santander

Please state your forum name as the payment reference.

We're look at approx 96 £5 contributions.  Please keep the help spread the message and keep the thread active.  If by chance there is an excess we can agree what to do with it.

PSOF Championship Sheild Update

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 18:40

Right, spoke and emailed the most unreliable shield shop in the word.  First shield (example) should be made up by Monday, after which ill give them the go-ahead on the remainder which ive emphasised must be done for December.

Not great service but after such a long and painful road im inclined to see it to the bitter end.

Still about £150 short on what it will cost, ill either bounce the collection request or bankroll.

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