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Great Birmingham Run 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 17:02

Andy a lot of people for the bigger event's will say they can do x time and them end up doing it in y because they had good intentions but didn't do the training or just doing it as a one off and don't understand distance racing times.

Your going to find it like that for a lot of races with pen's. If your thinking of targetting a race for a PB reading is a good half to take a look at for a big city race or just go for some off the smaller low key races. Done some in the past with just a 100 of so folks at the start line.

Mundane thread

Posted: Yesterday at 16:38

 You have forgotten how to ssssshhhhhh no one tell her.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: Yesterday at 13:00

 Do I ever say anything else?

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: Yesterday at 12:43

Durham just remember training for a IM is a bit selfish on a relationship. Hope it's all system's go because that way I can talk rubbish to you on the bike route through.

cut off times for Wild Boar Middle Distance

Posted: Yesterday at 12:41

TRI if your local get yourself down there for open water what Tom said above makes a lot of sence.

Plus if you go there next year your going to find yourself a regular training buddy or two which is very useful.

Going back to the thread hijack thank god you guys sound like you actually know where anything is. Stupid question it's become a joke in the cake household espeally after sunday's half and what a lot of local brum's called a hill is there any decent training hill's out there or is Sutton park my best bet? Moving from yorkshire/peak distract so used to 10% gradient's and crazy stuff like that.

manchester marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 12:31

As carter said the weather here is playful  Looks like I'm not going to get away with Worksop this weekend as better half want's to see the mother in law. Chimney white peak's ace if you fancy it there is a really nice chinese buffee in matlock after just near matlock bath's.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: Yesterday at 12:27

 I refer the honourable gentlemen to the comments made several pages back about taking about think’s other than the issue raised about a pay raise for low paid staff. Unions as far as I’m concerned have their own agenda same as any political party sometimes a force for good sometimes just a force for their own interest’s. Personally I can’t stand my own union why I’m no longer anything to do with then they are more interested in their own power base than there member’s. But it’s now ’t to do with the pay rise mentioned.

Mundane thread

Posted: Yesterday at 12:18

I'm bored and grumpy need to move down to brum work wise as quick as possible.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 18:11

 Oh heck spelling sorry it's been a long day.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 18:10
Dave The Iron Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
"We all" err sorry to disagree I haven't taken out a loan or mortgage I couldn't afford....

.... So we (the UK tax payer) had to bail out people who couldn't do simple maths....

I earn X. And I spend X+1 But it's ok cos I will go and borrow the difference from a pay day lender at 2456% and pay that back at 5 bob a month for the next 75 years

If a lot of people hadn't have made bad finansal choose's why did we need to bail out the bank's, Elethant in the room is why did they give them the money as well answer unfortuantly is people got greedy and 30 year's of dereguation. Some of the reguation or right to be ended some of it wasn't. There was a international wide problem of overlending that caused a problem It's not that bank's suddenly decided to set fire to money and then ask for help. If you didn't have any part if that than your one of the lucky and sensible one's, Your also the minority. The uk tax payer didn't bail out the people who couldn't do the math's they bailed out the banker's. There is a joke in there somewhere?

Barlist your right there is a safety net in the country but one of the great achievements or failing's of the last labour govenment's depending on who you ask was to provide support to low income. from houseing, child care all the way to travel bus pass's (althrough major had quite a hand it that to), and not raising the minium wage as much as they might to both give people a leg up and keep business happy. Nearly all of that has been scrapt under the cut back's in spending in recent year's there is growing underclass in this coutry and socail mobility is going back to something similar to what it was before the welfare state was formed that's not just a wishy washy left view that's relality. They talked about it in tory manifestio at the last local election. Question is how do you address it? TUC protest was about one way, one that I agree with to a point if you have better way come on son I'm genuanty interested?

If you think food banks have become popular in recent years just because of free food I'd spend 5 minutes ever in one or talking to someone who's running one because your living in a fantasy.

If you are talking about addressing the national balance and the %'s involved I'm all for it just needs to be basied on ability to pay and not who you can squeue the most. 

The national debt was five times higher in 1948 because we had just throught a war, they didn't address this when they set up the welfare state so it's been in debt ever since and will continue to be for the forseeable future. They solved part of the problems of the debt at that time by selling off bit's of land to other countries, granting indepentance to other's and changing the coin's in this country. Slang term for 5p's is silver that's because there used to be real silver in it as a % it was all melted down and sold on. That's just from the top of my head sure better minds than mine can give you a power point presentation of the differences. As well as pointing out that the world was a very different marketplace in 1948. 

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