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Newton Motion

Posted: 26 October 2012
Overall: This is my 3rd pair of Newtons but first Motion trainers. My transition from heavy heel striking to landing on my forefoot wasn't easy. A lot of calf and Achilles injury's along the way probably for a year. This realised a foam roller was needed more often but a fan of forefoot running i was determined to continue with this transition.

Having progressed up from the Sir Issac's the first thing i liked about them was the weight. Virtually nothing which immediately is a big hit with me as that's how i like my trainers. So light over my training HM and full marathon distances... Yes please!! Speaking to the shop assistant who examined my old trainers was confident my foot strike would be ok in and i would benefit from "upgrading"

As i said the trainers are very light very breathable and with these slippers on my feet they are very responsive when you land on the sweet spot (lugs) I feel towards the end of the race any effort needed to sprint finish.... i wont be lifting heavy legs and trainers in fact i feel stronger in my running as i'm running more efficiently and running more efficiently.... I'm saving energy and having a stronger race achieving faster times and gaining confidence.

Thank you Newton! On this basis you have a customer for life!!