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Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: Yesterday at 17:47

Allsorts Seren might be your best bet for Cardiff area bet she know's someone nearby. If you don't know her she was the bubbly talkative lass at the campsite this weekend. The local tri club might do something like that as we.

fuelling during a sprint tri

Posted: Yesterday at 17:44

They could pay sarah £40 for a private consutation so she can say you don't need all this sh*t instead? Actually that's a good idea. Send everyone to sarah we can get a mortgage.

First Tri Booked - Gear Advice

Posted: Yesterday at 17:31

 Me to I was trying not to scare the poor lass/lad. There are only two type of people those who have fallen off and those who havn't yet.  

fuelling during a sprint tri

Posted: Yesterday at 17:29

 Handbags at dawn?

Steve all you really need is water for the bike. I quite often have a bar of chocolate or flapjack in transition or on my bike just in case. Nothing to do with need in a sprint just because I'm a fat b*stard.

First Tri Booked - Gear Advice

Posted: Yesterday at 17:15

As above I wouldn't spend to much for your first tri you never know you might do that one and deside you can't stand doing them. You might find this link handy. If you start looking at the best kit that way madness lies because your going to spend more cash on it straight away than you did on your last house/car ect.. Your also going to find as this thread show's already that if you ask 10 different tri types whats best your going to get 10 different answer's. As above see what works for you.

Warwickshire is a good one to start out at and very beginner friendly it's a different course this year because of the normal pool being closed for building works but if it's half as good as the old course you won't have any problems and probably see you there . One thing would say through is don't worry to much about failing over if you get some cleat's everyone does it at first and all that.

More First Tri Advice Please!

Posted: Yesterday at 12:56

Stu if you can I would try and gt in some open water swimming before the day just so your happy with it and used to the conitions. As FB said above I wouldn't worry to much about the trainer's. If you want there is a lot of talk about this sort of distance on the training for the shorter tri thread if you want to pop in and say hello or just lurk. Know at least one person on the thread who's doing the same race.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: Yesterday at 12:49

 If you want I can find a nice big tuna to hit you with? If you have a niggle listen to your body and rest. if your out of action for a week it might not make that much difference in term's of training but if a niggle turns into something more it will right b*gger you up for the race. Take a deep breath, chill and evaluate.

For googles for open water races they are manduntary due to them protecting your eye's if there are any bugs in the water. So for a lot of races even pool baised ones they will insist on you wearing them. Just work out whats comfy for you and take it from there. I wouldn't buy a all singing and dancing pair of googles only to find they arn't confy just in case.

Durhambiker ((((hugs)))) mate it happens and sounds like you did the right thing. When stuff goes wrong it makes when it goes right all the sweeter.

Ultra Bookie wrote (see)

Oh, and as for swimming stroke - a fair few do breast stroke. It's not the most efficient stroke, and it tires the legs, but it will get you round. And it's very useful for a bit of sighting to break into breast stroke for a second or two. T'other half (Cake, frequently lingering with intent on this thread!) has got through IM distance doing breast stroke  

Should be noted just in case that I'm sh*t at swimming. If you can do crawl or got the time to learn it makes a big difference. If sarah is coming on this thread more does that mean I should stop talking about her?

Allsorts wrote (see)

Well done mathschick, that water did smell vile even by standing on the side... A little jealous I didn't get to see the RAF blokes 

Saw buttercup on the ride and I've also seen MrsD finished the run so looks like you all had a successful relay. Well done ladies. (I can't remember if we met mathschick?) 

I'd definitely consider the relay next year (cycling) if anyone would be willing to do the swim and run... 

This weekend has given me the inspiration to get some some swimming lessons to learn how to swim "properly" and get some miles in my legs running and cycling. 

 Allsorts spoke to your breafly at the campsite brillaint to see the brain washing from everyone worked. If you want to do a relay next year sure something can be sorted and you can find a team on here. If you wanted to you do have the time to do the whole thing if you have enough time for the training. It's hardish work but not as much as you might think.

Mundane thread

Posted: Yesterday at 12:33

   Excellent news and hope it goes down well fbjb's.

In mundane news I might have drank to much last night. Lady boy's where invovled for reason's that didn't even make sence to me.  Luckerly sarah yet again put up with me and we now know a very good place to eat in brum on a budget.

SuperCaz wrote (see)

Cake got told off for having pork scratchings at the weekend

I need another Mundane meet up.  I can feel the post event blues kicking in and it will be a long time until my next event

From the sounds of stuff at the weekend there might be a mini get together in the vit this year? But does anyone fancy a picnic or a mundane race somewhere?

Outlaw 2014

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 14:43

Ay up sorry guys just loaded up the tinternet very quickly before got to leg it down the M1 just wanted to say very well done all off you and fantastic to see you lot at the weekend. Will read back for the race reports when I can and also try to put together a comidy one which won't be that hard this time but for now JP chuffing excellent mate. . right got to leg it.

Same old competition 2014

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 14:35

Random bike points ow water swim on saturday and a disapointing outlaw relay due to mecanical sunday.

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