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Posted: 13/04/2014 at 07:03

Just had the usual cereal, toast and coffee breakfast combo. Although, given the number of international runners in my hotel, I could have been in Bavaria or somewhere, not Central London.

Good luck to everyone running today - this thread has been motivating and inspiration and you've all done some insane training. I hope it pays off for you all 


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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 20:47

CC2 - I'm in a hi viz yellow vest with a green diagonal stripe. You can't miss us Huncote Harriers


When I picked up my number on Wednesay, the guy specifically said to me: make sure they give you two chips because you're on champ start. Is this the case that only some of us have two chips? They didn't give me two sets of ties, however, I've just had to raid the kitchen cupboard!

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 12:54

Regarding that article: does it not reflect the likelihood that most people aim for a even-pace/negative split but often slow down due to myriad variables? It strikes me that if you 'aim' to slow-down, you're likely to encounter more serious problems than if it occurs "naturally".

My strategy is half-way 1.27ish and second-half as close to that as I can possibly manage.

Just got back from an enjoyable 5k, including about 2.5miles at MP (6.40). Legs felt surprisingly bright, although my non-cold is causing minor snot issues. Hopefully a decongestant and lots of sleep before Sunday will sort that.

Getting very excited now 

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 08:18

Bedders - you did amazing to finish. You won the psychological battle, even if you didn't quite win the physical one. I have no wisdom to add, although Charlie W's observations seem quite logical to my untrained eye.

CC2 - I also got nabbed for the Manc Met blood study. The nice Irish rugby player made up for the needles, and at least the smidgeon of blood I donated provides another excuse come Sunday. Are you on the Champ start? I think we're going for a v. similar time, so I'll look out for you - Notts vest?

Taper madness is true madness. I feel like a carthorse atm, and I've not even started carb-loading yet! I just want to go for a nice long run...Instead I'm off for 3-4 with a couple at MP (or thereabouts). 

I've made my list of stuff needed for Sunday. It's ridiculously long - when did running stop being a simple sport?!

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Posted: 09/04/2014 at 08:38

Interesting discussion re: Mo. I read somewhere (now lost on the internet) that he received a lump sum for running 1.5 VLMs over last/this year. It's sad that he has to resort to product promotion, such as 'magic shoes', but given that so few elite runners can make a living out of it, I don't blame him for going that route. 

As for him being/not being the greatest distance runner Britain has had - I think it's a bit earlier to judge? He's surely got another 5 years or so competing at elite level, esp. if he's pursuing the marathon distance. Only then will we have a good indicator. He's perhaps done most for media relations and promotion of the sport though (i.e. people have heard of him).

I hope everyone's training and tapers are going well? Some good sessions yesterday by the sounds. PP - your lots of running + Amsterdam sounds like the most enjoyable kind of taper!

8 miles for me last night, including 8 1-2 min fartlek reps with the club. Little further than planned, but felt ok. Easy 3 today with some strides and similar on Friday/Sat...

I would acknowledge that I may be getting a cold but I'm in denial, so I'm fine.



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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 08:06

Hi folks,

I've been lurking here (and getting distracted again by the Team GB thread) and wanted to say there are some amazing marathons going on. Congrats to all those running last weekend in what sounds like less than ideal conditions (weather or physiological). 

CC2 - That is one cracking photo; I hope that's going on your wall (downstairs loo, perhaps?).

TS - I, too, am aiming for sub-3 off a fairly similar half time (1.23). Sounds like you had a lovely race though - having something left in the tank for the final third is a dream. You should certainly go for sub-3 on the next one.

I'm currently toying with precisely what pace to aim for on sunday. The coach at the club suggests I could run 2.55, but that sounds potentially dangerous. We'll see (I'm going to have to decide at some point soon...).

Enjoying reading about all the tapering madness/carb depletion / snorting TCP (or whatever).

Final set of intervals for me tonight with the club  - don't think I'll be doing them all!


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Posted: 07/03/2014 at 16:31

Hello folks - not managed to post on here much of late, although I have been lurking. The infamous 'Team GB' thread has been occupying my reading time (I've made it to Xmas day...please no spoilers as to the Reading Half outcome!)

Sorry to hear about all the injuries and niggles - really hope that they heal quickly, and that it's not too frustrating and hideous whilst they do.

Bedders - Int. questions re: final LSR. I'm down to run my last long one 4 week out from London, 24miles with final 3-5 at MP. So if you recover quickly from the LSRs, I'm sure 3 weeks out would be fine?

New experience for me tomorrow - Rutland Duathlon. Viewing it as a LSR alternative and not worrying too much about pace or racing. Just have to remember to put my helmet on/off in the right order!

Good luck to those racing this weekend - esp. any Inter-Counties XC(I double-booked myself with the duathlon, and it cost more to enter).

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Posted: 16/02/2014 at 15:55

Well run to those at Bramley (Jools, 12m pre-race is hardly tapering, so I'd be pleased with 66min) and for those doing long runs.

It is reassuring to hear that others get a little tired and jaded with the marathon training. I've found it tough the last couple of weeks, the weather certainly not helping. HR - that run on the downs sounds amazing. Wish we had that kind of terrain around us.

Energetic morning for me this morning: 6 miles XC at Bosworth battlefield. No monarchs or horses to be seen, but there was a lot of mud and bog-like conditions. Probably the toughest XC I've run, and pace reflected that. Due to the sunshine,I decided to run the 12 miles home, at a surprisingly sprightly (but comfortable) 7.20min/mile pace. I think my focus on road-running is starting to show. 

Now to get rid of the 'muddy field' smell...

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Posted: 09/02/2014 at 16:02

Some more good long runs going on, inc. Jimbob, Jools, . You can tell it's a marathon training thread... 

CW - reps and then a wander - sounds good. Didn't realise you were in Cambridge. Must be nice to run around (I only ever go for conferences).

HR - I echo others' comments. I tend to do a hard reps session on the Tuesday before a race, and then generally easy runs of 4-7 miles on the Wed, Thurs and Sat; the last one with a mile or so at race pace and strides. I find I have to do a bit of work in the preceding 48 hours, otherwise I just get lethargic.

Thanks for comments on the mileage. It's interesting how much variation there is, given we're all training for the same event. But genetics and time do a lot. And I'd rather run less miles, at this stage, and get round a tad slower, than do too many and get injured and not get round at all.

I survived the 10k league race this morning. Well, I ran a 20sec pb on a lumpy and windy course, but it didn't feel like a pb run. Every mile was hard work, including the downhills. Still, thems the ones that count the most, I think. Did mean I was rather surprised (and sceptical!) at the result. 

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Posted: 08/02/2014 at 14:57

Some amazing training going on here this week, as per usual.

CC2 - Good treadmill run mid week, and HMP run too. What was the audio book?

Bedders - Glad to learn I'm not the only one who snacks on cereal like its going out of fashion. I hope you don't add milk to those bran flakes? Good long run too, and I don't think neg-splits are a bad thing in training.

DrDave - OW! Who knew park run was so dangerous? Hope you're not feeling too sore and no long-term damange.

Good LSRs to HR, Wardi and others. And hard luck to those who were intending to  race - although there are plenty of races to choose from in the coming months. 

I've had a mixed bag of a week really. Easiest week, mileage wise, for a while (will be about 40miles total), but really struggled at club reps on Tuesday (although pace was ok) and yesterday's MP run (8 miles) was horrendous. I had to stop every couple of miles to stretch, and it really felt like my energy levels were 'dipping'. Improved for the final two miles, but can't say I enjoyed it - although the 6.40avg was a tad quicker than MP.

Brick session in gym this morning, which felt better, although the hamstrings are giving me gip (long-recurring problem). Hopefully lots of stretching and foam-rollering will mean I can cobble together some kind of race pace for the 10k league race tomorrow morning. 

Does anyone else find that, once they start the properly long runs (20m +), it plays havoc with faster paces (e.g. 10k or so)? It feels like my legs just get confused - something to do with those fast and slow-twitch fibre things?

Interesting discussion re: mileage, too. I ran 3.06 at Stratford last year off around 40 miles pw, max, and struggled spectacularly in the final 10k. Will be averaging about 50 mpw for VLM this time, so it will be interesting to see how much a difference it makes, although the quality of the sessions I'm running this time round is also considerably higher. But when I read about people avg. 60-80 mpw, I wonder whether I should be running more/further. Is gender a factor here? How long does it take to work up to that kind of mileage, without things starting to break/fall off?

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