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Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Today at 17:09

Nowhere else really I can think to say this but pulling the interview a film about taking the p*ss out of a dictator with a proven track record of human right’s abuses doesn’t have make me think of the problems Charlie Chaplin had with his film the dictator a satire on a dictator with a proven track record of human rights abuses.

Got no real conclusions on this other than sometimes humour can be very important and the criticism Chaplin had against him turned out to be judged by history in a interesting light.  It prity much distroyed Chaplin's career hope histroy doesn't repeat itself both for the people making the film and the nutcase short arse ugly murdering dictator?

Cotswold 226 - 2015

Posted: Today at 12:33

 Well done kiddo.

If you had to collect something.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:38
RicF wrote (see)

Collections! aren't they a sign of insecurity?

Depends on the person and what they are collecting but when it turns into hoarding I'd say yes when it's not I'd say it's down to the memeries? Key difference would say is do you use or enjoy what you are collecting or are you just hoarding stuff you don't need or use just because you don't want to let go of whatever it is? 

If you had to collect something.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:14

I collect books, music, mischief, and race medal's I'm a hoarder and have a problem.

By music I mean Album's none of this MP3 b*llock's.

Using a treadmill for hill training

Posted: Yesterday at 18:10

Tom it will do the job just be boreing as hell. If your able to I'd find yourself a nice steep run route and use that but you might live in norfolk or somewhere.

manchester marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 17:58
sean fitzgerald 4 wrote (see)

Hi Guys

  Another Manchester runner here signing on to the thread.   

I have started a 18 week training programme this week and am looking to finish this flat course in around 3:20 down from my previous PB of 3:39. Its a big ask, but that 3:39 came out of no structured training and just attending club sessions on a weekly basis.    

So, my plan is to follow my schedule which starts at 33 miles per week and peaks at 55 miles per week.   

Ive got some friends who ran in Manchester 2 or 3 years ago and they said it rained non stop the whole day and was the most miserable experiences of their lives. Apparently the race went down in running folklore for those who survived it. Heres to hoping for a sunny yet mild and calm day on April 19th anyway.  



It rained, it snowed, it hailed. Coming to the finesh line it looked like some sort of disaster area with the baggage area a shambles. I was convinced I had hyperthermia at the end and was a gibbering idiot more than normal.  

The weather was to blame for the situation mostly but the organisation on the day wasn't has good as it should have been to react to the problem. As Rockin said above the organiser's learnt from what went wrong and if the same freak weather ever happen's again sure it won't be as bad a issue.

Realistic expectations

Posted: Yesterday at 17:17


Didn't get a chance to talk to the bloke who organised it properly but from what I did see he was a good lad and very helpful.

Realistic expectations

Posted: Yesterday at 17:14

DW never done 100 miler but did this one as a team this year and it was fun other than the rest of my team having to put up with me being so slow. I’d make sure you get a tent and kit for the race just in case even if you’re not planning on stopping at some point you might need to rest up for a hour or two.

Know Ladybower very well and roughly the same like you said be some of this race will be on grass so if your able I'd bring both road and trail shoe's just to keep your options open if the weather turns.

There is catering on the site bit this year they struggled to meet demand. Was a pizza van and a sandwich van from memory. The organiser of the race does post on RW as well as fetch two tic’s and will see if I can find the thread they set up for 2015.

Mundane thread

Posted: Yesterday at 13:22

I beleive he is just bare chested and sat on someone's shoulder's.

What Films make you cry?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:01

Get busy living or get busy dieing. Always a bit bitter sweet.

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