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Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Today at 16:58

Oh it's starting to get chilly not long now before I can start thinking about snow!!!!!!

*Best Yorkshire accent, with game of thrones music in background*

Winter is coming!



Posted: Today at 16:50


I'd start of a bit more generally and train up or your going to get yourself injured. For a good 10k time wouldn't really worry about that because if your worring about what everyone else is doing you might worry to much.

Decent trainer's are a good idea generally and if you get yourself down to any reasonal running shop they can do a gait test for you and sell you something that will fit how you run. once you've worked that out just buy the next pair of the internet cheaper like the rest of us if you deside you like running.

There are a few 10k plans out there I'd give them a google and see what fit's you. As a time for a first 10 with no training 1:10 isn't bad.

You might find this useful if any good.


Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: Today at 12:54

Durham for the running up bloody grat big hill's part have your throught about some fell running it's fun as well. Most races appear on here and sure there will be some around your way that arn't to bad to set you off. The mentoring thread sure will be back for 2015 in some guise surpised no-one has started one already.

The weekend was brilliant will stick up a race report when got the time. MrD enjoyed himself Mrs I think. Only bad thing to say about the wekend was I don't think I was good enough by my own standards for the running but hay ho.

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Today at 12:45

Cut the cr*p and just tell me what needs to happen I'm not interested in what's happended when just making it right you tool.

Mundane thread

Posted: Today at 12:40

mercedes you have to whcih out for those cat's they are all evil

In mundane news this weekend I snuck off and did a race with Dawn Shadow and some other crazy kids and came back to find all the house packed up. Feeling just a little guility about it.  Also there appears to be a lot of dinner lady jobs going in birmingham this week.

Same old competition 2014

Posted: Today at 12:31

Equinox relay and bike points

Stupendous September 

Cheggers (411) (404) (503) (467) (514) (559) (470) (488) 289 
Blue Peter (187) (223) (260) (293) (285) (348) (317) (235) 217 
Stanners (274) (289) (305) (246) (324) (245) (325) 205 
Cake (121) (48) (144) (162) (207) (241) (199) (157) 138 
Proven Rw (147.5) (142) (227) (300) (302.5) (270.5) (112) (281) 116 
maths (154) (185) (210.5) (143.2) (110) (126) (119) (150) 115 
Smiff Too (132) (140) (204) (154.8) (196.5) (201) (143.3) (128) 81.2 
In the Blue (15) (36.5)(26) (31.5) 51.7) (30.8) (43.9) (32) 59.5 
Long John Silver (59) (68.5) (114.25) (80) (119) (115) (94) (94.5) 47 
Trogs (154.5)(74)(129.3)(103.4)(193.3)(156.2)(55.3)(63.4) 45.6 
TheBanksy (200) (175.5) (259) (232.5) (202.5) (255) (169) (134.5) 45 
Ironwolf (53.5) (48) (57) (92) (119) (90.5) (97) (65) 42 
Tired Badger (276) (283) (268) (271) (312) (405) (390) (357) 24 

Awesome August - The Best Month of the Year 
Magna Carter (204) (234) (328) (212) (318) (314) (130) 21.8 
Mikasa (44.6) (66.6) (8) (19.7) (66.4) (48.4) (19.26) 2.46 
Seren Nos (272)( 281)( 416) (411) (333) (400) (268) 0    

Equinox 24hrs

Posted: Today at 12:26

Other than me needing to have better running legs fantastic little weekend away and highly reconmend it for next year. I'll do a race report in the week once fineshed messing up Postie's pay. Only bad thing to say about the weekend was there was a buncy castle on site and it had gone down before I could play on it.

Seren I think you might like this one for next year, it's worth a jolly.

Equinox 24hrs

Posted: 19/09/2014 at 16:34

 Good luck everyone this weekend.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 19/09/2014 at 12:40

 It's going to be fun.

Feeling bad through we are moving all our funiture into the new place in birmingham next weekend so ton's of work to be done at home and I'm swanning off on a jolly.  Just going to have to pull my weight next week and finesh packing.

Mundane thread

Posted: 19/09/2014 at 12:35

mouse I've found anti-histamen's very useful for horsefly/mite bits in the past if any use.

In mundane news the area (stocksbridge) we presently live in was aprarently on location location location yesterday from talking to someone at work. The couple spent the entire time asking if the area was safe. Maybe they where worried a badger might mug them or something?

Booktruck had a throught with you doing the race in jan would this be any use for you as a training thing. Sadly we should have moved by then or you would be welcome to use the spare bed. Nice little race.

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